Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Boulder Day Four: The Shopping, The Traveling

After the sinuses naturally ruined my chances for a good night's sleep (since I hadn't been very good about taking the Zyrtec - that shit was almost making my nose bleed from drying things out) I was up from around 4:00 in the AM until a little after 5:00, looking at some stuff on the ComiXology app on the iPad, then I finally felt the last minute pill start to kick in and my drainage subsided enough for me to get a few more hours rest, finally waking close to 9:00 to find the wife on her iPhone looking at e-mails and texts. We snuggled for a bit, then I got up and grabbed a quick shower while the wife packed, then I did the same and we gave the room a final once over and headed downstairs to hit the road, since we wanted to spend a bit of time in Denver poking around and maybe grabbing a bite to eat before we had to be at the airport.

The wife took us into Denver, comparing notes on the previous evening along the way, both of us having had a great evening once we finally had a spot to chill, and later when we had some time alone to chill in the bed and just relax - the entire experience was very...uninhibited, which was just fantastic. Great way to end the time away.

Our first stop was a place called Denver Biscuit Company for breakfast, which was pretty damned tasty if I do say so myself. The biscuits were huge and smothered in gravy, with optional eggs or other stuff that could be thrown into the mix. We both left stuffed, weighing the other places the wife had jotted down.

Seriously, It's A Freaking Warehouse!
I Wasn't Sure What To Expect.
Since I had mentioned Mile High Comics as being the only thing that occurred to me offhand that I might want to visit while we were in Colorado she was certain to add it to her 'to-do list' and we were soon at the Jason Street megastore, which is in a particularly oddball neighborhood that's mostly industrial and more of a literal warehouse on a lot of levels than it is a 'store' as one might normally use the terminology, with a nice glass front window sporting their business name and that sort of thing. The wife chilled while I wandered and poked around in the bargain boxes, as well as their new comic racks that stretched around a large portion of the back walls of the place. I had literally two books I was interested in maybe picking up and I'll be damned if the one guy I asked told me that if they had them, they'd be on the wall, where they were nowhere to be found. I have to be amused by this, because this is truly one of those stores that can be touted as possibly the largest comics stores in the world, yet the one (fairly recent) item I'm after is nowhere to be seen, so that's just how my luck tends to run. I eventually picked through their various $1 boxes and turned up a handful of Spider-Woman books that John Byrne and Bart Sears were involved in towards the end of the '90s, so I grabbed the first handful of issues just for the hell of it and checked out.

Confusing, Puzzling
The final stop that the wife wanted to squeeze in was a bookstore that she'd heard of called The Tattered Cover, which turned out to be basically right back down the street from where we'd just ate, so we felt kinda silly retracing our steps back to the same area, but oh well, it all worked out and we had some time to poke around before finally heading out to drop off the car at the Hertz lot and catch the shuttle back to the airport, where we followed what we thought were clear signs leading us up an escalator and then promptly down the next one to the same level, just around the fucking corner, which just adds to the weirdness of this place. Seriously, NOT a fan of this airport. TSA nonsense was busy as hell and ate up a decent enough amount of time that we had to kill before the flight, then we made the unholy trek to gate B90, which has to be a fucking half mile or so hike and just feels a little ridiculous once you're getting a beverage at a Starbucks and realize your only halfway there. Jesus Christ.

We had a short wait at the gate and then boarded last, since our seating was at the very front of the plane and it felt silly to rush on there to just sit around waiting for every one else to traipse past.

The flight was about an hour and a half, dumping us out at home right around 6:00 PM in the evening with the time zones and all, then we gathered luggage and made our way home to see what the Yorkie was up to. She was ecstatic to see us and we loved on her for a bit, then unpacked under her watchful eye, getting all the dirty clothes sorted into the laundry baskets and everything else put away, then we went through the mail and eventually settled in the den to watch some television and look at the stacked up newspapers.

Fingers Crossed For Another Season...
After a couple Simpsons re-runs and this past week's Family Guy we moved on to the season finale of Halt And Catch Fire, which ended pretty well but still hasn't officially been renewed for a second season, so they at least ended it in a spot that I can accept as an end for things if that's how it works out.

The wife and Yorkie headed off to bed and I stayed up for a short time piddling with picking up the den and going through the last of the mail, then I headed to the Office to work on this blog post and get something published for the day, as I want to be in bed sooner than later, lest the jetlag start to mess with me.

We have some Repair Guys on tap for the AM to finally get the cosmetic damage in the sitting area near the kitchen taken care of, so I finally called it a night and headed to bed to read a few of the comics that'd turned up from Things From Another World and the stuff I'd grabbed cheap at Mile High earlier this afternoon.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Boulder Day Three: Dispensary, Murder House, Tea And Another Inadvertent Pub Crawl

The wife and I woke this morning with no alarm, lazing in bed for a bit while she reached out to the various members of the party to see what the plan was for the day. We'd already decided that we'd pretty much be following Morris' lead, since it was his big day out after his Iron Man. Morris had driven the bikes for several people that he trains with to the event, so he and his Brother picked those up and dropped them at the hotel where his friends were staying, meaning that we were sort of chilling until he got back, then we'd go eat and run around, do whatever Morris was interested in doing. All this is well and good, but it seemed to take forever for him to get back, so the wife and I eventually dressed and headed downstairs to grab a coffee in the little coffee bar and then found Bo and the Dallas folks chilling in the lobby area, so we sat and visited with them for awhile, each taking turns to wonder aloud what the hell was taking Morris so long?

When they finally got back the Brother had to run upstairs to shower and deliver something to the Sister In Law, which meant we'd still be cooling our heels for awhile, so I headed back to the coffee bar for another Red Bull to try to keep myself from falling asleep in the damned lobby, then we were finally ready to head out and took three separate vehicles into Boulder for lunch, finally landing at a place that Morris had tried earlier in the week with his triathlon people, a restaurant called The Med, which served a nice selection of Mediterranean food. The place was far from busy, but it still managed to take forever to eat, which I thought was strange, but at least the food was good, right?

After the meal we said our goodbyes to the Brother and SIL, who had to start gearing up for their kid's graduation stuff the next day, so they left to do that and we ended up taking Morris with us on a drive to a truly touristy stop that the wife was fascinated with considering the state's recent changes in legalities: a marijuana dispensary.

Greetings, Pot-Keep, Wouldst Thou
Show Me Your Wares?
With marijuana being legalized in the state of Colorado, the wife's Middle Sister had already taken what I liked to refer to as her 'pot safari' to the state a few months back and had suggested a couple places that we might want to stop into, just to see what the whole thing was like as far as the procedures and what have you. We ended up at the Fresh Baked Dispensary, where we showed our driver's licenses to the counter guy who led us into the next room where the little counter gal gave us the spiel about what they sold and the various options and varieties that each consisted of.

The wife kinda interviewed the girl about how the business had been set up (medicinal first, then recreational recently) then we made our little purchases, with me grabbing a couple cookies for the wife and I since they'd been described as a nice mellow first timer type experience, which seemed to be for the best, since I hadn't done it in ages and the wife had never tried it at all.

The wife and Morris had been curious to see the JonBenet Ramsey house, so we followed some Google directions in our car while Bo did the same in Morris' vehicle, arriving at roughly the same time and checking it out. It was...a house, y'know? There was a dude sitting in a lawn chair out front talking on the phone, so we felt even weirder than usual as we rubber-necked in front of the 'murder-house', then we tried to nail down a plan for the rest of the afternoon.

I Feel More Relaxed Already, Just
Seeing That Bear, Chilling.
Bo and the others went in search of a bar to chill and day-drink while Morris rode with the wife and I to the Celestial Seasonings factory, where we narrowly missed the final tour of the day and spent some time poking around in the gift shop and other tourist-trap type shops that they have out front, then we started to head back, prepared to meet our friends wherever they'd landed. As it turned out they were cashing out as we arrived, ready to go in search of another spot, which again puzzled the wife and I, since we'd barely found parking and we're now about to go on another fucking random walking tour for no apparent reason? Hell, Bo even said what a great little bar and grill it was, which prompted me to turn to the wife and stage-whisper "Then why the fuck are we leaving?"

After wandering for several blocks, a trek during which we passed several bars without anyone showing any interest, the wife and I broke off from the group and went into the Boulder Book Store, which was a rambling affair in the tourist area of Pearl Street where we'd been the previous day. The idea was that our friends would settle at the nearby Tom's Tavern, and we'd join them shortly. After the wife and I bought a couple things at the bookstore we headed that way, then she decided to go down a few more blocks to check out a stationary store while I joined the folks at the bar.

This sounded like a great plan, but I went into the largely empty bar, where the hostess had no idea who I was describing, so I started to walk after the wife while calling Morris and looking around into the bars and restaurants I passed to see if our friends made themselves apparent, only to have Morris tell me that they'd gone to the bar next to Tom's and were now thinking of leaving, which made me sort of cut him off in mid-sentence and tell him to call me if they found somewhere they'd actually stay for any amount of time. Y'know, keep me posted, because I was going to find the wife. I trailed her along the streets for a few blocks and then related the story/frustration with this nonsense while we poked around the cute little store, then headed back to see if we could figure out where the hell they were now.

Morris answered his phone and stepped outside to speak to us, as he was apparently getting annoyed as well, with the whole jumping around thing being something Bo was the largest instigator of, because the bar they were currently in didn't serve his particular liquor of choice, and we started the long wandering stroll with he and Morris seeming to be a little annoyed with one another, but maybe I'm just projecting at this point. Morris did actually confide in us that he was getting frustrated himself because he'd just done an Iron Man less that 24 hours ago and his fucking legs hurt, so maybe he'd prefer to sit down for an extended period instead of walking everywhere.

Philosophy, Drunken Edition.
The group threatened to end up at The Lazy Dog (yes, that's right, fucking AGAIN - I was gritting my teeth to not shout at someone by this point) but then we turned a corner and caught sight of the Conor O'Neill's Irish Pub place from last night, at which point I decided to take some initiative and asked Bo point blank "They had your drink, right?" and everyone else seemed cool with it, so we finally settled there for an extended period and relaxed for a bit over a few drinks, thank you Christ.

During the course of this (and since it was becoming apparent that the day out wouldn't end until after dark) I decided to wolf down the little pot cookie, as my original vision of us being back at the hotel to chill before doing so was obviously not going to happen. The wife also tried a half of her cookie, since we'd been told that it could take about 2 hours or so to fully come on, allowing us time to head 'home' and enjoy the buzz later.

We eventually had a great meal at the Boulder Chophouse And Tavern, which seemed to take awhile to get to the table, but was well worth the wait. I'd been having a few drinks over the evening, and I ended up snarfing down the other half of the wife's cookie, since she was feeling it a bit and knew that she wasn't going to be going back for another taste. I was pleased to be feeling it creeping in from the sides of things, just a different little buzz slipping around the normal alcohol, but amazingly smooth and pleasant.

We finally paid out and made our way to the parking structure, where the wife and I let Morris ride with his boyfriend and Dallas pals, giving us the car ride back to reflect on the day and how the pot seemed to be creeping in a bit for both of us. The wife followed Bo on the drive, which got us home in short order, then we debated what to do with the rest of the evening, with a night-cap on the table if anyone was interested. Bo and Morris both tapped out and headed up to bed, but the wife and I stepped into the bar to survey the scene, which was brimming with loud patrons, so I had to tell the Dallas folks that I couldn't deal with it in my buzzed state and we bailed, saying our goodbyes since they'd be leaving earlier than we would the next day.

Once safely ensconced in the room, the pot was coming on nicely and the wife and I were happy to enjoy a really fun, mellow evening alone, with no distractions like the Yorkie vying for attention or anything from the outside world intruding - a really fun way to end this little vacation. I would have to say that if it were legal in Texas, I'd happily keep the stuff around, because it's a different buzz than liquor, and I find it overall preferable, especially in small doses like this evening. Great night, with the end really taking the edge off the earlier frustrations of 'where the fuck are we going NOW?', y'know?

We crashed late and slept hard when we finally hit the pillow, as you might expect.

Be seeing you.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Boulder Day Two: Another Hotel, An Iron Man And A Lot Of Antsy Waiting

Today was the actual day of the event, so our future Iron Man hit the road at the crack of dawn while we were still pleasantly snoozing, leaving us with much of the day open for ourselves. The wife reached out to Bo and the rest of the group when we first started to stir and found out that Morris' Brother and Sister In Law were already out and had gone to see him hit the water at the crack of dawn, as they'd originally planned, so they were out for the day following his progress. Bo and the other Dallas folk were already out to breakfast and sort of out of the picture as well, since the wife and I had lunch interests and they were just now eating and wouldn't want food for the foreseeable future. With this new info in mind we finally said to hell with it and figured we'd just work our own agenda for the day.

Spooky As Well As Touristy!
The wife had been looking into the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, which served as the inspiration for The Shining after Stephen King stayed there and experienced some weirdness, so the wife Googled up some directions and found it to be only a hour and change away, so we figured what the hell, we're here, right? A construction detour we encountered would naturally force us to take a long, winding route around the mountain, but we still found it with little hassle and settled in their little Whiskey Bar and restaurant for a nice quite meal. Well, I say it was quiet - there was a moment when a woman (who'd presumably been a part of the whiskey tasting that the bartender was hosting at the bar) suddenly asked the person next to her if he liked Etta James, then burst into her version of At Last, which wasn't terrible exactly, but just not what you wanna hear from a total stranger with no provocation what-so-fucking-ever, y'know? Yikes.

Casual Off-Roading In The Hertz
We wandered the grounds, toured the inside as much as you can and bought a few touristy trinkets for our souvenirs before heading out to take the actual detour side of things back 'home', which was indeed open to drivers, so I dunno why the signs directed us the way they did on the way up the mountain. We did encounter a few miles up unpaved road, which was slightly alarming, but as our friends would later say "Hell, a rental car will go anywhere!", so we just followed the rest of the traffic right into the thick of it, stopping somewhere along the way at The Colorado Cherry Company, a little roadside spot specializing in (duh) cherries and other cherry-related products, juices, jams, etc.

Arrived back at hotel in Bloomfield close to 3:00 in the afternoon, so I stepped into the bar because I figured that I could either have a drink while we waited for the others to join us or perhaps already find them there while the wife headed up to the room to drop off our little souvenirs. Sure enough I found Bo, so he and I visited and were joined by the wife, then the Dallas pals as well, who also grabbed a cocktail before we loaded into Morris' vehicle and Bo drove us into Boulder to find a spot near the finish line. The wife and I were both a little skeptical about the timing of all this, since she was guessing that Morris would finish closer to 8:00 PM or later even at what was possibly a pipe-dream of a 'best time' scenario, but we figured we'd just follow their lead and see where it went. We found parking and walked several blocks to the Pearl Street Mall, which is an open air pedestrian thoroughfare with most of the city's touristy stuff all in once place, so we wandered for a bit, finally settling at The Lazy Dog, where we had a few drinks and visited for a bit, then the group started to get restless, so we tabbed out and wandered some more.

Mind you, the wife and I were a bit puzzled by the wandering, since it would just be to another bar, all of which are roughly the same to us, but there you go - our companions are definitely more accustomed to their bar time than we are, so again, we just followed their lead. We eventually ended up at a place called West Flanders Brewing Company and had a bite to eat, so it was nice to chill for a bit and relax instead of wander and trying to stay out of the way of other passersby.

As night fell ended up back at The Lazy Dog just to charge phones and that sort of thing, since the app that they'd been tracking Morris' progress on had seemingly stopped updating, which was either a sign that something (God forbid) had happened to him, or that he was merely taking the running portion of things slowly. The wife had received a text from his SIL earlier that his Brother had even run part of the way with him, so she was keeping us posted that he hadn't crossed this or that point yet, which meant we still had a bit of a wait ahead of us.

He Survived!
We finally moved down to the actual finish line area, where the various bleachers and what have you had been set up, but after a short time of cheering for total strangers and not really knowing when we'd see our boy, Bo and I decided to step into the nearby Conor O'Neill's Irish Pub for another drink while the rest of our party kept their eyes peeled. We rejoined them shortly and were on the fence in front of the bleachers when Morris passed us in a daze, looking like he'd been to hell and back, but still less limpy than he'd been at that first Half Iron Man in Austin awhile back.

We met him at the little area past the finish line and congratulated him, though the first words out of his mouth were "I'm never doing that shit again!", which was kinda funny. We all grabbed our necessary photos of the Iron Man, then made our way to The Lazy Dog (yes, again) to have a drink with him and let him decompress a bit.

With food in mind we headed back to Bloomfield so that we could hopefully find an all night place to eat, or at the very least something that stayed open until midnight or thereabouts, but after conferring with the gal at the desk in the hotel, it became very apparent that our options were room service and not a helluva lot else, just because this is a rather small-town feeling type of place. We all piled into the room Morris and Bo were sharing with the Brother and SIL and ordered up a pile of food as Morris took a quick shower to get the day off of him, then we had food and visited for a short time before calling it a night and going to our respective rooms to finally crash.

I stayed up for a bit flipping through stuff on Adult Swim and other channels again, then finally crashed later than I intended to, getting caught up reading several different comics on the iPad via the ComiXology app, which has proven to be a fun way to kill time when traveling, I have to say.

Be seeing you.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Boulder Day One: The Travel And The Hotel

This morning we woke at 9:00 with the alarm since I'd been pleased to find that we'd be leaving later than usual on this trip, since our travel plans usually have a habit of needing to see us at the airport at 9:00 or earlier, so I was very pleased to sleep in for a bit before having to get things rolling.

I stepped into the shower while the wife did a last little bit of rat-killing around the house and then started packing. I went through the usual laundry stuff that I sort down as I go, throwing about half of it back into the suitcase and putting the rest away in the closet so that we wouldn't come home to a giant mess in a few days. I grabbed the various power cords from the Office and published a blog post for the day, then I was basically ready to roll as the wife gets a text from our airline that the flight is already delayed, so I was forced to reconsider my 'hurry up and wait' plan.

With some new time afforded to us, I decided to step out and grab a couple burritos for my late breakfast/early lunch, so I returned with those and ate while catching up on a couple episodes of Robot Chicken, which effectively killed a half hour or more before we finally decided to load up the car and head to the airport. Things being what they are locally, the parking lots were nearly full and we had to find a spot in the remote parking and make the hike back in to the terminal. We checked bags and made our way to the gate, where United Airlines was making an announcement that somehow, even in the face of all of our time-killing efforts, their remarkable lack of efficiency as an airline had still left them at least an hour behind schedule.

We finally boarded and made the hour and a half flight to Denver, Colorado, losing an hour in the process, arriving around 3:00 in the afternoon. The Denver airport is something of a clusterfuck in my opinion, as our gate was naturally at the complete ass-end of the world and forced us to walk what literally felt like miles from one end to the other, then take an oddball shuttle train filled with assholes and their shrieking children to finally retrieve the bags. Yikes.

With all of our delays it turned out that Morris' boyfriend Bo, who was flying in from Dallas, was still at the airport and met us at baggage claim to catch a ride in to the hotel. The three of us caught the shuttle bus to the Hertz facility, then the wife drove us to Broomfield, which is apparently between Denver and Boulder, where we met Morris at the hotel and got checked in.

We headed up to the room and got the luggage stashed and unpacked a little, then started to weight the options for the afternoon and evening, eventually deciding on heading downstairs and seeing what everyone else was up to. After picking up Morris and Bo in the room that they'd be sharing with Morris' Brother and Sister In Law we caught the elevator down to see what we could find to entertain ourselves.

Morris' pals from Dallas were also in town to show their support, so we found them in the hotel's bar and restaurant and  settled in on the patio area to enjoy the mild temps and light breeze. MB and the SIL popped in briefly, on their way to the nearby Walmart for some sort of supplies for later in the week, since they were immediately leaving here to go to some sort of military graduation ceremony their son was to be in, eventually returning to join us as we'd all decided to eschew the idea of getting out and simply have a few more drinks and some bar food at the hotel.

Tell Me About The Lie,
I Said.
The Lie About Love.

We finally all said our good-nights fairly early, splitting up in the lobby to go to our respective rooms and once settled the wife and I still found ourselves a little peckish, so we ordered in a little snack and dessert combo to nibble on in the room before she crashed out and I spent some time looking at stuff on the iPad and catching up on the various games that'd been largely ignored during the day's travels.

I grabbed a shower and them spent a few hours looking at re-runs on Adult Swim before finally reading a good chunk of the current Burke novel I'm working on from Andrew Vachss, False Allegations. I'm really digging it, and had made some decent progress with it on the plane, so I finally went to sleep fairly early for me, and even earlier if you consider the time change.

Be seeing you.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Private Afternoon With A Chatterbox!

The alarm woke me at 10:00 in the AM, so I forced myself to shake off the bed and get up for the day, opening the house and seeing the wife off to a couple meetings, then I settled into the Office with a Redbull to take the edge off the yawns. I spent about an hour and change there with the blogging, as I wanted to get a decent number of posts banked for the weekend since we'll be out of town yet again, then I finally started to note the time around noon and weighed the lunch options.

The recycling had still managed to stack up even though we've barely been here recently, so I dressed and got that together and loaded it into the car, then headed out to dump it at the College and grab a bite to eat while I was out and about. I got home with my Taco Bell take-out and was greeted by the Yorkie, who scratched at my calves in excitement, so I gave her a cuddle and looked for the mail before settling in the den to watch something off the TiVo and eat.

Perception kept me company while I ate, and I was pleased to see that the stupid Gomiso site appears to be back from the dead, as least for the time being, so I can still track my television viewing relatively easily. The wife got home and we caught up a bit while we went through the mail, then I got back to my show to wrap up the last 10 minutes or so of things while the wife retired to the bedroom to make a phone call and chill, as is her custom. The Yorkie surprised me by hanging around in the den with me while I watched a second episode of the show, finally caught up on the current season.

Once I'd wrapped the show I piddled with the blogging some more in the Office, which ate up the rest of the afternoon until the wife and pup surfaced with the Yorkie feeling puke-y, which hasn't happened in quite some time. I'm curious if she's feeling a bit allergy-ridden, as the wind has been blowing like a son of a bitch for the past day or so, which can definitely effect the poor little thing. I was feeling bad for her and tried to continue to do so as she made sure to throw up on every fabric or carpeted surface that she could find, but man, she does make it hard to be sympathetic when she'll traverse acres of tile or hardwood to throw up on something porous. I wish I could understand what goes through her mind to lead her to do so, because Jesus Christ, can we own something untouched by dog vomit?

Apparently not.

The wife had planned to visit the Mother In Law in the late afternoon, but was warned away since she was asleep according to the Beau, so instead she spent some time on the phone with Brian, then she started getting a few things together for our dinner. I made myself a cocktail and moved into the den after finding a stopping point, chilling with a few music videos on YouTube to pass the time, then I helped the wife get the past few bits of the chicken and spinach salad together for dinner. We'd attempted to mimic a soft-boiled egg to accent things in the same manner that a hotel had done for one of our recent trips, but the wife's turned out kinda lousy and I then managed to drop mine in the fucking floor, ruining that whole idea during the peeling stage.  FML.

Maybe next time.

Who're You?
Oh, I'm here To Give The
Film Socially Redeeming
I'd spent the afternoon listening to a podcast reviewing a classic smut film, so I threw on The Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann, which is a film by Radley Metzger released a month or so after my birth, hitting theaters in December of 1974. The movie is a pretty classy affair (or as classy as you'd imagine one involving cumshots could be) and has a private eye following around a housewife named (duh) Pamela Mann (Barbara Bourbon) at the behest of her husband, who then eagerly takes in all the lurid filmed details of her escapades. The whole thing is well-shot and has a few amusing moments with side characters and other oddball jokes peppered throughout, ending in much the manner one would expect it to, with a little twist that you'll likely see coming unless you've just been swept away by all the sexy fun. I have to say, I haven't seen a Radley Metzger/Henry Paris film that I haven't enjoyed, I'll definitely be digging deeper into his catalog.

Great Set, If You Catch My
We wrapped the evening with something else fun, another film off the To-Watch Pile called Chatterbox!, which I've always seen a trailer for but had yet to track down until it was released recently in an affordable set with three other films from Shout! Factory. The basic plot is about a gal working in a hair salon whose downstairs suddenly develops a mind of its own and starts talking to everyone, even proving to have a lovely singing voice. She's naturally mortified, but eventually rises to some level of fame and notoriety because of her 'talents', even if she still longs for love and a way to make things work in a 'normal' relationship, which isn't easy to do when your vagina is talking a mile a minute about sex and criticizing everyone you encounter.

We called it a night after the movie, though I stayed up for a bit getting a few things put away or sorted out, since we'll be leaving town again in the AM and I wanted to house to be kinda picked up for our dog-sitter Brian, who I'm relieved to say will be getting a dog who seems to be on the mend after some medicine for her allergies and a little something to calm her stomach.

I finally headed to the Interwebs to get this post written and polish up a last few things for the weekend before calling it a night.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Television And Laundry And Haircuts And Other Nonsense

The wife had more morning errands to deal with today, so I woke with the alarm at 10:00 and lay in bed for a few, stretching the neck slightly and hoping to relax my muscles a bit. I don't know how I went from sleeping on strange pillows for a week to returning home to familiar ones and suddenly now my neck is knotted all to shit, but there you go - just lucky, I guess. I had almost started to doze but thankfully I was still holding the iPhone in my hands and it buzzed when a e-mail popped in, so I forced myself to sit up and get moving, giving the Yorkie a quick snuggle on the way to get the house opened for the day.

I looked in on the various iPad games, then hopped online for a few before some hunger pangs started to get the better of me, so I decided to step out and grab a coffee and something for my lunch. I hit Starbucks after calling in an order to the alternate Thai place, picking up food and heading home to chill. The Yorkie seemed a little whiny, so I gave her a serving of her own food before finally getting my stuff seasoned up with some Sriracha and settling in the den to pass the time with an episode of Perception.

The wife got home during the show and we caught up on her day out, then grabbed the mail and newspaper from out front and went through all that before she and the pup retired to the bedroom for a nap and I finished my show.

I'd made plans to get a haircut this afternoon, so I left a little early so that I could run by the bank and make a deposit, then I made my way to the salon to see what the Hairdressers were up to. We caught up on our respective vacations, as they'd been out of town as well recently and I got trimmed up to look a bit more presentable, then said my goodbyes and headed home. I was about halfway there when I noticed the gas gauge, so I made a slight detour to fill up and then went to see what the wife and pup were up to. The Yorkie seemed pleased with herself, and from the scent of grass and gasoline in the air I had to surmise that she'd just spent some time barking at the Lawn Guys (easily one of her favorite pastimes) so I wasn't surprised when she headed off to the bedroom to chill, presumably since it was now my turn to keep an eye on things in the front of the house.

I Think There's Something
In My Eye.
The blogging took up some of my time in the afternoon, since I have to start looking at banking some stuff for this coming weekend, and I've been struggling with the amount of podcasts I have stacking up in iTunes vs the actual amount of space on the iPhone, so I made a point of listening to a few things while I worked, then finally came to a stopping point after the wife and Yorkie surfaced around 5:00 or so. I made myself a cocktail and started to head towards the den, eventually settling in there to watch the second episode of The Strain while the wife got our dinner started.

The wife made the now standard dish of salmon, brown rice and Brussels sprouts and joined me towards the end of the show, then we caught this week's recorded episode of The Soup, moved on to last week's Married and finally started the newest episode of The Leftovers, a show that continues to be slightly interesting but maddeningly vague about what everyone's purpose is, which is asking a lot of us, about five episodes into things.

Et Tu, Gomiso?
I was attempting to check into our evening viewing on the Gomiso site when I started getting weird errors and I guess that site might've now run its course, because it's several hours later as I type this and it still hasn't come back up, so I looked into the less than favorable alternative: the old Get Glue site, which is now called something stupid like TV Tag but will at least allow me to keep track of the viewing until I can sit down and write it all out in the blog for posterity. My curse in life seems to be the need to document everything for myself, but it honestly helps to have something to refer back to as the years slip by. Who the fuck knows, maybe when I'm elderly and my mind is gone, this whole thing will just read like a book written especially for a crotchety old bastard like myself.

We wrapped the evening with another episode of Maron, then he wife and I picked up the kitchen a bit and I put she and the pup to bed before starting a final load of laundry and heading into the Office to write both this post as well as one for yesterday, just plowing through in one fell swoop to get it all done so I can work on the posts I need to bank in the AM.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.