Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Goodbye Lunch And Darkening Shadows

The wife had meetings this morning and was gone when I woke with the alarm at 10:00, so I gave the Yorkie a cuddle and then got up and moving, opening the house for the day and being promptly ignored by the dog when I went to fetch the newspaper from the front walk.

I'd traded texts with EL regarding a possible lunch date with he and DR, since DR will be moving to Georgia in the first week or so of August, and EL was indeed able to wrangle a meeting at noon today, which worked out really well. He called to see if I was up for it while I was working on the blog a bit, so I told him I was down and started looking for a stopping point for my Interweb nonsense.

DR was waiting for me when I got to the restaurant, and we were soon joined by EL, then we visited for a nice long time. DR was really wound up and excited about the move, so that's really cool, and he'd sold a lot of artwork at the going away party/art show that EL and his wife had thrown for him last weekend while we were out of town, so he's also flush with cash for the move. We visited over the meal, letting DR lead the conversation since he has so much new stuff happening in his life, then EL had to excuse himself and head to a painting job he's working on, so I spent some more time with DR and his renewed Paris Hilton obsession, then we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Big Lots nearby was calling to me, though I came away empty-handed and then decided that Starbucks was also on the agenda before heading home to see what the wife and pup might be up to.

After visiting with the wife and pup for a few I found my way into the Office and spent the bulk of the afternoon working on getting notes from the iPhone and iPad e-mailed to the PC so I could drop all of it into the Blogger template and start trying to make sense of it all. I hadn't really made any notes whatsoever for Friday for some reason, so I gave that a solid pass to get the details in print before I lost anything big, figuring on 'vamping' with the various nuances at a later date as I finally get things closer to published.

He Is Not A Monster!
In the late afternoon I finally came to a stopping point while the wife was on the phone with the Middle Sister relating all the various stuff from our weekend, as well as the  recent manic episode that the Mother In Law had, just sort of comparing notes on things. I checked in with her, then made myself a drink and headed into the den to give House Of Dark Shadows a re-watch to break in the Blu-ray. The weather outside was threatening to have a rainstorm blow through the area, so I thought some sort of vampire stuff in a rambling old Gothic house would be appropriate viewing. The flick holds up well, even if it always seems like the Dark Shadows stuff re-treads the same material of Barnabas lusting after the supposed reincarnation of his lost love, partial cures from the smitten doctor, etc.

...And I'm Pretty Sure He Called
Me A Hooker.
The wife eventually joined me for the end of the movie and then we moved on to a little bit of dinner and an episode of The Leftovers off the TiVo, then we moved on to a couple episodes of Maron, since that show has been stacking up quite a bit recently, then we started to wrap the evening. I put the wife and pup to bed, then decided to have a final cocktail and re-watch the more recent version of Dark Shadows that we got from Tim Burton, which I still really enjoy and would champion to people if they can get past their knee jerk reactions to the fact that it's different than the source material and has (God forbid) Tim Burton directing it, because frankly a lot of people have issues with that poor crazy-haired bastard.

Camouflage Doesn't Help
When The Other Guy Is
Willing To Defoliate The
Whole Jungle.
I came to the Office late after the film, got a post published then headed to bed to read for a short time before crashing out, giving the next Andrew Vachss novel a go and starting in on False Allegations. As I revisit these books I'm very curious to see just how far I made it into the series, as I know it ends around the 17 book mark, and I feel like we're probably on the tail-end of when I was reading these as they came out, so at this point I'm just waiting for something to not seem familiar, but there's one very specific death scene I know I haven't seen yet, so there's got to be a little further to go. I gotta say though, I'm not looking forward to that death, and I can only imagine that the series gets more bleak after that.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ginger Spartacus

Today I slept late because the long day and jet-lag from yesterday really did a number on me, finally waking around 1:20 in the afternoon. My phone was almost dead by this time, so I put it on the airplane mode and plugged it in, which is supposed to charge faster than leaving it on the normal setting, then I looked in on the iPad games and hit the bathroom before getting the house opened with the Yorkie, who seemed to be pleased to have us home and be back to something resembling a normal schedule.

I started to weigh my options for the day, especially since it was after lunch and I was feeling kinda hungry, so I made a little list of the three or four little errands that I wanted to run, and was about to head out to do just that when I noticed that the wife had texted about a half hour or so before, saying that her car wouldn't come out of park wherever she was. I returned the message and even called to see if I could get her on the horn, but she eventually responded that she'd gotten a ride to her next meeting and would be there until after 5:30, with the car abandoned in the parking lot of a bakery where she'd stopped for snacks for the afternoon meeting that she was currently attending. With her safe at a location and not much that I could do about her car, I went ahead and left the pup in charge of the house and went out run my little errands.

Starbucks was up first, then I stopped at Walgreens for Zantac, which I knew that I would need to stay alive for the rest of the week, then I was off to the local books, music and video outlet to see if anything caught my eye, as I know there's a couple Marvel books that were supposed to be coming out that I actually wanted to flip through rather than blind buy. Naturally, I didn't find the books I was looking for, because that's just how it is at this store. I picked up a couple hot dogs at Sonic on the way home, where I watched a guy in a typical local vehicle (giant extended cab pick-up with a large pipe grill guard) drive the fuck into the order box next to me, then spend the next few minutes jockeying around trying to somehow fit into the space, which was making me nervous, since I was wondering if my car was next, when he can't even park this fucking boat without hitting the large metal poles that're pretty easy to see, y'know? I got my food, threw a dollar tip at the girl and got the hell out of there before this dumbass managed to drag someone's bumper off their car.

Back at the house I flipped through my TiVo offerings, finally settling on an episode of Perception, then I decided to bite the bullet and watch one of the episodes of Spartacus that's been hanging around for ages now, just because the wife has said in no uncertain terms that she's got no interest in finishing out the series, even though we'd watched the entire thing up to this point together. I guess I was waiting around to have the time to give it a go with her, but since she's tapped out I figured fuckit, I'm gonna try to clear up some space here. I spent the afternoon with three episodes of the final season, leaving three for later to wrap it completely. I have to say, at this point I'm surprised that there's still the main four gladiator leads left, as I assumed that more of them would've been picked off by now.

I Can't Grow A Tail, B!
That's Fucked!
The wife returned towards the end of the film, having been dropped off at the Mother In Law's house after the meeting to pick up a loaner vehicle and pause for a quick swim, since it'd been a long hot day. She came home with some Mexican take-out, so we ate while moving on to the next thing, which was The Soup from last Thursday.

We gave the latest Halt And Catch Fire, which continues to be amazing and is something I hope gets renewed, then the new True Blood before the wife called it a night and headed to bed. I made myself a final cocktail and popped in the Blu-ray of Ginger Snaps that'd turned up in the mail while we were out of town. The movie holds up amazingly well and is still one of the best werewolf movies in the past decade or so, giving a nice mix of dark humor, coming of age tale and some good practical effects. The movie really makes me want to give the other films another look as well, but I don't know if I'll have a chance to revisit them before we have to leave again this coming weekend.

The Worst Place To Be Is
In The Middle. When Elephants
Fight, The Grass Gets Trampled.
I debated the whole blogging thing and decided to head to bed instead, giving the Interwebs a cursory once over in the Office before calling it a day and instead reading a bit in bed, finishing out the last 40 or so pages of Footsteps Of The Hawk, which proved to be a quick read and something I'm happy to have been able to plow through at such a quick clip, since this re-visitation of the series has been so much fun. I guess I'll get started on the next novel tomorrow night, just to stay on 'schedule'.

I crashed around 3:30, with an alarm set for the AM so that I can start getting some stuff done on the blog in advance of the weekend trip.

Be seeing you.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Ess Dee See See 2014 Adventure: Day Six

For our day of return travel we woke at 8:00 with the alarm to allow us plenty of time to get everything done before the airport. As is the case every year, I spent quite some time unloading everything from the luggage and trying to see if it would all fit for the return trip, as the shopping always makes that something of an adventure/Jenga game when it comes to seeing if it will all fit into the already full suitcase.

With this in mind, I made sure to select dress shoes, jeans and a dress shirt for the return flight to clear out as much room as possible, allowing for a few more things to be crammed into the bottom of the bag. Whew!

While I was fighting the good fight with the luggage the wife got word (from the Mother In Law's Beau) that the MIL had managed to end up in some sort of a manic episode due to some oddball medications she'd been on for anxiety or sleep disorders of some kind, so that's going to be in the back of everyone's mind for the rest of the trip, but what can you do from afar? She left it with a 'keep us posted' and figured if it was really bad she'd just drive to the lakehouse or Austin; wherever they'd ended up by the time it was over.

We finally called down for the car and headed out in the direction of the airport, fingers crossed that we'd manage to stumble across a gas station along the way to fill up the car so that Hertz wouldn't charge us an exorbitant amount to do the same thing. Finding nothing in the drive, we ducked into a random residential-looking neighborhood near the airport, where we finally asked a young lady walking for some directions and she guided us to a 7-11, thank you God for small favors.

On the drive back to the rental car lot we had some fun when Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know song came on the radio, which threw me into a wild rant about it, considering that I loved that album when it first came out, but now middle-aged me thinks this bitch is absolutely batshit crazy. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great break-up song, but holy shit, she sounds like a lunatic in this thing! For real, 'you said you'd love me until you died, and you're still alive, and I'm here to remind you' - holy shit lady, things like this is why someone would bail. 'I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner' - Yes, actually you do, you crazy bunny-boiling bitch, now leave me alone or we're calling the cops. It's like, shit happens, it didn't work out, do some yoga or take an art class - stop dwelling on the one that got away, you lunatic. Yeesh.

Catchy song, though.

We dumped the car, shuttled it over to the airport and got checked in. We headed down to find the gate, then I settled into a chair and waited with the hoi-polloi for our departure while the wife stepped away for a few to grab a coffee at the nearby Starbucks. For my part, I'd stopped along the way to get a couple of Red Bulls to try to take the edge off my drowsiness, so I figured I'd be wired for sound eventually. We killed time looking at our various reading materials, then finally got word that they;d be boarding us soon.

Amusingly, when we went to board we passed through a line where a helpful passenger snapped at the wife that it was 1st class boarding, but y'see, the line he was in wasn't moving. The wife walked behind the line of people who were actually moving and the guy says "So you're just gonna go anyway, huh?" - which either meant he was in first class and assumed we weren't or he thought we were just assholes for using the line that was moving when his wasn't.

Whatever. We're all going to the same place asshole. The plane was one of those weird ones that boarded from the center of the craft, so I never saw him again, though it might've been nice to smirk at him if he did indeed turn out to be just a judgmental cunt.

We boarded and sat on the tarmac for a bit, finally flying out what felt at least a half hour late, but once we landed at DFW we raced to the gate to find our flight delayed indefinitely (yes, that was actually the word they used) due to maintenance on the plane. After sitting there for a time, this rolled into a tire issue which would go on to be a solid three extra hours on the ground, because nothing is ever easy.

The wife eventually stepped away to go and grab a snack or something because we're into the early evening by this point and I put my little carry-on bag on the seat next to me so that no one would just walk up and plop down in it, then read a bit more of my book to pass the time. A skinny blonde gal walked up and sat on the other side of the bag and I smiled at her, nodded in greeting and went back to my book, but when the wife returned and we started in on our usual joking banter back and forth the blonde laughed at what we were saying and suddenly Lexi Marlow (link NSFW) chats up the wife, asking why we're heading to West Texas.

Slightly More Dressed In
Person, But Very Charming.
Thankfully, this ended up keeping things interesting and weird for the next few hours as we sat there shooting the shit with this girl who's from our hometown and models in L.A., splitting time between there and Arkansas (where she was returning from today, of all fucking places) where her male model boyfriend lives because his father does the main construction for Walmart. I was kinda amused that she seemed to find the wife and I's life equally interesting to how the wife was drilling her with questions about the whole model lifestyle, since none of the three of us have a proper job per se, but clearly get to travel and do silly oddball shit whenever the notion strikes us. God bless her for turning up and being so friendly, as she kept us entertained for the remainder of the wait time until they finally got a damned plane on the ground that wasn't about to fall the fuck apart and we were finally allowed to board.

We got back to town close to 11:00 in the evening, retrieved luggage and said our goodbyes to Lexi, then found the car and got the hell back to town. We picked up drive-thru on the way in, then made it home safe and sound to an ecstatic Yorkie. We unpacked and went through the mail, then I spent some time on the PC while the wife and pup crashed, just because I was still unable to fully wind down in spite of being rather tired.

Be seeing you.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ess Dee See See 2014 Adventure: Day Five

So last night I somehow still managed to be up until 4:00 AM, so I guess any amount of jet-lag I had suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks, but even with no alarm set I woke up wide awake as I heard the wife leaving to get coffee from downstairs around 10:00 or so. I said good morning and then promptly dove back into the pillows to try to squeeze in some more shut eye in her brief absence.

Naturally I just tossed and turned for a half hour or so, but finally got up and moving when she returned with her beverage. We visited for a bit about our possible plans for the day, which I was sort of keeping on hold since SL had made noise about us getting lunch with he and a friend of his from L.A., but as it got closer to noon I texted him to see what was up only to find out that they were already in a restaurant eating, which had been a last minute thing he'd been railroaded into because his buddy had a panel to attend and had to go 'now or never', as it were. I told him that was cool and that we'd just do our own thing, then visited with the wife about all this.

It Isn't A Place, It's A
With this new info telling me that we now had the afternoon open to us, I asked the wife if she was cool to wait around for just a little while longer and allow me to give the con floor one final pass, then we could go and do whatever for the rest of the day. With her being cool with this, I dressed and headed that way to see what last minute purchases might catch my eye, armed with the instruction that I should 'bring her something cute' when I returned.

By the time it was all said and done I shopped for a couple hours, found some bargain stuff and picked up a stuffed bean and small sketch from Larry Marder, who's still plugging away with his Beanworld stuff, which is pretty cool to me since I fondly recall it from the old Eclipse run in the '80s. I also ran across Pete Sickman Garner at the Top Shelf booth, so I chatted with him a bit, eventually picking up a signed and sketched copy of his new book Hey, Mister: Come Hell or Highwater Pants, then I finally made one final pass of the small press area and started making my way back to the hotel, stopping here or there for pics of any fun cosplay that caught the eye.

I headed up to the room and cooled off for a few, showing the wife my new stuff and the little chicken-centric graphic novel I'd bought because I thought it fit the whole 'cute' bill pretty well, and would be something that both of us would enjoy. Elmer looks pretty amazing I have to say, and I'm pretty happy to have randomly ran across it at the Slave Labor Graphics booth on my way out.

We called down for the car and made the journey out to Lucha Libre for the standard amazing taco meal that we have had each trip. The place is always hot and packed to the gills with people, but so totally worth it. Amazing food, and highly recommended if you get the chance.

Pleasantly stuffed, we headed back 'home' and spent the entire afternoon chilling in the room, just kinda recharging from the week, which was really nice, since there really wasn't anything else I was interested in doing that was convention-related. Hell, it was nice to have a goodly chunk of time to just relax and take the edge off the week. Who knows, I may be getting the hang of my convention experience down pat finally, just focusing on the stuff that interests me the most instead of trying to squeeze in other events just because we're here, y'know? I gotta say, I was happy to not have fucked around with the Hyatt more than one night, I just find that end of night ritual sort of exhausting, to be perfectly honest.

I'm Not Kissing You.
Lazing about in bed, the wife napped for a bit and I re-watched Captain America: The First Avenger on television, then flipped channels for a bit to pass the evening with some Fox animation and Adult Swim stuff to eventually wind down for the night.

We ordered in room service just to keep things simple, enjoying a tasty meal and then the wife crashed out for good, leaving me alone with the television and the notes I wanted to get started for this post so as not to fall much further behind.

Once the television lost its appeal I flipped through the new issue of Previews (grabbed at the Diamond Comics booth, 'natch!) for a bit while listening to Adult Swim re-runs before finally crashing for the evening.

Be seeing you.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ess Dee See See 2014 Adventure: Day Four

This morning I woke at 9:00 with the alarm, since I actually had something of an early agenda, grabbed a quick shower and dressed for the day. The wife was still lazing in bed, so I kissed her goodbye and headed over to the con to make sure I was able to find seating for the Don Rosa retrospective that was happening. I mean, I've never had trouble finding seating for these smaller panels, but I always prefer to hedge my bets and get there a bit early just to ensure that I've got a spot, lest I be caught out in the cold that one time things get packed. Happily, I caught the last half of the Drawn & Quarterly panel, which was hosted by the same little gal that I recall from their panel last year, as well as their booth, so it's kinda cool to think that there's a sense of continuity with that company and the faces associated with it.

Rosa With His Award.
As With The Parties The Wife
And I Attend: Youngest Guy In
The Room By 20 Years.
The spotlight on Don Rosa was next and was pretty amazing, hosted by his friend and publisher Gary Groth, and he even received the Inkpot Award as a little surprise during the panel. Led by Groth's questions, Rosa told some fun anecdotes about how he got into the business and how Disney's greed drove him out for a time, when they suddenly decided that they get to keep his art, as if based on the sudden popularity of his work making their books worth picking up, which seems like a real dick move on their part. Shocker, a corporate entity trying to bully the little work-for-hire artist - I guess some shit never changes.

After the panel I headed back over to the hotel to meet the wife for lunch, heading up to the room to cool off for a few minutes after the walk, then we headed back downstairs to grab the car and go get some lunch away from the hustle and bustle of the convention's biggest day, just because it seemed easier to be out shopping elsewhere than fighting those types of crowds.

The Fashion Valley Mall is a spot where we'd had fun before, so we found parking and hit up the Neiman Marcus for a quiet, tasty meal at their restaurant Zodiac. Our waiter was a kindly older gentleman who really amused me when I commented that their popover was quite the commitment because of how big it looked, and he replied "Oh no, they're hollow, they are like phantoms!" which really cracked me up and did turn out to be true once you cut into the thing. We had a great meal and then spent some time wandering the mall, shopping for bras and what have you for the wife, with me electing to chill outside the store here or there to try to jot down a few notes for Thursday's post since I was becoming increasingly behind on this whole process due to the trip, which I chalk up to me reading on the plane here instead of starting in on the notes process like I might usually have done.

We finished up the shopping back at Neiman's for some cologne for me, then found our way back to the hotel to chill for a bit. I traded a few texts with SL along the way back, which mainly tells me that he's chilling until later that evening, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10:00 PM  or so to go boozing at something called a drink and draw, then off to the Hyatt as is usually the case for the last big night of the convention.

After cooling off a bit I asked the wife if she was up for going downstairs to grab a drink with me at the Vela place, which has a bar and looked to be a lot quieter than the other hotel bar, which rocks loud music that can be heard on the far some of the building for some reason or another.

Ann Bowman Created Orgies.
We're seated at the bar for a bit chit-chatting when a familiar-looking guy strolls up and sits beside the wife with a little appointment book full of papers and other stuff, ordering a beer and tequila. Not being super-obvious, I eyeballed him slightly, trying to place him, then it hits me finally that I'm pretty sure that it's Nicholas Brendon from Buffy, but I'm still not completely certain (as I haven't watched the show in ages and it was like a decade ago, so he's aged, obviously...), so when he steps away to have a smoke to whatever I make a point of doing some online research to confirm the visible tattoos that he's sporting, and I'll be Goddamned if it's not him! I mentioned this to the wife and when he returned she casually jokes that she roofied his beer as he comes back and we kinda share a laugh, which eventually leads me to just throw out there "Hey man, by the way, big fan. I really enjoyed you in Psycho Beach Party." just because I figure if you're gonna nerd out and bother the guy in public you might as well go for deep cuts, not the most obvious stuff you'd know him for, right?

Plus that movie was a helluva lot of fun.

He seemed to respond to that and mentioned that someone he'd worked with on that film is now involved with his current TV show (Criminal Minds, I had no idea) and we ended up chatting with the guy for a good 45 minutes, exchanging odd details of our lives, his crazy exes, the wife's family wealth - it's fucking crazy where conversation goes that quickly. Hell, this man even knows how the wife and I met now, which was funny, especially since he leaned across the wife, gesturing me towards him and scratched my head with both hands on either side like a good dog getting rubbed behind the ears, then did the same thing to my beard, just because he found our meeting story so sweet. Topper to that is that he then noted the bartenders puzzled looks and looked around mock-suspiciously and says "I don't wanna see any Goddamned cellphones around here!" which cracked me up.

He eventually settled up his tab and gave each of us a hug before heading on his way. Crazy afternoon to be sure, but I gotta say that I have GREAT fucking luck in hotel bars as far as celebrity spotting goes. Go, me.

Yum. I'd KILL For A Full Bar,
But Still: Yum.
Texting back and forth with SL during our bar hangout, he'd agreed to dinner out just for the hell of it, so we finally tabbed out and grabbed the car to fight traffic over to his hotel, then the wife drove us out to a sushi place in Del Mar called Shimbashi Izakaya, which was great food and a quiet little area, then we headed back to San Diego where we'd decided that it'd be easiest to just have the wife drop us at an intersection near the drink and draw party, which she was nice enough to do before heading 'home' to relax in the room.

Walking down the block looking for the party we passed a young woman in an R2D2 one piece swimsuit and heels, yelling into her cellphone about something, obviously pissed off at some dude who wasn't where he said he'd be to let her into an apartment or some shit. We noted the cute girl and moved on with our lives, finally spotting a likely address across the way and crossing the street at the corner. We're standing outside the venue talking while SL finishes a cigarette and suddenly I have a dude bounce off me as R2D2 shoved him into me, amid a flurry of threats and cursing. The dude bounced off me (thankfully I was standing with my arms crossed across my chest and am of a decent size that it just startled me rather than knocking me down or hurting me) and then this guy shoves her between a couple parked cars and darted on down the block, lost in the flow of people with her still in pursuit and other people saying "Holy shit, he almost shoved that girl into traffic!" I hear dudes down the block saying that he just hit her, so hopefully they stepped in or something, but they'd already been swept along in the wave off passerby by this time, so who knows? Honestly, this is the only violence I've really seen at this event, though there has been stuff in the news about shit getting out of hand here or there, but thankfully the event is usually pretty chill in spite of the press of humanity that one must navigate.

We finally headed downstairs to the drink and draw, which was sweaty but chatty fun, with people posing for artists to draw or folks just mingling and shooting the shit. The bar left a bit to be desired, but that seems to be the running gag as far as this sort of off-campus event goes, so I had an off brand vodka and Diet Coke and visited with some folks that SL is acquainted with while he did his best to bring a couple guys together with a publisher to get all of his friends working on stuff together.

We eventually caught a cab over to the Hyatt, which surprised me since we've walked all over hell and half of Georgia every time I've been here, so I had no idea that a cab was even on the list of options for evenings like tonight! I've just always followed SL's lead, because I figured that he was the expert at getting around this place. Hell, I'd do this all the fucking time if I wasn't signing up to walk 6 miles over the course of an evening, y'know? The Hyatt was abut the same as it ever was, filled to the brim with folks and we spent some more time chatting with SL's various friends and I noticed that I managed to miss out on saying hey to the Warner Archives guy by mere moments (He'd been in one place for over a half hour, I go to say hello and he's walked up his own ass and disappeared!)  I visited here or there with a few more of SL's buddies, then had a nice end of evening chat after the bar closed with SL out front of the hotel before we said our goodbyes and I headed back to the hotel.

I made the trek back to the Bayfront, showered off the evening and then spent too much time on the iPad with games and Facebook catchup before finally crashing shortly after 4:00 AM, hoping to sleep in the next day.

Be seeing you.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ess Dee See See 2014 Adventure: Day Three

Today the wife had planned to be out and about for an extended spa experience that would take up much of the day, just because she knew that I was going to be tied up for a good deal of the morning and afternoon with comic nerd related shit that'd drawn us to this town again, and she figured she'd be proactive and amuse herself. Thus, I woke to find her already long gone when the alarm sounded and roused me from my slumber, which was much more restful than that first night here, thank you Christ.

The Fellas Kicked It Off Before...
I got ready for the day, then headed out to hit the pedestrian bridge and meet SL at Petco Park and Nerd HC again for another panel that he had tickets to, the Stoopid Buddies Stoodios panel with Seth Green and the Robot Chicken guys, who were joined about halfway through the Q & A by the cast of the upcoming Team Unicorn show, which features a handful of cute gals and Alan Tudyk as the voice talent, so that was an amusing little surprise. This panel went a little differently than the one yesterday, in that a few of the questions asked were more of a "Hey, can I come down there and have you sign some shit?" or "Will you hug my wife?" nature, which (no particular offense to the person(s) asking) tended to bog things down at least slightly, just because it's designed to be somewhat fast paced, call and response type of thing and you having to go down to the front and fuck around sort of throws off that rhythm, though the talent tried to deal with it as best they could without being rude.

...The Ladies And Tudyk Turned Up
I spent a little time chatting with SL after the panel to catch up on his night out, then I send him on his way and head over to the con for a bit, just to do some wandering and possible shopping after getting the general lay of the land, finally calling it a day in the mid-afternoon as things started to get to be a bit too much with the press of humanity from all sides, heading back to the Bayfront to grab a bite to eat via room service and cool off a bit in the room.

I headed back over to the con close to 5:00 or so to check out the panel that a long time Twitter and Facebook friend was a part of, Stephen Scarlata, and also to finally meet Wendi Freeman and Zeke Pinheiro, another filmmaker that I'd been introduced to a few years back at the first SDCC that we attended. The panel was about films that were never made, which included discussion of the recently released Jodorowsky's Dune, which I'd been following the progress of forever, so it was super-cool to finally meet the man in person and say hello.

We all visited a bit and kinda compared notes on the podcast that's been the catalyst to introduce us (the Gentleman's Guide To Midnite Cinema) then finally started to make our way downstairs.
We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, with me heading back to the hotel, pausing here or there to snap a few cosplay pics, because why not, right?

Dr. Manhattan Is Looking
Good These Days...
The wife had texted that she was on the way 'home', so I met her in the room and we cooled off a bit before debating dinner options and the evening in general.

SL and I had talked tentative plans about dinner unless one of his drunk friends from the night before made good on a possible dinner invitation, and when that actually happened I suggested that the wife and I just take the night 'off' and stay in, blow off a Clive Barker art opening that'd sounded intriguing but was about 20 minutes away from the hotel, staying in and having dinner in the Vela Restaurant downstairs, just because it seemed like it'd be quieter than the other food places in the Bayfront.

After a short wait, we had a great meal with a seaside view just as the sun set, then headed back up to the room to relax and chill.

Even being in for the night and ready to relax, I was still up late dicking around on the iPad and wasting time with Adult Swim re-runs on cable, but I slept like the dead, which was a nice change of pace.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.