Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mary Loved Cropsey Encounters

There was an alarm set for 9:00 this morning in spite of it being a Saturday, as I was interested in checking out a garage sale that promised hundreds of books, and DVDs for $1 each, which seemed too tantalizing to pass up. The wife and pup were actually getting up as well, having had a good night's rest, so I got the house opened and took the Yorkie with me to grab the newspaper, then confirmed the address and looked in on the iPad games really quick before I got dressed and headed out. The wife had a conference call that she had to be involved with, so I left her to wait for that and headed out to see what I could find.

The new vehicle still feeling very new and different to me, I was very aware of how it drove, how it handled, the amount of road noise, and I have to say that I'm very pleased with our new purchase. I took the time to grab a USB cord from the Office for the iPhone, as I wanted to see what that function was like, and I made the drive across town listening to a podcast played through the MKX's stereo system rather than my normal method of simply playing it through the iPhone tucked into my sun-visor; this is a really handy upgrade, let me assure you. Ah, technology.

The garage sale had no DVDs left ( I would suspect some flea market re-seller type just grabbed the lot and split) and none of the books interested me, so I decided to make a winding route around town to grab a Starbucks beverage, just to continue to get the feel for the Lincoln, so I grabbed a coffee over on the South side and then hit up the little Library bookstore, to see if they had a copy of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, since it's been on my mind with the David Fincher film being in theaters, and I figured I might want to give it a read before someone somewhere spoiled the ending for me, which I have a feeling is going to happen since so many folks are talking about it and comparing the book to the film, which apparently have slightly different conclusions from what little I've allowed myself to hear.

Naturally, they didn't have anything by the author, so I tried the nearby used bookstore and came up empty there as well. I texted the wife about lunch, she said she was okay, so I made my way over to Big Lots for a browse, turning up a few things in their meager Halloween selection, then I hit the Loop to go to Best Buy, with the intention of picking up a spare USB cord to just leave in the vehicle, but after wandering around there for a bit I suddenly had the epiphany that I wouldn't need this particular variety of cord after the next week or so, since the wife and I had ordered new iPhones and they'd likely have a different kind of plug in, so I thankfully didn't waste the $20 on that and just left with a couple movies instead.

Have You Ever Heard Of
Body Modification?
I came home with some take-out chicken for my lunch, checked in with the wife and then ate in the den under the watchful eye of the Yorkie, who was desperate to find out what I had and why she wasn't getting any of it. My viewing selection was off the To-Watch Pile and something to continue the 31 Days Of Horror in fine style: American Mary from the Soska Sisters and starring the always lovely Katharine Isabelle in the title role. The film follows a medical student who struggles for money and turns to some back alley surgery for quick cash when pressed, but after her life takes a dark turn, she completely submerges herself into the world of body modifications and starts to use her new-found skills to take revenge on those who wrong her. It;s a dark little film and presented with an interesting amount of detachment from the lead, so even when she's seeking righteous vengeance on others I never really felt all that connected to the character, which I found slightly weird, but the film looks great and invokes all the best elements of David Cronenberg's body horror films, which are some big shoes to fill and this rises to the occasion admirably. I really enjoyed it, and I can now check out the recent Projection Booth Podcast review of it, so this was all win-win.

Bring The Hammer, Daddy.
I decided to continue my viewing with The Loved Ones, which was something I'd heard a lot of good things about last year and had grabbed a cheap copy of from the local books, music and video outlet, so in that went and I was soon awash in some really well-made brutality from Australia. The upshot is that I kid is asked to the dance by an unpopular girl, who he tells 'no', but not in any kind of shitty way - he's just already got a steady girlfriend. This leads to his kidnapping and torture at the hands of the girl and her deranged father, who's willing to do anything to keep his little princess happy, building into a grueling prom experience in their kitchen area that has to be seen to be believed. There's some nice visuals and some really gross casual violence, as well as a charming and largely pointless story about the victim's best mate, who actually does get to go to the prom with his Goth dream girl, then spends the night getting high and laid before taking her home to her policeman father. Well worth a look if you have the chance.

Creepy Stuff, That Reality.
The wife and pup were surfacing from the bedroom as I was deciding on my next viewing, this time moving away from the To-Watch Pile in favor of something vis Netfux Streaming, just to try and utilize all the various viewing options we have available to us. Cropsey is a documentary that I was sort of under the impression went into horror territory, and it does, it its own way. The Cropsey legend is something that's informed certain horror films, especially The Burning, which actually used the name for its killer. The thing is, I was expecting this to start as a doc and go into fictionalized horror, but it instead shines a light on real life horror by following the cases surrounding a man named Andre Rand, who evidently preyed on children with learning disabilities on Staten Island, digging into the various cold cases and the man's private life and what little is known about him. It was in interesting watch, though not exactly what I was looking for at this time, which is usually filled with ghosts and goblins, not pedophiles and child-killers.

What The Fuck Was THAT?
The wife and I made some dinner and caught this week's episode of The Soup as a bit of a palate cleanser, then we moved on to something that I figured would hit a few more of the marks that I was expecting from the last film: Grave Encounters. This one was something I'd heard a lot of good things about, and I'm pleased to say that they all paid off in a big bad way. The film is essentially what I've fantasized about happening to the more annoying ghost investigator type bullshit shows on television, with paranormal investigators going into a haunted asylum and losing their minds as the walls move around them and they are pursued by evil forces, building to a bleak and satisfying conclusion. The film does take a little bit to get going, but once things start to move in the background of scenes or people start to disappear, it gets pretty spooky and has some nice jumpscares. Glad to have finally checked this one out, it's been on my radar forever.

We ended up winding down the night with the first three episodes of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated, just because I'd noticed that the entire series in available to stream on Netfux and it just might be my favorite iteration of these characters, as it blends the original series concepts with a nicely modern take, beautiful animation and some really fun Easter Egg type nods to pop culture and the horror genre.

Once I got the wife put to bed I spent a few hours online with the blogging and some general poking around, visiting with SL via Facebook messenger for a bit and finally calling it a night once I had a post published and most of Friday's written, lest I start to fall behind again.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Long Day's Journey Into A Lincoln

The wife and I had vowed to finally grab the bull by the horns and look into the car situation for both of us, since hers is older than mine (with pieces starting try to fall the fuck off of it) but has a newer engine due to a giant fiasco a few years back, and mine of eight years old has started showing a few signs of its age, shifting gears strangely the past few weeks. We thought we'd book out the majority of Friday to visit a couple dealerships and likely end up ordering the respective vehicles that we were interested in. The alarm roused us this morning at 9:00 AM and I got up and opened the house for the day while the wife got dressed, then I looked in on the iPad games and got dressed so that we could first head over to the Mercedes dealership, where things...could have gone better.

We walked in and the wife remarked that the first car we saw was the model that she was interested in, so we kinda looked at it and inside it as the one visible salesman was speaking to someone else, then he approached us, and asked if he could help, so the wife tells him she's interested in this model and he just sort of looked at her, so that wasn't the best way to set the tone. Didn't offer to tell her any of the features (beyond it being limited and something they'd have to order, which we already knew) and asked if she'd started to build one online yet, which she hadn't. He tells her that once she does that, and forwards it to him, he can place the order out of the Dallas area and they'll ship the vehicle, but she'll need to go through the Metroplex are no matter what unless she's buying off the lot, which she won't be able to with this one anyway, since it's so limited and special. Sensing the wife's frustration at his 'why are you here if you haven't taken a dozen other steps?' vibe, I asked "Well, hey, do you have a computer here?" in hopes that she might want to sit down and look at building the silly thing, but she shook her head 'no' at me, cutting her eyes to indicate she was in no mood to fuck with this guy anymore.

Then the guy's in the process of telling us that he's already working on a build with a customer and is the only salesman on the floor when his phone rings and he fucking takes the call, and not to say "Hey, I'm with someone" but to have an (admittedly hurried) conversation, so that felt a bit like the final straw and we said fuckit and left, walking out the door. He then practically chases us to the fucking car asking if we want brochures, his card, if everything's alright, all this nonsense to which I keep repeating "No, we're cool, thank you." and the wife waves him away saying "There's no problem, you seem busy, we'll work this out online." and we finally got him away from the car so that I could fucking back out, but you'd think that selling luxury cars for hundreds of thousands of dollars, they'd be a tad more fucking attentive, especially when the local economy is booming and people have the money to throw around on flashy, useless shit like their cars.

The wife was put off by the whole scenario, and I found myself frustrated both by the experience and the fact that yet again, the wife hadn't gotten any closer to a vehicle that she's getting to the point of needing, rather than it being an impulse upgrade because a fun new body style came along. Oh well, I'd long said I was refusing to get a new car until she did, but now away we went, off to test drive something I'd been eyeing on television and online with her not one single step closer to a car, which I found annoying but I could also see where she wasn't in the mood to deal with that dude any longer than necessary, and if we have to go through Dallas to buy the car anyway, we'll just fly there and drive it fucking home and cut the local 'service' team out of the deal entirely.

In stark contrast to that sales experience, the receptionist greeted us at the Lincoln dealership, I told her who I'd been e-mailing with about a test drive, and soon enough we had our Salesman introducing himself and said that he was finishing up something in financing, but he'd be right back with us, please help ourselves to coffee or water. So y'know, light years ahead of the other exchange, just the first rattle out of the box, which made the Mercedes experience seem even shittier by comparison. He returned shortly with keys and we took a Lincoln MKC for a little test drive and I liked it well enough, but felt a little bit cramped in the cabin and had a slightly too space-age-y look on the dash if I'm being honest with myself. When we got back to the dealership I was looking at the nearby MKX, which is what I had seen around town and done a little Googling about before the newer MKC came out, so I asked about taking the black one a few spots down out for a spin as well.

Our Salesman ran off to grab the keys to the other vehicle and we gave it the same little breeze up and down the highway on front of the dealership, and I have to say that it was much roomier and just felt more like what I was interested in. The wife even commented that the dash looked cleaner, with less dials and gadgets scattered around and I had to agree. We said our goodbyes to the Salesman and agreed to come back after lunch and see what we thought.

We met Brian for lunch at a Chinese place across town, where we discussed the day thus far and had a nice little lunch that Brian treated us to, then we said our goodbyes and I drove the wife and I to the AT&T store on the Loop to take a look at the new iPhone 6, which we'd been debating ordering and had decided that I might want to check it out for size and heft before we took the plunge and blind-bought it for me. It seemed fine for the size, which is about that of the phone case that I normally carry and I figured fuckit, if I somehow get the one in 10,000 or whatever that somehow bends, I'm sure it'll be something I can replace. The only wrinkle is that I'll now have to reconsider my normal brand of phone case, since it would make the larger phone a little obnoxious to carry in the pocket.

I grabbed a Starbucks beverage from the nearby location, then we headed back to the dealership and told our guy that we were ready to pull the trigger on the MKX, so he headed off to see what kind of deal they could make and took the Maxima to the back to let them give it the once-over and all that jazz. Once we finally had an agreement in writing and signed off, we made plans to come back at 5:00, which would give them time to get the Lincoln detailed and give us time to go home and (hopefully) find the title so we could pick up the new vehicle and drop off the Maxima all in the same day.

Nothing being particularly simple, we spent the next few hours ransacking the house in pursuit of this fucking title that neither of us had the slightest idea as to its location. I have a feeling that the wife was the last to have possession of it, as she tends to keep track of most legal documents and that sort of thing simply out of it being easier for her to file it away in the Office with her other stuff that she has from this organization or that. For my part, I keep up with my passport, my own bills and the like, but if it leans towards the home or vehicles it's kind of the wife's thing. Neither one of us found it after looking through EVERY freaking drawer in the house, and I even dug through the piles of car-related receipts that I dragged out of the Maxima's glovebox, which were like excavating strata back to the very first time we sat in the car on the lot in Odessa, yet I still found nothing. We were finally forced to cave, printing out the little application for a lost title that I'll now have to deal with over in Odessa, but at least we had a plan and could stop dragging shit around hoping it'd suddenly reveal itself.

I got an Amazon sale togetehr and we headed to the Post Office, which naturally took 20 Christing minutes with a lobby full of people, all of whom had the kind of issues that involved the clerk leaving their post and fucking around in the back for some time to find an errant package or vacation mail that'd accumulated - no one wanted something simple like a book of stamps, y'know? By the time I got out of there it was pushing towards 5:00 PM, so we raced across town to the Lincoln dealership, then I gave the car one final once-over and made sure we'd left nothing behind, then we met the Salesman and got the whole signing process going while he fetched the car. I say that like it happened in quick succession, but in actuality, this paragraph took place over the course of about another half hour of our lives and I could feel the day weighing on the wife, who was ready for it to all be done at this point.

Once we got things singed and checks written, we stepped outside and our Salesman walked me through the features and synced the iPhone to the car, showing off the various features and locations of the various bells and whistles, then we thanked him again for making things so simple and he thanked us for all the money, then we were on our merry way.

I was curious to see how the hands free phone options worked, so I gave our friend Anastasia Beaverhouszen a call on her cell and since we were already out and about I made plans to drop by their place and show them the vehicle, which I'd teased earlier in the afternoon on Facebook. The wife was sweet enough to just roll with this, as I was pretty sure she'd much rather have called it a night, but I just kinda wanted to show off my new toy in a silly way, so she was cool to humor me.

We met our friends in front of their house, then went for a little drive, visiting and relating the day to them, then I asked if dinner was cool with anyone and we ended up at the little golf club across town, just to see what their dinner service was like. The food was decent and the service as remembered, not exactly attentive but they never ignored you either. Our sweet friends treated us to dinner and we made our way back to their house, visiting for a short time and sampling some of the moonshine they'd made, then I finally had to call it a day as it edged towards 9:00, just because I was feeling bad for keeping the wife out so late when I know she'd been ready to head home closer to 6:00 in the evening.

Oz Is Over The Rainbow, And
Midian Is Where The Monsters
Once we got home we got the Yorkie settled and fed, I tucked the wife and pup into bed and then made my way to the Office to work on the blog a bit and get something published for the day. Once that was taken care of, I moved into the den to break into the newly arrived Director's Cut Edition of Clive Barker's Nightbreed, which I was pleased to have pre-ordered ages ago, with it arriving during the perfect month. The movie is a ton of fun and it's honestly been so long since I've re-watched the theatrical cut that I wasn't exactly sure what material was new to me and what was originally in the film, but there were definitely a couple things that seemed to be fresh, so I have my suspicions what was added.

I finally headed to bed around 1:30 or so, ready to get some rest after the day that we'd had.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Horror Evil (Or: Prime Show)

Having gone to sleep later than usual last night, I had set the alarm later accordingly, but when it sounded this morning I turned it right the fuck off and went back to sleep, just because I was feeling like I wanted some more rest after a week so far of late nights with 6-7 hours of rest each night. So imagine my surprise when I woke and expected it to be noon at the latest and it was close to 1:30 in the freaking afternoon.

I'm pissing my life away, one day at a time.

The wife was actually getting in from what sounded like a rather productive day out, so we caught up on that and visited for a bit, then I looked in on the iPad games before I called the Maid Service and aired my grievances with them. The gal who answered the phone actually recognized the room I was referring to, since she'd apparently been here cleaning before, even asking "Oh, the little skull soaps?" when I mentioned the pushpin thing, so I remarked on her good memory and she promised to call me back soon enough with a solution from her boss, also assuring me that we'd never have the same girls again, just because that was very out of line. Fair enough.

I told the wife all this nonsense and started getting dressed for what was left of the day, then got the call back with another apology from the Maid Service, as well as $30 off our service for yesterday and the assurance that they'd address the issue with the offending employees. Yay, I suppose. Still annoying that people have no respect for the home they're cleaning.

I left the wife and pup chilling in the bedroom and ran something by the Post Office before grabbing a beverage at Starbucks, then I stopped into the local books, music and video outlet to see if anything caught my eye. I was able to find a magazine and a couple Blu-rays, which allowed me to use a coupon that they'd e-mailed me last week, so I figured I'd call that a win and headed home, settling in the den to try to squeeze in a movie off the To-Watch Pile and leaving the blogging for the late evening.

The wife and pup surfaced soon enough, with me only a few minutes into the movie and I paused it to debate dinner options with her, then offered to go out and grab an early meal if she was interested, so she got dressed and we headed over to the alternate Thai place for the early bird special, which found us in a largely empty restaurant and gave us a nice quiet meal. The only thing that sort of disturbed it was the owner meeting with some younger guy at the next table who had one of those voices that carries and he kept saying 'fuck' in casual sentences that didn't really require that emphasis, which is always kinda weird to me that it offends me, since I curse like a sailor most of the time, but I kinda try to be aware of who might be hearing me and adjust myself accordingly, just to not be a total douchenozzle to everyone around me, but this guy seemed to have no filter whatsoever.

Lucas, I'm Coming Back To Tear
Your World Apart!
When we got home the Yorkie greeted us warmly, seemingly shaken off the mopey illness that she'd exhibited off and on for a couple days, so I hope she's all better.

The den found us watching something for the 31 Days Of Horror off the To-Watch Pile, a film that I'd blind-bought based on the Scream Factory release alone: The Lance Henriksen film The Horror Show, which was a weird riff on something like Wes Craven's Shocker and Nightmare On Elm Street, as it has Brion James playing a serial killer who is put into the electric chair and then returns from the dead to haunt Henriksen, tormenting both he and his family from beyond the grave. The slightly confusing thing was that the film didn't seem to have any hard and fast rules for his supernatural powers, as he caused hallucinations, seemed to move through the power-lines in certain scenes, but had a corporeal form when it behooved him to kill someone - it was all just a bit convenient for each situation he encountered, that's all I'm saying. It was an okay watch and had a few decent kills as far as that sort of thing goes, so I was cool with it all.

Watch Your Asses, Catholics!
We moved on to a second movie off the To-Watch Pile, a little flick called Prime Evil, which surprised me by being directed by Roberta Findlay, whose work I've enjoyed in the past, so I figured we might be in for a low-budget treat. The upshot is that a bunch of Satanists are operating within the church and you have a priest trying to seduce a young woman into the life while a nun goes 'undercover', renouncing her faith in an attempt to get close to the leader of this cult, and it's at times poorly acted and just a ton of silly fun. It's never scary, but there's a lot to enjoy here as a fan of bad cinema, because they seem to be trying so fucking hard to make a legit movie at times, you just have to go "Awww." and give them a B for the effort.

We called it a night after that and I sent the wife and pup to bed while I looked through the newspaper and mail quickly and half-assed re-watched a Simpsons re-run that was on cable, then I headed to the Office to finish writing up last night's post, publish one for the day and then write this one in its entirety, just so I won't be worrying about it tomorrow when we're out running errands.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Quiet Television

There You Are, You Lil'
Last night I had the same weird jag of cleaning that normally proceeds the Maids being here, as it generally feels easier to try to pick up a bit and put away the stacks of DVDs in the den if only to give them less shit to have to move around or possibly drop on the floor while they're cleaning. I also spent some time trying to track down a couple Drawn & Quarterly collections that I had realized had more Monsieur Jean stories from Dupuy and Berberian, but my information led me astray. I was looking for two books that I was just sure that I knew I had, Drawn & Quarterly #'s 4 and 5, which my little article had indicated had the two stories, but I couldn't find the 4th issue anywhere in the Library, the stack of art books and oversize stuff in the den - nowhere. This was an annoying turn of events, as I'd found the 5th one and wanted to read it, but I also wanted to read the damned things in order, which meant I was now likely in the market to hop online and shop around for a cheap one, but lo and behold, I did a cursory search of the contents of the fourth book on Amazon and didn't see the creators names listed, so a little more digging told me that the stories were in actuality published in volumes 3 and 5, both of which I have in this house, so I was able to get some more fun reading done when I finally headed to bed.

Thankfully, I was able to get some actual rest last night with no weird being up in the small hours to break it up and ruin my sleep patterns. The Yorkie had seemed a bit sickly last night, so I wasn't surprised to wake and find her still in bed with me, with no interest in really getting up even when I opened the house for the day, so I cuddled with her for a few, then looked in on the iPad games and got on the PC in the Office to work on polishing up a couple blog posts for the day, then I decided that it was getting close to noon, so I might want to step out and grab some lunch before the Maids called, plus me being away from the house even for a short time always seems to get them to call and say they're on their way, just so I have to race home and try to beat them there.

Unfortunately, I was able to grab a burger and a shake and get back home with no hint whatsoever of Maids, so I settled into the den to eat and watched an episode of The Strain off the TiVo since it felt appropriate for the 31 Days Of Horror. I was close to the end of the episode when the wife got home and the Yorkie showed some signs of life, so that was a good turn of events. We caught up about her day thus far and then she and the pup chilled in the bedroom to relax and bit and return a few calls, so I finished my show and decided to spend some time in the Office sorting through some stuff, which would snowball into another organization jag that ate up the afternoon, even during the Maids time with us, which turned out to be close to four by the time they arrived and got started.

The wife and Yorkie surfaced from the bedroom to let them do their bit, spending the time in the Office as  the wife worked on this or that on her Mac and I tried to keep the pup from barking at the ladies who walked up and down the hallway from time to time.When they were done with this side of things and got started on the Guest Side of the house the wife and pup retired to the bedroom and I continued to sort books and whatnot in the Office until one of the ladies told me that they were done and about to head out.

I went to see them out and noticed a weird scorched smell in the air, so I inquired if it was their vacuum, and if so, had it burned off the entire belt or only a portion? The apologized about the odor and finished gathering their stuff to leave. For my part, I was relieved that the house wasn't on fucking fire, but it did smell as if it was, so I locked the door behind them and then walked the Guest Side with a can of air freshener, stopping short in the Media Closet when I noticed that a little Pinhead print that I have hanging on the wall was down and propped on top of another piece of art just inside the doorway, where the other piece sits on the floor and leans against the wall. I looked around for the pushpin on which it was hung and didn't find it, wondering if that was what fucked up their vacuum cleaner when it sucked it up? Thankfully the print and its frame were both intact, but I thought it was kinda shitty of them to not mention that they knocked something off the wall while they were here, y'know? After re-hanging the picture with a new pushpin from the bulletin board in the Library I was giving the bathroom one final look and saw that whichever one of these disrespectful bitches had knocked this thing off the wall had then stuck the pushpin into the head of one of the little decorative skull soaps on the nearby bathroom counter!

Are you fucking kidding me? Someone is getting a call in the AM, but I figured I might want to cool off overnight, lest I just piss off some poor secretary by cursing at her. I mean, it's bad enough you fuck something up and don't say anything (even though it wasn't broken!), but the pushpin thing was just a dick move, like you'd expect from a bored, petulant child instead of grown women. Weird.

The Boring Ones.
After relating all this nonsense to the wife and making myself a cocktail, I helped her start the little dinner she was making (a chicken breast and some veggie sides) and then settled in the den to relax and finally pop in a movie for my 31 Days Of Horror, since I'd all but lost the entire day to other jackassery. The Quiet Ones is a new Hammer film that's centered about the study of the supernatural, in particular one young lady that is supposed to be possessed and is to be de-bunked by a professor and his crew. Locating in a remote house they begin to experiment on the girl with increasingly erratic things happening around the house, and while there's a few creepy visuals, the vast majority of its scares consists of large pregnant pauses broken by screeching noises and that kinda shit just gets old after awhile. As I said to someone on Facebook, I could have someone make an episode of a sitcom 'terrifying' if they just hid in my den with an airhorn and startled the hell out of me from time to time, that doesn't make it an effective horror experience to me.

When we finished the movie we dove straight into the evening's television, starting off with the Arrow season premiere, which was a lot of fun and continues to be a series that I'm willing to forgive for the silly flaws that I'll nitpick at the Gotham show for basically the same offenses, I'm not sure why. We moved on to the season opener of American Horror Story: Freak Show, which is off to a disturbing start, with freaks and a carnival atmosphere, plus an off-putting killer clown that supposedly figures into the entire season.

The wife and pup headed off to bed and I spent some time looking through the newspaper and mail while watching an episode of Battlestar Galactica, then I headed into the Office to write this post and get a second one published for the day, then spent even more time chitchatting with SL via Facebook, since he's always up late too. I finally headed to bed after 3:00 in the AM, read for a short time to finish out the Monsieur Jean story I'd started the previous night, then I finally crashed and slept like the dead.

Be seeing you.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Shopping And Willow Crap

Bon Voyage!
I'd gone to sleep last night after finally finishing the Monsieur Jean collection Get A Life, noting with annoyance that the iPhone didn't seem to want to connect to anything, e-mail, Facebook, Good Reads, etc., but I chalked it up to it acting funny earlier in the evening and failing to sync one last time before I headed off to bed. Guessing it was either a connection issue with our cable service or something that iTunes would sort out overnight, I had left it to its own devices, but when I'd been asleep for an hour only to wake with horrendous heartburn, I figured I should look into it since I was up anyway and what else would I wanna do with my time at 4:00 in the freaking AM? Forced from the bed due to some jalapenos with dinner, I gulped down some Pepto and returned to bed to try to at least get comfortable, which wasn't completely successful, as the stomach was still acting gross.

With nothing else to do, I turned the iPhone off and waited to see if that did anything to re-boot whatever issues it seemed to be having, but it surprised me by snapping back on by itself, then finally working properly, connecting, etc. The wife and I have this running gag that I swear may not be a joke, in that once Apple streets a new product, the old ones begin to crater fast, like they have a fucking kill-switch in them that's thrown to get the suckers to start lining up for the next new thing.

By the time it was said and done, I was up for a solid hour from 4-5 in the morning, which was just perfect since I wanted to get up and moving at 9:00 to greet the Interior Decorator that we were going to have take a look at a few little things around the house, including some new blinds or shutters the Library, since the ones that we'd left in there when we moved in are finally on their last legs, the cracking leather on the old couches in the den, just little junk like that. I grabbed a quick shower and got cleaned up for the day, then was dressing as the doorbell rang, so we gave the ID a quick tour of what we wanted to address, she took some notes and agreed to come back with some ideas in the next few weeks or so, then we saw her off and the wife started to get ready for her day and I weighed my own options.

It being a new month, I had been thinking about making that once a month drive to Odessa to see if anything caught my eye at the various Pawn Shops or their books, music and video outlet, so I told the wife and pup goodbye while she was working on some stuff in the Office and headed over to the South side of town to get a coffee at Starbucks to shake off my weird sleep last night, then I pointed the car towards Odessa and away I went.

I found a couple DVDs at the first place I hit, but was soon in a quandary at the next store, where they had the first two Blu-ray seasons worth of Game Of Thrones (the new show that EVERYONE wants you to watch; it's replaced Breaking Bad, which was what replaced The Wire, if I'm not mistaken) and they wanted less for them both than I can find them used on Amazon, so I figured what the hell, grabbing them along with a couple cheap Blu-rays that caught my eye. I was even further shocked when the gal checking me out rang them up even cheaper, so I ended up paying $20 apiece for them, which is unheard of for most HBO releases, so I can definitely live with that.

My shopping agenda took me through a couple other places, then Big Lots and the books, music and video outlet, where I ended up finding a little figure and nothing else. I was finally getting peckish on the way back to town, so I grabbed a burger to tide me over until dinner, then I headed home to find the wife and pup chilling in the bedroom for the afternoon. I checked in with them and then settled in the den to eat, watching an episode of The Strain because I wanted something kinda horror-ish, but didn't want to commit to a movie quite yet.

Grabbing something to read, I headed over to the Library on the far side of the house and spent my usual time reading and listening to some music, then I surfaced from that to find the wife and pup still snoozing. I hopped online and got something published for the day and was about ready to finally start something off the To-Watch Pile for my 31 Days Of Horror when I heard the tell-tale sounds of the wife and pup getting up from their nap. I caught up with the wife about her day and my own, then she spent some time crafting and I got into what would turn out to be my first true stinker and disappointment of this year's 31 Days Of Horror: Willow Creek.

The movie is written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and is his first foray into the world of horror, and I have to say that the parts that weren't boring just weren't all that tense or scary for me, and I was really expecting to like it, having dug his other directorial work. The set-up follows a guy and his girlfriend on a journey into the woods to visit the site of the old Bigfoot footage that we all saw in gritty, faded tones back in the day of the alleged Bigfoot casually strolling by the river. The girlfriend doesn't believe, but she's doing her best to humor the guy and the film literally takes half its running time to even get them into the woods, shows you very little in the way of weirdness aside from their tent being torn down when they leave it unguarded, then we flip to some night shots of a static camera looking at them listening to intermittent noises and very little else. The comparisons have been made to The Blair Witch Project (a film I've mentioned numerous times this season, I may need a re-watch) and while somewhat similar, the Blair Witch stuff had other creepy stories to add to the increasing sense of dread and unsettling nature of the expedition, this just has the guy rambling about Bigfoot for 45 minutes, an angry redneck local who tries to run them off, then a static shot of two people occasionally hearing a noise and asking one another what it was. I was left with a short bit of slightly scary stuff in quite literally the last 10 minutes of the movie and immediate and complete buyer's remorse over a film I expected to really enjoy. I seriously may end up selling this fucking thing before the month is out while some other sucker might be looking to see what it's all about, because I won't ever watch it again, that's for damned sure.

The wife had me call in an order for some Thai food that she went to pick up, then we ate while watching the series premiere of The Flash spin-off that came out of the Arrow show, and I have to say that it was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to more. There's a lot of fun little nods to DC Universe characters or places and I'm looking forward to more of that as the season continues. It's also odd to me how the very references that I love in this show slightly annoy me about Gotham, where it feels like they have to remind you it's a Batman show every ten minutes or so, without fail.

We moved on to the new Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., which I'm digging well enough, though the wife and I were both looking at car-related stuff on our phones, as my car was acting a bit squirrelly today again, and hers is older than dirt at this point, so we've come to the decision that we may go shopping for cars on Friday, just because it's about that time.

Yes! Encore! Encore!
The wife tapped out as I was getting into tonight's Person Of Interest, so I tucked she and the pup in, then finished the show and spent some time picking up and filing away some of the movies piled up in the den so that the Maids won't have to clean around them tomorrow, then I finally dug up a couple issues of the old Drawn & Quarterly collection that contained the only other translated Monsieur Jean strips that I know are out there at this time so I could continue the story this evening. I finally headed into the Office and got another post published for the day, then started working on writing this one, since that'd leave me free to bank posts for later when I work on the blog tomorrow afternoon whilst avoiding the Maids.

Be seeing you

Monday, October 06, 2014

Trick Or Terror (Or: The Final Treat)

It Keeps Getting Better.
After being up a bit late last night with more of the Monsieur Jean book Get A Life by Dupuy and Berberian I set the alarm for 10:00 this morning so I wouldn't lose the entire day catching up on my sleep. I did toss and turn a bit in the early morning, so I was aware of the wife in the bathroom in the shower and doing her hair, the hairdryer being a very distinct sound in this house, but I was ultimately able to dive back under and get a few more hours worth of rest.

When I finally got up and moving I looked in on the iPad games and then busied myself with gathering up the recycling to drop off while I was out making a run to the Post Office. There was an Amazon sale waiting for me to package it up, something that had sold over the weekend, so I printed up the shipping labels and got it ready to go. I was a bit dismayed to see that I had managed to tape down my own address in the recipient area, so I had to stop and regroup to get that sorted out; maybe I was still a bit sleepy and out of it at this stage of things.

Since the mail had already turned up, so I looked through that and then loaded up the recycling and headed out to dump it at the college, then I stopped into the nearby Post Office and stood around in line for what felt like forever to get the DVD mailed, then I started to weigh the lunch options. I ended up picking up a little chicken dinner on the way back to the house, sitting in the drive-thru line for longer than I care to think about at this point, because I'm slowly pissing my life away doing shit like that and I kind of feel as if I need to stop doing that.

Sold My Soul For Rock
And Roll!
I dug out something from the To-Watch Pile that was about to be reviewed on Outside The Cinema, continuing my 31 Days Of Horror with a first time viewing of Trick Or Treat, which is one of those things I'd always heard about over the years, but hadn't made the time to track down until I saw it for a buck or so in a Pawn Shop last year. The movie stars Mark Price (y'know, Skippy from Family Ties - this is actually used as a selling point in the trailer!) as a nerdy metalhead kid who's crestfallen to find out that his idol has died in an apparent hotel fire, but when the local DJ gives him the last known recording from Sammi Curr, the back-masking allows him to raise the dead rocker from the grave and unleashes all manner of vengeance towards the people who've tormented him over the years. Being a decent soul, once our hero realizes that the power of rock is now killing for him, Skippy, er, excuse me, Eddie leaps into action to try to stop his hero from doing any more damage, building to a climax at the school, etc. It's a pretty silly flick, but it's amusing for the B-Movie that it is, and even features short cameos from Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne as a concerned citizen speaking out against the devil's music, because irony, amirite? Har de har har.

The wife got home towards the end of the film, so I paused it and we caught up on the day thus far and her plans for the afternoon and an evening meeting, then I left her to relax with the pup in the bedroom and finally wrapped up the flick, then I moved into the Office and got a blog post published and spent about an hour cleaning up a couple more for use later in the day and tomorrow morning, should all things go as I expect them to. When I finally came to a stopping point it was well into the late afternoon, just after 5:00 PM, so I grabbed something to read from the nightstand in the bedroom, made myself a cocktail and then spent some time in the Library reading and listening to some music on the Pandora app.

Stay The Hell Out Of The Woods.
The wife was on her way out the door after a quick phone call or two, so I saw her off and settled into the den with another podcast-inspired viewing, this time popping in The Final Terror off the To-Watch Pile so I could listen to ShowShow review it. It's a pretty decent little backwoods horror flick with campers running into trouble in the woods when they wander too near a certain remote area and get into the usual woodsy shenanigans: drugs, sex and the like. It's an okay watch and ended up feeling fairly plausible as far as this type of thing goes, though you'd almost have to be in a coma not to figure out what 'twists' might be coming, as things feel pretty well telegraphed from the very beginning.

When I finished the movie I took some time to place an order for some junk online to take advantage of a coupon that'd turned up in the e-mail this morning, then I got into the evening's television fare, starting with a new episode of Gotham, which continues to look great and be populated with a bit too much 'wink wink, nudge nudge' moments for the fans, because God forbid ten minutes of airtime goes by that we don't get some sort of nod to existing Batman mythology. Maybe they'll find a way to even it all out, but it can be a bit much at times.

The wife had asked em to text her my order for dinner, so I did that and was about halfway through the new Sleepy Hollow when she got home, so we ate and finished the show, then caught up on The Soup from last week before she called it a night. I put she and the pup to bed, then idly watched a re-run of The Simpsons while I picked up the den and kitchen a bit, as I know we have someone coming by tomorrow morning and then the Maids on Wednesday, so I figured I may as well get the house sorted out sooner than later, so I don't feel as if we have to scramble around to make it presentable in the morning.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.