Thursday, May 31, 2007

Charity, Perfection And Housewives

Did a bit of work this morning, to the tune of the latest Reel Horror Podcast, and then the wife had a cancelled meeting so we were able to make lunch plans. Macguffin called almost immediately afterwards, saying that he was going to be in town running errands of his own, so we all had a bite to eat at the Thai place that I force everyone to visit once a week.

The wife went to meet someone for a different project after we got back to the house, I took some time to show Macguffin a few highlights from The Protector, and then he split and I spent a bit of time with the Wii Tennis, which I'm finding quite addictive. I found myself reading through the linked forum back there for about five minutes before I realized I might be losing my mind and had to close the window. It's just a fucking game, right?

Quatermass ExperimentThe wife caught a nap and I watched The Quatermass Experiment on the old TiVo during the mid-afternoon, which was interesting if not exactly riveting, so I ended up playing around with the laptop a bit while watching it, and actually adding to and properly organizing my bookmarks, as most of what's on there is stuff added on the fly in countless hotel rooms, as the only time I really use it is when we're on the road. It'll be nice to have the same set of stuff I'm accustomed to finding on the PC at home represented on the laptop now.

We attended the wrap-up party for one of her recent charity events, and since I'd had what amounted to noodles for lunch almost 6 hours earlier, I was pleasantly buzzed after about three cocktails, and the bartenders are the same gentlemen who worked our wedding reception, and quite good at their job, so I felt quite catered to.

We hit a drive-thru for some chicken on the way back home, and then the wife started cooking for (you guessed it) another charity-related meeting she's supposed to bring food to tomorrow night. I played around with Wii Fitness for a bit, as well as some more tennis because I'm a glutton for punishment. I helped the wife finish stirring and storing the heaping containers of chicken spaghetti, helping myself to a small portion on the sly. We watched Anthea Turner try to whip some more housewives into shape on Perfect Housewives, and then the Showbiz Show and called it a night.

The guests for the Mother In Law's party this Saturday begin flying in tomorrow, so I'm out kids, as I may have to be at the airport by mid-morning.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Effing Router

Is it possible to be happy and annoyed at the same time?

I'd have to say yes, as I'm writing to you via the wireless internet from my living room, as I watch the end of The Protector, or as it may be known in other circles, the story of Tony Jaa and his elephant, or even Tom Yum Goong. The film is pretty interesting, the fights are very well done, though I lost the plot somewhere back there in the dust, so I'm mainly watching it to see how many asses Jaa can kick at this point, which looks to be a lot.I SAID, Where's My Elephant!?!

I'm happy to be enjoying the wireless internet, but a little annoyed that it's at the expense of replacing the stupid Linksys router that we've had so much trouble with.

Though at this point the Wii is connected to the interweb, and the TiVo may be next, so I'm quite happy to be getting more bang for our buck after upgrading things. We had dinner tonight with Anastasia Beaverhouszen and her husband Kno1, with the idea that he'd take a look at things and see what he could find out, which ended up being the same brick wall that I kept coming up against, so I just bit the bullet and bought a new router, which is working famously at this point. I'll be a helluva lot more vigilant about keeping this one in working order, as the last one was such an afterthought and wasn't used very much when we first got it, it was easy to ignore the problems we had with it.

I'm not making that mistake again, fool me once, etc., etc, et-fucking-cetera.

So yeah, look Ma, no wires and all that junk, it's pretty cool, but I find a weird comfort in sitting down in front of the PC and pecking this stuff out, so I think the wifey will actually dig the wireless from the kitchen more than I will. I remember trying to surf the web from the bed one night and just giving up because I couldn't get comfortable.

I went and saw the bossman this morning and got paid, then worked a bit while the wife went to a meeting. Once back home, she and I decided what to do with our afternoon, ad we grabbed some lunch, deposited my check, and then went by Best Buy to pick up a computer for the Mother In Law, as it's been something she's expressed interest in, and the wife and one of here sisters decided to go in on it together. We got off fairly cheap (as far as a PC set-up goes) as all she really needs to be able to do is check e-mail (which the wife is going to teach her about, God bless her), use Microsoft Word and probably surf the Fox News website, so we didn't go for anything too fancy. Her monitor is quite nice compared to the one it replaced, which was one of those large jobs that weighed about as much as the last television I bought and had a cathode ray tube in it from a 1950's science fiction film.

Christ, I think I fucked up my back moving that monster.

We went by her house since she was out running errands of her own this afternoon, and set the whole thing up, and left it as a surprise for her, which she quite enjoyed.

Back at the house, I popped in the Tony Jaa flick to watch a bit of it and just chill while we waited to hear from our dinner dates, and then we got together with them and had a nice meal before getting my bowels in an uproar all over again when dealing with the whole interweb issue.

But things are working wonderfully now.

*Crosses Fingers*

There's new stuff for your perusal over at the old Big Suck Loser, the review site that doesn't know when to lay down and die, disinterest and lack of traffic be damned. That website will bury us all!

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bony Fingers

Work your fingers to the bone and what do you get?

Okay, lazy shiftless tosser that I am, I've never even come close to working my fingers to the bone, but I did plow through the last couple graphing projects over the weekend and had them ready for the bossman by midafternoon today. It was at this point I found out that he's out of town on business until tomorrow, which kinda threw off my 'drop of the completed stuff, pick up more and get paid' plans that I'd envisioned for this afternoon.

On the upside I was able to listen to several things on the iPod, including a new Reel Horror Podcast, Night Of The Living Podcast, Pickled Embryo, and a particularly amusing Smodcast in which Smith and friend Walt Flanagan related tales of a visit to a flea market and the puzzling assortments of shit people try to sell each weekend. Since I couldn't really pick up anything new to work on, but still wanted to get out of the house and mingle with the humans, I dropped off some stuff at the post office and then took a brief cruise around Best Buy, not buying anything, because what else could I possibly need at this point?

Oh, and they of course didn't bother to stock that new Ichi The Killer disc I mentioned a few days ago, because why would they sell something I really wanted to buy, right?

Rock The MicHaving enjoyed the Smodcast so much, I decided to check out the Evening With Kevin Smith discs I picked up a month or so back. It's of course stuff I've already seen, but wanted to check out again before filing it away in the old movie closet, and it didn't disappoint. It also helped that the wife was out of the house with different non-profit meetings, as I don't know how interested she'd be in watching four hours of Smith chatting with everyone from slobbering fanboys to the vaguely confrontational 'look at me!' types who populate these shows.

Not a lot to say kids, the week is pretty full and we have the Mother In Law's birthday party to prepare for this weekend, as well as the out of town guests who'll be arriving for it.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

So of course we did nothing especially patriotic today, except talk a bit about the Mother In Law's father, who was killed during World War 2, but since that's something that's always on her tongue and in her heart, I hardly think it counts. The enforced family socializing ended up only being the MIL, Grandmother, the wife and myself, as all other family members are either out of town or didn't feel like showing up, so that kinda worked out in my favor.

The wife and I did the shopping for said get-together today, along with everyone else in the free world who woke up this morning, pulled their heads out of their asses and realized today was the day of the barbeque. I made a point of telling the MIL, who is notorious for springing these last minute lists on K for whatever party she's planning that I don't mind in the slightest doing her marketing, but I'm not ever doing it the day of the event again. Let me know the Monday the week of, and it's totally cool, I'll make it happen, but come to me with a list at 8:30 on Christmas Eve night and you can hug a nut.

Not that it's ever been quite that bad, but I can see it going that way easily.

I worked a couple hours this afternoon, the latest (Cool) Shite keeping me company with their gushing reviews of 28 Weeks Later and the full season of Heroes. This newest project is going very quickly, I can see possibly finishing it tomorrow, which would be cool.

Why You No Worky, Damnable DVD?After the family thing tonight, I decided to get my twisted Japanese fix that I'd been craving since we watched that mindfuck Strange Circus the other day, so I popped in a DVD the wife had bought me for Christmas and I'd not yet watched: Fudoh The New Generation Deluxe Edition. I own and had watched the normal disc, but this one had a few extra bells and whistles, commentaries and the like, so I wanted to upgrade and just hadn't gotten around to watching it yet. We pop it in, and after a few minutes of the film, it becomes glaringly apparent that the subtitles aren't working, and after trying it on another player, I've been forced to conclude that they just don't work on this disc. The most annoying part of this is that it was bought 6 months ago from an online retailer, so the chances of exchanging it are pretty fucking slim, I'm thinking I might attempt to contact the company, see if this was a common defect or if I'm just lucky, and see if they have any interest in making it right.

Karma will probably have them telling me to hug a nut, but it's worth a shot.

The Most Normal Image From The Film...We ended up watching the original disc (thank God I hadn't sold it banking on the new one being a sound investment, otherwise I'd be breaking shit right now) and Takashi Miike's twisted tale of a teenage Yakuza and his odd hodgepodge of agents eliminating the old gaurd was as entertaining and fucked up as ever. Over the top cartoon violence, bizarre sexuality, cutesy young tots doubling as hitmen, this film hits a crazy checklist of taboos and relishes each and every one. Fun stuff, but not for the easily offended. Seriously.

I'm going to write a full review for the BSL later this week, just to try and keep things fresh over there, though I'm not sure who's reading it besides Skinny and myself, we joked as much the last time we talked, but what the hell, it amuses me to try my hand at the reviews, and if he's got the webspace to waste, why the hell not?

That's all the minutiae that's fit to print for this evening.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm Stunned To Have To Announce This...

You may want to sit for this one, folks.

Lindsay Lohan fell off the wagon this weekend, and I for one blame former jail-bird Martha Stewart for harrassing her about her wild wicked ways when Lindsay appeared on her show recently. If Martha Stewart started riding my ass about how I spend my weekends on national television, I'd crawl into a bottle, too.

Because that's how much I care about Martha Stewart's opinion, it's a make or break kinda deal for me.

No seriously, I couldn't possibly give a fuck less about either one of them, but really Lindsay, again? You'd think the whole Paris debacle would've scared her straight, wouldn't you?

Moving on to something more important to me, like my day and what's up in my non-incarcerated life....

I got a bit more work done this afternoon, finished the one project completely and started the second, it looks as though it will go a helluva lot faster than the last one, which is kind of a relief, as I feel pretty comfortable with this stuff now, but when the numbers go all weird, it's hard to get interested in wortking on it. I listened to a couple podcasts to pass the time, the newest Mark Kermode, which found him ranting and raving at full tilt about the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel, and I also gave the latest Rue Morgue Radio a spin as well.

The wife and I watched the Marc Forster film Stranger Than Fiction, and I was really impressed how far Will Ferrell can dial it down when he wants to. This was a really interesting and touching film, I'm really glad I went against my better instincts and decided to check it out. I'd already written it off, but then kept running across reviews from credible sources which assured me it was worth a look, and I'd whole-heartedly agree.

Not A Vintage Film, But An Incredible FacsimileIn the evening we watched the third and final film in our possession from those rental throttling pricks at Netfux. It was a movie called Samurai Fiction, which was an interesting blend of modern sensibility and music applied to a traditional samurai tale, adding in a bit of quirky comedy for good measure. I think it's worth your time if you have an open mind about things, because those expecting a straight samurai film ala Kurosawa will be sorely let down.

The movies arrived quite by happenstance in this order: Strange Circus, Stranger Than Fiction, and Samurai Fiction, which was an amusing little coincidence. I have to go and update the queue so our next set of commonly themed titles will run along the lines of Beverly Hills Cop, Copland and Land Of the Dead or something equally silly.

Played more Wii Tennis than I realized, that's a very addicting game, especially now that I'm getting the nuances of the return of the ball down. The Wii Fitness is also improving, but who knows how long that'll last.

We attempted to reset and realign the stars that might allow the wireless router to actually fucking work in this house again to no avail, which even went so far this time around as to ruin the cable modem connection. I was on hold with their support people when a hastily added recording came on offering a possible solution to the connectivity, which I was able to get working again, so I was happy to not have to deal with a faceless tech person. I have one final call to make here locally, to a friend who is pretty decent at his networking, who I hope can help us work out the kinks around here.

I'm tired kids, and I still wanna write at least one more thing for the Big Suck Loser this evening, so I'm out.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

You Want It In The Shape Of What? (Or: Another Post About Movies And Food)

The wife and I watched a good amount of television today, which was a nice way to spend the Memorial Day weekend, doing relatively nothing.

We've been watching a lot of a show called Ace Of Cakes on the Food Network, which Anastasia Beaverhouszen turned the wife on to. It's about this kinda rock-n-roll type chef named Duff Goldman, whose shop deals mainly in larger scale, rather extravagant specialty cakes. The wife likes it from the amateur baker standpoint, and I can identify with the show from the logistics aspect of the show. On this show they're constantly asked to build the strangest things, dinosaurs, typewriters, whatever, but out of cake, things that are meant to be edible, which is an interesting challenge. I can recall the same type of insanity when I worked for a florist, and people always wanted the most random things constructed out of flowers, and the enormous pain in the ass of building this stuff so that it would stay together and be deliverable. It's an interesting show, although a good deal of it's lost on me, as I know fuck-all about baking, but I feel their pain each and every time they start trying to build these oddball items or transport them.

It's actually somewhat stressful to watch at times, which is hilarious to me, the knee-jerk reaction I have to those situations.
The One I HAVE...
I basically finished up the latest project this afternoon, I just need to go back and ink things in, which I'll do in the AM. I was able to listen to several different podcasts while I worked, including the last few Indie Spinner Racks and a new DVD Weekly Podcast, which had a mention of a new two disc release of Miike's Ichi The Killer due out next week, which I am kinda tempted to pick up, as we watched some more fucked up Japanese cinema this afternoon and I'm kinda in the mood for more, in spite of already owning the movie on single disc DVD....The One I NEED...

Goddamned double-dipping.

Midafternoon we watched one of the flicks from those rental throttling pricks at Netfux, a movie called Strange Circus, directed by the guy who made Suicide Club, Sion Sono. It was a really beautifully shot ugly little film about incest and the effect it has on one family, the images are so surreal and dreamy, it's hard to differentiate between the fantasy world the little girl retreats into and the grim reality that she is forced to endure. I was reminded of elements of Terry Gilliam's Tideland with this one, from the beautiful cinematography to the horrible everyday life the young women were trying to escape. I took some time in the late afternoon to write a review of this and another film for the Big Suck Loser, which should be up at Skinny's leisure, as I believe he may be out of town for the long weekend.

Tomorrow holds more of the current project and probably a head start in the next one, as the bossman had made noise about his own employer mentioning that these could be finished a little faster. This is totally cool with me, as they money is great and Daddy needs a new pair of everything.

Awright, Daddy doesn't really need shit, but he wants a lotta stuff.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Love Me, Love My Melanoma (Or: Please Trim The Hair On That Thing Before It Gets Caught In Something)

I woke up later than I'd planned, as the wife had set the alarm on her phone and since it's been acting weird lately it of course didn't go off as planned. I got up when my alarm went off an hour and a half later, dicked around online with e-mail and the like, and then after helping the wife tidy up the kitchen a bit, we went out to lunch.

One Mexican meal later I'm feeling the heartburn weighing on me like a large heavy relatiuve sitting on my chest, and I notice that not only am I low on fuel, the little warning light is on and the gauge is officially set on 'fucked'. I stop and get gas, and am only slightly appalled when the tankful costs around $48 dollars, damn this larger gas tank on the Maxima.

I wanted to hit the local books music and video outlet for which I once worked, whose name is stricken from this blog because they suck and should be destroyed. The wife and I wandered around there awhile, and I was struck by the same thing I always notice when in that store: This store completely sucks nowadays. When I used to work there, there was a certian hipness to the retail staff, they seemed to know their stuff, the store seemed to actually have a staff that was available to help the clientele. Now when I go into this place, I'm lucky to have anyone even wander by if I want to ask for help, and it'll be a cold day in hell that they actually speak to me and offer to help of their own free will.

I bought a couple of magazines, the newest Fangoria with all its bloody horror film news and knowledge, and the latest Juxtapoz art magazine. We proceeded to stand in the only available checkout line for the better part of fifteen minutes while the woman running the register tried in vain to rent out a copy of the film Deja Vu to a woman, the disc and the computer refusing to cooperate with one another. This process was long and labored, actually involving her leaving us standing in line scratching our asses and shuffling our feet while she went to another register entirely to try and work some computer magic there.

It didn't work.

I had a lot of free time to cough and fidget and count the amount of hair growing from the counter woman's facial mole, which was every bit as long as the goatee on my chin, which I find a little alarming. If I had a large mole, I'd make sure to do some kind of maintenance on it to ensure that it's not beginning to look like I have a small scrubber brush percolating on my face, just to the left of my mouth.

I have perhaps had too much time to reflect on the situation, and for this I apologize, for all I know, my entire readership (all 9 of you) may be covered in moles and are now deleting your bookmarks because I'm such a selfish, shallow prick.

I can't argue with you on that one. Shave your moles, or at the very least, style that motherfucker.

The wife has been fighting a sinus thing for the past few weeks, so she finally broke down and went to the doctor this afternoon, which ended up taking about four fucking hours from the moment she walked in the door to the pharmacy to the time she got back to the house. I was somewhat glad that I didn't try to tag along and keep her company.

Bissette Swamp ThingI got a lot of work done, listened to several bits on the iPod, including last week's (Cool) Shite, another Pickled Embryo that finished up an interview with Scott Glosserman, and an older episode of Indie Spinner Rack that's been hanging around the iTunes for a few weeks, this time interviewing Steve Bissette of Swamp Thing and Tyrant fame. Bissette was a great interview, and amazingly knowledgeable about comics history, give it a listen, all my nerd brethren.

We had a late dinner with the Mother In Law once the wife eventually got back from the doctor, and then went and picked up the 4 prescriptions she had dropped off earlier at the pharmacy.

By this time it's around ten in the evening, so I let the wife go to bed and crash and let the medicines work their magic, while I fire up the Wii for the first time in a few weeks and play a bit of tennis and take the little Wii Fitness routine for the day before heading off to the interweb to write this for you nice folks.

Then I head off to bed myself.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hysterically Inexact Google Searches

I noticed that the blog was found this evening via Google search for the phrase "My cock was hard as a rock...then he started to jack me off", which amuses me to no end, as I've never said anything verbatim that's quite that gay. Google was nice enough to piece it together based on the out of order key-words as follows: 'me', 'he', 'my', 'started', and 'off'.

I apologize for Google's stupidity, stranger with your pants around your ankles, typing one-handed, but you're barking up the wrong tree.

I'm communicating to you this evening from the depths of a gigantic alcohol induced cloud, courtesy of the ongoing series of Absolut Citron and Diet Coke that I've been consuming for the past five hours or so.

Having finished the Stranger Than Fiction book by Chuck Palahniuk a week or so ago, I finally started his latest book Rant last night, which is set up in the format of an oral history and is really interesting so far, which is a mere 3 chapters in. I'm curious where this is leading, as his books always have a manner of vaguely mentioning really serious information that is eventually fleshed out into really horrible reality later in the tale.

The wife and I ran a few errands this afternoon, once the maids had done their maid thing and I had some time to work on the next project. We caught a late lunch and ran around dropping off information about a charity auction she was soliciting donations from, in the process seeing a friend of hers who works for a local jeweler and visiting for a bit. She's a real sweetie, one of the few friends the wife has who isn't married with children; I may actually like her more because she's bucking that trend.

Anthea Turner, Near Perfect HousewifeWe had scheduled a bathing and style for the Yorkage so she'd be out of the house while the maids did their thing, so we picked her up and I quite randomly decided to hit up a liquor store because I rather fancy a drunken style of writing, ala Bukowski or Thompson.

We watched the latest Perfect Housewives, which was fun as usual, though I briefly paused it to speak with Anastasia Beaverhouszen, who is involved with a local lawsuit over a class she teaches on Biblical history, which I find myself kinda puzzled by. I'm as liberal as anyone, but the class is being taught at a local high school as an elective and the school system is being sued by people who don't even have kids in the school or class.

These people obviously have waaay too much free time on their hands, because who gives a fuck what other people want the option of their kids learning about, y'know?

Like the wife has said, "I don't have a dog in that fight."

3% Body Fat, Read It And Weep My Fellow Mere MortalsWe also watched Waiting..., which was a film apparently universally despised by the film critic community, but I enjoyed it pretty damned well. I suppose a good deal of that can be attributed the involvement of Ryan Reynolds, one of my man-crushes from way back, so sue me. The guy makes me laugh and is probably nailing Scarlett Johansson as I type this, so he's way cooler than most people I've ever met just based on just one of those facts alone. And c'mon, lookit that motherfucker, who wouldn't wanna be built like that?

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Heroes, And Ghosts And Tivo, Oh My....

I'm really reaching with the post titles at this stage, but what are you gonna do? Picket?

I hit up the bossman today and got paid for the last two projects, picked up a couple more, and started working on one of them, which I'm now officially dreading. To try and shorthand what is a really simple job but a little hard to describe, the first part of one of these projects is going over about 40 pages of paperwork counting off and marking 2 foot increments (from a 4000 ft. depth to 8500 ft.) as measured by a computer somewhere on an oil rig about 8 months ago. This gets tricky when the numbers don't match up to what the computer is saying is there ( there will be gaps, lost numbers etc.), and the job is to kinda reconcile a median between what you're actually seeing and what the computer thinks happened. From what I'm seeing this next one is going to be a real bitch, as some of the numbers don't make a bit of fucking sense, so I'm kinda regretting grabbing this one instead of one of the others I have at my disposal, but of course, they all have to be done, so I guess I'll just shoulder through, but man this is going to be a pain in the ass.

Listened to some more stuff on the iPod, a new Stomp Tokyo and part of the newest Horror Podcast while I worked, and then decided to grab the wife and I some lunch.

We finished the Heroes stuff off the TiVo, and I didn't find it as anticlimactic as my friend Macguffin did and liked what they are setting up for the next season. While the final battle itself wasn't as over the top as it could've been, I thought things were handled pretty well, and really enjoyed what happened with virtually all the characters.

Is There Anyone Here Who'd Like To Tell Us Something?  Make Your Presence Known...We also watched a few TiVo'd episodes of Ghost Hunters, which were surprisingly interesting this time around. I've commented in the past about how the show is kinda intriguing to me, but also a bit anticlimactic as virtually everything they encounter is chalked up to dust motes in the light, reflections and what have you. It seems that wandering around a bunch of abandoned prisons and sanitoriums is the best bet for them to find stuff that can't be explained away, because tonight's block of shows was quite interesting.

They're also recruiting for a new member, but personally I'd have to pass, my imagination is too great to be creeping around basements of creepy buildings with nothing but a flashlight and a tape-recorder. I'd hate to end up on national television shoving a woman down in my effort to get away from something that turned out to be a cat bumping around a paint can or something.

I'm still kicking around the idea of another blog-a-thon, though off the top of my head I'm at something of a loss as to why to do it other than one of those 'because I can' things. My thought is that if I planned for a Wednesday, from 6 PM into the next day at 6 PM, and planned ahead with a series of say 12-18 different writing prompts, just so I'm not completely trying to do everything on the fly, it might be worth a shot. The first time out, I think I had a little list of about 8 or 10 items or subjects that I thought might make for interesting posts, and then tried to field the other posts off the top of my head, which became a little difficult around the 18 hour mark, as I was simply running out of things to say. The wife is strangely supportive of the idea, and suggested that I could do one each quarter, this one being the summer edition, (spring is already covered) which has a twisted logic to it, damn my organized, heavily-structured serial killer-ish nature.

We'll see if this develops beyond the talking stage...though I've mentioned it twice now, so there's pretty good odds it will happen.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Workday, Lunch And More Heroes.

The title is a fairly succint description of the entire day, so this post may actually be stretching things pretty thin, but let's plaster on our fake smiles and press onward like we always do, right?

Early rise this morning, due mostly to the Yorkie going apeshit as she always does for the yardmen doing their yard thing. I have to admit that it always annoys me, but since a lot of smaller breeds of dogs are incessantly yappy, her freaking out for the one hour a week and then stopping once they leave is more than okay in the grand scheme of things.

Listened to the iPod this morning and actually got a shitload of work done, as well as listening to several podcasts, including a week old (Cool) Shite and a couple of Pickled Embryos, as I've been getting behind the past week or so with my listening.

Had lunch in Odessa with Robbb and his brother, the idea being that we'd grab a bite and then Robbb would do an un-offcial walkthrough of a retail place he's got a job offer with, so he could get an idea of what he might be up against. The store turned out to be quite a shithole, and he's actually considering asking not only for their highest salary cap, but several thousand more out of spite just because of the state the store is in. The only reason any of this is happening is that they called him, and the money is enticing, but why get in that far over your head and be miserable unless the money is absolutely insane, right?

The wife had a meeting and errands this afternoon, and I elected to stay at the house and finish off the latest project so I can go get paid tomorrow, which will be nice, as I have a few bills coming due at the end of the month.

I spoke to Macguffin, who was going to be over to pick up a copy of the Criterion release of The Third Man, and wanted to know if I cared to ride along. I figured what the hell, all work and no play make Mob a dull boy, so we wandered around Best Buy for a bit, and I decided to not buy anything else to not watch until this Heroes marathon we've been having is over and the three Netfux films are back in the mail, so I didn't spend a dime.

Macguffin split shortly after we got back to the house, and the wife and I went and grabbed dinner at the rival Thai restaurant, as our regular place has been closed for several days due to some sort of family emergency.

We settled in and watched another three of our six remaining episodes, including the single episode I'd caught a few weeks ago as a TiVo suggestion, Five Years Gone. It was interesting to see how many of the references made more sense now, knowing the details of the show, and what was still something of a mystery even knowing the show pretty well. I'm pretty excited to see how things end, I've not been this interested in a television series since Dexter was on last year, Christ, I miss that show. I'd also like to comment about the portions of the Heroes series that take place in the Midland/Odessa area: Don't believe the hype, there's nothing about this area that looks like the great outdoors of Colorado or wherever the hell they filmed those portions of the show and it always made me laugh when they show a mountain in the background.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sir.

I got some work done this morning, and listened to some of the stuff languishing on the iPod, including at long last a new Reel Horror Podcast, I was beginning to think those guys had bailed on the idea. I also checked out the latest Mark Kermode Film Reviews and most of the new Night Of The Living Podcast while plowing through the latest well, and started graphing a bit before we had to meet Robbb at this Italian place across town.

Today was Robbb's birthday, and the wife and I had made plans to take him out to lunch, with young Macguffin added to the mix to spice things up, so Macguffin met us here and we headed out. Lunch was nice, we got caught up with Robbb as he'd been out of town over the weekend and had stories about restaurants that we don't have here, which is always a nice change of pace.

SolarAfter lunch the wife had a meeting and Macguffin was otherwise engaged so he split and I got more work done, the wife came home, grabbed a cat nap while I worked, and then we jumped back into the Heroes stuff with both feet. I have to say that I'm really loving the show, possibly because it reminds me of the quasi-realistic take on superhumans that the Valiant comic Harbinger from the early 90's had, complete with the conspiracy of someone trying to control or eliminate the characters before they really understand their powers. In a total digression aside, I'd like to mention how much I used to fucking adore the Solar, Man Of The Atom revival that featured so much of the work of Barry Windsor-Smith, what a great series.

At this point we're still about 6 episodes out from the finale, which I imagine we'll finish in the next day or so, which I'm quite looking forward to.

I'm wiped out, so I'm calling it a night kids.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Feeling Lazy (Um, Lazier Than Usual; Or: The Big Five Oh Oh)

This might be a total cop-out as far as posts go (especially for the 'landmark' 500th post), but I may go with a meme-type thing this evening just because there's not a lot going on around these parts and I doubt many of you really give a rat's ass about my ongoing viewing of the TiVo'd Heroes episodes this afternoon.

I will happily note that the first season will be available on DVD with all the usual bells and whistles in late August and leave it at that.

And now for the stolen meme-thing that will pass for the post this evening, freely lifted from my favorite barrister's clerk, Al.

Finish each sentence...

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss... was from the wife on her way to bed, as she fell asleep watching the particularly gruesome film Infection, wherein hospital patients in a hospital begin to dissolve into a weird goo.

2. I am listening to... the newest Rock N Rollercoaster via the feed over at The Subculture Collective. Jenka hosts a great mixture of old and new rockabilly and classic fifties rock tunes, check it out, kids.

3. I talk... A lot of shit? I don't know, probably more than I should, if you want to know the truth.

4. I want... to be more committed to the work than I have recently, I've been slacking a good deal with no real excuse except laziness.

5. My best friend(s)... are counted on one hand and would do anything for me, the same as I would for them.

7.The weather is... still puzzlingly mild considering that we're slouching into summer around these parts.

8. I hate it when people... are around? I dunno, I am probably best left alone in most cases, not that I can't mix with the other animals, I'm just accustomed to entertaining myself.

9. Love is... not only blind, but stupid as well, otherwise I wouldn't be married to such a wonderful woman.

10. Marriage is... the albatross that haunts my every waking moment. Naw, just fucking with ya, marriage is tits with me, and who doesn't like tits?

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking... "why would he write something like that for the whole world to see?" That person is probably a relative of mine.

12. I'll always... have a wise-ass comment for virtually any situation.

13. I have a secret crush on... no one that jumps to mind immediately, though the news that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds might be dating made me slightly jealous of both of them.

14. The last time I cried was... probably at some cheesy movie, but serious emotional tears would probably be at the funeral of my friend's grandfather back in February.

15. My cell phone is... one of those fancy schmancy Blackjack phones that I'm sure I don't utilize to its full potential.

16. When I wake up in the morning... the Yorkie immediately sticks her tongue in my nose by way of greeting.

17. Before I go to bed... I try to post something on here that will be an amusing diversion for some random interweb passerby.

18. Right now I am thinking about... possibly doing another one of those 'blog-a-thons' that I'd done awhile back, where I post once an hour for a solid 24 hours, though why I'd want to subject myself to such a stress test I have no idea. I can honestly say that I've struggled at times with ideas about what to write in the past few weeks for a daily post, but am seriously thinking about writing for 24 hours straight, so maybe I have some kind of death wish or something.

19. Babies are... possibly in the cards, somewhere down the line. Don't rush me.

20. I go on MySpace... to patiently wait for Chris Hansen. Kidding Chris, call off your dogs.

21. Today I... should have done something more with my life, but instead spent a lot of time with the television.

22. Tonight I... did much the same thing, pausing briefly to help the wife finish up dinner.

23. Tomorrow I... will actually get some work done.

24. I really want to... do something more constructive with the free time that I've been afforded since leaving the 9-5 day job environment.

25. Someone who will most likely repost this? Whoever is the most bored, or like me is looking for an easy post.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm Writing To You From The Future...

Or at least 'from the future' as compared to the actual post date on tonight's little missive, as I had to take time to open the Blog window early so the post would register on the correct day.

This is also post number 499 in the not so long boring history that is Dear Bastards, which I suppose is a milestone of sorts in the arena of me wasting my time, with the big five oh oh coming up tomorrow.

The wife and I spent time with the Mother In Law today, as she wanted to go shopping at some little boutique-y type place that had an ad in the newspaper this week claiming to have over 30 new styles of shoes in stock, but before we could go there she needed a sandwich to grab a bit of quick energy. The sandwich shop she chose was about seven feet from the store she wanted to go to, so she (no shit) pokes her head in and asks the (somewhat confused) clerks if they care if she snacks on half her sandwich while she shops.

Holy shit, friends and neighbors, holy fucking shit, this is my life.

They are apparently accustomed to dealing with crazy rich women, so they allow this to happen, and we spend a good 45 minutes wandering around the store, the MIL trying on shoes and looking for little trinket-type jewelry.

We also spent some time downtown at the art festivus, making time to look into the rather Gawdawful food situation thereabouts, the MIL quite randomly hell bent on snacking on some more food that was deep fried and just kinda gross. I personally don't tend to be a fan of the fair-type foods, as corndogs and deep fried Snickers bars aren't exactly something I wanna pay $5.00 a whack for, as it tends to be sketchy at best, and just nauseating at worst.

We shopped it up a bit, and the wife bought me the one painting I expressed interest in for about $40.00, which was a steal in my opinion. The painting, by a wonderful gentleman by the name of David Wong is of a (in my mind, at least) samurai warrior (quite assumed on my part, as there's no visible weapon) who is painted in watercolor from the side, his eyes cast in a sideways slant, the expression dubious, it completely sums up my attitude for the entire afternoon. I love this painting so much, I'll try to snap a picture of it to post later, as I've been completely unable to locate art by this man online.

This evening the wife and I watched a fairly useless Korean film this evening called Wishing Stairs, which just seemed to muddle along without any real rhyme or reason until it finished and the wife woke up. It wasn't a completely bad film, but it wasn't very good either, which I believe is the same basic beef I had with a film called Whispering Corridors, which alleges to be somehow related, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Who Ya Gonna Call?Later in the evening, we began watching the first episodes of Heroes, the marathon of which has been running all day, but inexplicably ran the first episodes last, starting around ten in the evening. The wife took to it quite well, which was surprising, but then again she, like myself, likes a nice soap opera. I think Hiro is our favorite character right now, just because he's cute and reminds us of Lloyd on Entourage, which sounds racist when you consider that their only real connection is that they're Asian, but a lot of it is the wide eyed optimism, not the ethnicity, so back off.

Great show, I'm glad we had the chance to grab all of them at one time, and I'm looking forward to plowing through them in the next few days.

Tired, it's late, I'm out.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Afternoon Delight

The opening bit this evening comes from the 'More Information Than We're Comfortable With' Files: While the wife and I were screwing this afternoon, the Yorkie walked onto my chest, sat down and looked at one, then the other of us as if demanding explanations.

The honeymoon may be over.What The Hell Are You Two Doing?

If it helps you emotionally to try and visualize the celebrity couple of your choice rather than the wife and I doing it, feel free, and I suggest that dog from Frasier to play the part of Bella, as this will probably cast everyone involved in a much more flattering light.

The wife and I ran errands this afternoon, and then got ready for the charity event this evening, which is a weekend long art related event.

The Mother In Law had said she was going with us, so we met our friend Brian at the MIL's house this evening, only to wait about an hour for her to finish getting ready. I had to give her a bit of grief about things, but I was happy that she was out and about, and we made our way downtown and went inside, the MIL and Brian quite hungry and ready for the catered buffet style meal. We are immediatley waylayed as soon as we get inside, which means that we're not going to be eating anytime soon, so I take some initiative and head over to the bar for a cocktail, as I know I'm going to be doing a lot of pressing the flesh and would feel better with a buzz.

Curse the wife for being so sweet and knowing over half the damned town. As Morris always puts it, "Oh look, K's running for mayor again..." as she is stopped nearly every ten feet to have a conversation with various and sundry folks all through the building as we try desperately to make our way to the food area.

We eventually made our way to the food area, got our little plates together and had a meal with out other table mates, people from the office, and a few friends who joined us there. Insert one more cocktail, and I'm on my way to a free buzz, so away we go to check out the art upstairs.

We begin the slow and tedious process of working our way through the throng of people that the wife has to stop and greet roughly every ten feet, and Brian and I eventually decide that we're able to make it about a booth and a half before being stopped again by someone new.

A couple more cocktails and one purchase later, we're the proud owners of a painting of the Moulin Rouge, which makes for a nice commemorative item for our upcoming anniversary, as we had a nice evening there on the honeymoon.

Home late, wife off to bed, me off to the interweb with a beer in hand to post this crap before crashing out myself.

I noticed that Blogger is now automatically setting my comment status to 'off' on each new post with their new autosave advances, in spite of my everyday settings on the blog being set to 'allow', I hope this works itself out eventually, as it had at least one person commenting on a different post due to no comment section being available on yesterday's.

Oh, and there's a few new items over on the BSL if anyone still cares.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

TVLand Part Nine

We've still been dealing again with the strangely wet weather the past couple days, more of this puzzling moisture from the skies that I hear people refer to as 'rain'. I say that with such curiousity, as we're not really accustomed to dealing with such here locally, and certianly not this often, but it does make leaving the house less of an appealing prospect, and since the wife has been pretty busy the past couple of days, she took advantage of the bad weather and we chilled at home with some quality television time today.

We watched another episode of the Anthea Turner show on BBCAmerica, Perfect Housewives, which was good catty fun and always makes me laugh out loud at least once. There was a good deal more of the baskets thing, which while being a reasonable solution, will eventually turns your home into wicker hell, so I'll be curious to see how long my infatuation with this woman's show lasts. I did happen to run across a few (NSFW, duh) pics of her topless this evening, so I give it at least a few more months, because I'm terribly crass like that.

I also plowed through more of the TiVo'd Tales From The Darkside stuff in an effort to make room for the Heroes marathon this weekend. I've been saving too much crap in the past few months, and need to make some room for new material, otherwise the poor TiVo won't know whether to shit or go blind, to coin a typically regionalistic vulgarity.

I wrote another little thing for the BSL, and sent that sKincarver's way, so it's in his hands now, and I am planning on trying to put together something else later this evening, just to try and keep the ball rolling after such a long absence.

The wife and I had dinner with the Mother In Law and Grandmother over at the MIL's house, we took the easy route and picked up food for everyone and just met them there so the dogs could do their dog thing and wrestle and growl and wear each other out while we had a bite to eat.

We watched a movie this evening, still clearing room on the TiVo, this one called The Keeper, which starred Dennis Hopper stepping outside of his realm of experience to play a crazy guy, and Asia Argento as his unfortunate victim. The film's plot barely qualifies as a Lifetime movie, but was surprisingly watchable and we enjoyed the film pretty well in spite of ourselves.

I finished the Palahniuk non-fiction book last night, it was an interesting ride and quite informative as to how a lot of his books take shape based on the odd jobs or errands he's taken on in the course of his life, as well as the weird trivia he's collected. I'm planning on starting his latest this evening once I finish up here, I'm curious what it holds for me.

I'm out kids, I have some other writing to do, as well as trying to get some work done tomorrow before the charity soiree tomorrow evening. Yay, free booze.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can I Let You Go, Mom? I Think I May Have Bad Diarrhea...

The post title this evening comes from an episode of Tales From The Darkside that I watched tonight. The Sci-Fi Channel had another of their marathons last week, and the TiVo dutifully grabbed the lot of it, and after I went through and deleted the few that I'd already seen recently, I was left with about 12 episodes to watch, and decided to plow through a few of them.

Part of the fun of these 80's relics is seeing stars who either went on to better things, or stories by famous authors, things like that, and the payoff was one of tonight's episodes turned out to be written by Stephen King. He kinda let me down when he managed to use the above line as an excuse for a woman to get off the phone and then later in the same tale had someone described as "having to take a whiz really bad' and going so far as to break their lock trying to get in the door. Nothing particularly significant about the strangely scatalogical edge to the writing, but it was weird enough to make the wife call from the next room "What did she just say?"

Funny stuff.

Hayden Who?I should also mention in a completely dorky aside, whilst grabbing links for the Sci-Fi Channel, I noticed that they have a marathon of Heroes coming up on May 19th, so I think it's finally time to give this show a day in court. TiVo suggested an episode a week or so back, and I watched it against my better judgement, kinda knowing I'd end up getting fished in, and that's exactly what happened, the curiousity's definitely piqued. I'd expected to just buy the DVD when the first season was released, but if I can check it out sooner, why not? Plus it'll be nice to finally know who the hell Hayden Panettiere is after reading shit about her on countless celebrity gossip sites.

Just what I need, another television show to try and keep up with....

I finally wrote a little something about 28 Weeks Later for the BSL, which is up for your perusal and derision over there, I promise more new content later in the week if at all possible, I've just felt very unmotivated to write anything movie related recently, I'm not sure why.

I've been suffering from what I presume is allergy-related drainage, as I've been awake at unGodly hours twice this week with congestion and a touch of what feels like acid reflux, which hasn't bothered me in a good long while. I'm not sure what's up with that, and I would almost have chalked it up to an allergy (previously unknown to me, mind you) to cinnamon, which was an ingredient in a chocolate cake we had for Mother's Day, and that's the only connection between the two days in question. I had a large piece Sunday, and then problems Sunday night, recovered on Monday and experienced no problems, then had a piece of cake again last night and was miserable at 4:00 AM.

I found myself sitting around online at 5:00 AM, trying to get my breathing congestion to the point that I could breathe again and scrolling through some random forum I'd never been to before, the thread title being something charming like "Would you hit it?", staring at 15 year old pictures of Virginia Madsen, wondering how the hell I got there.

I wondered if the cake was the connection, but I'd never had any issues with cinnamon before, but all the reading I found online about it leads me to believe that it would manifest itself not as a sinus issue but as swelling in my mouth or throat, so I'm back to guessing more traditional allergies may be the culprit. This is quite annoying, as they haven't really bothered me in quite some time, and I was hoping something had sorted itself out on its own.


Be seeing you (possibly in the wee hours of the morning).

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where Has The Month Gone?

Captain, My Captain...
Today is the 15th of the month, and it seems as though only yesterday it was the 4th and we were knee-deep in K's birthday celebration. At the rate we're going I'll wake up in a few days and it'll be late June and we'll be in Dallas for Texas Frightmare Weekend and I won't even remember meeting Captain Spaulding.

What gives?

The wife has booked a Las Vegas trip for July, along with the hairdressers who introduced us and Anastasia Beaverhouszen and husband Know1, so there's that weirdness to look forward to; everyone has been on about how much I'll love Vegas, so we'll see how this goes. The wife was always convinced that I'd love Austin as well, and I hated that fucking city with a passion, too trendy-hippy-artsy-fartsy for my tastes, and any motherfucker older than me with a long ratty beard and a backpack wandering around in the middle of the day needs to clean himself up and get a fucking job for God's sake.

I'm no career-driven, corporate-weasel, business-criminal asshole-type, but stand away from the hacky sack and take a little pride in yourself. Yeesh.

I'll be interested to see what my impression of Las Vegas is, and I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be as off-putting as the Austin experience was.

I was able to basically finish the project I've been working on today, listening to several podcasts in the process, including a new Dead Lantern Splattercast, Night Of The Living Podcast and ReGen Magazine's latest that featured stuff from Frontline Assembly.

I also had lunch with Robbb, who will be celebrating a birthday next week, and then hit Best Buy to pick up Pan's Labyrinth and The Fountain, which I'm quite excited to finally see.

Saw Macguffin in the late afternoon, and he and I ran around a bit and then he split for home as K was getting in from some random charity meeting. She and I chilled and watched a few things off TiVo, including a great new Entourage, man that show has been really interesting this season, though this looks to be the last one for awhile.

The wife hit the bed, and I popped in here to write this silly grocery list that can pass for a post today.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

More Zombies, Er, Excuse Me, Infected

The iPod in full effect this morning, I was able to get some work done in the AM, listening to a new Stomp Tokyo Podcast and a portion of the latest Cinemaslave, which revealed that my man Joe hated Spider-Man 3; it's certianly been a polarizing film, and I will forgive him because he loved 28 Weeks Later. The wife piddled around the house with a few of her charity projects and made a list of errands for us to run this afternoon, which we set out to do shortly after noon.

Is This Acting Out Because You Saw Your Father Killed In Front Of You In 28 Days Later?Talk of 28 Weeks, the wife had expressed curiousity about the original film, so we watched that this evening, and I'm happy to report that she enjoyed 28 Days Later even more than the sequel. Also in the same vein, since I've been getting a good deal of hits based on a post last Friday labeled Imogen Poots in reference to the teen hottie in the sequel, I feel like I should mention that the young female lead that played Hannah from the original film has evidently morphed from actress Megan Burns into the musical act Betty Curse, which has a somewhat Advil Lavigne-ish sound judging from the clip that plays when the site opens.

Watched a bit of television with the wife this evening, including a new Girls Next Door and Cathouse Season 2, which prompted the wife to say that if I wanted, for our 10th anniversary she'd let me screw my 'favorite' hooker from the show, Isabella Soprano. While this sorta sounds intriguing on paper, I told her that I'd take a pass on that one, as who knows how bombed out and creepy a hooker will look in ten long, long years. I said the only way I'd negotiate that deal was for a hooker to be named later, and we never nailed down any details, so I guess I probably missed my shot to step out with permission for an anniversary.

Oh well, I'm sure I'll get over it, but this always goes to show that you can never predict what the fuck my wife will pop off with at the most random times. Oh, and lest the casual reader get the idea that all I do is make the wife watch tasteless, sexist television, both of the programs mentioned were recorded at her behest, so there, nyah.

On a completely unrelated note, I spent some time this evening cleaning up the links section to the left, as several of the blogs over there had gone away for good (I click in and there's nothing but Google ads) or have quit linking to me (So now I'm off your love list?) and I'm kinda petty like that, so anything over there should be good to go for your clicking pleasure now.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Woke later than I should have, enjoyed the coffee the wife had gone and picked up, and then piddled around the house with her doing household chores and laundry type stuff 'til near noon.

We ran by a store to pick up a few last minute Mother's Day cards for basically all the other women in the family who would be at the Mother In Law's this afternoon, then headed over to the MIL's house. We had four dogs underfoot, the two that the MIL owns, the Yorkie, and one of the sister's dogs as well, which made for some interesting shuffle walking, but only got worse once Grandmother arrived and began her incessant whining about the animals and wanting them to be banished to the sun room, which I refuse to stand for. They're a group of rambunctious dogs with more than their share of fur, only a real asshole would be locking them in a room that's about 20 degrees hotter than the rest of the house.

I offered only half jokingly to just have the yappy one put down, because that's truly the dog that annoys the room, the others just wrestle and mind their own business, and Grandmother balked at the idea and finally shut the hell up about it and toughed it out.

The dogs settled eventually, and we had our meal, and then everyone eventually spread to the four winds, after we realized that we'd somehow killed the entire afternoon.

I believe a good Mother's Day was had by all, and happy Mother's Day to all those reading to whom it might apply.

The wife and I watched our usual Sunday night television this evening, Simpsons, Family Guy, and a particularly amusing episode of American Dad about mad cow disease. The Yorkie collapsed in a heap after playing all afternoon, which I'm sure will mean she'll be up and ready to play at one in the AM when I try to go to sleep. I suppose I should say, more accurately, when I settle into bed to read some more of my Chuck Palahniuk book; I've been working on his collection of non-fiction essays recently, Stranger Than Fiction, and it's quite interesting. I'm considering giving a copy to K's Uncle, he would probably get a kick out of the bizarre and varied material that Palahniuk writes about.

Oh, You Desperate Housewife You...Desperate Housewives was alright, though the most interesting thing about it was that they finally revealed that my girl Bree will be back for the next episode, the final one of the season, if I'm not mistaken. I'm quite happy about that, as I recall asking the wife a few weeks ago "...so, is Bree dead or what? Have I missed something?" Good to know that she's still on the show, I seem to recall something about a real-life pregnancy that had her written out of the show for a bit, but damn, it's been awhile.

Probably the only time Desperate Housewives and the author of Fight Club have been mentioned in the same post in the history of the interweb, I'd imagine.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Abbreviated Saturday

Slept in late, like the shiftless fucking sloth I've become recently, then watched several movies over the course of the afternoon so I can return them to those rental throttling pricks at Netfux on Monday.

The films watched included the Willard re-make from a few years ago, it was interesting and made me think ill of the re-make of Black Christmas all over again, as the director obviously knows how to make a decent film and just completely cocked up that one. I also watched something I'd been hearing a lot about in the horror circles, The Roost, which looked to be lit with a couple of 40 watt bulbs and filmed mostly on someone's fucking cell-phone, because seriously, this was the darkest, blurriest film I've seen in a long time that wasn't on 15th generation bootleg VHS, and it wasn't even that great a film after it's all said and done.

Finally, having read Kevin Smith's blog over the past month or so about his involvement with the Catch And Release film, I also checked it out, and it was an okay movie, though I still don't quite understand the general appeal of Jennifer Garner. She's quite generic as an actress from what little I've seen of her, she strikes me as the female equivalent of Mark Ruffalo, who is possibly the blandest leading man I've seen in recent years.

The wife and I had dinner with the Mother In Law, who'd asked if we wanted to go out someplace this evening, which was something of a mistake, as every restaurant in town was packed. The first place we went had a 45 minute wait, which I'd do in Dallas maybe, but for this area that's re-Goddamned-diculous, so we found a smaller place on the other side of town and grabbed supper away from the heavy crowds. We hit the grocery store afterward, as the MIL is planning a lunch for the family for Mother's Day tomorrow afternoon and needed supplies.

Best part of the grocery store visit: They have those self checking stands at the side of the lanes, which I personally think is a scam; why am I checking myself out and bagging my own shit when there's perfectly good employees standing around being useless waiting to 'okay' my purchase anyway? I had gone to grab some odd last minute item and the MIL was waved over to the self checking lanes by a mentally retarded bag boy, God Bless him, who told her how much easier/faster this was, and when she balked at the rigmarole of it, he started trying to help her do the self checking(!), which was going nowhere fast when I got back up to the registers. I had to walk away, because it was pretty funny watching this poor guy try to show someone who had no interest whatsoever in learning how to do something I'm pretty sure he himself didn't understand completely. A manager, who looked to be about 17 or so finally stepped in and actually rang up the entire basket of items for the MIL, and we got the hell out of there.

The MIL on the brief ordeal: "Honey, I didn't realize he had problems until he had already drug me over there, and by that time I didn't know how to tell him 'no' without being mean."

Having weighed recently and noting that I'm weighing 250, up a few pounds from the past month or so, and certainly not losing anything, I hit the Wii Sports again tonight, with a good bit of boxing following a tennis warm-up, which gave me a nice 30-40 minute sweat. I'm feeling pretty good about doing this type of thing to get the metabolism up a bit, as I can't seem to do this crap without at least a little footwork as well, it just seems natural to move around while your upper body is in motion. Plus the activity drives the dog apeshit, as she doesn't know what the hell I'm doing, so that's entertaining as well.

Be seeing you.

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