Saturday, October 04, 2014

Insaturdious (Or: Insidious Saturday)

After being up a bit late last night reading, I woke with the alarm this morning to find the wife and pup already up and about, even freshly returned from a walk as it turned out, so I checked in on the wife in the Craft Room and tried to avoid the antsy Yorkie trying to drag me into her reindeer games, since she now thought it was my turn to do stuff with her since the wife was otherwise engaged. I looked in on the iPad games and went through the newspaper's classifieds after getting the front of the house opened for the day, confirming the address of the garage sale I wanted to hit, then I dressed for the day and got ready to head out.

The wife let me know that she was planning an early lunch with Brian at a steakhouse sort of in our neighborhood at 11:30 if I wanted to join them, so I said that I'd try and headed out with an hour to make it across town and back if all went well. The garage sale was a bust, so I stopped into the nearest Starbucks for a beverage and then made my way to the steakhouse to meet the wife and Brian, noting on the way that the Maxima seemed to be shifting kind of funny, but that might've just been my imagination, because it seemed fine when I left the restaurant, but who knows? I guess I'll add to that story when I'm talking about sitting around waiting for a tow truck in the middle of next week.

We had a nice lunch and visited about Brian's weekend away and the upcoming birthday thing the wife and I are throwing in November, then we finally said our goodbyes and I decided to step into Toys R Us to see if they happened to have any of the Guardians Of The Galaxy mini-figures that I'd picked up awhile back and was surprised to find that they had no Guardians merchandise whatsoever, so I guess they either blew through it all really quickly, or (more likely) it's been edged out by the next big thing, which in this case appeared to be a solid aisle of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff. I did happen across some horror-themed mini-figures, so I grabbed a couple of those instead just for the hell of it, then paid out and headed down the Loop to Barnes & Noble to see if anything caught my eyes in their magazine section.

I turned up a new Juxtapoz and a half priced Venom Labbit in their little sale area, so I figured what the hell and grabbed it before heading to the check out counter. The drive home was mostly spent with me analyzing every bump, jostle and noise from the car, which did indeed seem to be behaving normally, so maybe I'm just being weird and paranoid about things.

I found the wife and pup in the Craft Room again, so I visited with them and showed off my little purchases, then I left them to their various projects and settled in the Office and wrote posts for both Thursday and Friday, as well as getting a post published for the day, a process that ate up the entire afternoon. I surfaced to find the wife and pup still napping and the clock reading 5:00 PM, so I made myself a cocktail and grabbed something to read before heading over to the Library to chill for about an hour or so.

"It's Not The House That's
Haunted. It's Your Son."
When I finally surfaced I found the wife and pup still napping, so I started to dig around for a movie for the evening to continue the 31 Days Of Horror, but I soon heard tell-tale sounds of them stirring in the bedroom, likely due to the Yorkie seeing me dropping off my magazine reading and deciding that it was time to start nagging the wife awake. I finally settled on a couple movies, just because they'd been around for quite awhile on the To-Watch Pile and soon enough I'd popped in Insidious for a re-watch. The wife and pup joined me and I have to say that I enjoy the film quite a bit, though the bits toward the end do manage to get a bit 'Freddy Krueger-ish' as we enter the spirit-world and that sort of thing, but I find it forgivable overall and there's some truly unsettling moments and great jump-scares in there, that's for damned sure.

The wife stepped out towards the middle of the movie to pick up some deli stuff that we'd ordered for dinner, since we have this booming economy that sucks up so much of the workforce that it doesn't allow for the dozens of restaurants to employ enough people to actually deliver anything.

"In My Line Of Work Things
Tend To Happen When It Gets
We moved on directly into the sequel Insidious Chapter 2 once the credits rolled, and I have to say that I got the same vibe from this that I did with the original Saw material, where they continued to build on what they'd done in the first film and worked both in and around the existing material to construct a stronger overall narrative for the entire story. Explaining some of the details about the hauntings in the first film, they also gave us some answers and brought up new questions, so I guess I'm pretty pleased to see that Insidious Chapter 3 is on the books, according to IMDB. This one was equally spooky, filled with some nice reveals and unnerving bits, so I'd suggest it for anyone who enjoyed the first one, as it's more of the same and adds to the mythos of the series. I'm quite pleased with this series of films and look forward to whatever they do next.

The wife and pup tapped out at this point and I stayed up a bit later with a final cocktail and watched the next episode of Battlestar Galactica in season two, then shut things down in the front of the house and headed into the Office to get this post written before heading to bed to read a bit more before I crashed for the night.

Be seeing you.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Yellow Brick Demons

The alarm was set for 10:00 this morning, meaning I woke about a half hour after the wife and pup, then got the house opened for the day and took the Yorkie to grab the newspaper. I took some time to look in on the various iPad games and then sat down with the newspaper. Scanning the classifieds, I saw a few possible garage sales that warranted my idiot collector tendencies, so I got dressed, gave the wife a kiss in the Craft Room where she and the pup had settled after making coffee, then I headed out to see what I could turn up. The first stop was a bust, though I was amused/puzzled to see them selling a bunch of 'natural male enhancement' pills and a box of Kotex, which seemed to hint that they'd given up on some part of their lives suddenly and sort of made me sad for them.

Plus: gross.

Why the fuck am I using you for a drugstore when I have Walgreens a few blocks away? Weird.

I paused to gas up the car along the way, then tried another estate sale, where I found some old books to dig through but didn't find anything of interest to me. I did run into an elderly lady who worked with me when I was in the floral business years back, so she and I visited a bit, with her quizzing me about the wife and what we'd been up to for the past six years or more, then we said our goodbyes and I ducked out of there before she came back with a new battery of questions.

Stay The Hell Outta The
When I got back to the house I checked in with the wife and pup, then looked through the mail and started to get myself a sandwich and some chips for lunch. Settling into the den, the Yorkie gloriously attentive and waiting for a possible nibble of this or that, I popped in something off the To-Watch Pile to pass the time. YellowBrickRoad is a movie that I seem to recall a podcast reviewing somewhat favorably, but I wasn't sure when I blind-bought it from a Pawn Shop, so away I went, fingers crossed. The story is about a town where the denizens mysteriously wandered into the surrounding woods back in the '40s, with all but a few ending up either dead by their own hand, murdered or simply missing, and the one that returned was incoherent and seemingly mad. Following the same trail, this new crowd documentarians want to find out what happened, but strange big band music begins to drift from the forest and their instruments stop making sense, building a sense of impending dread as they slowly start to lose their minds. The sound design is great and indicates the fairly schizophrenic feelings that they begin to exhibit, fighting amongst themselves and slowly losing it. I really dug it in the same vein as something like Blair Witch Project, and would suggest checking it out if you can deal with a stylish slow burn and the horror of knowing that you're coming unhinged with no recourse but to press on. Good stuff.

The late afternoon saw me off to the Library for some more reading again, which worked out well as the wife had one single meeting today and had to go and deal with all that. An hour or so later, I surfaced from my jazz and reading and made myself a cocktail, then started weighing the evening viewing options.

Stay Away From The Theater!
Poking around the My Movies app I was able to find the general area where I would find the Arrow Blu-ray Steelbook of Demons and Demons 2, so I dug that out and settled into the den to give that a spin and see if I would have any hassles changing the player's region, which I did not, so that was a load off my mind.

Demons is as much fun as it ever was, a crazy and over the top film set in a meta-fiction where a group of people are trapped in a movie theater as a film unspools about people freeing demons and becoming possessed, while demons are freed and people become possessed in the theater as well. Featuring a great soundtrack that just screams '80s, this one holds up well for all the silliness, gore and fun, and I'm happy to have given it another look for the season, it'd been too long.

The wife caught about half the movie with me, then took my dinner order and stepped out to pick up some Mexican take-out as I was making another cocktail and starting the second film.

Worst Apartment Building.
Demons 2 isn't quite as much fun as the first, possibly only because it re-treads a lot of the same material and set-up, with a high-rise apartment building swapped for the theater and a lot of the same cast hanging around here in different roles, but it does have its moments. One thing I found frustrating was that the player seemed to want to stutter or freeze here and there, which I kind of chalked up to the heat of the player, as fanning it seemed to sort the issue for 10-20 minutes at a time, but then it'd happen again. I dunno if the region change might've caused things to be running hotter or something, but that was the only change from when I'd normally be watching things on the player for hours on end with no issues, and I couldn't find anything online about issues with the disc on question, so I'm just chalking it up to heat and going about my day until it goes tits up for good.

When the movie ended I popped in the second disc of Person Of Interest to finish it out, which was sort of the wife's cue to head to the bedroom, as she doesn't have any interest in the show, so I put she and the pup to bed and caught up on my nightly two episode dosage of the show. Heading to the Office I spent some time cuddling with she and the pup, then spent some time online getting a second post published for the day and then lost a good hour or more researching a couple of French cartoonists whose work I like, because I'd seen a solicitation in the new Previews for another translated collection from them and was curious what else they had available.

Finally heading to bed, I finished the Previews order and then read a little chunk of Get A Life, which is a collection of the Monsieur Jean stuff from Philippe DuPuy and Charles Berberian, and I have to say, I know I read little pieces of the book before, but I'm not altogether sure that I read the entire volume, so I'm looking forward to giving it the proper attention at long last. The art is gorgeous, simple but stylish, and the coloring really brings things to life.

I finally crashed around 3:00 in the AM, with an alarm set for 10:00 on Saturday, just so I don't lose the whole day and I had at least one garage sale to try and check out, if I was feeling up to it on so little sleep.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Castle Of Solstice

The first day in a few with no Plumbers or errands hanging over my head, I set the alarm for an hour later today, then promptly ignored it and slept until after noon, playing catch-up on the missed sleep from earlier in the week. Oh well, such is the cyclical nature of my rest patterns, I guess it'll always be like this. I got the house opened and the Yorkie accompanied me to grab the newspaper from the front drive, woofing at the noise from down the block where a team of guys were working on putting in a circle drive in front of the neighbors' house.

Your Blood Will Be Our
Dressing for the day, I stepped out to grab a bite to eat before the day got away from me completely, returning with some take-out and grabbing the first genre thing that caught my eye in the den, which was the Sergio Corbucci and Antonio Margheriti directed film Castle Of Blood, which I'd blind bought ages ago because of that directing team and the presence of the always lovely Barbara Steele. The flick is concerned with a young man who takes a wager to stay in a haunted castle, but soon finds that he isn't the only 'person' who might be wandering those lonely, deserted halls. I enjoyed it pretty well, as those old crumbling castles and Gothic settings have a certain undeniable charm that I find hard to resist.

In the afternoon I spent a bit of time on the blog, getting a post published and another somewhat ready for publication later in the evening, then I made myself take the time to read over on the far side of the house, as I'm getting back into the habit of spending the time in the Library that I apparently fell away from during the bulk of the Summer months.

When I finally surfaced the wife was getting home from her various outings, having texted about what we wanted to do for dinner and taken my order for deli stuff that she picked up.

Swampy Mystery Horror!
I made a cocktail and we got settled into the den for the night, another To-Watch Pile selection on deck after I'd done some digging. Solstice was a cheap Big Lots pick up and promised to be 'from the director of The Blair Witch Project', which are big shoes to fill, Daniel Myrick directed this one and it's okay as far as ghost stories go, with some college kids at a remote bayou house six months after the lead gal's twin sister committed suicide. A little backwoods Cajun voodoo later and there's ghostly happenings pointing to a mystery and it's a decent enough way to spend an evening, but I swear to God that one of the couples in the film are meant to be 18-20-something and they dress like they're a middle-aged, 40-50-ish couple in Cape Cod for the weekend or something, which I was finding ridiculously distracting, just considering their age. I mean, they even color-coordinate their outfits, for fuck's sake! It's silly as hell and kinda left me wondering if the roles had been written for older characters and some odd changes had been made during production, y'know?

Away We Go...
With it being still fairly early in the evening, I popped in the second disc of Person Of Interest season two for another couple episodes of my continuing re-watch, then put the wife to bed and moved on to the first disc in Battlestar Galactica season two, just because in addition to watching piles of horror movies this month, why not throw a couple full television seasons into the mix as well, right? When I finished the BSG episodes it was close to midnight, so I scampered off to the Office with a final cocktail and got a second post published, then headed to bed to work on the Previews order and try to read for a short time before finally crashing out.

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Midnight Room Fades To Oculus

Today being the one day during the week that the little Library Bookstore is open, I'd set the alarm and shot out of bed at 9:00 in the AM to run a few errands that I had set for myself this morning before I kicked off my 31 Days Of Horror for October 2014, which is always filled with piles and piles of scary stuff, so I wanted to get a few things out of the way before diving in. I got the house opened up for the day and the Yorkie stuck close to me since the wife had already split to do her normal routine of meetings. We fetched the newspaper and then I got dressed and headed out to see what I could find with a specific shopping agenda and our fairly mediocre local used bookstore offerings.

For some reason I've had the idea of looking into some old fantasy novels in my head the past week or so and to that end I've looked into the chronology of the Elric books by Michael Moorcock and wanted to see if any of them happened to be floating around locally so I could check them out cheaply instead of actually investing any real cash into something that might just gather dust for some time until I got around to digging into it. The weird bit is that I know I had at least the first couple Elric books in mass market paperback format from way back in the late '80s or early '90s, and I even read a bit of at least one of them and enjoyed it, but I have no fucking idea what ever became of them over the ensuing 3-4 moves. They might be out in the garage storage in a huge box of other junk, but I honest to God would rather buy another copy at this point instead of digging through a box to find nothing and realize that they were dumped at a used bookstore decades ago.

That long-winded intro out of the way, I browsed the Library Bookstore and the nearby used bookstore, neither of which had any of the books I was looking for (naturally), though they had a few other books by the man, so I decided to pass and just try a used bookstore the next time we're in a larger city. I know we'll be near Austin in November, so I may try to get a shopping list together.

I poked around in the local books, music and video outlet for a bit, turning up the new Previews (Huzzah! First try!) and then was browsing the various toys and other crap they sell towards the front of the store when I ran into the wife, who was killing time between meetings, so we visited briefly and then said our goodbyes as she went to shop a bit and I got in line to check out. I was still in the process of checking out when the wife called out to me to see if I could add a book she'd found to my purchase, which sort of cocked up the process, so I shoo'ed her away as I knew the people behind me were likely getting annoyed that this was taking so fucking long.

Roommates Suck.
Calling in an order for food on the way back to the house, I grabbed some Thai take-out and pointed the car  towards the house, where I took a quick survey of the Media Closet and grabbed the first thing that caught my eye off the To-Watch Pile, horror-wise. This turned out to be a foreign horror film set in Denmark called Room 205, where a woman moves into a college dormitory shared with an assortment of fairly cliquish types and soon begins to realize that one of their rooms may be haunted. I had no idea whatsoever what to expect and while I enjoyed the visuals well enough, the overall experience was mostly middle of the road, with not a lot of scares aside from the occasional 'boo' type sudden reveal, and the ghost's mystery wasn't anything you haven't seen before. It was a passable way to spend a couple hours, I suppose.

You Spend All Your Time Day
Dreaming And Watching Those
Silly Movies On TV And On
Your Projector!
The Plumbers called about dropping by to install one final thing on the otherwise fixed toilet, so I told them to come on by and started watching an elusive film on YouTube. I say Fade To Black is elusive because it's had a couple legit DVD releases over the years, but they're both out of print at the moment and have been for a few years, so I've never been able to easily track it down. You'll understand my excitement then, when I just happened to be looking for something else on YouTube and ran across the film in its entirety, so I was finally able to check out the lonely take of a film obsessed nerd who starts stalking a Marilyn Monroe look-alike and using alternate personae and costumes to take revenge on those who slight him, including his abusive aunt and co-workers.  It was pretty decent, more in the thriller/slasher vein than anything else, but I figure it fits into the theme of the month well enough. The Plumber came and went, which only took about five minutes or so to install some seal or whatever, but the Yorkie was still bristling with agitation the entire time, just because she doesn't take these intrusions lightly.

The wife was still out and about in the afternoon, so I decided to try to squeeze in another movie on YouTube, a film that I'd meant to try to check out last year around this time, but never got around to. The Midnight Hour is a 1985 television movie in which some unwitting high school kids manage to unleash evil spirits while assholing around in a cemetery on Halloween night, so I gave it a spin on YouTube only to discover that the file that I'd been able to find wasn't complete, so I ended up having to hop online and catch the middle portion of the movie there before finally seeing the ending on the TV back in the den. This is a beef I have with all the various versions of the YouTube interface, as the one online is easy and straightforward to deal with, you search, your find, you watch. The various plug-ins that our different devices (TiVo, Blu-ray player, iPad) have will invariably turn up completely different results when you search for the exact same fucking thing, which drives me batty, because I may know for a fact that something is on YouTube because my PC tells me so, but God forbid I'm able to easily find it and watch it in the comfort of my den, because TiVo absolutely won't find the same results.

Oh yeah, and First World Problems, amirite? Wah, poor me.

Still, it's fucking annoying.

Curb Your Narcissism!
I'd finished up the movie as the wife was finally getting home, so we dug into some dinner that she'd returned with and I asked if she was cool to check out a Netfux rental of Oculus, which she was okay with. The movie actually surprised me in a really good way, since I went into it not expecting much more that a ghost story, but I really enjoyed the way they indicated the evil influence of this haunted mirror while simultaneously telling the story of what had happened to the family of a brother and sister 11 years ago as they tried to figured out a way to prove the influence and possibly destroy the offending wall decoration. There were several really well done sequences of the siblings hallucinating and blending reality with what had gone before, very clever story-telling and something I feel would hold up to repeated viewings.

We wound down the night with a couple of episodes of season five of Tales From The Crypt off the To-Watch Pile, then I put the wife to bed and caught a couple episodes of season two of Person Of Interest, just to decompress from all the horror and mayhem, then I headed to the PC to get a second blog post published and write another one to play catch up, heading to bed a bit late but not as bad as I might've normally done.

Be seeing you.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Super Groovy Roadhouse Television

The alarm once again roused me at 9:00 in the AM to get the day kicked off at a reasonable hour, so I shook off the bed and got the house opened for the day, fetched the newspaper and all that jazz. The Yorkie ignored all of this and seemed less than thrilled to have both myself and the wife out of bed and doing stuff. The wife had already split for her morning agenda, so I spent my time gathering the recycling and getting all that ready to drop off, then I dressed and loaded up the car, a process that seemed to lose the pup's interest altogether, so she headed back to bed to pout since both of us were going to be out of the house at the same time.

Since my Halloween boxset had arrived safe and sound from the TCM debacle (shocking me completely), I figured I would return the one that I picked up at Best Buy last week around this time, so I grabbed that and my receipt as well, then got everything thrown into the Maxima and headed out to run my little errands, hitting the college first to do the recycling and get that out of the way.

Best Buy was up next and shocked me by having no line whatsoever at the customer service counter, which is quite possibly the first time I've ever found it to be so, and I was out of there after a short browse that turned up nothing, but thankfully my refund was a quick and painless experience.

I placed an order for some lunch and picked it up on the way back to the house, then was in the process of removing that from the bag when the Plumbers called in regards to the toilet in the Library bathroom, so I directed them to head this way and sequestered the Yorkie and myself on our side of the house in advance of their arrival. While I waited I started Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie via Netfux Streaming just because it caught my eye and didn't feel like the sort of thing I'd wanna blind buy, just because Kevin Smith's output of late has been fairly hit or miss for me.

The Plumbers arrived and annoyed the shit out of the Yorkie by existing, but I saw them to their task and then returned to the Office to finish the movie, which proved to be slightly amusing at best, just because Smith feels as if he retreats into foul language and dick jokes instead of trying to aspire to something higher just because he thinks that's what works best for him or something, but maybe I'm just trying to read more into the situation than it deserves. At any rate, it had a few amusing moments, but overall was just a bit on the sophomoric side for my tastes.

The Plumbers called to me to let me know that they were done and would have to return either later in the day with parts or perhaps even tomorrow afternoon, so I saw them out and let the Yorkie bitch at their van in the driveway as they left, then I eventually came to a stopping point in the Office and headed into the Library to try and catch up on some of the periodicals that are always mounding up on the nightstand in the bedroom. I gave that the normal hour or so, pausing to see the wife off on her late afternoon meeting, then I finally called it and went to see what the Yorkie was up to in the wife's absence.

The pup was chilling in the bedroom, so I gave her a cuddle and then headed back to the den to pop in something off the To-Watch Pile before I kicked off my normal horror marathon on Wednesday's first of October.

"Take It Outside."
Roadhouse 2: Last Call is a straight to video sequel to the original film that I'd grabbed off Swap A DVD just to see what it was all about before listening to the Silva & Gold guys review it on the podcast, and I have to say that as many times as it paid lip-service to the original with callback lines or situations it also diverged into standard action movie fare with a plot about drug dealing and other silliness, making it pretty silly from start to finish. I had as few (likely unintended) laughs at the films' expense, but overall it was pretty dumb and nothing I see myself returning to any time soon, or ever, so that's probably not a ringing endorsement.

The wife had texted about dinner and I'd put in my order for some take-out Chinese that she soon returned with as I was playing a bit of catch up on Battlestar Galactica, finishing out the re-watch of the first season as we tucked into some dinner. The show ends that first season strong and I wanna make sure that I continue to pepper in some of them over October, if only to break up the 'all horror, all the time' that month tends to get in my head.

We moved on to the newest episode of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., then a new Person Of Interest, which actually prompted me to apologize to the wife because most of our TV nights aren't quite so completely nerd-centric and aimed strictly at me, but that 's the way the current Monday and Tuesday schedules are shaking out as we get into this new Fall season and I feel kind of bad about it, but I also want to stay current on my viewing and avoid the usual pitfalls of spoilers that end up on the fucking Interwebs almost immediately, so this is just how it'll be for the next month or so, I guess.

"There Was This Girl..."
I put the wife and pup to bed around 10:00, then headed into the Office to get a second blog post published and work on playing catch up for the weekend, finally writing Sunday's post before calling it a night and heading to bed to read some more Don Rosa duck stuff and a goodly chunk of Safe House by Andrew Vachss, which has been laying around for far too long, so I need to rediscover the momentum I had on it when I first started the re-read.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Monday, September 29, 2014

TV Maniac

This being perilously close to the end of the month, I woke with the alarm this morning at 9:00 AM, simply to try to get myself back on a more normal schedule in my life and try to start publishing the blog again as I should've last week while I ignored things and pissed my time away for basically seven days straight. The wife and pup were already up and about, so the Yorkie accompanied me to get the house opened for the day and fetch the newspaper, then I saw the wife off and debated my options for the day, finally heading into the Office to get some writing done. I wrote a couple posts, catching up on this past Friday and Saturday before polishing and publishing something for the midday, with the plan being to get back to the two-a-day posts to play catch-up (again) after last week.

The wife got home from her outing before I'd made any lunch decisions, so she and I caught up a bit while she made a smoothie, then I finally settled she and the pup in the bed for a rest and some trash TV. There was an ad on television for a barbecue sandwich at Wendy's that caught my eye, so I finally got dressed and stepped out to pick up something to eat while they relaxed in the bedroom for a bit.

It's Not For Me.
Returning with food, I grabbed something off the To-Watch Pile to pass the time, a movie that was covered this week on the Night Of The Living Podcast show called Wrestlemaniac. This is a movie that I'd run across at Big Lots ages ago for cheap and picked up on a whim. The movie is a low-budget affair in which a group of five young people who all vaguely seem to dislike one another are looking for a place to shoot porno in Mexico, then they find themselves in a ghost town that's supposedly where a mad Mexican wrestler was exiled. Soon enough they manage to run afoul of the maniac and die in various gruesome fashions, but as much as the camera-work tries to keep it interesting and the cameraman tries to walk up the ass of the females in the cast, it mostly falls flat, feeling like a silly, pointless exercise in the genre. There is one really, really silly moment when the final girl hides under a cabinet, but decides that she must showcase her contortionist abilities, which looks fucking ridiculous, but since you've seen that image, you can now avoid the movie.

Oh Honey, What Are You
Don't say that I never did anything for you.

Since I know that I'll be knee-deep in horror movie stuff for the next month, I decided to try to resurrect a certain afternoon distraction just to try and keep things fresh, so after the movie I took about an hour and change to do some reading on the far side of the house in the Library. I was also reminded that the toilet over there wasn't sealing properly and tried to continue running after a flush, so I resolved to look into getting it taken care of this week if at all possible.

When I surfaced the wife and pup were in the Craft Room playing around a bit, so I settled in the den and finally watched the season (series? Not sure if it's canceled or renewed) of Extant, which actually ended on a pretty decent note in spite of some slow spots here or there over the 13 episode run. The wife had started making dinner while I watched that, so as she joined me we tucked into some food and the new episode of Gotham on Fox, which is still interesting if not 100% enthralling, just because a good amount of it seems to be winking at the audience about who this or that character will end up being when the whole Batman thing actually happens. Oh well, I love the look of the show, so I foresee sticking around for more, just to see what happens.

Sexy & Repressive.
We moved on to a new Sleepy Hollow, then started the recently completed season two of Masters Of Sex, which was good if depressing, which seems to be the nature of the show, just because of the oppressive nature of the time period. This actually led the wife and I to discuss the show a bit, as far as whether or not we wanted to continue, which prompted me to say that I do want to see it through, if only because I know it's not the show being bad that might put me off from time to time, it's just the shitty morals and social mores of the era that I find so Goddamned appalling and ridiculous in the face of our (slightly) more enlightened era.

We called it a night and I put the wife and pup to bed, then spent s few hours on the PC getting another post published and some more writing done, then I headed to bed to read a bit, diving back into the Don Rosa stuff that was on the nightstand, just for some light, charming fun before bed.

Be seeing you.