Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Workday And Afternoon

I had an early morning appointment with the orthodontist today, so I tried to get in touch with the bossman so I could drop off the latest project and pick up the next. He was happy with things, paid me off and I was on my merry way. The orthodontist did the same peek in the mouth for about a minute and a half and send me off to make my next appointment routine that we did last week.

He had me waiting for a few minutes in the chair, and I frankly felt a little like dozing off. When he approached he asked is I has a bomb hidden on my person, as he knew that I'd had a significant amount of pain over the past week. I assured him that I was indeed unarmed and since I've been working from home these past few weeks, quite unaccustomed to being awake and dressed in public at this unGodly hour.

I deposited the bossman's check and dropped my tax info into the mail; I'd filed online over the weekend and expect a direct deposit refund, but they needed some sort of signed bit via the post for whatever reason the IRS ever needs anything.

Stay The Hell Out Of Russia...The wife and I grabbed Daveyyojimbo and went to lunch, wandered around a bit before going to check out a matinee of The Abandoned, which was a pretty decent little haunted house flick set in Russia, definitely worth a look for genre fans who want something a liuttle more stylish and compelling than whatever Dark Castle spits at us next.

There is now what can only be described as a veritable shitload of new content up for your perusal at Big Suck Loser, make with the clicky clicky if you dare.

I'm tired and need to be up early to start the next project for work tomorrow, as well as keep the maids in line. I've been re-sorting things in the computer room, but I'm still not certian I want them to really clean in here, I'm not sure if they'll be anal enough for my standards.

That's right, I said anal maids, take that, weird Google searches!

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today's The Day, Pigs!

Beside You In Time
I've just finished watching my newly purchased copy of Nine Inch Nails new concert DVD Beside You In Time, and I'm happy to say that it was quite wonderful. I skimmed over the extras a little bit, which has a nifty little 'body of work' section that features little snippets from the various albums, even from the Closure VHS set, which was interesting to see but also a little annoying, because I wish I had a copy of that on DVD.

I must remember to check into bootlegs on eBay, since I've gotten the impression that Reznor doesn't care that it's out of print and I haven't owned a VCR in a couple of years. Through the magic of the interweb, I found a teaser trailer for a 2 disc set, dated from FALL 2004, which kinda re-affirms my feeling that he doesn't give a shit if we see this set again, y'know?

The Yorkie even came and sat with me to watch the video, which I thought was a good bonding experience for us.

Either that or the loud television was freaking her out and she had just come to sit with me for safety.

They did perform Burn, which I hadn't heard in forever, one of my all time favs, here's the original video from waaay back in the day, Christ almighty, Reznor looks eleven in this clip.

Before I popped in the DVD this evening, I finished the latest graphing project this evening so I need to try and get ahold of the bossman and turn that bitch in, just to see what kinda wacky ass reception I get this time around.

Hey Eva, Try To Save Our Film, PLZ?I spent a few hours writing several different reviews of recently watched material to be submitted to sKincarver later tonight, but in that same vein, there's already a lot of new stuff at the BSL for anyone who gives a shit about that kinda thing, so check it out. with more to come later in the week, including a review of the much maligned Ghost Rider.

I also offer as a peace offering for sKinny, to make amends for apparently inadvertently forcing him to look at Harry Potter's uncut cock: The best part of the Ghost Rider film: Eva Mendes.

Tomorrow I believe the wife and I are going to try and take in Nacho Cerdà's new film The Abandoned, we'll see if that actually happens, life possibly intervening as it has been known to do.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Ghost Rider Motor Cycle Hero

So in direct conflict with what I'd heard from someone last week, Nicolas Cage's ripped physique in the Ghost Rider scene is not CGI, according to this article.

Sit-Up Much?If that is the case I'd just like to add "holy shit, and this guy's 43!?!?"

I spent more time than I'm willing to admit trying to find a picture from the scene in question on the interweb this evening and came up with a single site, I can find you dozens of pictures of Cage on the fucking motorcycle though. Here's one of their blurry pics, from which you can draw virtually no conclusions.

The movie was okay for the comic book genre crap that it was but I can definitely understand the criticisms that have been thrown at this one.

Having never been a fan of the comics, I could sit back and ignore the silliness.

I also had occasion to visit the DMV this afternoon with Daveyyojimbo, who was renewing his license and was quite amused by the experience, as everyone shared the same sullen, miserable expression, the workers included. I've never been to the DMV without waiting for at least 30 or 45 minutes for one of the 2 workers to get around to dealing with me, and I'm always a little shocked, because it's the same deal every time: dozens of customers and 2 clerks.

I know these folks make at least a few bucks off this deal, so why not hire a few newbies, just to spice things up every now and then, y'know?

I'm tired and tomorrow's a full plate, so I'm off kids, sorry that tonight's post was such boring shit.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Can Go On Living

We tuned in this evening to catch the last 2 motherhumping hours of The Oscars, foregoing the first 8 or 9 hours to watch re-runs of the Fox animation block. I'm not a regular Oscars viewer, so maybe someone can tell me if it is usually such a grueling ordeal? I mean, damn, they're playing off any number of people yet trotting out an equal number of superfluous retrospectives that, while interesting, still felt to me (sitting waiting for the last four awards) like a lot of space filler.

I was happy to catch the Ennio Morricone tribute, and that Little Miss Suckshine didn't win Best Picture, so I didn't have to go and hang myself.

Hello, Queenie...I was also quite taken with silver foxes Helen Mirren and Diane Keaton this evening, hubba hubba, grandmas!

I was stunned to find myself sleeping until nearly one in the afternoon, thanks I'm sure to the pain pills I'd taken to try and offset the mouth pain, which kinda threw off my plans to get anything done this afternoon, including trying to get a couple of the movies from those rental throttling pricks at Netfux watched.

I'm OK,You're A Shit-HeadWe went and bought a new faucet for the repairmen to install when and if they show up tomorrow to re-work the RO system, and managed to squeeze in Running With Scissors, a film based on the memoirs of Augusten Burroughs, which I enjoyed quite a bit, in spite of slightly hating most of the characters in the film. Burroughs himself is by far the most sympathetic character, surrounded as he is by a crowd of complete lunatics. It's worth a rental for sure, and I'm going to try and write a little something about it for the BSL eventually.

Other than that, it's just back to the regular work grind tomorrow, as I've finally had a few days that I've felt decent and I want to knock out the next project while I'm still feeling good, because I know that we're going to be scheduling the tooth extractions soon, and I have a definite feeling that I'm not going to want to do much besides lay on the fucking couch and pray quietly for death.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

You Say It's Your Birthday?

It's Grandmother's birthday, too.

The wife had the final day of the charity event today, as this weekend doesn't drag on through Sunday like last week's did. She was up and out of the house early to get a jump on that, and I actually awoke feeling somewhat decent, having dipped into the random pain pills the Mother In Law had given me when I first had the braces put on, just in case they were more painful than I expected. As you know, the first week or so wasn't that bad, but I had to bring out something stronger than Advil last night, because damn, I needed some kind of relief, and as a result slept erratically, waking in strange fitful starts only to fall immediately back asleep.

I've ran across a couple trailers that looked pretty interesting over the past few days, one a blast from the past from my serious comic book collecting days, and the other a guilty pleasure from Hollywood that won't seem to die.

From InsideI hadn't thought about comic creator John Bergin in forever, until I happened to run across an article over at Twitch about an animated feature that he's finishing that adapts his graphic novel From Inside. The story of a pregnant woman aboard a train traveling across a hellish, apocalyptic landscape, the trailer can be viewed here , and I had to grab a still image from the site just to spice things up here, now get clicking!

Sweetie, Please Stop Making Bad Movies... The guilty pleasure that Hollywood won't stop throwing my way is the lovely and talented Milla Jovovich as Alice in yet another most likely Gawdawful installment of the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil: Extinction now has a teaser trailer online over at Yahoo Movies, and it looks as silly and overblown as the first two, and I'm sure I'll end up watching the damned thing possibly even in the theater against my better judgement.

Tomorrow we have absolutely nothing to do, which sounds like a fantastic way to spend the end of the weekend, after how much crap the wife has been tied up with for the past two weeks. It will be nice to simply hang out and relax rather than run errands or prepare for another event.

The party this evening was fun and uneventful, Grandmother seemed to really enjoy her gathering, and the food was something I was able to cut into small enough pieces to be able to eat without leaving the majority of it left in my teeth. The whole party took around 2 hours, and we had a few people back to the house afterwards for a little visit since we (Ok, I) have been pretty antisocial since the braces ordeal has begun. It was nice to see people and shoot the shit for awhile, and the pain pill certianly didn't hurt, if you know what I mean. I may have to hit up Dr. Feelgood, I mean, the Mother In Law for a few more since I know for a fact that I'll be doing the expansion thing for at least another three weeks, and the pain gets alternately sharper and softer at different times.

And I still have the extractions to look forward to...yeah, it's going to be a looong 2 years, folks.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Podcasts And A Musical Interlude

Thanks to the internet and morbid curiousity, I've now seen Harry Butthole Pussy Potter's uncut penis. Ain't technology grand?

It Feels A Lot Like This, ActuallyI awoke with what I'm alarmed to think might be a customary headache, again with the blunt force trauma feeling that had me stumbling out of bed before I was even fully awake, searching desperately for Advil or a gun to end the pain once and for all. Seriously kids, I've never had any kind of surgery, broken bones or the like, and have rarely suffered from headaches in my life, so the constant nagging pain of the past few weeks is really driving me nuts.

I took a shitload of pills and went back to sleep til around noon, and finally got up and went to drop some bills off at the post office since I'd missed the postman this morning, and hit a drive-thru for some lunch.

With a freshly charged iPod, I sat down and worked for a couple hours, listening to the newest Reel Horror Podcast, which featured a scathing review of Ghost Rider, something I was planning on trying to catch a matinee of early next week, and am now kinda reconsidering, unless Daveyyojimbo wants to go with me and make fun of it. I also listened to the newest Night Of The Living Podcast, which covered several different 'black'-themed horror films (Blacula, Tales From The Hood, etc) in honor of Black History Month, and would have tried to squeeze in more but I ran out of steam with the graphing and decided to call it a day before I resurrected the headache from earlier in the day.

Talking of listening, through a series of searches that escapes me right now, I somehow ran across a site called Diddy Wah last night, which features a lot of interesting articles about a variety of different musical genres, as well as a plethora of musical files that can be streamed or downloaded, a lot of it apparently the siteowner's own personal mixes of tunes from his collection, so it's like getting a random mixtape from a stranger that you can check out at your leisure. The archives of the show appear to go back around three years, so there's a good deal of material to check out, give it a peep.

I also found a link from that site to UBU WEB, on online archive of spoken word type materials, as well as readings by various authors which also has a video section to check out as well, it looks like a very interesting site. I was quite happy to run across a really cool mash-up of sampled material by DJ Food that apparently premiered about three years ago in the UK on a radio program, and the mp3 that can be heard here has been cleaned up, has additional material sampled in and at one point features Beyonce and Nirvana's Teen Spirit layered over one another, check it out, it's a lot of fun.

I had a few other things that I wanted to mention that I've seen on YouTube recently, but I may save them for another time, as this thing is kinda dragging on, and I want to get to bed before the Advil wears off.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Face-Splitting, Tree Hugging And Water-Logging

The pain of the expander piece reached something of an epic proportion today, which was due, I suppose since I'd been muddling along fairly well with the minor aches and pains that the appliance has caused. I awoke this morning somewhat suspicious that the wife had smacked me in the face with the flat side of a skillet sometime during the night. A headache stretched from my forehead to my front teeth, straight down the center of my face.

This finally cleared a bit after a handful of Advil had a chance to work their magic, and I did a bit of work on the next project this morning, calling it quits around noon and preparing lunch. I ran some trash to the dumpster to find that one of our lovely neighbors had again chopped down an entire fucking tree and shoved it into the dumpster, completely filling it. This is kind of a running frustration, as we live in an older neighborhood filled with large, well-established trees, most of which I can only assume the neighbors are hell bent on killing, because the dumpster is filled to the brim at least once a week with the pitiful remains of a once proud oak. I was able to cram the two bags of trash into the dumpster and scamper away before they popped back out, calling "Not it!" as I made my escape, it's now the city's problem.

The repair fuckers finally deigned to come back out and look into the problem with the RO system, and apparently weren't qualified to deal with it, re-scheduling one of their RO experts for Monday. I hate this fact that we don't have a general repair person to do this stuff, but rather an enormous company that has branched into all walks of home repair, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, I think they actually do dry-wall type shit as well, but you have to schedule the right guy. Bottom line is that I'm going to have them replace the faucet on the sink in question, re-seat the stupid RO unit to drain any excess water into the sink rather than against the wall, and then by God Virginia, I think all the variables of possible water issues under the sink in question will have been dealt with. We will then unload the DVD's and pull the shelving out of the closet that is on the other side of the wall, and have the carpeting that's been moistened against our will yanked out and tile laid down, so if (GOD FORBID) this shit happens again, it will be easier to clean up and easier to notice, as the stupid carpet only got partially moist and wasn't noticeable at all unless you stood in one place long enough to have the water seep into your socks. Then I'll get the nerdy quasi-fun task of re-arranging my DVD's back into the closet once and for all.

I helped the wife deliver supplies for the charity event this weekend, noting that much like the line from Pulp Fiction about Jules' girlfriend being a vegetarian basically meaning that he's a vegetarian, the wife's involvement in this type of thing means that I'm trying to save the world as well, somewhat against my will at times, but what the hell, it all evens out. Having finished the first season of My Name Is Earl, I have to say that I'm quite in touch right now with how lucky I am in this life, and the only reason I have anything resembling happiness and stability right now is some form of karma making up for the first thirty years or so of life being a pretty rough road.

Be seeing you.

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Coulda Been Worse...

This test was cribbed from Becca and Samuraifrog, and I think the results could have been worse:

Ironic if only because I have never seen the film in question, I'm off to add it to the Netfux Queue.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Errand Boy

Today was a strange hodge podge of errands and rat-killing that didn't amount to anything particularly significant, but still managed to kill the entire day, funny how that always seems to happen.

I was up and running early, the wife already out of the house to promote the weekend charity event thing with an interview at a local radio station, so I got my shit together and filled up the car, dropped off the inked version of the latest graphing with the bossman, who had had some time to get used to the idea of paying me for my work, so he cut me a check and I headed out to do something that the wife had volunteered me for, dropping off flyers at a local school for the charity thingy this weekend.

Have I mentioned the charity thing yet? Holy shit, I can't wait for it to be over, I swear to God there's probably been less chatter and planning about some political campaigns than has been done over the last four fuggin' months about this thing this weekend. Charity sucks.

The orthodontist (who happens to be a friend and neighbor) literally looked in my mouth for 2 minutes, said that everything looks fine, the expander is doing it's hellish unGodly work, seeya next week at 9:00 AM. I'm thinking that this fucker coulda dropped by the house and done this rather than dragging me across town, but whatever.

I deposited the check, and then went and did the grocery shopping for the week with the list the wife had left out for me, silently bemoaning my fate.

You see, I'd gone to Wal-Mart on Monday with the wife to buy supplies for (of all things, shock of shocks) the charity thingy this weekend, and I noted that one of the reasons I don't generally care to shop Wal-Mart (besides the hideous tableau of the great unwashed that shleps through there) is that it's so spread out and such a baffling ordeal to navigate.

In full-on payback mode for that comment:

The aisles of the HEB were clogged with pallets full of crap that the help seemed very disinterested in actually stocking, as well as an appalling assortment of hideous troglodytes who all seemed irritable and very unaware of their surroundings. I'm only human kids, I'm not trolling for pussy at the supermarket, but I do like a little eye-candy every now and then, I mean, is a little tennis skirt on a hot housewife too much to ask? The store was filled to the brim with carny-style oddities and the elderly, who shuffled along with the enthusiasm of a zombie in a Romero film.

Once the groceries were squared away at the house, I finally went to get the damned oil changed in the car, and picked up lunch for the wife and I, already deciding that I was taking the afternoon off to relax with some much needed television.

I Apologize, Jamie, You're Quite Hot At Any AgeI watched two discs worth of the first season of My Name Is Earl, the funniest bit being his brother's fear of birds in one episode leading him to attack a flock of chickens with a nail gun, which gives me some ideas to keep the birds in line. Talk of eye candy, Jamie Pressly is pretty easy on the eyes, as is Nadine Velazquez, so I had that going for me. I know that I'll probably get some heat from a few friends about this, because I was under the impression that Pressly was a lot older than she actually is, and had mocked her for being cast in the perpetual sexpot role far beyond (what I thought was) her appropriate age, and my friends, who are snarky pricks like I am, will probably call me out on my hypocrisy.

Cast those stones, baby.

It's been a long day kids and I'm out, if you're bored, check out the earlier post from today, and listen to the new NIN material.

Be seeing you.

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Couldn't Resist...

I don't usually do the YouTube vid posts, unless it's as part of a larger text piece, but I couldn't resist these three pieces after I started searching around for more info about the next Nine Inch Nails album Year Zero.



Finally, The Presense:

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hmmmn, Curiouser and Curiouser...

I'm feeling steadily more puzzled with the bossman as the weeks progress, I have this weird feeling he may be a bit more squirrelly than one might suspect at first glance.

One of the biggest examples of this is the fact that this man has given me a set of numbers to graph in appropriate corresponding form on a series of 20 pages of graph paper. He then has told me on more than one occasion that "you may have to fudge a few numbers here and there" or "If you're missing some information, just average things together if it's only a few feet".

While I can certianly appreciate the leeway that this gives the process, I have to wonder at why my boss would be telling me it's okay to half-ass things here and there. Why the fuck are we bothering to measure anything then, if it all gets glossed over and who gives a shit because it comes out in the wash y'know? And this comes from the same man I'm asking to look over my work to see if it looks okay? Huh? I used to tell the newbies what was expected of them and what they could actually get away with at any job, because I wasn't a boss and wanted to Rage Against The Machine, but I never had a boss tell me how to half-ass anything before...

Today I dropped off the first project, inked in and ready to be paid for it, and had him look over the penciled work on the second project, telling him that I could ink it and drop it off tomorrow.

He actually says to me "Well, if we were going to do it that way, I could've just wrote you one check for both."

I replied "Um, well, I can turn in the inked copy when I bring the third project over to get the penciled graphs approved later in ther week, or Monday, if you prefer...?"

You have to imagine that upward tone of voice that indicates the befuddled questioning in my last statement.

"Well, I'll still be writing two checks either way, tomorrow is fine."

Huh? I wanted to casually mention that he'd be writing a third check when I return the third project to him, but I was afraid that'd totally blow his mind. I don't know if he thought we'd just save up all the projects and he would one day buy me a house, or what the hell he was expecting to happen, but there will be more checks buddy, count on that shit.

I wonder if he has one of those weird bank plans that charges him if he writes over a certian number of checks each month?

In an effort to take the sting out of the exorbitant amount of time I spent on the first project, we negotiated a flat fee that averaged out to less than the $10 dollars an hour rate would have indicated, and we agreed on a flat fee per project for everything from here on out, which is fine, but amuses me, because if you're willing to pay X amount of dollars for each project, why'd we do this song and dance of an hourly wage if you want to pay a flat amount?

These weird little quirks are kinda leaving me with the eyebrow raised in curiousity, but I'll hold my tongue until the checks bounce, at which point this will go from amused puzzlement to agitation and annoyance.

And in a completely unrelated story:

I ran across this link in a forum thread about the new Nine Inch Nails release called Year Zero, and this NIN specific forum thread has an interesting overview of a marketing scheme that includes several different sites that appear to reference the line in The Wretched about "..God Himself will reach his fucking arm through, just to push you down, just to hold you down...", sites complete with pics of The Presence doing just that. There's an actual news story about the album itself here, the new album due April 17th, after a DVD release later this month, which is quite exciting, in spite of my lackluster response to the band's last album.

I'd like to close tonight with a YouTube version of one of my favorite songs from The Fragile, and the song that the references are drawn from.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Tomorrow Is The Busiest Day Of The Week

Only because we did basically nothing today.

The wife is completely exhausted from her weekend, and consequently spent most of the day in bed napping on and off or 'enjoying' daytime television. I encouraged her to recuperate as much as possible, as the next big charity fiasco is this coming weekend, and the set-up for it begins on Thursday, so she'd better catch as many naps as she can between now and then, as this weekend will be much like the last one. We also have Grandmother's birthday this Saturday night, which should prove interesting, as it takes place in a barbeque joint, and I don't picture trying to eat a rack of fucking ribs with the braces and spending the evening with my smile full of spices and pork remnants.

I may be Slimfasting in advance and just having a beer for supper, just for the sake of simplicity.

On that diet, I might be found dead like Anna Nicole within a few months, but just think of what a spectacular corpse I could leave behind.

I put in the graphing time this afternoon, and listened to a couple of podcasts, the latest Genrebusters Podcast, and a new Mondo Movie, which reviewed Children Of Men quite favorably, which is kinda annoying since it has just disappeared from the local theater. Hell, I was shocked that it made it here at all, to be perfectly honest, and I didn't make time to go and see it when I had the chance.

I watched several episodes of the Tales From The Darkside stuff this evening, and was amused to see a very young Christian Slater as someone's grandson in one episode, as well as Data himself, Brent Spiner in a bit part as a Reverend.


Seriously, this fucker looks
just like my dad.

I'm planning to actually leave the house tomorrow, because I have accumulated several errands over the past week of depression over the braces and not wanting to be seen by the general public. I need to get the oil changed in the car, and thanks to a tip from Yas, I need to hit up the local Target for a cheap collection of My Name Is Earl Season One, as well as stop at the post office and possibly try to file the taxes, just to see what the bad news is there.

I also need to make time to write a few things for the Big Suck Loser, because there's several new things popping up over there and it's making me feel like I'm not contributing to the cause.

I'm out, kids.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Father/Doggy Weekend: Day 3

So the wife had another day of her charity event today (which is at long last over, thank you God), so the dog and I chilled out some more this afternoon.

I worked a bit in the early afternoon, the graphing is definitely going faster this time around, who knows, maybe I'll be able to get this finished in a more timely manner, I'd hate to give the bossman a heart attack in the first month of working for him.

I am really liking the routine of listening to the iPod again while 'at work', and I was able to squeeze in both current episodes of The Smodcast, something I'd mentioned a couple days back, a podcast produced by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. Each was an amusing rambling discussion that made me laugh out loud a couple times during each show, go check them out if you like any of Smith's work, this fits right in.

The Yorkie and I watched Doom this afternoon, because it was on cable and no one was around to catch us doing it.

I have to say that while it wasn't the worst 'creatures in the dark' movie I've seen (Alone In The Dark takes the cake there), this was kind of on the okay side of how much something can suck versus lowered expectations, the end result being a second rate Aliens. It was okay, but I'd never watch it again, and there's a bit near the end where it actually becomes a first person shooter that should give Uwe Boll ideas about how to integrate the source material into his next video game adaptation.

The wife and I watched a new Desperate Housewives this evening, which was sufficiently trashy and featured several revelations about season-long plot-points, I'm glad they got it out of the way before the Oscars next week, suspense sucks. I also got a wild hair and checked out a couple episodes of My Name Is Earl online, and was saddened to see that all the links for the show over at Your TV Links are dead. I've always liked Jason Lee, and the general look of the Earl character reminds me so much of my father (same mustache, hairline and general style of dress) I'm thinking about just buying the first season of the show rather than chasing around the interweb for random episodes.

I'm out kids, I gotta get some work done tomorrow.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Turd In The Water

The Yorkage and I spent the day together again, the wife off early in the morning to mind the charity store for the entire day.

I did a bit of actual work today, graphing my little heart out, and re-discovered the joy of the iPod again. In the past few weeks, I've had trouble finding something on the television to have on for background noise, and God forbid I actually put on one of the 700+ CD's that I've ratholed away in the closet in the computer room/study/office/dorktum sanctorium, so today I actually charged up little Agador Spartacus and listened to a couple of podcasts while doing my work. I was happy to see a new CHUD Show after a two month absense, with more of the same kinda movie related digressions and one-liners, fun stuff as always, give them a listen.

Walking Dead 3I checked out a couple episodes of Tales From The Darkside this afternoon, again via a little marathon they ran on Sci-Fi Channel, which was an amusing nostalgic diversion. I'm happy to see that the episode I mentioned awhile back, Seasons Of Belief is included in this batch of shows.

Walking Dead 4Read the next two volumes of The Walking Dead, still really enjoying that, though I'm realizing that there's only one more compilation out for me to check out right now, and a 6th coming in a month or so. This makes me kinda want to slow down and savor things, especially if there's not going to be anything new for me to read anytime soon. And yeah, I realize that I could check out the monthly issues, but fuck that, sorry, besides the fact that the local comic store sucks, I just don't have the patience for monthly books anymore, I'd rather commit an afternoon to a book and enjoy it all in one sitting rather than 20 minute increments once a month for a year or so.

Sucking In The Water The wife eventually made it home at a reasonable hour, and we watched a film via those rental throttling pricks at Netfux, the generally lambasted M. Night Shyamalan flick Lady In The Water. I can say nothing to defend this film, and holy shit were the critics right, that motherfucker needs an editor in a bad way, because anyone who has the unmitigated gall to write a role in a film for himself and have that character revealed as someone who will write something that changes the world is dangerously close to collapsing under the weight of his own ego. I was expecting nothing from the film, and got every bit of what I expected, this thing was a great looking (Christopher Doyle's cinematography is really beautiful) bad movie that I will never need to see again. I'll be writing more for the old BSL soon, there's a new review up via sKincarver, check that out at your earliest convenience.

I also braved some solid food, a couple of burritos and a small piece of cake this evening, which was of course the best thing I can recall eating in my life, considering that I've not had any real food since Wednesday.

And Britney shaves? And not what I figured she'd be in the news for shaving? What a rip-off. It's like a car crash or something, I just don't get it, was Anna Nicole stealing her press or something?

Be seeing you.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Charity Sucks, Part 8,041

I'm sitting down to type this crap at 10:40 in the evening, and I've seen my wife once this afternoon, for about an hour. I admire the wife's devotion to her non-profit work, but damn, she left the house before I got up, and will seemingly be home after I go to bed.

The Yorkie and I have been bumming around the house all day, wondering where our other playmate is...the dog slept most of the day away and has now decided that I need to chase her around the house to burn off some of her excess energy, which is great for her, but annoying for me, as I'm actually trying to get something done online. The Yorkage is also being weirdly finicky about her food tonight, so I resorted to adding this weird gravy that the wife bought awhile back, to see if that sweetened the deal for her any. It's a hard thing to judge the appeal of, considering that any and all dog food items tend to have a pungent liver and anus smell that I can't imagine anyone finding all that tempting.

Retreating into the comics realm as I do often when slammed with any kind of depression, I found myself finally cracking open the second volume of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead, which was very fast paced and well done, I plan on jumping into the third one before bed tonight.

I'm still feeling down over the whole braces thing, to which I'm acclimating slightly, but now my tongue is starting to have an overall raw hamburger vibe that is just lovely, let me assure you.

The Walking Dead is really shaping up to be a great read for me, and I think I will enjoy it best in the trade size doses, since it is such a quick read. Kirkman seems to keep the deaths coming fast and furious, never letting you get too comfortable with the characters before he wastes another few people in a quick skirmish or attack. Really a great read for the horror fan, check it out of you like the bleak Romero approach to the zombie world.

The wife is finally home, after 11:00 in the PM, and is off to bed so she can be back at the event by 9:00 tomorrow morning. Yow, I'm glad I'm not trying to save the world, it's too time consuming.

I'm almost loathe to mention anymore pop culture shit, since I've noticed hits based on mentions of David Mack, Sarah Silverman, and Kevin Smith in the past few weeks, and I'm not sure I need anyone from the camps of the people I'm speaking about turning up here, watching and judging. I suppose that it's at least no one I'm talking shit about, because the last thing I need right now is a weird flame war with someone I've never met, and have possibly spent money purchasing merchandise produced by, y'know?

Talking of Silverman, I watched the latest episode of The Sarah Silverman Program this evening, and while the Evita bit was amusing, I didn't think this was as funny as the other shows have been, I'm hoping for more from next week's installment.

I'm tired kids, I'm off to check out the zombies a bit more and crash out.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Unconnected Random Interweb Travels (Or: Eh Tu, Computer?)

Writing this for the second time this evening, as a random keystroke earlier closed all Windows that were open, effectively screwing me out of a half-written, but unsaved post. Will this fucking shitty week ever end?

Opening on a whiny personal note, the face is still killing me, and in keeping with the two turns a day of the little midieval torture device I willingly had installed in my mouth, I am feeling the burn a little each morning and evening. The maids were here on their bi-weekly cleaning spree, and the one who spoke broken English and I had a nice time of trying to communicate, eventually devolving into a series of grunts and pointing, the international language.

The repair fellow was out this morning, and found what was a questionable connection to the dishwasher as the possible culprit to the water draining into the closet behind the sink. What we discovered after he left was a problem with the R.O. system pissing water out the back of the sinktop spigot, flooding the counter and most likely draining into the wall, and consequently the closet. They'll be back out tomorrow, but I swear to God, we might as well keep a fucking guy on staff with all the shit we've had done around the house recently.

Crusader?My attempts to make myself scarce while the maids did their dirty cleaning business led me to the interweb, and I ran across something I was completely unaware of, a feud between Fear Factor host Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia. Rogan has apparently called him out about stealing routines from several different stand-up comics, and this seems to have climaxed recently with Rogan and Mencia onstage shouting things out, the video of which is interspersed with comparison footage of the materials allegedly stolen, along with Mencia performing the same routine. I actually like Mencia, so if this is true, which a lot of the video footage suggests, I'm kinda sad, because I really liked his delivery and timing a lot.Thief?

I'm also reading that this is the type of thing Rogan has been known to be frequently outspoken about, speaking ill of Dane Cook lifting Louis CK material (something I recall Samuraifrog chiming in about as well), and Dennis Leary for stealing bits from my beloved Bill Hicks.

I clearly don't spend enough time following celebrity feuds, as most of this stuff was completely new to me. At any rate, check out the video link above, and see what you think, a lot of it's just two guys shouting over each other, but it's a bit hard to argue with the video evidence.

On a completely unrelated note, after receiving the ultra fabulous Mooby's boxset edition of Clerks II as a Valentine's Day present from the wife, I found myself digging into a lot of the extras this afternoon. I'd forgotten how amusing the antics of Smith and crew are, especially all the off camera hijinx that their featurettes usually, um, feature.

As big of a fan as I've been of Kevin Smith, I've spent very little time checking out his web-presence, as I figured he had a whole slew of fans better suited to that than I was, but tonight I decided to give it a peep, if only to check out the blog I knew he is supposed to keep. The thing that I've always liked about Smith is the approachable everyman vibe he seems to exude in print, television interviews, and the speaking gigs of his that have been released to DVD, he just seems like a very ordinary, grounded person, and I respect that as much as I do his work.

He also seems to be making the effort to cater to my interests recently, as I notice that he and producer Scott Mosier have begun a podcast that looks to cover whatever they feel like chatting about at the time, give it a listen, or add it to the iTunes subscription list.

But enough pop culture for one night, I'm off to Amazon to grab the collected edition of Smith's writings and essays, Silent Bob Speaks and call it a night.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wow This Sucks Even More Than I Imagined It Would...I Didn't Even Think That Was Possible

Fuckinell, if this thing had little mood emoticons like Livejournal, mine would look like this right now.

Okay, I was completely ready to be in immense pain, with irritation of the mouth and the tension of the teeth shifting about causing a general ache to things. What I wasn't prepared for was how much the expander piece that's lodged in the roof of my mouth would distort my speech.

I was a little weird about this before, and dreading a lisp and a fucked up smile, but Goddamnit, I can't even form some words anymore, and the ones I can are slurred and slurpy sounding. I'm amazingly depressed about this, as one of the few things I've ever been proud of myself for is my vocabulary and enunciation, and I now sound like I should possibly be wearing a helmet for my own safety.

I kind of want to die right now, and it's all stupid vanity and there's probably someone else on this block suffering much worse than I am, but Gawd-Damn, this really blows.

And food is a fucking nightmare about which the less is said, the better. I suppose I'll be skinnier by the time this shit is over.
The really weird part of it? Not as much pain (yet) as I figured there would be.

I watched three movies and laid on the couch feeling sorry for myself today, while the repair-fuckers finally came back to finish wiring up the air conditioning unit that they installed 2 weeks ago, I guess we're lucky to even see them again, right? Sheesh.

And in their travels in the attic, they had to use the access in a hidden closet, they discovered what may be a fucking slab leak in the closet I store all the hundreds of thousands of DVD's we own in, so we have more of their ilk coming out tomorrow to investigate that....

Seriously, what the fuck is up with this week? Will the sucking ever stop?

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

At Least I'm Not Making Dozen Red Rose Vased Arrangements Right Now (Or: Valentine's Day Comes Early 'Round These Parts)

I'm sitting on my ass at home, typing my little heart out right now rather than hating my life at a flower shop, and for this I am infinitely thankful. Seriously, I went to dinner this evening with the wife and another couple, something that would have never happened had I not walked out on the floral job back in December. Sweet, sweet freedom.

In preparation for the miserable, pain-filled day that I have in store for me tomorrow, with the braces being put on at 10 in the AM, I decided to try to run my errands this morning to get the Valentine's routine over with while I still feel like doing it. I've already worned the wife how grouchy and pissed I'm expecting to be feeling, so I figured I should make sure she got all of her goodies early while I could at least be sweet to her.

I grabbed a few dozen roses, and the last season of The Golden Girls, which I have been seen in public buying every single damned season of at one time or another, damn her tastes in television. The girls at Best Buy probably think I'm a lonely closeted shut-in who watches a lot of bad tv with my elderly mother. I arranged the roses in several different containers, stealing an idea I saw in a magazine awhile back and using a bunch of grapes as an armature to stabilize the flowers in a small bowl, and it looked pretty cute if I do say so myself. I scattered the arrangements at different spots around the house, and set out the largest one with the DVD on the kitchen table for her to discover when she came home. I usually try to do a little more than this but money is a little bit of an issue, since I have been out of work basically two months at this point, and the nest egg I'd squirreled away has dwindled dramatically.

I inked in the graphwork from last week, and actually started checking off the numbers for the next little project, actually finishing that in one setting, so I feel like I'm getting a little faster at this. I was a little concerned after the boss had such a shocked expression when I told him how much time I'd spent on the first one, but I feel a lot more confident now, so I think I'll be okay.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Today Sucketh Mightily, I Must Declare...

Okay kids, I think it's a fair statement that any day that begins with you standing in dogshit is one that you might wanna reconsider altogether and just go the fuck back to bed.

Game over, man, game over.

I have had a good bit of anxiety about the whole braces routine, because I've had 30+ years to grow accustomed to being ugly or averagely unattractive a certian way, and now I'm trading that in for a completely different goofy look for the next few years, and it's very disconcerting and possibly more stressful than I'm realizing. I had a wierd anxiety this morning, actually a weird stomach kinda feeling when I awoke at 6:00 in the freaking morning for no apparent reason. I go and grab a drink of water in the kitchen, and notice on my way back to bed that I've somehow manged to trail through dogshit that my lovable Yorkie so thoughtfully left on the rug in the living room.

Furious, I cleaned up, threatened the dog who growled at me for waking her up, and tried to get back to sleep. Got up at 8:00, finished laundry, still having weird stomach feelings, went to the orthodontist where they shove spacers back in that I'd lost, then 20 minutes later removed so they could put in molar bands for an impression to see how they need to set of the upper appliance, and then shoved the spacers back in, which now seem much better placed, and a lot more painful now that they're not moving around. Once back at the house, I again step in dogshit, as the dog has taken another shit in the loving room, and the wife desperately offers to take me to lunch in an attempt to keep the fucking Yorkie alive for another 24 hours.

Bah. Hours later, the Yorkage and I have made up, though she's still at least vaguely on my list, and the teeth are nice and tender, I'm sooo looking forward to the next couple of years.

I mean seriously, if they just tell me what kind of witchcraft they want me to admit to, I'll happily do it and save myself a helluva lot of pain. I've searched through about 15 pages of video on YouTube looking for any video of that old Ministry song Golden Dawn, with all the samples of "You have been found guilty of commerce with the Devil!" and "Confess! Confess!" to no avail, so you'll have to drag out your own copies if you wanna get all nostalgic with me.

We took in a lot of television again this evening, just a bunch of odds and ends stuff, the newest Extras, the new Dresden Files, and at long last, the premiere episode of Cathouse The Second Season. For the reals, I have missed this show for that old car-crash "how the fuck do you let yourself be filmed hanging out in a whorehouse" curiosity that this show always inspires. Every episode shows people coming in and buying drinks, hanging out and eventually buying sex, which is just the trippiest way to end an evening that I can imagine. This new season looks amusing if only because one of the new whores seems to have a very high opinion of herself, and goes so far as to point blank refuse to give head, sending prospective clients to other girls when asked for her services.

I mean, if you can't buy oral sex from a hooker, what kind of world are we living in?

Is that the kind of world we even want to be living in?

On that soap-boxey note, I'm out.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just When I Thought That I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

In a move that's completely crass and totally male, I have to open with a link to a completely Not Safe For Work picture of Jennifer Aniston's tits, just because after years of on and off watching of Friends, and seeing a lotta braless nipple action from all the women involved, it's nice to see finally her boobs. It's something I can cross off the list of things to do before I die, and the site it's on usually has something new and amusing each day, check it out and be offended.

Having felt safely removed from the floral business for over a month, the wife manages to volunteer me to make several arrangements for the charity fundraiser that's been eating my fucking lunch for the past few months. Seriously, if I haven't been online, the wife's been stuck with the computer designing an invitation for the event, reconciling a huge guest list from three seperate lists that had been bumping around the organization's headquarters for awhile. I ended up making three different silk arrangements for the guest tables, with at least another two, possibly three to be made over the course of the week. The idea of me making a single arrangement and let the women on the committee copy it has now fallen by the wayside, and I am making five or six 'demo's, that the women will copy at their leisure.

I can totally see me ending up making at least ten of these fuckers, but oh well, it's for a good cause, right? I hate being a decent person, it stings and makes my skin itch.

We enjoyed a heroic amount of television today, including a nicely trashy and climactic "to be continued.." episode of the Housewives, Desperate as they may be. I've apparently missed out on the Grammys this evening (?), something I find amusing, considering that I used to follow pop culture a lot more closely and now barely know when this type of program happens.

Amusing also when I realize that the the pop culture review site I also write for, Big Suck Loser has rolled over the 10,000 hit mark, yay us. Go check out new stuff over there if you're into that kinda thing, as removed and out of touch as it may be from the mainstream of society.

Instead of the Grammy's we watched a new evening of Fox's Animation Block, which was a lot of fun, and then set the TiVo to grab the newest Extras for viewing tomorrow and called it a night to hit the interweb and write this crap for today's post.

I think I'm done.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Much in the Lewis Black vein of being on a plane reading about a disease and landing somewhere convinced that he had it, the wife and I may have done ourselves a great disservice this evening.

Our entertainment schedule may have given us the collective creeps.

Boy Am I PissedDuring the afternoon we watched a Netfux copy of The Grudge 2, which was actually better than I expected, but still lost the creep factor the first film had, as we're accustomed to the scares after seeing them the first time around. Okay, actually that's not true, there's plenty of creepy moments, it's just that the jump-scares fall flat after seeing how they are set up in this series of films. There will be a review forthcoming on the Big Suck Loser, but I've definitely seen worse sequels, give it a peep if you're a fan of the first one. The bonus materials were interesting, as the Japanese crew butted heads with the American studio who wanted specific things in the movie, and they had no interest in going the direction they were wanting them to go, making the actual finished product a little more impressive. The ideas they rejected didn't make a lot of sense in the context of the series, so to get the film that they did out of the ordeal is something of a statement about Shimizu being willing to stick to his guns.

Spooky NoochiesAfter an afternoon of creepy Japanese girls, we also watched a couple of the Ghost Hunters shows that the TiVo has been keeping safe and warm for us. Having said the other day how it seems they rarely find anything very concrete, one of the shows this evening had full on video of a shadowy figure kinda scampering around toying with them in an old lighthouse. Having watched all this random crap, I've come to the conclusion that you can make yourself paranoid about any noises you happen to hear in your house. I'm thinking that the dog better not be wandering around in the middle of the night tonight, as I might freak out and kick her off the bed thinking she's some random Victorian woman trying to tickle my feet out of frustration from the afterlife.
Okay, so I'm not that scared.


The lights are still on at this point.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

TVLand Part Seven + Comics!

I was able to track down the bossman today and get approval of the graphing work, though he did visibly balk at the amount of time I've spent on it, he apparently expected it to take about half as long, but oh well, the next one will be faster and he's okay with that, no harm, no foul...

Had lunch and ran by what passes for our local comic store with El Vox and K this afternoon, I actually got a wild hair and bought an individual issue of a comic for the first time on a year or so, having been of the mind to simpky purchase a collection when or if it's offered eventually.
The winner turned out to be a book drawn by Australian artist Ashley Wood called Zombies Vs. Robots, which features an eclectic mixture of styles of art, in a manner I still find reminiscent of Dave McKean's work, no matter how many different artists I run across who incorporate a similar storytelling style.

This has been particularly true of Wood, and more recently something I've noticed when thumbing through David Mack's Kabuki work, as it's taken on the look of McKean's Cages book from several years ago.

Not that I could even vaguely be considered up to date on current comic trends, this is just what the recent stuff I've seen has made me think of.

I watched an alarming amount of television today, still slogging (happily, I might add) through the Tales From The Darkside episodes I'd TiVo'd awhile back, and also a few episodes of the Ghost Hunters show from the Sci-Fi Channel. I have to say though, while the Ghost Hunters thing is usually pretty interesting but I can't imagine owning the set of DVD's that I saw at Best Buy earlier in the week.

"Hey, honey, let's pop this in and re-watch that one where they find basically nothing!"
"Uh, yeah, pick any random disc!" Yeesh. I know they've run across a few little questionable things here or there, but for the most part all they encounter is someone's reflection or the draft from an air conditioner vent and promptly de-bunk the spookiness.

We also watched the newest episode of The Sarah Silverman Program, as well as her Jesus Is Magic special on Showtime, since Showtime decided we didn't need a Masters Of Horror episode this week.

Oh, and by the way...Hey, Showtime: I have pay cable to avoid incessant fucking advertising.

I don't give a shit that The Tudors will premiere soon, so enough already with the stupid pop-up ads in the middle of a show, for Christsakes!

I'm trying to watch Sarah Silverman be dirty and offensive and there's this weird little red crawl-style thing slipping up from the bottom of the screen telling me about the show I sat through a ten minute advertisement for while waiting on my show to start.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm So Vain, I Probably Think That Song Is About Me

Today, after I had lunch with a couple of old co-workers from the flowershop, I realized that I have been remiss in mentioning something that's been looming large in my life recently. The lunch was interesting, getting caught up on what's been going on (work sucks) and what is in their near future with the boss leaving soon (I got out at the right time).

What I've been failing to mention is that after a visit to the orthodontist a few months back, we're preceding with a plan to dramatically change my smile, which is something I'm pretty self-conscious about. I was raised astoundingly poor, and am frankly lucky to not have teeth growing out the side of my head at this point in my mid-life, having had a brief nodding acquaintance with a dentist around age 12. The dentist I've seen recently recommended an orthodontist and they gave me my options of what they could do for me, one of which involved jaw surgery and was shot down, as I'm way too old to want to shoot for perfect. This would be a different matter if I were young and pretty and had a chance to make something of my life, but as things stand now, who am I trying to impress; I just want the stupid teeth to be settled where they need to be and where a dentist could have room to work if I actually have any real problems later in life.

The upshot is that no surgery means an extra 6 months or so of braces, which means I'm going to be wearing braces as a 30-something man for the next two years, which does wonders for my self esteem, let me tell you. I've finally gotten to a point in my ife where I'm somewhat comfortable with how I look, and now I get to do this shit that most folks would've done in their teens? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little depressed about this stupid vain bullshit, and I've never been happier to be working from the home, as I won't have to deal with the general public unless I really want to.

We put in spacers today, which supposedly stretch things out so they can fit braces on next Wednesday, that's right, Valentine's Day, happy fuggin' Valentine's Day baby!

I lost two of the eight spacers during a pretty simple meal this evening, and have to go get them put back in tomorrow, and the rest of the stupid things feel loose to the tap of the tongue. It's going to be a loooong two years, let me tell you.

We said our goodbyes this evening to Pookie and C, they head back to their normal lives tomorrow, it's been a whirlwind tour the past few days, but I've loved spending time with the gang again, as we've all spread to the four winds in recent years.

I also managed to finish the graphing this afternoon, I just need to have the bossman take a look at it, approve things, and then I ink it in and turn in my completed shite along with the time sheet I've been keeping.

I'm off to sulk about my self-conscious annoyance and vanity.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Funeral For A Friend ('s Grandfather)

Today was one I took completely off, as I knew the friends would need us to spend time with them, if only to help keep the family at bay.

I gulped down coffee and did a load of laundry this morning because of course the stupid pants I wanted to wear were languishing in the load of dirty clothes I've been putting off washing for no real reason. Once I'm finally dressed, we headed over to C's Grandparents house, to get togetehr with them for a meal before the graveside service. His family seemed sufficiently self-involved, which left us free to basically stand in our corner and entertain each other, Daveyyojimbo arrived, we all ate and waited around for the limo that would take the chosen ones in the family to the cemetary, while the rest of us followed in the usual precession line. I suggested that we all pile in the Maxima, and take less vehicles, so the five of us rode together, and went to the service.

The service was actually performed by the same minister who married the wife and I, and was quite touching and made specific mention of the fact that Grandpa's given name has Gaelic origins meaning 'rock', something that he definitely was for his family. He was a wonderful man, and will be very missed by those lucky enough to have known him.

There was a bit of a struggle after the service, as someone had gotten it in their heads that a series of messages written on balloons to be released was a good idea, so we kind of milled about while the family members composed their thoughts and prepared to reconvene outside the mausoleum area for the dramatic release. This was only slightly kiboshed by his younger brother taking what can only be described as his sweet fucking time writing a letter on the side of his balloon, and before you call me an asshole for being callous about things, let me note that even C himself made a snarky comment about how long he was taking. His balloon was eventually sent on its way, and we made our way back to the Grandparents house, only to find ourselves locked out, and taking this as an excuse/clue, we got in our respective cars and bolted back to our house for the afternoon.

We passed an uneventful afternoon, C stepped out for a bit to visit with the family and make his excuses for not being available to them this evening, while the rest of us stayed put and watched The Family Stone on cable. This was a movie I'd watched on the flight to Paris for the honeymoon while the wife slept, and tried to forewarn them what a steaming pile of cliches it was. I mean seriously, this film is a paint by numbers pastiche of cliches and shite, and I can't fucking believe that I've sat through it twice. I'm not sure why the hell I let this happen to us this afternoon, my only theory is that I wanted something amazingly lightweight and easy to bag on to lighten the mood of our heavy morning.

We had a great dinner, hung out back at the house and watched some of the British series of The Office, and then called it a night.

I'm beat, and I have to get up and get some work done tomorrow.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Avast Ye Mateys!

Hopped out of bed this morning because I knew I was going to be tied up most of the day and wanted to get a bit of work done and a shower before things got out of hand. I went and got a quick haircut, which was already scheduled before the funeral, but came at a good time, as I didn't want to have to attend this thing looking like Howard Hughes in the later years, having not left the house in awhile.

The Pookie and C made it into town today for C's Grandfather's funeral tomorrow, and in a desperate bid to avoid spending time with his family as long as they possibly can, they made plans to pass the afternoon with Daveyyojimbo, Blancodeviosa and myself.

After a nice lunch we settled in to watch a couple of films that C has attained in the recent months through, oh let's just say nefarious methods, a couple of DVD copies to tide him over until the actual release of this stuff on legitimate DVD.

First up was something that I can generally take or leave, the latest James Bond film, Casino Royale. The Bond films were nothing I'd ever particularly followed with any regularity, and have actually seen more in the company of C and Davey than I would probably ever have watched on my own. Casino Royale was a lot of fun, certianly a lot less gadget-y than previous films, and had a more grimly realistic tone to the violence in particular. It was also amusing to watch it with as big a fan as C is, since he can fill in amusing bits of trivia about elements of the film that I definitely wouldn't have known otherwise.

We adjourned for a brief meal, and then resumed our impromtu film festival in the evening with a movie I've been dying to see.

I have now seen and completely loved Guillermo Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth. Holy shit, what a beautiful movie this was, the cinematography was beautiful, the fantasy elements looked amazing, and the reality based story set against the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War was quite compelling as well. This is something I can't wait to own the day it finally gets released on DVD, as it's become apparent that it'll be a cold day in hell before the lousy theaters we have around here will ever get this one on the big screen for me.

As a stop-gap measure, the whole torrent idea seems to be somewhat useful for those of us who want to re-watch something in the lag-time between theaters and DVD street dates, sorry Hollywood, but them's the breaks. I personally have no desire to jack with the torrent thing myself, if only because I have the idea that if I started looking for stuff, I'd probably never stop, and would spend half my life looking for crap online.

Which, when you include the half I already spend wasting time blogging, would leave me with no time to actually watch anything, so screw all that noise.

Tired now, I'll catch you kids tomorrow.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Parkas In Hell, Baby!

In what can only be described as stunning news, I found out through the local gossip grapevine that the boss at the old job has evidently given notice at the flowershop. I say that this is a stunning development simply because in an environment where mediocrity is key, and the status quo is as good as it can ever get, this woman had dug herself a nice little niche, surrounded by a talented crew of people who are willing to back her in whatever half-assed schemes she took on, and an assortment of people who don't know any better, or see things for bullshit but figure that it's better than looking for a new job. Having been firmly entrenched for several years, and with several seconds in command that had no interest in moving up in the company, she seemed poised for the long haul, frittering the years away until the bottom line got so low that they came and padlocked the doors, or her retirement plan kicked in.

Her retirement plan was that she would marry a third time and quit.

I sincerely doubt that this has happened, so her leaving puzzles me, though not enough to bother to call the shop and just ask what's going on. I did, however, get ahold of a former co-worker who managed to paint a pretty decent picture of the chaos raging there. There's no plan at all, apparently, and she's just leaving, she's tired of all the crap that goes along with the job, with a rough plan to spend more time with an ailing father. I'm not sure how well that pays.

News flash, she was tired of things when she hired me five years ago, nothing has changed dramatically in that time.

But she's given notice and hired two people to take her place, which is amusing, since they're losing a manager, and actually already have two assistant-type managers....what does that make the extra person they're hiring to replace her, a double plus special manager? 3rd Assistant manager? Assistant regional manager? Assistant to the regional manager?

I have taken special time out of my daily routine to thank God that I got out of that nest of misery when I did, because it sounds as if it's slouching towards a bitter, bitter end before things are all said and done.

I did my usual graphing bit this morning, for about 2 and half hours, and then dicked around with the internet a bit in the early afternoon, spoke with friends at length about a funeral to be attended in a few days, then got back to the graphs for another short stint.

We visited the Mother In Law this evening, as she is going to be out of town for several days and the wife wanted to get a little time in before she leaves.

Busy day tomorrow, I'm out.

Be seeing you.

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