Monday, March 10, 2014

Broadcast Shame Monday

Smell That? It's Nostalgia!
Last night I went to sleep after reading another couple issues of The Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus off the nightstand, which continues to be a pleasant stroll down memory lane. I have to say it's actually made me wanna dig out some other titles from around that era, though I don't know for sure if they'd hold up as well as this does or not, considering it was the 'flagship' titles of the Spider-Man books of the time. I guess I could give a few a whirl and if they don't grab me they can go right back into the boxes, but it feels like a hassle to drag it out on the assumption that it might not be what I'm looking for.

The alarm went off this morning at 10:00, then I ignored it and dove back into the pillows to surface a few hours later, with the Daylight Savings shit still apparently playing hell with my sense of rest, as I ended up sleeping close to 12 freaking hours without any real excuse for it. The wife and pup were up and about, so I looked in on them, then got the house opened for the day and grabbed the newspaper with the Yorkie, which gave her a chance to check out the scene outside, scenting the air furiously to see what was happening in the neighborhood.

With it already being after noon at this point I visited with the wife for a bit about her plans for the day, which pretty much only involved dinner out with a couple girlfriends in the evening, then I decided to get dressed and go grab a bite to eat for lunch. The wife seemed to be feeling a bit better after taking it easy on Sunday, but still had some drainage issues, much like myself. I can only hope I finally feel 100% sometime this week, as waiting for this to pass is for the birds.

Except For Socially, You're My
Role Model.
I ended up picking up a burger and fries for my lunch, just because it sounded good, then headed home to eat and maybe try to squeeze in something for Movie Shame Monday, so I threw in Broadcast News off the To-Watch Pile. Having received a Criterion Collection release in the past year or so, it's something that I'd been meaning to finally check out, as I was pretty sure I'd never watched it in its entirety before. The film is a behind the scenes story of three up and comers in the news business, where we follow Holly Hunter as a producer who shares a great rapport with Albert Brooks as a reporter, but struggles with feelings for the pretty boy anchor played by William Hurt when he's foisted upon her suddenly. The movie is really well-written, and I have to say that overall it has a bittersweet tone, in that nothing works out exactly as you'd typically expect it to, even if all of those involved seem fairly content by the time credits roll. Definitely something I'm happy to have finally gotten around to checking out.

In the late afternoon I spent time on the PC getting some blog posts punched up and ready to publish, as I'm currently looking at stuff for late January as I type this and we're well into March, which is much further behind than I want to be on this stupid thing, even if it's all just a big vanity project that's read by a handful of folks at best.

The wife checked in with me in between getting ready to meet JH and her sister BW out for dinner, then she wrapped up her whole hair process and split to meet the ladies at a nearby Mexican restaurant and the Yorkie settled into her little bed in the Office at my feet, so I debated my dinner options and decided to just make some mac and cheese or something around the house, as my leaving would upset the dog and I wasn't all that hungry anyway.

It occurred to me that I was still a few episodes behind on Supernatural (now that it's recording properly again on the TiVo) so I figured I could play a bit of catch up on the PC, since the last handful of them are available streaming on the CW site. This process ate up an good hour and a half or so, and I was debating going back to check out that last episode that I was missing if the wife wasn't back from her outing, but she returned as I was putting the finishing touches on my dinner, so I let it slide and she and I settled into the den to catch the new episode of Dallas.

We moved on to this evening's new episode of Archer, then the wife called it a night as I gave the new episode of Regular Show a spin, since they're so short anyway, I figured I could squeeze it in without throwing off my evening all that much.

Here Are Your Robot
I got the wife and pup settled in bed, then spent a couple hours in the Office getting Sunday's post written and giving the various bells and whistles on Firefox a few tweaks, all of which seem to be working out pretty well so far. I guess I'll be using this browser for a few years, then it'll turn on me too and I'll migrate back over to Chrome and see what it can do for me. Weird.

I finally headed to bed and read for a bit in the Avengers Assemble collection I've been working on, which was a big saga about the Ultron character who apparently figures heavily in the next Avengers film, so that was kinda cool to see that character through the eyes of George Perez, who really has a great feel for these team books.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Eating Television Detective

With Daylight Savings Time completely screwing with my internal clock, I managed to sleep in until noon today without really trying, which is sort of typical of how that kinda shit works. I forced myself out of the bed and got the house opened up for the day, though the wife was heading back to bed herself, having been up and about, even stepping out to pick up a few odds and ends on a grocery list that we'd started.

The wife and I visited for a bit laying in bed, then once she and the Yorkie had settled in for a nap I decided to step out and pick up a little something to eat for my lunch, as my lighter meal the night before had certainly left the building by this point and I was feeling rather peckish.

Mary, I Just Killed A Man.
He Was A Man. Now He's A
Bag Of Garbage.
I dressed and stepped out to grab something to eat, returning to chill in the den with a little something off the To-Watch Pile, popping in the Criterion Collection release of Eating Raoul, which was actually another film recently reviewed on the Projection Booth Podcast, so I figured now was as good of a time as any to give this one another look. I have to say, Paul Bartel is a helluva filmmaker, and I've really enjoyed everything I've seen from him, especially the sleazier stuff like Private Parts, that was a lot of fun. Here he and Mary Woronov play a couple in L.A. who struggle to make ends meet and want to open their own restaurant in the country, to escape the Philistines and degenerates they're forced to deal with on a day to day basis. After a chance encounter leads a slimeball to their apartment from a swingers party down the hall (their building is on a steady decline as well), they accidentally kill the guy, but realize that they can snatch some quick cash from his pocket, so they hatch a plan to lure creeps to their place for dates and then kill them, but soon they find themselves in business with the titular Raoul, a burglar who gets wise to their scheme and helps them...for a price. The flick is a great dark comedy and well worth another look.

After the film wrapped I looked at some of the extras on the disc, then headed to the Office to get some work done on the blog, only to find that Google Chrome was acting particularly buggy for no apparent reason, so I spent the late afternoon poking around on Facebook and other shit on the iPad while I ran through every single anti-virus thing I could think of on the PC, re-booting everything including the modem and router, none of which seemed able to stop Chrome from giving a weird stuttery 'unresponsive' prompt every 10-15 seconds, which is frustrating as all hell. The weird thing is I've barely used the PC this past week since I felt so shitty, and it was off for the four days we were out of town, so it's not like I went onto some sketchy site and downloaded something - it just randomly shit the bed and stopped working.

Finally giving up on this project since it was almost time to get into the usual Sunday night fun stuff, I spent some time getting our cardboard recycling together for later in the week, then the wife and pup surfaced from the bedroom and we discussed both the PC problems (which felt good to vent about, even if it provided zero fucking solutions), then we discussed dinner, which we both agreed could be cereal, since it felt simple and actually sounded kinda fun.

We got into the Fox animation stuff, then moved on to a new Walking Dead before wrapping the night up with the only thing I'd been looking forward to all freaking week: the season finale of True Detective, which ended strongly and in a rather satisfying way that actually managed to subvert the expectations they'd set up for us over the past 7 hours of television, but I still really loved where they took it and wanna re-watch the whole series as soon as I can get my hands on the Blu-ray release.

Confucius Say: Wordy.
I put the wife and pup to bed, then basically spent the next hour or so first dicking around with Chrome some more, only to finally throw up my hands in disgust and download Firefox to the PC, which is the browser that I'd abandoned, oh, I dunno how many years back for Chrome when Firefox started acting buggy and shitty, so I guess I've come full circle. As True Detective would say, time is a flat circle, right? I spent the next hour or so getting things up and running in Firefox, making sure passwords were logged correctly and that sort of thing, then I finally wrote a blog post for Saturday and called it a night.

I headed to bed wide awake though, so I spent a good hour reading more of the Iron Fist Marvel Masterworks collection I've been working on before I finally crashed out for the night.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

There Will Be Pets

I woke this morning to find the wife and pup already awake and up, bumping around in the craft room a bit and the wife was noticeably sneezy, which I didn't take to be a good sign, since I'm still slightly unsure if my own misery for the week has been just allergy and sinus related, or if I managed to pick up a cold somewhere along the way.

After getting the house opened for the day and looking at e-mail, then I started thinking about my lunch, so I looked in on the wife and asked if she was interested in anything. She decided to hold out for the Mexican dinner out that we had planned, so I dressed and stepped out to grab a coffee and then picked up a meatball sub at a drive-thru on the Loop.

When I returned home the wife joined me in the den, where I'd planned to re-watch this past Sunday's True Detective in anticipation of the season finale. The show has been amazing and I can't wait to see how it ends.

The wife was feeling almost steadily worse as things went on, so she headed to the bedroom to nap with the Yorkie in the afternoon while I flipped back over to cable to see what was happening, falling down a rabbit hole of Will & Grace marathoning on there for an hour or more, then I finally pulled myself away and decided to try to actually watch a movie since it'd been about a week since I'd done so.

Yes, Yes, I Do Believe There
There Will Be Blood is something a podcast had on tap to cover and I'd been wanting to give it another look myself for a refresher before listening, so today seemed like the best time to pull the trigger. The film holds up amazingly well, truly a sprawling epic that is filled with nuanced performances and some truly fascinating characters. Daniel Plainview is still someone I have to admit to rooting for because he's simply more honest in his shady fucking dealings while the Eli kid tries to sneak around and hide behind his religion, which bugs the shit out of me to no end. Amazing film.

The film wrapped around 6:00 in the evening, so I joined the wife in getting ready for dinner out, then we met Brian and DM at the nearby Mexican food restaurant that he'd selected for his birthday dinner with friends, then we were joined by Anastasia Beaverhouszen and Kno1, then finally DM's friend Jen, who was a lot of fun and very quick witted. We had a decent meal in spite of the waiter being in the fucking weeds, though it did drag on for quite some time after he got saddled with a table of at least twelve behind us, which bogged things down dramatically.

Hello, Kitty.
We invited folks over after dinner, then headed home after saying goodnight to Jen, who was interested in bed. Once we got settled at the house we sort of fell into an exploitation flick I'd had on the TiVo for a bit called Pets, which is something I'd wanted to check out based on the somewhat suggestive cover. We essentially follow a runaway named Bonnie around as she falls in with several sketchy people, all of whom want to tell her what she should be doing with her life and control her completely, etc., which usually involved her boning someone for the safety or security they provide for her, with all of it culminating in a crazy kidnapping that really has to be seen to be believed. Anastasia and Kno1 bailed on the end of the movie, but Brian and DM stuck it out to the wild finale, then we all called it a night around 10:30.

Spoilers In Title!
The wife headed to bed with the pup but was soon up sneezing and snorting some more, and after I finally headed to bed that seemed to get a bit worse, so I quickly saw her Sunday deteriorating into misery as her nose drove her nuts. I spent some time reading in bed to take the edge off the Daylight Savings Time springing forward, as I knew that would play hell with my internal clock. I read the Death Of Captain Marvel collection, which is a book that I'd grabbed super cheap online awhile back, just because it's one of those oddball classic Marvel tales that I had never gotten around to reading way back when. It's a well written tale, and this particular collection actually included a few other issues featuring the character to flesh out a few plot points in the graphic novel itself. Plus, Jim Starlin is a great artist, well suited to comic book storytelling.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Television and A Birthday Dinner

Goes Out With A Bang.
Last night I went to bed after finally finishing out the Christa Faust novel Money Shot, which was in a small stack of Hard Case Crime paperbacks that I've had around for awhile now, waiting to be read when I wanted to tackle something that felt like a quick little read that would keep me company on a flight or for an afternoon, since they all seem to be around 200 pages or so. This one was about a porn star turned producer whose life is turned upside down after she's asked to come out of retirement for one scene with a hot new stud and ends up on the wrong end of a gun for her troubles. It's written in a breezy style that I enjoyed, dropping amusing pop culture references into the character's inner monologue that I really appreciated, as they fleshed out her personality a great deal. Good stuff, and I noticed last night that there's a sequel, and the same writer has also written a few novels set in the Fringe universe, so those might be worth looking for as well.

The alarm was ignored again this morning and I finally woke about an hour later to find the wife and pup in the Craft Room, where the wife was playing around with a new 'toy' and embossing a little greeting card project. I greeted them and the pup joined me to open the house for the day and grab the newspaper out of the driveway, then we visited a bit about what they'd been up to this morning, having had a walk and a ramble in the back yard while I was still crashed out snoozing.

I hopped online and worked on a blog post for earlier in the week, then took the time to get a post published from way back when to keep the front page vaguely fresh, then I started to weigh my lunch options, eventually settling on the same routine as the other day, with a trip to Starbucks used to give me the time to decide what I actually wanted to eat, finally settling on a chicken sandwich from a nearby Sonic just to tide me over until dinner out with Brian and his family this evening.

When I returned to the house I looked in on the wife and pup, then settled into the den to eat and watched a couple re-runs of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated off the TiVo before moving into the Office to work further on the blog, getting Wednesday's post written and then I finally called it a day so that I could grab a shower for the evening and get cleaned up.

Once dressed, I changed out a security light at the front of the house, then chilled with an episode of Regular Show to pass the time until the wife was dressed and ready to roll.

Dinner was downtown at a local Italian place that I can kinda take or leave, but most folks who grew up here seem to really like it, so what do I know? The meal was good and we had a chance to catch up with Brian and his extended family a bit before rounding out the meal with cupcakes and the traditional Happy Birthday singing and the eventual goodbyes.

Eye See You.
Once we were back home the wife piddled with this or that while I watched a random episode of Chappelle's Show off the TiVo Suggestions list to pass the time, allowing Hannibal to start recording so that I could breeze through the commercials. Goddamn, that show is amazing to look at, I never fail to simply marvel at certain scenes or the way they shoot a house or dress a set - it's just a gorgeous show and I really hope that they get the running time that they need to run its course, just because I know the creators have planned out several seasons worth of stuff that they hope to accomplish, adapting the novels as well as fleshing out other stuff with the characters. Fingers crossed.

I spent about an hour or so on the Interwebs to get the blogging caught up to present, then headed to bed at midnight to read for a bit and try to continue my habit of actually sleeping at night rather than suffering through with 5-6 hours of sleep.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Simpsons, Television, And Further Sinuses

After another early night last night I still slept in late this morning, ignoring the alarm that I'd set and basically getting about 11 hours of sleep by the time it was all said and done. The Yorkie had stuck it out in the bed with me for the most part, but was roused and agitated by the Lawn Guys doing their thing outside, so I finally forced myself to get up and see what condition my condition was in, as the phrase goes. I was sort of pleased to find my head less swimmy in general, but I was getting a hint of a sore throat at this point from the drainage and I had a bit of a wheeze in my chest that I figured was probably going to get worse before it gets better.


The wife was out and about with her normal battery of errands, so the pup and I got the house opened up for the day and fetched the newspaper and mail from the front of the house since our mail has been arriving early for some reason this week instead of after 5:00 in the afternoon as it normally does.

I piddled around the house a bit with e-mail and whatnot, deciding that I would blow off the actual blogging for another afternoon until I was feeling a bit more normal, then I was in the process of putting on some clothes to get out and pick up some lunch when the wife got home for the day. We visited for a few, then I left she and the pup to chill with some trash TV while I headed out to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks, which I hoped would give me some kind of inspiration as to what sounded decent for a late lunch at this point.

Once I scalded the shit out of my mouth with the coffee the whole food thing became a bit of a moot point, because what the fuck can I taste anymore, between the irritated tongue and my stuffy head, I might as well just eat a piece of cardboard, right? I finally picked up a meatball sub from a drive-thru out on the Loop and headed home, hoping that it wouldn't play hell with my stomach after the past few days of bland soups and salads.

Back at the house I got back into my comfies and popped a couple Advil to take the edge off the fever that'd started to come on again, then I lost another afternoon to The Simpsons season 7, finishing out the other two discs in the set and wasting the rest of the day.

Stay The Hell Out Of New Jersey.
Once the wife and pup surfaced we placed an order to have deli stuff delivered later in the evening, then we caught up on last night's episode of The Soup, then we dug into tonight's programming, which included new episodes of Community, Parks And Recreation and The Red Road, which continues to be interesting but nothing all that special. I would equate it to that show Top Of The Lake that we watched, in that it's an interesting set up and storyline, but I dunno if I'd want to see like four seasons of it, so I'm hoping that this is going to run its course in 6 or 8 episodes and just be done instead of trying to drag on forever.

We caught a new Portlandia, then the wife and pup headed to bed while I made my way through the new episode of Elementary before following suit, charging the iPhone for a few while I read the last little bit of Money Shot, the novel that I'd started on the plane ride back from our Little Rock trip last weekend, so I figured I might as well wrap it up quick before it lay around on the nightstand and I forgot what the hell the plot had been to begin with.

I finally crashed out later than I had the past few days, but still early for me.

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Simpsons And Sinuses

With it being Wednesday I was planning on doing some running around in the late morning that would include a stop at the local books, music and video outlet, where I was hoping to find a certain variant cover of a book that I'd slept on when I pre-ordered, ending up with only the 'regular' cover. I'd set the alarm for 10:00 just to be safe, but after going to bed early for a second night in a row I woke with no alarm around 9:00 and got up and moving for the day, opening the house for the day and getting the newspaper from the front walk with the Yorkie.

I noted with slight concern that the sinus pressure that I went to sleep noticing was still present, possibly getting worse. I made a point of using the nasal rinse that I keep around, hoping to settle that down a bit, then spent a bit of time on the PC in the Office looking at e-mail before I got dressed and decided to go run my errands before the day got away from me completely.

Since nothing is ever easy, the local books, music and video outlet not only didn't have the book in stock, but they didn't show it to be on order either, meaning that they don't intend to carry it at all, so I guess I'll be on eBay soon to track one down before dealers start to screw me over on it with exorbitant pricing. Bah.

After stopping to fill up the car with gas I debated my lunch options, then finally decided to hit a drive-thru on the Loop for some Chinese for my lunch, then headed home, feeling increasingly shitty across my forehead as the sinus pressure mounted. When I got in the wife was still out doing her own thing, so I settled in the den with my food and something simple to waste the afternoon, as I was feeling steadily worse.

Donuts? I Told You, I Don't
Like Ethnic Food!
The Simpsons season 7 was on the To-Watch Pile after being picked up cheap awhile back, so I ended up losing the entire day to the first two discs of that set, pausing only here or there to greet the wife and tell her what was up or to get some more water to try to take the edge off the fever that seemed to threaten to sneak in as the day wore on.

Eventually I played a bit of catch up with last night's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., then a new Perception to pass the time.

The wife eventually stepped out to pick up some deli stuff for our dinner, including several varieties of soup to appease me and to offer options should the restaurant not be offering the same assortment that was on their menu. I'd moved on to a new episode of Arrow, then the two of us caught up on last week's episode of Hawaii Five-O and a new Ali G: Rezurection to wind down the night.

Finding myself feeling worse than when I woke up this morning, I took a short amount of time on the PC to get the iPhone charged and then followed the wife to bed early, taking some Advil for my lingering feverish feelings, which ended up doing a great deal to calm things down once things sort of sweated out in the small hours of the morning.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.