Sunday, November 02, 2014

Regular Strain

Sleeping with no alarm, I woke this morning close to 10:00 this morning with the time change, feeling fairly refreshed and alert, so I got up and opened the hose for the day and looked in on the wife and pup in the Craft Room at the front of the house. They'd apparently been up for an hour or so, piddling around and making a few little cards, so I gave them each a quick peck on the cheek and then looked in on the iPad games while I downloaded urine in the bathroom, then started to weigh the options for the day.

Since I wanted to take a break from the film viewing for a few days to decompress, I decided to step out and grab some lunch, then dig into some of the television that'd piled up on the TiVo. I threw on some clothes, confirmed with the wife that she wasn't interested in lunch after making a smoothie, then I stepped out to hit a nearby drive-thru for a little chicken strip dinner, just because it sounded good.

Slogging My Way To The
The afternoon was lost then to the TiVo, which was piled high with the last half or so of the first season of The Strain, which was interesting but felt very much like a novel brought to life, with each chapter/episode devoted to this or that and then we move on to another character to focus on, which makes things feel a bit to removed from the larger narrative for my tastes at times.

I moved onto a series of 'new to me' episodes of Regular Show in the late afternoon, then as we started getting into the evening I started recording the usual Fox stuff, now broken up by those damned live action sit-coms that I have zero interest in.

After a Family Guy re-run we finally got into the new Walking Dead so I could stay current and not have anything ruined by the Interwebs, then wrapped the evening itself with an older episode of The Soup, since we have more stuff on the TiVo then I realized.

After a short time on the Interwebs working on getting a blog post published, I headed to bed to read for a bit, digging further into my nerditry with a couple chapters in the 5th volume of Ultimate Spider-Man before crashing out for the night.

Be seeing you.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Art Against Humanity

The wife and I woke this morning at 9:00 AM, just to give us a little time before we had to be on our friends' lawn to greet folks for the Artist Studio Tour. I got the house opened for the day and fetched in the newspaper since the Yorkie had zero interest in going with me, noting that the one fucking day that we had to be outside for an extended period, it just had to be a bit nippy with gusting winds, because why would anything be easy? We got the pup fed and left her looking betrayed as we headed out, driving the five blocks or so to EL's place, where they;d already set out a table for us in the front yard, so we got the sign set up and then stepped inside to greet the few artists who were already there and inquired about a couple of chairs, which we'd definitely need for the next few hours.

Once we were squared away in the front yard the time passed somewhat slowly, with things getting off to a slow start presumably due to the chilly weather that hinted at the winter to come. We greeted and kept track of the traffic so that they could see what their turnout was like, visiting in turn with EL, his wife AGL and a couple of the artists who were displaying at the studio. We were finally relieved and got our replacement set up for the day, then we split, deciding to go grab a bite to eat before we made the rest of the tour.

A quick stop at a nearby Mexican restaurant later and we were Google-mapping a few directions to make sure which studios we wanted to visit, having already eliminating a couple based on their sheer remote areas or the assumed artistic content, as they were of the more traditional nature. One of the first stops was the studio of a guy who doesn't really acknowledge you being there, but would rather let his mother be the greeting mouthpiece for the place and I have to say that (even more than in years past) I just felt as if he didn't want you in his house, like this was a big inconvenience for him rather than a chance to sell some work. Weird. We didn't stay long, I can assure you.

Our Solitary Purchase Of The
We stopped by the arts organization offices next, where they were displaying a ton of photography and pottery, bought a book and had it personalized by the photographer (Matt Lankes) who worked with Richard Linklater to document the making of the film Boyhood, then we made our way to another acquaintances house, which was a bit strange in that he only had stuff displayed in one little cramped courtyard area instead of through out his yard like he normally would, which almost felt as if he too didn't really want to be involved but just got railroaded along or something. Don't get me wrong, he didn't make me feel straight up unwelcome like the other house did, but it wasn't a very inviting atmosphere either, beyond people waving you in and being chatty. The food spread consisted of wafer cookies and some nuts, then a cooler of beer. Pass.

Our final stop was downtown at a little photography studio where someone had to stand in the lobby to buzz you in and then escort you upstairs to check out the place, which was a nice space, but also small and without anything you could really purchase, which is sort of the point of this whole endeavor. Oh well, we said our goodbyes and I ran us through a Starbucks for a coffee, then we finally headed home, where I was slightly astonished to realize that it was close to 4:00 in the afternoon, this event having eaten our whole day.

The wife and I lay in bed for a bit cuddling with the Yorkie after going through the mail, then she texted with a few friends to see if anyone was interested in coming over for dinner, so the next thing I know she's not sleeping, but rather up and about getting some stuff togetehr for the little flatbread pizzas she made the other day, so I figured I may as well do my part and pick up the house, which was still piled up with shit after my ignoring it for most of the month of October while watching stacks of horror movies. By the time I was done with that and the food was almost ready to go into the oven, it was time to greet our guests, with Brian and DM arriving first, then Anastasia Beaverhouszen and Kno1 shortly afterward.

We're Going To Hell.
We visited for a bit while the food did its' short time in the oven, then I cut it up into the traditional squares and we settled at the dining room table to eat. The food was great, and then I suggested we get into a test run of the recently arrived card game that I'd picked up for the birthday weekend away.

Cards Against Humanity proved to be a helluva lot of fun and ate up the rest of the evening with us trying to come up with the most revolting responses using the words or phrases in our hands, based on the prompt given by the Card Czar, IE, whoever won the last hand. Great little game, and something I'm excited to try out with a new group. Anastasia and Kno1 even offered to gift me the existing expansions and a large box to store it all in as a birthday 'surprise', so I'm really looking forward to that!

We saw everyone off and I put the wife and pup to bed, then I spent a short time on the Interwebs, before fetching the next Andrew Vachss book from the Library side of the house and heading to bed, where I studiously ignored it in favor of reading a couple things out of the recently arrived Things From Another World order, which is the last one I've placed with them for monthly material if I'm not mistaken. I breezed through a new Silver Surfer and then moved on to the three most recent issues of the Superman run by Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. before calling it a night and trying to crash out for good to get some rest.

Be seeing you.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween And The Traditional Chili

This post may be a bit short, in that there just wasn't a lot going on today and the films that I watched are all stuff that I've talked about a lot in the past, so let's just breeze through all this, shall we?

Helluva Way To Make Spare
The alarm got me up and moving at 10:00 this morning and I opened the house for the day and greeted the wife, then the Yorkie and I grabbed the newspaper from the front walk, then I got dressed for the day because I wanted to step out and grab an early lunch so that I would be able to hunker down and enjoy the traditional viewing that I always trot out for the holiday.  The wife wasn't interested in food, preferring to make a smoothie instead, so I gave her a quick peck and headed out, picking up a burger and fries at a place near the house.

Once I got home I spent a few minutes grabbing the films off the little list I'd been concocting in my head while I sat int he drive-thru line, kicking off the day with something quiet to wrap the 31 Days Of Horror: Ti West's wonderful The House Of The Devil. Jocelin Donahue stars as a young cash-strapped woman who finds herself babysitting at a remote home, though the situation turns out to not be her looking after a child, but instead an elderly woman, who she's to be in the house to help while a couple step out to view a historic eclipse. The film is a great slow burn and evokes a great period feeling of the late '70s and early '80s, even though the film is a scant five years old. A great subtle way to build into the horror of the day.

Moody Nightmare Time!
In keeping with the witch theme, I moved on to a much-anticipated re-watch of Rob Zombie's The Lords Of Salem, which holds up really well and is by far the man's most successful film. The gorgeous cinematography, the script that finally gets away from his white-trash obsessed profanity laden dialog, it's just a wonderfully atmospheric film that has some truly creepy visuals. I know there's a ton of people who wanna tear this one to pieces, but dammit, it works for me, especially after the excesses of something like his second Halloween film, which was just hard to watch at a certain point.

And speaking of Halloween, as the afternoon moved on I popped in what's possibly my favorite film in the Halloween franchise: Halloween III: Season Of The Witch. At a time when people were expecting to see Michael Myers, the series attempted to move on to simply making Halloween-themed films set on the holiday and apparently everyone hated this idea, but I've always loved Tom Atkins as the skirt-chasing booze-y doctor who finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy at the holiday, perpetrated by someone from the Old Country and hell bent on killing a helluva lot of people. Great stuff, and well worth a look. It's nice to see this one getting a lot more love, because it was much-maligned way back when, I don't think it really deserved it at all.

Using The Poster, 'Cause
The Blu-ray Cover Sucks.
Staying with the '80s Tom Atkins theme, I moved on the the traditional re-watch of Night Of The Creeps, which is one of my favorite films from my youth and remains one of my favorite films in general to this very day. While I was giving that a spin the wife surfaced from the bedroom with the Yorkie and looked at texts and what have you on her phone, then she got started on the evening meal, the chili recipe that she and I have taken to making each year. I helped a little bit in between films, poking the onions around to make sure that they were browning properly while the wife chopped up another ingredient, then I took the time to make sure that the outside security lights were replaced and burning bright for the evening. Not that I necessarily expect to have anyone mess with our house on Halloween, but on a night known for assholish behavior from the wrong kind of bored kids, I figure the more lit-up things are, the less inviting that sort of behavior might be.

It's Tradition!
We had the first trick or treater turn up close to 6:00, which got the Yorkie truly excited for the night, as she'd been getting hints that things were about to get crazy for the past hour or so and was happy to finally have someone to direct this excitement towards. Halloween is almost like her Super Bowl, in that she gets to bark at a hundred strangers and just generally freak out for close to four or five hours straight. I know she'll sleep hard tonight.

We were about halfway through the traditional re-watch of Trick 'r Treat when Brian and DM turned up to pick up tickets for the Artist Studio Tour that's happening on Saturday, so they hung around for a bit and we watched the flick and visited, then Brian took a moment to smoke and we moved on to another movie, noting that the flow of kids was slowing down from the random handful to less and less, just a few little pairs here or there.

Just Amazing.
Brian and DM split as we were getting into what I was thinking might be the final film of the night, the re-watch of Cabin In The Woods that I'd been looking forward to all month, so we saw them off and dug in. The film holds up so well, and I am always surprised when fans of the horror genre don't like it, but I guess there's no accounting for taste. I just love the way it incorporates all the various tropes of the genre and tries to make a certain sense of them in the grand scheme of things, why people make stupid decisions in these types of films, tries to assign an amount of weight to those decisions in a larger context. Just a great little film.

The traffic out from was completely gone by now, so I saw the wife and pup off the bed around 10:30 when the film ended, then I decided to stay up a bit later for another movie, just a complete wild hair because I'd noticed that The Projection Booth guys were set to cover The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and that's long been a film that I can watch at the drop of a hat, so I figured what the hell, give myself a little refresher and then head to bed.

The Place Was
Operating-Room Cold.
Thus, I was headed to bed just shortly after midnight by the time the film ended, with the idea being that I'd try to work on the blog on Saturday. I did manage to finally finish reading Choice Of Evil by Andrew Vachss, which left me a little cold by the time we got down tot the ending, if I'm being perfectly honest with myself, and I have to say that I feel as if I'd had this reaction before. I'm not sure if I actually finished the novel or not the first time around, as I ran across the original purchase receipt about three quarters of the way through the novel, which leads me to believe that I might have gotten distracted from it on that initial reading.

I'm out kids. It's been a horrific month!

Be seeing you.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Halloween Bizarre

The alarm was set for 10:00 this morning and I made sure that I was up and about, giving the pup a little cuddle and then springing from the bed lest I try to fall asleep and piss away the entire day. The pup was happy to see me opening things up for the day, and I was looking in on the iPad games in the bathroom whilst trying to do my morning business when I heard the tell-tape sounds of the wife returning with her morning grocery shopping. When I surfaced to greet her we put stuff away and visited about our plans for the day, which would include an evening out at the preview party for this weekend's art event.

Wait, They're Druids?
I left the wife to her own devices in the Office making a few calls and I gathered up the recycling and dressed for the day, heading out out to drop stuff off and grab a bite to eat. I soon returned with a burger and fries, finding the wife gone again, this time to a noon meeting, so I settled in the den and continued my journey through the Halloween boxset for the 31 Days Of Horror, moving on to the 6th film in the franchise.

Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers is where things go well and truly sideways by trying to explain why the Myers character became the murderous machine of destruction we've come to know over the past few films, and they want to bring in Druids and curses and runes and it all happened in the past to taint this bloodline and holy shit, it's a bit of an info dump. I gave the 'producer's cut' of the film a first time watch this afternoon, just because it's something I've heard about over the years as being something that gave a more satisfying version of things compared to what made it out theatrically, but honestly, it was just as full or nonsense as the version I'm familiar with and still leaves things on a fairly unsatisfying note. Maybe I'm just looking for more 'stalk and slash' in these films and less conspiracy theory, but it just didn't fully fish me in.

Be Vewwy Quiet, I'm Hiding
From Michael Myers.
Moving on to the next film in the set, I dug into the much more satisfying Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, which I have to say still isn't ideal, but the idea that it ignores the continuity of films 4-6 and just follows the heart and soul of this franchise Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode into her middle age, living a life in secret in California with her 17 year old son and forces her to confront her past when her murderous brother turns up looking for blood. It's the best of the sequels and holds up pretty well in spite of having some fairly odd casting choices (they give the goofiest guy in the film the hottest girlfriend?), it is still very watchable and worth a revisit if you have the chance.

Busta Rhymes, Stop Narrating
Your Goddamned Life!
I jumped into the last of the sequels that happened before the Rob Zombie re-imagining, which was Halloween: Resurrection and undoes the fairly strong ending of the last film by letting Myers live, because you have to find some way to bring him back, right? This one features Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks as television producers throwing a group of college kids into the old Myers homestead and letting them 'investigate', only to discover that Myers has come home to roost. Again. Yeesh. I think the worst part of the film is that you have Busta Rhymes basically walking around narrating what he's doing, as if he's too self conscious or weird to simply act, so he has to make sure to find a way to tell the audience what he's doing or something. (Example: "Shit, somebody's knocking at my door while I'm trying to watch this movie!" Thanks for the update buddy!) It's by far the most annoying of these films and something I doubt I'll revisit any time soon, as I've now given myself a thoroughly bad taste in my mouth for it.

The wife and I had a preview party for an art event scheduled for the evening, so I got cleaned up for that in the late afternoon and dressed for the evening, then she and I headed out to check out the arts' organization's new offices, where the party was being held. We mingled and visited with a few folks, then finally called it after about an hour or so, as we were both interested in grabbing a bite to eat. We headed to the nearby Thai place and had a great little meal, then stepped into Walgreens to pick up some last minute candy to punch up the amount of stuff we have to give out for Halloween. The wife hadn't bought as much since she was convinced that we'd have a lesser turn out since it fell on a Friday, but I was concerned with running out of candy before the night was out. I think I worry about that more because we're about the only house on the block who seem to bother, and I don't wanna have to turn off all our lights like the Grinches who live across the street and always have a pitch dark house on the holiday. I suspect it offends their Christian sensibility, but c'mon, just give a kid a fucking Snickers, y'know? We're not talking about having to worship Satan with anyone, geez.

Weirdness Worth The Wait.
When we got home we got into our comfies and settled in the den, wrapping the evening with a final film off the To-Watch Pile. The Theatre Bizarre is an anthology film featuring an assortment of indie horror directors and features a really nice look overall, sporting some really pretty cinematography for what you'd expect to be a fairly gory presentation. A really classy horror anthology, and something I'm happy to have finally gotten around to it, as it's been on the To-Watch Pile for at least a few years now and was something I had just never gotten around to.

We called it a night shortly afterward, and I put the wife and pup to bed before spending a little bit of time on the Interwebs, then called it a night myself so I could be up at a reasonable hour on Halloween to marathon a few perennial favorites to wrap up the month.

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The alarm was set for 9:00 this morning, but after waking around 7:30 and hitting the bathroom, I thought better of that and re-set it for 10:00 instead, just because I knew the wife would be out of the house and I wasn't feeling very ambitious about getting very much done today. I was still kinda bummed out about the way things ended last night and kinda dove back into the pillows, eventually ignoring the alarm and sleeping even later, finally shaking off the bed around noon. I snuggled with the Yorkie for a bit and looked in on the iPad games, then the pup and I grabbed the newspaper before I started a load of laundry and got dressed to step out and grab a bite to eat.

The iPhone has been having issues with the USB connection the past few days after I'd made the mistake of using the 'Hey Siri' function while driving just to see if it worked, in that it would play stuff fine, but if I paused it with the touchscreen, it wouldn't play again unless I pressed play on the phone itself, which was weird and frustrating, but I figured I'd see if it sorted itself out or address it when I get the call from our car Salesman that the plates are in. Well, after turning the 'Hey Siri' thing off on the iPhone and using the USB as I normally would for the past few days, the damned thing has apparently healed itself, so thank God for small favors.

The Precious...
After a quick trip to Starbucks I stopped for some fried rice and hot and sour soup, then headed home to see what the Yorkie was up to. While I'd waited on the food I texted the wife tentatively to test the mood and told her that I'd have leftover rice for her if she wanted a snack in the afternoon when she got home and she seemed pleasant enough and we signed off with the usual 'love yous' and 'be careful out there', so that was cool.

The pup kept a sharp eye on me as I settled in the den to eat and watch something for the 31 Days Of Horror, digging into the Halloween boxset from Scream Factory that has been hanging about, as I've kind of lost the idea of anymore real 'new' watches this season and am just thinking of rounding out the month with a series of re-watches from this set and a good number of old favorites on the day itself.

Wakey Wakey, Assholes!
I was close to finished with Halloween itself when the wife got home and I paused it to visit for a bit and make nice and talk things out, which was nice to clear the air and explain my annoyance and just the general needy bullshit that I sometimes hate myself for when she's tied up with other stuff or has other interests, then she and the pup headed first to the Office, then they caught a nap in the bedroom. I finished out the movie in the den and had to marvel as I do every year that in one sequence Laurie is pursued by Michael Myers and tries to get help from a neighbor house, where some asshole turns on the porch light and then turns it back off when they see her shrieking on the front porch! I wish every year that she'd throw a lawn chair through their front window, as if to say "Oh no, you're definitely a part of this now, motherfucker!"

Moving on to the sequel, I chose to check out the TV edit just to see what minor differences I could detect beyond the censored language. I have to say, taking place mere moments after the events of the first film, this one builds on the original nicely and comes to a decent conclusion, which you'd almost wish they'd stuck with in the long run considering how off the rails the franchise gets as it goes along with all the various ret-cons and that sort of thing.

Guess Who's Back?
I elected to skip the third film because I might want to check it out for its 'stand-alone' merits on Halloween night, preferring to stick to the Michael Myers-centric film in the series for my purposes this season. Thus, I popped in the Blu-ray of Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers, which introduces the Danielle Harris' Jamie character who is meant to be his niece, and we all know that Michael doesn't really dig having any kin walking around upright, so the killing spree begins and it's watchable for what it is, but knowing what it leads to in the next couple films almost taints my enjoyment of this film somehow. It's kinda hard to describe, but knowing how badly they shit the bed in the next few outings does make me wrinkle my nose at this one more than it probably deserves.

Stop Yelling At The Little Girl!
The wife and pup serviced when I was close to the middle of Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers, something I'd only seen a few years back for the first time and was definitely interested in giving another day in court to see if it fared any better in my estimation since I had something of a feeling for where the story goes, but no, unfortunately it just muddles along as it did the first time around, frustrating and amusing in equal measure with Doctor Loomis screaming at the near catatonic Jamie character, played again by little Danielle Harris, who seems to thwart him at every turn with her damnable inability to speak and communicate Myers' whereabouts. It's actually pretty amusing at times, just because it feels so contrived to thwart the heroes at every turn.

The wife and I ordered in a pizza for dinner and dug into that while watching this past Sunday's episode of Comic Book Men, then it was time for this week's episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, which I was keen to watch as it happened due to it being the second half of their annual Halloween episode.

Octopus Out Of Nowhere!
I saw the wife and pup off to bed, then rounded out my evening while picking up in the den a bit by watching another Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated episode and a Robot Chicken from this past weekend, which I'm sure was a re-run but was still new to me, so that was fun.

After I came to a stopping point I hopped online and worked on the blog a bit, banking a couple posts for the nest few days' worth of publication, then wrote about half this post before finally calling it a night so I could go to bed and read for an hour or so before I crashed out, just to keep plowing through the Ultimate Spider-Man hardcovers, cracking into volume 5 this evening.

Be seeing you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mama S.H.I.E.L.D.

The alarm was set this morning for 10:00, but after I turned it off and greeted the wife, fresh from the shower and on her way to get ready for a couple meetings, I looked at e-mail for a few minutes and then fell back asleep, finally waking to find that it was close to 12:30 and the pup was still chilling with me in bed. I snuggled her for a few and then got he house opened for the day and looked in on the iPad games. I offered to take the pup with me to grab the newspaper but she wasn't interested, so I was coming back inside with that when I heard the wife cooing at the dog in the kitchen, so I greeted her and we visited for a few about her afternoon plans.

We had the Interior Decorator coming by at 2:00 in the afternoon, so I had a short time to go and run the errand I had in mind, which as to hit up the local books, music and video outlet to use a certain coupon that they'd mailed to me. That only took about a half hour, and I was able to find another one of the Guardians Of The Galaxy blind-box mini-figures as well, so I crossed my fingers and made my selection. Oh, and I turned up this month's Fangoria as well, so I was pretty pleased when I headed home, grabbing a little kids meal along the way since I knew I'd need something to tide me over for the afternoon.

I got home and finished my apple slices that came with my little meal while visiting with the wife in the sitting area off the kitchen, then we spoke briefly with the ID when she turned up to show us some options for the blinds in the Library, then we saw her off and I made the wild hair decision to poke around a few Pawn Shops, so I followed the wife out as she left for a series of afternoon meetings and went to see if I could turn up a bargain.

It's A Bitter Life.
The first two stops yielded nothing save for the knowledge that someone had dumped a ton of television on DVD recently, so I stopped into Starbucks for a coffee and then hit one final shop, where I saw a couple cheap DVDs and even picked up a new looking Playstation 3 game that I'd been curious about, L.A. Noire, which is a Film Noir styled mystery game that I'd always seen around, but I figured for $1.99, with the booklets still enclosed, what the hell. Then the girl rings it up for only $.99, making it an even better deal, so I was pleased to have pulled the trigger on it.

When I got home I noticed what a mild afternoon it was, so I asked the pup if she wanted to go for a walk and she exploded with excitement, so I grabbed her collar and leash and took her for a little jaunt around the surrounding couple blocks. I have to say, I haven't been out walking with her for awhile now, but I didn't recall every house we passed having a yapping dog braying at every sound that passed by, so I dunno if that's a recent development or if I just never caught them at the right time.

We got home and I fed the pup, who looked at me as if I'd just beaten her with a stick, so I was left feeling like an asshole even after taking her for a walk? I dunno what's up with that.

I ran the trash out and spent a short time moving some of the river rock that is in front of our garage (an area which we're hoping to have paved soon) into the little flower beds near the garage, since I figure if we want to keep any of it I may as well grab it now, as I picture the whole paving thing not allowing for much deviation from the paving itself and this stuff just being cleared to make way for progress.

The time out with the pup and then moving around rocks left me a little gamey, so I grabbed a quick shower and then piddled around the house for a bit, finally settling in the den to try to squeeze in a film for the day since I'd pissed the rest of things away with sleep and running around for no good reason.

We've Found The Girls.
Bad News Is, They're Animals.
Mama is a recent horror film that I'd blind-bought based on some fairly good reviews and the creepiness of the trailer imagery, so I decided to give it a spin for the 31 Days Of Horror. We join a family in crisis, as a father has killed his wife and snatched his kids. But after a car accident leads him to an abandoned looking cabin, he's quickly killed by some force and we jump five years into the future as the two girls uncle still searches for them. We stay with he and his girlfriend (wife?) for just long enough to establish that she wants nothing to do with kids, so of course she has two thrust into her life, and wouldn't ya know it, they've been living in the woods for years and are practically feral? Oh, and they've brought a malevolent force back with them, so...y'know, watch your ass? The movie looks decent enough, though I have to say that once we finally get the reveal of the evil Mama spirit character I sort of lost interest, as it's a bit too CGI and insubstantial to be all that concerned with as a casual viewing. Don't get me wrong, were I seeing it in the room with me, the uncanny otherworldly-ness of it all might drive me insane, but to see it on a television, it's a little less freaky.

The wife had texted while I showered and asked me to text what I wanted for dinner, so I'd originally inquired about calling in food to a steakhouse near where she was meeting, but since she never got back to me I'd added that it obviously wasn't happening, so maybe she should call once she was done and we'd make a decision. She eventually did and I placed my deli order, then she arrived home and we ate while finishing the movie.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. was recording and I decided to skip The Flash for the night and just jump straight into that since I end up weighing a lot of viewing against whatever spoilers people might have online and I was wagering on more folks bitching or whatever about S.H.I.E.L.D. than the other.

When that show ended I was looking at what was recording and was poised to start tonight's Person Of Interest when the wife announced that she was off to bed (at 9:00 PM) and I kinda got slightly miffed, asking if she'd stick around for a different show or something, and she relented, saying never mind, she'd just stay, which I immediately regretted. I told her never mind, it's cool, she insists that she's staying, we go back and forth about this several times and I finally tell her I don't want her sitting in here bored just to humor me, I'm sorry I said anything to begin with, please leave and go to bed. She refuses and I finally said point blank that I was going to the stupid Office and work on the blog if she didn't go to bed, because it's what she wanted to do in the first fucking place and she says no, don't be that way, but I've had it at this point, so I turned off the television and left for the Office, leaving she and the Yorkie sitting in the dark to prove my point since she refused to budge.

I hate nights like tonight, because I really feel pretty stupid about my interests most of the time, so to feel like I'm begging her to sit here and humor me makes me wanna fucking kill myself. So please, by all means, don't do me any stupid fucking favors, please just leave, y'know?

She finally moved into the bedroom and I stepped in there once she and the Yorkie were settled, fluffing my pillows so I wouldn't have to do a big production of it when I come to bed, then kissed she and the pup goodnight. I could tell she was still upset by her terse, hurt tone, but I swear to God I didn't want it to be such a big deal, I just changed my mind and didn't want to feel like I was holding her in the den for an extra hour just because, just go do your own thing.

Bah. It'd been a nice day, too. I mean the wife and I get along like, 99% of the time, so these weird moments when we do argue or get sideways on shit like this always leaves me feeling shitty and out of sorts.

Upside I suppose is that I got an extra hour of time to work on this stupid bullshit blog, catching up both the rest of yesterday's post and all of this one because I had nothing else better to do.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.