Friday, November 07, 2014

Obvious Godzilla

Having gone to bed fairly early last night and only reading for a short time, I was thinking the alarm being set for 10:00 would be sufficient to get me up and moving, but I soon found out that this was not the case, as I woke for the day to find the wife returning home from her morning adventures and it was well into the damned afternoon. The wife had been invited to a Christmas shopping event in Odessa (yes, even before fucking Thanksgiving!) and had been up early to go and attend that, then apparently got fished into some sort unscheduled conference call that was sprung on her, so she was just getting home and was ready to relax with the pup for the afternoon, all of her errands run for the day.

We snuggled in the bed with the Yorkie for a bit, catching up on her day and my plans for the rest of mine, which mostly included a small bite to eat to tide me over until dinner. With the wife and pup chilling, I got dressed and headed out to secure some coffee at the Starbucks across town and then debated the food options, nothing of which was sounding all that exciting. The Lincoln's gas gauge dinged about being close to empty, so I took a short detour to fill it up at the station that I normally use, then sprang for a carwash as well, just to get some of the road grime off of it after the recent rains. The black vehicle is going to be showing every single fucking speck of dust that gets on it, which may not be for the best, but I guess I'll just have to be much more pro-active about cleaning it than I was with the silver car.

I ended up grabbing a burrito that I ate in the car on the drive back to the house, then I was slightly dismayed to see that the carwash hadn't really done a lot for the vehicle, so I spent some time wiping it down to get the last of the dirt off of it, vowing to splurge for the full-on raging deluxe wash next time, having learned my lesson with the basic one - it doesn't really do a helluva lot.

Go Go Godzilla!
Duly noted.

The wife and pup were napping when I got in, so I settled into the den to give a random film another look, settling on this year's Godzilla, which I really dug when we saw it in the theater and held up really well on the re-watch. The wife surfaced towards the end of the film and I suggested maybe picking up food and having dinner with the In-Laws if she could get them on the phone, so she went about that process of making phonecalls and I watched a couple episodes of The Simpsons re-running on FXX, then we placed an order for some take-out from the Outback steakhouse on the Loop. The wife offered to go get it, but I figured we could take the drive as a family, so we headed that way, leaving the Yorkie behind when she balked at the mention of 'car', as she is known to do.

Best Abortion Humor Ever!
When we returned and got our food together, we settled on the new couch in the den for dinner and I popped in the recently arrived Netfux rental of Obvious Child, which stars Jenny Slate as a recently dumped woman whose one night fling threatens to become an actual romance even as she's getting ready to have an abortion, and as rough as that sounds, it was a hilarious comedy and had some really sweet moments. I was very impressed and would definitely watch this one again. Great stuff.

The movie ended around 9:30, so I decided to try to squeeze in another television show, checking out last week's episode of Constantine, which seems to be living up to my expectations in that it's a lot like Supernatural, which is fine, but now feels as if they missed the boat by not doing this a decade ago with the character instead of fiddling around with stuff like the movie version that just kinda missed the mark overall.

I got the wife and pup tucked in, then published a post for the day and piddled around with the Interwebs and a final cocktail, then called it an early night so that I could read some more of the comic book nerd shit I've been hip-deep in recently, as the Spider-Man stuff has taken up a lot of my evening reading time. Oh well, it's fun, harmless stuff, who cares, right?

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

The Interior Design Affair

This morning I'd set the alarm for 10:00 in the AM, which actually afforded me a solid 8 freaking hours of sleep, which was amazing for a change of pace, since it felt like I hadn't had a proper rest in at least a week at this point. Man, that was nice.

I spent a short time on the PC getting a blog post published and another ready for later in the day, then I grabbed a shower and got dressed for the day, since I knew the wife had the Interior Designer and his team scheduled for around 1:30 or so. I stepped out to grab a quick bite to eat and returned with enough time to still enjoy our den one final time before it was changed around for good, watching this week's American Dad to pass the time.

When I finished eating I got the den picked up a bit more, filing away a few things in the Media Closet and getting some of the stacks of this or that out of the way, since I wasn't sure exactly what these people had in mind beyond a few new pieces of furniture. The ID arrived, followed by his two helpers who loaded and unloaded everything, so he and I chitchatted for a bit while they started clearing the room, then the wife got back from her lunch meeting and she visited as well, then as they started placing stuff we kinda left them to their own devices and cuddled up with the antsy Yorkie in the bedroom to pass the time.

Surprisingly, we soon had them calling after us to come and see what we thought of things, and I have to say, even if we lost a chair in the process (which is the only true drawback of the room, there's no easy layout that becomes readily apparent due to the weird shape of it) the room looks pretty great and feels a helluva lot larger than it ever has in the past. It will take some getting used to, but I'm digging it pretty well so far, though the new couch set-up left me wondering where the hell the remotes, pens, letter-opener, etc. would live now, since I would likely be relocated to the opposite end of the couch from where I'm accustomed to being, due to the placement of the television and my never-ending pursuit of being smack dab in the middle of things to watch a movie or program.

With a small end table in mind, I asked the wife if she was cool with hitting up a few stores locally to see if anything jumped out at us, and since she had the afternoon free, that's exactly what we did, breezing through three different places before giving up, but as we headed back to the house I was still feeling the pursuit, so I ended up dropping her off and heading back out to step into Home Goods, which is 0 for 2 now as far as me finding an item when I needed something specific, and then I hit Pier One on the hopes they might have some little rustic drum sort of thing, but alas, it was not meant to be. Maye we'll do some digging online, or when we're in Austin next time, see if anything catches the eye.

Returning home, I was actually struck by a little brainstorm, so I moved the little film reel table that I have in the Library into the den, which will work out great, even if it's only a temporary solution. I foresee us finding something fairly specific for the space, I just haven't seen it yet.

The wife had an evening engagement, so I took her dinner order as she left, with the idea being that I'd call things in at a certain time to allow it to be ready as she was planning to leave her event, then I saw her off and settled into the new den, to see how it felt with the normal chilling that we do at night. The Yorkie wandered around looking confuse as all hell, as those were the couches that she's known across two different homes, now gone forever and she's left with these puzzling new things, like she's suddenly living in a hotel or something, so I'll be curious where she decides that her 'spot' will be, just because she seemed to keep moving back and forth between her little beds on either side of the room, from the fireplace area to the other side of the couch where the wife will sit, unable to decide if she liked this new set-up.

Who's Got Love For Their Lord And Savior?
I caught up on an episode of Regular Show that was new to me, possibly one from last week, then was moving on to the first episode (since I have a ton of them on the TiVo) of Black Jesus when the wife got home with the food, so I paused that while we got situated, then we gave it a spin, and the show proved to be as amusing and profane as I was expecting. I'm looking forward to checking out the other episodes sooner than later, if at all possible.

Carnage Is Rough In This
We caught an episode of Ali G: Rezurection as we finished up dinner, then moved on to the next two episodes of The Affair, which is proving to be pretty interesting if a little frustrating at times just because it's irritating to watch these two idiot people fucking up their own lives as well as those around them to try to squeeze in this weird little tryst during a Summer vacation, and it's kinda maddening to think that some folks operate this way. Call me old fashioned, but I have to think I'm done with one thing before starting another, because fuck multi-tasking. I've often told the wife that I could never cheat on her because I barely have the strength to keep one bitch happy, much less trying to juggle two or more. Fuck all that noise.

We called it a night and shut the front of the house down for the night, then I settled in the Office after getting the wife and pup tucked into bed. I gave the blog a short amount of time, but I was honestly feeling kinda sleepy, so I headed to bed, read for a short time to get the sixth volume of Ultimate Spider-Man started, then I crashed hard.

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Arrow, Apartment, American, As Well As Others...

The alarm woke me this morning at 9:30, listened to the wife showering and going about her morning routine, almost dozed off again and then forced myself out of bed a little after 10:00, got the house opened for the day and then debated my options, what with the threat of Maids at some point during the day. I fetched the newspaper with the pup and saw the wife off, then decided to step out and grab a quick coffee and some lunch if possible before the Maids called. I had hit the Starbucks on the South side and was on my way to maybe try to pick up some Chinese take out when I got the call from the Maids, so I turned around and headed home to meet them, texting the wife that I'd missed my opportunity for lunch, so she was kind enough to offer to pick up something when she headed home around 1:00 PM.

When I got up this morning I'd thrown the bedding into the wash, so I moved it to the dryer and got the Yorkie's potty pad out of the way, then the doorbell rang and I let the new Maids in, giving them a quick description of what rooms they did and which they ignored, then I let them get started and settled in the Office, with the Yorkie being surprisingly chill about them being here as they got started on the Guest Side of the house.

Once I got something published for the day I wrote something for yesterday and then had started to play catch up on an episode of South Park by streaming it online when the wife got home, so I paused that and got situated with my food,  catching up a bit with her on her day out, then she piddled on the Mac while I ate and finished the episode, then the Yorkie started getting antsier as the Maids got closer to this side of the house, so I ended up surfing the web with the dog force to sit in my arms so that she'd cease her incessant yapping over the same shit that happens every time. Seriously, as cool and chill as she'd been about them being here for the past hour, the next hour she was twice as much of an asshole about it, and I just got tired of it after awhile. Yeesh.

Once the Maids finally wrapped up I released the hound and the wife and she headed into the bedroom to catch a little nap and I decided to step back out and do some weird impulse shopping, hitting up the local books, music and video outlet for a magazine, then stepping into Toys "R" Us for a couple of those Guardians Of The Galaxy blind box figures  and even poking around at Barnes & Noble before heading home.

The wife and pup still crashed out, I settled in the den with a movie off the To-Watch Pile, which is the first of the month if memory serves, which seemed like a reasonable amount of time 'off' from films after last months' blitz of horror titles. The Apartment is a French film starring Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, with him following a mystery woman who has the same voice that his girl from a few years back had, only to find out that 'Lisa' is someone completely different, throwing him into a strange pursuit to see what this new gal's story is exactly. The film was re-made in the States as Wicker Park, which I've seen a few times and dug quite a bit, so I was pleased to finally check out this original that I hadn't known existed until a year or two ago, and that it was just as much fun to follow the twisting narrative en fran├žaise as it had been in the remake.

The wife surfaced towards the end of the film and got started on the dinner she'd planned for us, which we dug into as the last reel of the movie started, then we moved on to a Marvel-themed special that'd aired on ABC about the history of the company and all that jazz.

The wife was so kind as to humor me through the new episode of Arrow that aired this evening, and I was very pleased that it was a Felicity-centric one for a change, giving her character a bit more background and depth, which was fun and makes her character even more charming, if such a thing is possible. Cute stuff.

We wrapped the evening with the new American Horror Story: Freak Show, then I put the wife and pup to bed, spent a bit of time on the Interwebs, then headed to bed a bit early so that I could read for a bit, finishing out both the second volume of Spider-Girl stuff I was reading as well as my re-visit of the Ultimate Spider-Man volume 5, which means that I can now move on to stuff that;s completely new to me with the other material fresh in my head. I've been wanting to take the plunge on these books so that I might have a better idea of who certain characters are in the big Spider-Man crossover stuff they're currently publishing.

I'm out kids.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Garfunkel And Burress Affair

Nothing being easy the past few days, I was up around 4:00 AM with sinus drainage, though I did marvel that the rain softly falling outside wasn't upsetting the Yorkie, who I even heard get up and get a drink of water and the resume her normal little nest down at the foot of the bed, so that was a relief that it wasn't a big deal for her. I was also glad that my being up coughing and hacking for a good half hour or more while I read Entertainment Weekly in the bathroom and waited for my congestion to pass didn't disturb her enough to get her up and about.

I was finally able to bed down again, but I was also aware of tossing and turning for the rest of the night, with coughing jags waking me here or there, so I never really had what you'd call 'restful sleep', then the alarm woke me at 9:30, so I looked at e-mail and realized how quiet the house seemed, which the wife would confirm meant that the Yorkie was off to the Groomer when she came through the room to get something from the bathroom. She soon split for a meeting and I was still getting the sleep from my eyes when the Repair Guy called regrading the ice machine, wanting to come by early since he happened to be about five minutes away on another job, so I told him to come on, let's get this over with.

While he worked on the ice machine I piddled around with the blogging in the Office, getting something ready to publish and part of another post written, since I seem to stay a day or so behind since the end of October, then I finally heard him call for me to let me know that he was done. I saw him off and left the machine to try to make some ice and see if it was indeed fixed for good or if I'd be calling about the warranty again later in the week. I'm really super-duper tired of dealing with this whole process, but we're by God going to get this damned thing working if they have to replace the entire unit.

After picking up a little chicken dinner for myself I made my way back home and wasn't greeted by the Yorkie because she was still at the Groomer, so I made myself comfy in the den and watched the last few episodes of Garfunkel And Oates, which were pretty hilarious, including a catchy little ditty called Pregnant Women Are Smug that had me rolling.

I imagine this must be something that ripples through the female community in the same way that I vomit a little in my mouth every time I hear a guy say "Well, once you become a parent...", because most sentences that begin that way end in something involving their new found faux-wisdom or presumed perspective on life that I could never possibly understand because I'm not being trailed by a litter of children that I'm leaving here to increase my carbon footprint on this world.

The wife returned in the mid-afternoon with the pup and we visited for a bit and went through the mail, then I got the pup fed and she ate before returning to the bedroom with the wife for a nap. I finished the last episode of Garfunkel And Oates of this season, then headed into the Office to piddle around with the nerdlists, which were largely ignored last month while I was so preoccupied with all the horror films that I could handle. The Interweb time sink ate up the remainder of the afternoon, then I finally headed back into the den and opened a little package I'd gotten from Amazon, which was two Hannibal Buress DVDs, so I decided to pop one in and see what was up, since I've only seen the guy in clips on YouTube, never a full performance.

I was close to the end of that and looking through the first shipment that I'd received from Discount Comic Book Service when the wife surfaced and started working on dinner, so I paused and checked in with her to see if she needed help, dicing up some chicken for the evening dish before finishing the Animal Furnace special, which was pretty amusing.

Oh, and for what it's worth, the DCBS shipment was exactly as I'd hoped, arriving within the first week of the month with this month's new Previews for ordering and well-packed; I'm going to enjoy this service immensely.

Over dinner the wife and I watched Hannibal Buress: Live In Chicago, then we moved on to last week's episode of The Soup before paging through TiVo for a bit to see what caught our eye next.

Stay The Hell Out Of That
We settled on the first episode of The Affair, a new series on Showtime that follows an affair between a married man vacationing on Long Island with his family for the summer and a local waitress whose own relationship is strained in the wake of the death of her child. We ended up catching the first couple episodes (with two more 'banked' for later) and it was a pretty interesting approach, in that you get half the episode from the male perspective, then the other half is the same events told from the waitresses' side of things, so it's interesting to compare how and when the diverge to paint themselves more or less culpable for this or that. I'm intrigued, and since it's a short 'one and done' season, we both figured what the hell.

We called it a night afterward and I picked up a bit in advance of the Maids in the AM, then I got the wife an pup bedded down so that I could hop online and work on polishing up a couple posts before I headed to bed a bit early just to give myself some time to peruse the new Previews and see what caught my eye this month. By the time I'd waded through that magazine in its entirety though, it was easily close to 3:00 in the AM, so I was very happy to sleep like a rock when I finally crashed, especially after the past few nights of misery and sinuses.

Be seeing you.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Sinuses, Television Nonsense And Nothing Else

With the weather changing for the cooler and rain threatening us for the next couple days, my sinuses went apeshit crazy last night and pretty much ruined my chances to get any solid rest. I finally slept after being up and down several times with the normal hacking and coughing, waking with the alarm at 9:00 so that I could be on alert for the call I was hoping to get form the Repair Guys about the parts for the ice machine in the kitchen. I was almost dozing again after turning off said alarm when the iPhone buzzed, startling me from my reverie and telling me that the guy would be here on Tuesday between noon and 3:00 PM, which was cool with me. I used the activity to finally shake off the bed and get up for the day, opening the house for business and retrieving the newspaper.

Settling in the Office, I worked on getting the blogging up to date from the past weekend, finally coming to a stopping point around noon and getting dressed to head out into the gloomy weather to grab a bite to eat, though I did leave the house with absolutely no idea what I wanted to have for my lunch. I eventually ended up at a sandwich shop on the far side of town to pick up food, then I headed home and fell down a rabbit hole of television that pretty much ate my afternoon in its entirety.

First up, I got caught up on both The Flash and Arrow, then spent a good chunk of time with more Regular Show episodes that I had never seen, as I've finally started to notice a good number of the ones they've re-run lately are new to me, so that was cool to catch up on those at long last.

The wife had a late meeting out, in that it didn't even start until 7:00 in the evening, so I saw her off as I was playing more catch up on last week's television with Sleepy Hollow, then I caught tonight's Gotham, which was almost a great episode, but hey, there can't be THAT much character or plot development and changes, because we're still waiting around for the place to go even further to hell so Batman can save us all. I may have to give up on this one after this initial season unless they do some really dramatic stuff to keep me interested.

I'd moved on to the new Sleepy Hollow that aired this evening by the time the wife got home, so we ate and caught up on her night out, then I made a final cocktail and we looked at the new Comic Book Men before calling it a night.

...Or You're FIRED!
I put the wife and pup to bed, then spent a couple hours piddling with the blog to get something posted for the day and clean up a few posts for later publication, finally deciding that the writing could wait until Tuesday in favor of heading to bed and catching up with the last few issues of Regular Show that I've had hanging around and the new issue of Velvet, just to wind down and settle into the bed for the night. I also got a wild hair to read a bit of the second little digest volume of Spider-Girl, which has been enjoyable so far, though I'm starting to wonder where the hell Ron Frenz art comes into things, because so far it's been all Pat Olliffe, all the time and I wasn't expecting that, but more of the team that brought me the Spider-Man book of my youth.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Regular Strain

Sleeping with no alarm, I woke this morning close to 10:00 this morning with the time change, feeling fairly refreshed and alert, so I got up and opened the hose for the day and looked in on the wife and pup in the Craft Room at the front of the house. They'd apparently been up for an hour or so, piddling around and making a few little cards, so I gave them each a quick peck on the cheek and then looked in on the iPad games while I downloaded urine in the bathroom, then started to weigh the options for the day.

Since I wanted to take a break from the film viewing for a few days to decompress, I decided to step out and grab some lunch, then dig into some of the television that'd piled up on the TiVo. I threw on some clothes, confirmed with the wife that she wasn't interested in lunch after making a smoothie, then I stepped out to hit a nearby drive-thru for a little chicken strip dinner, just because it sounded good.

Slogging My Way To The
The afternoon was lost then to the TiVo, which was piled high with the last half or so of the first season of The Strain, which was interesting but felt very much like a novel brought to life, with each chapter/episode devoted to this or that and then we move on to another character to focus on, which makes things feel a bit to removed from the larger narrative for my tastes at times.

I moved onto a series of 'new to me' episodes of Regular Show in the late afternoon, then as we started getting into the evening I started recording the usual Fox stuff, now broken up by those damned live action sit-coms that I have zero interest in.

After a Family Guy re-run we finally got into the new Walking Dead so I could stay current and not have anything ruined by the Interwebs, then wrapped the evening itself with an older episode of The Soup, since we have more stuff on the TiVo then I realized.

After a short time on the Interwebs working on getting a blog post published, I headed to bed to read for a bit, digging further into my nerditry with a couple chapters in the 5th volume of Ultimate Spider-Man before crashing out for the night.

Be seeing you.