Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cinematic Sunday Nine

I made breakfast today as I did last Sunday, the same half-assed omelette that we started our day with this time last week. The wife spent some time online while I cooked, looking into the logistics of starting a specific type of charity program here in Texas that she was familiar with from a friend of hers in Tennessee. It's an interesting idea, I'll let you know more if it actually happens, the idea itself is way cool, especially since she's involved in so many non-profit organizations, it makes sense that she'd eventually look into starting one of her own.

We basically did nothing today, the wife took a long nap in the afternoon and I spent some time poking around online and put about two hours toward the graphing projects, which got one of them ready to graph in the AM and a second halfway ready to go as well.

I decided to give the eyes a rest and watched a movie called Head Trauma so I could return it to those rental throttling pricks at Netfux. A film that Skincarver had pretty much raved about awhile back, it finally made it to the top of the queue and was well worth the wait. A drifter-type returns to his grandmother's home to try and save it from demolition and after suffering a head injury begins to have hallucinations, or are they? The cast of unknowns are all pretty believable in their respective roles, and the overall tone is nicely tense. Add to this some intriguing camerawork and just enough questions about our protagonist to keep you guessing and the film gives you a nicely constructed payoff. I have to admit that the ending does telegraph itself somewhat, but with the head injury the lead has suffered, it's hard to decide what to take as reality and what is simply hallucination.

I started cooking supper after the wife got up in the late afternoon, as I wanted to be sure to catch the Fox animation block this evening. The wife baked some cookies and I got our little Hamburger Helper quick fixin' dinner ready, then we settled in for some television.

We watched The Simpsons, King Of The Hill, Family Guy and American Dad, then dove into the actual season premiere of Desperate Housewives.

And then we watched the Dexter season premiere, which was pretty intriguing, setting the season plot-threads up, although what I've read about this coming season seems to say that it's not based around the source novels at all, which could be interesting, seeing if the writers can maintain the same level of quality without a blueprint of sorts.

And now we're here, hunting up a few trailers for your viewing pleasure.

I'll begin with a little bonus, the trailer for this new season of Dexter, because I secretly work for Showtime. Seriously, I'm whoring their stuff more than I talk about things that I write myself, but here's a look at what I've been so excited about the past few weeks.

The first film trailer tonight is another one of those that I have no earthly idea when I'll actually get to see, but the Mondo Movie Podcast guys were raving about it, having seen it at Frightfest in London. The film is Cold Prey, directed by Roar Uthuag, and though the trailer I found has no subtitles, the premise promises a Norwegian slasher film, lean and mean, a group of likeable friends isolated in an old hotel who run afoul of a killer living there. Give it a look and keep your eyes peeled.

Next up is a trailer for the next film from the controversial director Uwe Boll, who you might remember for his awful films like Alone In The Dark or House Of The Dead. Y'know, the director who went so far as to call up his interweb detractors and box them as part of a publicity stunt for this film, because we all know that internet nerds aren't known for their physical prowess. I've heard weirdly positive reviews about this film, perhaps Boll has finally found a voice in doing dark comedy with the film Postal. Check it:

Finally we have an adaptation of Clive Barker's short story The Midnight Meat Train, which in spite of sounding like an awful gay porno film is about a killer who butchers people on the subway late at night, with the resulting meat being delivered to an undisclosed location. It's been years since I read the original story, but I recall liking it and the film looks interesting enough, give it a peep and then settle in to wait until early 2008 for the theatrical release.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Party-Planning 101

People like chairs.

Where Were You In My Hour Of Needm You Brown Leather Tease? The wife and I ended up having a get together of sorts this evening, one which stretched far beyond the limited seating we have in our home with half the furniture back at the old house for 'staging' to entice a potential buyer.

But I'm getting ahead of myself as I so often do, let's backtrack to the events of the day, which in order would read more like this:

The wife and I wanted to have the Hairdressers over for dinner, since we've barely seen them since the Vegas trip awhile back, and they haven't seen the new house at all. When we posed this theory to them earlier in the week, they agreed to have dinner with us and mentioned that the recently moved Anastasia Beaverhouszen and husband would be in town, perhaps we should try to include them as well.

This is all well and good until we started counting the limited seating we currently have in the house and started feeling a little silly for having people over and not even being able to offer them a chair, especially since we're not in college, living off Ramen and sleeping on bean bags anymore.

Add to this the fact that our friend Brian, who we'd put off from doing something with last night also wanted to come over, and then the Mother In Law who decided to drop in and you have a pretty hectic night.

The wife and I went grocery shopping this afternoon, something I generally avoid like the plague on the weekends because of the sheer number of the great unwashed schlepping their way through the store. We made it through surprisingly unscathed, the list fulfilled and the maids list of demands for Endust met. I did have occasion to have my life flash before my eyes when some crazy broad, completely fighting the flow of traffic and average speeds in the store almost ran me the fuck over with her buggy full of Swanson's Lonely Meals For One, but otherwise our trip was uneventful.

Back at the house we unloaded groceries, ate some lunch and then started getting supper ready so we'd have less to do later in the evening. I picked up the house a little and went by the old place to water the outside plants, which have seen better days, and pick up a few odds and ends like a few indoor plants that we'd left behind during the move. I took some time to re-pot a few of the plants back at the house and the wife put the finishing touches on dinner prep.

We had guests begin arriving around 6-ish, and we visited with Anastasia and Kno1, giving them the tour of the house now that we were at least partially settled in. Brian arrived next, and we all visited while waiting for the rest of our party and the wife got supper ready to serve. The girls arrived and we gave them the tour of about half the house before we all decided to sit down and eat, as everyone was hungry. The MIL arrived about this time, which left everyone half-served while they said their greetings to her, and we finally got everyone settled and served for supper.

The casserole was good, the dessert the Beaverhouszens brought was tasty, and then we played Wii Carnival, a game the Beaverhouszens had brought with them for us to check out. I'm impressed that they are as into the Wii as they are, as my own interest has waned in the past few months. The MIL split shortly after supper and we chilled with the game for awhile, drinking and visiting until around 11:00.

I popped a couple Zantac to combat the alcohol in my system and logged into this turkey, and now we find ourselves here at the tags once again.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Maybe I'm Just Another Flag Waver...

How I keep starting these stupid things later and later every night is absolutely beyond me, but here we go at elevenish at night yet again, this time finishing up the latest Reel Horror Podcast as I type.

The wife and I broke out the coffee pot at long last here in the new house and made a pot of coffee this morning, shooting the shit while thumbing through the paper before she had to leave for a lunch meeting. The lawn guys came and went, the Yorkie survived the experience for another week, the wife went on her way and I hopped online to check e-mail.

I elected to not ruin my eyes today since I have the weekend ahead and no real responsibilities to keep me from working tomorrow afternoon, so I instead called Macguffin and visited with him for about an hour and a half, catching up on random bullshit.

The wife came home and we made tentative plans to try and see our hairdressers for dinner tomorrow night, and to see the Mother In Law for supper tonight.

They're A Helluva Lot More Than Mysterious And Spooky...We took the time to check out a little something from those rental throttling pricks at Netfux, a film I'd meant to check out for some time now, and one I figured the wife might be interested in considering her interest in true crime stuff. The Manson Family was pretty interesting, although some of the camera technique used to indicate the frenetic craziness was a little over the top. I actually felt that a good deal of the footage looked like something out of an Italian Giallo film, what with the color saturation and over the top violence. The film is worth a look, the quasi-documentary approach works pretty well.

The wife chilled for awhile and I headed out to the garage to work out before we had to head over to the MIL's place for supper.

We picked up Chinese and met the Uncle and Grandmother over at the MIL's house, ate and visited for awhile. I think the MIL may be having strokes or something, as she had somehow blocked out the fact that I'm not a staunch Republican like all the rest of her wealthy oil family, something we've discussed several times, hell even on the night of the last election if my memory serves. This came up when she was talking about how amusing she found Dennis Miller and I expressed how puzzled I was that he took the right-leaning swing in the past few years, as he had been pretty middle of the road to leftist in his younger days.

All this conversation did was make me happy that the wife is happily apolitical and won't ever be riding me about voting a straight Republican ticket like all of her relatives. I basically live under the general impression that all politicians are evil fucks, and that there's two types of politics: The kind that doesn't effect me and the kind I don't understand.

Turning a blind eye to it all probably makes me exactly the kind of American they want, now that I see it in print.

Cue the Lee Greenwood song and we go to commercial...

Back home, the wife and I watched some television, TiVo'd Ghost Hunters, Hotel Babylon and a couple Ace Of Cakes for good measure before calling it a night.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Don't Really Want To Be Anyone's Friend

This is a weird tangent to address here, but since June of last year I've had a Myspace account just for the novelty (originally) of being able to download a few free songs here and there, but about 4 fuggin' minutes after I started doing that shit, virtually all of the music stuff became streaming only and it was kinda pointless. I also know that there's some kind of hack available on the web that allows you to bypass this shit, but I can't bothered to dick around with it.

The point of this ramble is that I have a Myspace account that I did very little with for about a year, then started adding bands, comics creators, artists and shit like that just for the hell of it and because a few comedians actually keep up with irregular posting on their own Myspace blogs. I eventually started using it as a mirror for the Blogger stuff, just cutting and pasting the daily stuff into blog posts over there as well.

During the year I had the account, I got about 20 unsolicited friend requests, and now that I'm using it on a daily basis to post this crap, I get around 5 pages worth of bogus friend requests from accounts that've already been deleted and people trying to sell me on a 'friend-finding' service using some stock photo of a broad in a bikini.

What gives? Is it the increased frequency that I'm signing in? Why the hell am I suddenly attracting all this phishing crap out of nowhere?

Any fuggin way....

I sent the wife on her way quite early this morning, as she had several meetings and I needed to get finished with my last project and get some money in the bank so I could make a credit card paymetn before they come for my thumbs. I listened to the latest Indie Spinner Rack, which was more in the fashion of their early shows, just the hosts bullshitting about comics for an hour or more, rather than being as interview-heavy as they've become recently. I paused and called the bossman to make certian that I'd be able to catch him at home; he has an uncanny knack for being out of town on a well on the specific day I plan on trying to get in touch with him. He was indeed planning on leaving, iun the early afternoon, so I buckled down and got the work finished, my eyes blurring a bit with the effort.

The maids arrived as I was finishing up, they started their work as I listened to the Horror Podcast and inked the graphs in. I got dressed and told them to just let themselves out, as I had to catch this slippery fucker before he headed out of town.

I dropped the stuff off, got paid and picked up three more things to work on over the weekend.

I deposited the check, mailed a letter and hit a Taco Bell drive-thru for the better part of 30 minutes; who knew shitty food took even longer to make?

Gremlins Poster (Polish)Back at the ranch, I calmed the Yorkie who thought I'd abandoned her to the maids, who then in turn abandoned her altogether, then checked my e-mail and set up the credit card payment for tomorrow morning now that I actually had enough cash in the bank to cover it. I ate and gave the dog some nibbles of tortilla while we watched Gremlins on cable. The wife came home about halfway through the movie and the three of us finished the film.

I'm using the Polish poster just to throw Macguffin a bone since I don't normally do a lot with posters I think he'll really like, but I figure he'll dig this one.

Wifey crashed out in the chair immediately after the credits rolled on Gremlins, so I watched last weeks' episode of My Name Is Earl in preparation for the premiere this evening.

I spoke to Macguffin on the phone for awhile, then wrote something about Gremlins for the BSL. I'm trying to get a little stockpile of stuff going to be able to feed Skinny when he gets back from his fabulous family vacation, just so we can possible try and keep that frontpage fresh for a change.

The Taco Bell was weighing on my heart and mind (and bowels), so I kinda skipped supper, the wife and I just snacked on a few items here or there instead of having an actual meal, and settled in for television this evening.

The season premieres of My Name Is Earl and The Office were both great, The Office in particular really cracked me up, Steve Carell fucking runs over one of the cast in the first moments of the show. Great stuff.

We finished off the evening with the remaining two episodes of Dexter, and are now ready for the season premiere this weekend.

I'm out, my eyes are tired from the graphing and the abundance of optical input today.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Gift To You

That's right, I have a little gift for all seven of you that read this with any kind of regular consistency, the gift of a certian amount of brevity. I find myself logging onto this turkey even later than usual, so I wanna do an extremely quick rundown of the day so I can get some rest and be up at a reasonable time to finish the last set of graphs tomorrow morning.

I worked my little fingers to the graphing bone this morning, and listened to the latest Dead Lantern Splattercast and a new Cinemaslave while doing so. The wife spent the morning online dicking with bills, non-profit stuff and general goofing around.

She grabbed us some lunch and after we ate the Best Buy fellows arrived with the two televisions, so we took some time to restrain the Yorkie so they could unload and then set up the television in the bedroom which will live on its stand. We had them leave the other one in its box so that the guys who are coming to install it can do their bit next week. The new TV in the bedroom looks awesome, and I went ahead and hooked up the DVD player that's been made region free with the little remote hack, so we're good to go for any type of viewing entertainment.

The wife has discovered one drawback to the crisp new television, it makes old re-runs of shows on Hallmark look like they were filmed on a turd rather than celluloid, but what can you do? Murder She Wrote was a loooong fucking time ago....

I worked some more in the afternoon, finishing a good chunk of the second set of graphs and listening to the newest (Cool) Shite On The Tube, then went to the garage and worked out, though not as heavily as the past few days, as the soreness has finally started to creep in a bit.

34 More Days To Halloween; Silll-ver Shamrock!I showered, the wife was by this time at a stopping point with her dinner prep, so we watched Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, something I'd been meaning to do since we met Tom Atkins back in June. I still dug the flick, regardless of it not featuring any slasher elements, and the wife dozed through the latter half. I also watched I Think I Love My Wife in an effort to get it back to those rental throttling pricks at Netfux. The movie was okay, but for a comedy only made me laugh once during the entire film. It was written by Chris Rock and Louis C.K., and being familiar with their 'marriage is kinda boring, but better than being single' approach to comedy, this film didn't really blow my skirt up, as I've heard a lot of this stuff before. Oh, and the idea that a married man shouldn't try to be quasi-secret friends with a foxy single girl isn't really all that revolutionary either.

We finished the evening off with a couple more episodes of Dexter in our little prep for the new season this weekend and now I'm here, talking to you people.

I'm out.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Damn You TiVo, Damn You All To Hell!

I'll explain why I'm so enraged with my beloved TiVo later in the post.

Let's just muddle through the day first and see where we end up.

The wife had errands aplenty again this morning, so I used the alone time to work on the graphs and listen to the iPod, getting back into the swing of my workdays again. I listened to Mark Kermode's Movie Reviews in which he proceeded to tear the ass off Death Proof, which I still haven't re-watched. I did enjoy the film the first time around, but I am on the fence about how much I actually liked it, and will probably remain so until I find time to watch the extended cut offered on the DVD.

When we purchased the two giant televisions last week, we also purchased new phones for the house, and as our luck generally goes, only three of the four extensions worked, so we had to go and exchange that today. We went early and grabbed some lunch in a restaurant that was filled to capacity with people and their small children, a weird irony considering that I was planning to blind-buy the Knocked Up film while we exchanged the phones.

The phone exchange was surprisingly hassle free, and after dropping the new one in the car with crossed fingers, we actually shopped Best Buy, and while I grabbed my DVD the wife decided to buy another television for the house, this one for the bathroom, for a shelf that overlooks the jacuzzi tub in the master bath.

I know that when you read that it might sound sorta decadent and I feel weird writing about it sometimes, but try to remember, we're not bad people, she was just born into a crazy wealthy family.

Horrorhound MagazineSo we bought the third television in the last seven days, and I popped into Barnes & Noble for a couple of horror magazines, the newest Fango and Horrorhound, and also the newest Juxtapoz.

I set up the television temporarily in the bedroom, because I'm pretty certian the cable outlet in the bathroom is as completely borked as the ones in the rest of the house from previous experience. The one in the bedroom was re-worked on their last visit though, so it worked like a dream and we have a television back in the bedroom, which is nice. The one that's intended to go in there will supposedly be delivered tomorrow, so maybe my old friend the 120 lb. FedEx woman will be bringing it, like when she dropped off the shelves that completely outweighed her last week.

The wife had an extra-long, once-a-year planning meeting for yet another non-profit this evening and had to leave around 4:45 to do that. I worked some more, finally getting caught up on the last two SModcasts, and even taking time to go to the garage and workout again. I'm really trying to keep it mostly cardio related, just to sweat off some of this Goddamned weight, but that also seems to tire me out much faster than simply trying to lift weights, I can only assume I've lost a lot of the stamina I had for a brief moment a few years back when I was doing this somewhat seriously.

I grabbed a little bite to eat and popped in the Knocked Up disc. I was only 30 minutes or so into it when the wife got home, and we watched the majority of the film together. I don't know what the deal was, if the first bit of the film is actually somewhat boring, or if I just enjoy watching things with her that much more, but I'd been sitting there watching and half-assed regretting blind-buying the thing until we started watching together, and then the film really fished me in. It's surprisingly sweet for such vulgar material, somewhat in the vein of Kevin Smith's Clerks II, and even though it's stretched a little long, it's still well worth your time.

Then we decided to watch the newest Desperate Housewives that the TiVo had recorded. This is where TiVo and I come to our parting of the ways: Since we only had the one television this weekend, I was hit with a dilemma regarding our normal viewing. Under normal circumstances, the TiVo usually grabs the Housewives for later viewing while we go into the bedroom and watch Family Guy 'live', but with no extra television to watch, this was kinda frustrating, and I eventually decided in favor of letting it grab the new Housewives (which the wife and I both want to see) and just waiting to see the hour-long Family Guy Star Wars Special (which the wife can take or leave) either on the web or DVD eventually.

The damned thing TiVo records is a fucking retrospective bullshit episode of Desperate Housewives, a remedial course for the people who haven't watched it for the past three years, so we watched a buncha shit we had already seen first hand when the episodes originally ran three years ago. Bah.

Fool me once, shame on you, TiVo...

I'm off to watch the Family Guy online.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

End Your Evening On A Down Note, Just Like Real Life...

I decided to grab the trusty laptop to open the window to the Blog world because I know that we have a world of television viewing ahead of us this evening before I will get to sit down to write.

Today was a great day, because I spent it in my pajamas and still got a shitload of stuff done that I needed to.

I got up later than planned, which has become the norm of late, I think I need to make the effort to start taking vitamins and fortifying myself with coffee in the mornings again rather than just letting nature take its course once the alarm rings. I checked e-mail, then sent the wife on her way to run a bunch of errands. She always has the offer of "Hey, I've gotta go do all this shit, do you wanna come with?", which I'll usually do if I don't feel kinda up against the wall with the graphs, which was the case today, so I bowed out and put my nose to the grindstone (of sorts).

I grabbed the iPod and listened to the latest from the Night Of The Living Podcast gang, which was funny but a little sad, as they are losing a couple members to other obligations, but the remaining people have a pretty great dynamic, so maybe the change will be fairly painless. I also had a new Destroy The Brain to listen to, which covered some of the recent new to DVD horror fare like the Tales From The Crypt/Vault Of Horror set that came out a few weeks back. I also finally got around to listening to a three week old episode of the SModcast, I've been kinda saving them up a bit, because they are always amusing and fun to listen to back to back.

The wife called about lunch, and brought some take-out with her when she came back. We ate and visited about our mornings, mine being extraordinarily less exciting than hers. Her Mother wanted her to go out shopping in the afternoon, so when she split I worked a bit more, and between the morning and afternoon shifts I got a little over half of one well finished. I took about 45 minutes to go out to the garage and hit the machine shortly after 4:00, rowing and doing a little more with the weights today because I found myself feeling more adventurous.

I checked e-mail and wrote something for the BSL which won't be posted until Skincarver returns from his sabbatical next week, and was sitting down to read the paper and see what TiVo had been up to when the wife got home.

She threw herself into the idea of supper, which she'd been planning would be chicken-fried steak with gravy, mashed potatoes and peas. It was actually more of a heavy meal than I was expecting, but I figured why rock the boat if she's that interested in cooking, so she made the food and I eventually stepped into the kitchen and made the gravy, because we've found that I have a more confident hand at it than she does. I put in the second disc of Dexter while we ate for background noise, and we ended up watching all four episodes on the disc.

Laugh, And The World Thinks You're A Hottie, Cry And The World Thinks..You're Still A Hottie.After that we had the season premiere of Heroes to check out, which was fun, setting up their customary dozen plot-threads for us to puzzle over. I can't exactly say what it is about Hayden Panettiere that's so appealing, possibly the 'girl next door' cute factor, but man...anyway, I was really happy to see her father on the show finally flip on someone who he has to put up with in his 'cover' day job environment, that was extremely satisfying.

We ended the evening with a new episode of Californication, which was the first of the series that has actually left me feeling depressed, as Hank let his daughter down by feeling obligated to help out her soon to be step-sister. I was actually kinda surprised, since the rest of the show's run has had a sarcastic sense of humor even with the darkest material, so it kinda took me by surprise when this ended on such a down note.


Be seeing you.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cinematic Sunday Eight

The wife got up early and dealt with the Yorkie's food situation, which was that the dog likes to be fed by a certian time, but then she doesn't actually eat, she just likes the piece of mind in knowing that she has the option I suppose, and then she and K both go back to sleep. As they were coming back to bed it woke me up, so I tossed and turned for a bit and then got up and checked e-mail before getting the paper from the yard and starting to wash last night's dishes.

I was mostly through with them and listening to the iPod headphones when the wife finally got up, so I made us breakfast, a mish-mashy half-assed omelette of sausage, eggs and a generous helping of cheese.

We looked through the paper and watched this week's Hotel Babylon, which was as soapy and fun as it ever is, and then for a complete change of pace I popped in the recently arrived copy of From Beyond.

Stuart Gordon's From Beyond is another foray into the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft, a writer who I've read precious little by, but what I have read was really interesting. I have to admit to possibly avoiding Lovecraft's work (and adaptations of it) when I was younger because a lot of the people who were into it seemed a little too 'interesting' for their own good, if you catch my drift. The fans of his work that I encountered whilst working in a comic/gaming store always seemed a little hipper than thou, which never fails to rub me the wrong way. Motherfuck the nerd hierarchy, you're still into the same geeky shit that I am pal, don't lie to yourself.

As it happened, I only recently watched Re-Animator for the first time in its entirety, and really enjoyed it a great deal, and now From Beyond, a film which has been unavailable for quite some time has popped back up in a newly restored format. A tale of scientists tampering with the walls between worlds, it has one of them killed and the other in an asylum. When brought back to the scene of the experiment, Tillinghast (played by the Re-Animator himself, Jeffrey Combs) begins to lose it further when his new doctor (the smoking hot Barbara Crampton, also of Re-Animator) encourages him to turn the machine that got his partner killed back on. There's tons of goopy special effects and hideous creatures, all accomplished with practical stuff, and Barbara Crampton in some leather bondage gear. Give it a peep.

The Mother In Law decided to drop in on us later in the afternoon (thankfully leaving the two fugging dogs at home this time), so we entertained her for awhile, as she had just wanted to get out of her house. I ended up putting the first disc of the Season One set of Dexter in while she was chilling with us, so she watched the first episode and liked it a great deal, although she kept repeating to herself that the things the serial killer was saying wasn't funny, even as she laughed at them. I tried to explain that this was why the show was so great, but I think she still felt a little bad at rooting for the 'bad' guy so much. We ordered some deli sandwiches and had it delivered, and after we ate the MIL went on her merry way, as she still had to go and check in on the Grandmother before heading home.

The wife and I finished out the first disc, a total of four episodes, before calling it a night.

I then began the process of finding a few trailers and figuring out what to say about the movie we watched today.

Here we go.

Richard Kelly's long delayed film Southland Tales now has an alleged release date of early November. The trailer, which I watched for the first time tonight, looks pretty interesting if a little disjointed, in that it doesn't give the impression of a linear timeline that the events follow, but it looks like a helluva ride nonetheless, with an extremely varied ensemble cast. Give it a look, I'm hoping to be able to see this in a theater soon.

Next up is the trailer for a film called The Strangers, which at barely over a minute gives little clue as to what to expect save for Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman under siege by wackos wearing creepy masks. It looks more thriller than straight up horror, but also alleges to be based on a true story, so I guess that means Liv Tyler gets a lot of crazed mask wearing fans or something, right? Also, though the images in the trailer may be taken entirely out of context from their appearance in the film, the teaser shows Speedman sending his wiaf-like wife to the door to see who's beating on it at some unGodly hour, which seems like a shitty thing to do even if you are creeped out yourself.

And finally, since I seem to include at least one film each week that I doubt I'll ever see until it makes its way to video in a few years, here's a film from directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza called [Rec], in which a television crew follow a group of firemen on an emergency call that goes horribly, horribly wrong. The vibe seems to be one of Blair Witch and 28 Weeks Later, and according to the interweb info I found this evening, the film which debuted this week in Europe is set to be re-made for Hollywood in 2009, zombie apocalypse permitting.

I'm out.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Groceries, Dinner, And Californication

Oh, sixth and final Guinness of the night, I love thee more than all the others, because you stay with me until the bitter end.

What can I say to you people (as I like to think of you) except that we did sweet fuck-all today and it was nice.

Slept in a bit, completely ignoring the fact that I have work I need to catch up on, then got my shit together when I realized the wife had an honest to God grocery list in her hand and meant business this time. We had lunch at Chili's, whch wasn't as swamped with fucking people as I first feared it might be. Our waiter was delightfully no-nonsense, so our order came through quickly and efficiently, without all the getting-to-know-you bullshit courting period some waiters seem to want to go through. This guy wanted us fed and the fuck out of his hair, and the feeling was mutual.

We hit up Barnes & Noble (equally packed with shoppers) to pick up a book for the Mother In Law, and then braved the ever-expanding HEB for groceries. The wife said she felt like she was having a panic attack when we got in there, as the damned store seems to stretch on like a Wal-Mart now, but we got our stuff in a reasonable amount of time, and got the hell gone.

We had called Blancodeviosa and made plans for dinner with she and Macguffin, so once we got the groceries settled back at the house, she started in with the prep work for the meal while I cleaned up a little around the house. She took a short nap and I staged a few items in the media closet in the back, because if anyone will actually give a shit about the DVD/CD set-up it'd be these two that we're having over tonight. Most other 'normal' types will just wonder why I'm wasting a closet with shit that I can rent or donwload. Satisfied with the room, I did a handful of dishes that'd piled up over the past few days, then woke the wife to start cooking.

She and I worked on things in the kitchen, with me pitching in where she needed an extra set of hands, and our guests arrived shortly after 6:30.

We visited for a bit and then sat down to eat. It was a great meal, I secretly think the wife doesn't cook more often just so I truly appreciate/enjoy it when she does.

The MIL dropped by with her varmints in tow to pick up her book and visit for a bit.Californication The dogs did their dog thing and the MIL had some dessert with us and took a tour of the house (which I suppose she hasn't seen since we moved in for no other reason than that she hasn't been by) before heading on her way.

Showtime had a quasi-marathon of Californication on, and we watched three episodes of that to close out the evening. I'm really loving the show, even in re-runs. Duchovny's self-destructive protagonist is just so entertaining to watch, and the banter between characters always cracks me up.Dexter Season Two It's totally worth a look if you have a chance, it's been nice to have something else from Showtime to keep me warm while we wait for the next season of Dexter to start in a few weeks.

It's also been nice to entertian a few people the past few nights in the new place, it's definitely becoming home. I would say that the only thing I miss is all of our furniture, as we have seating issues in the den area without all of our stuff being here from the old house.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Back In The Wii Saddle Again

Man alive, I feel like I've been busy today, but when broken down it really doesn't add up to a whole helluva lot.

The lawn guys started their schtick early, around 7:45, before the alarm which had been set early to accomodate the carpet people that the wife was to meet at the house at 9:00 AM. The dog made sure all of the wondows were well-patrolled while these shifty lawn guys did their duties, the wife went to let the carpet guys in, only to have them show up about an hour and a half late. I slept in a bit at the house and then started cleaning out the back bedroom/soon to be library.

This involved breaking down all of the shipping boxes for the shelving that I just put in there, as well as the boxes that the DVD's had been packed in. I also got rid of all the other trash in the house, and did some vacuuming. The wife left for a lunch meeting and I got out to check on the carpet people who still weren't finished, then went and picked up some Thai food for lunch.

I watched Mission Impossible III which has been on the TiVo for quite awhile just to see what it was like. I ended up enjoying it pretty well for the big budget blockbuster type of flick, although it's hard to buy Philip Seymour Hoffman as a villian, he just looks like a large petulant child to me, but the film was a lot of fun.

The wife's middle Sister came by with her son and visited for about 30 minutes, and we showed him the treehouse in the backyard, which I finally went up in. I was surprised by how tall the thing actually is; it's actually a little disorienting once you look out over the entire neighborhood.

The wife had a late meeting, she left for that and I went out to the garage and worked out, rowing for a good ten minutes or so and doing some curls and jumping jacks, just a lot of cardio type stuff to try and get my galacial metabolism back up to that of a normal human being.

I showered, the wife came back and Brian came over to hang with us. The three of us visited the Mother In Law over at the Grandmother's house, then met a friend of K's for dinner. After we ate we retired to the house to give the wife's pal a tour and then we took turns playing Wii for about an hour before calling it a night.

Milla JovovichI'm tired, I blame the Wii Sports for everything, as I haven't even turned that thing on in weeks.

I'll close tonight with a picture of the hottie of the weekend, Milla Jovovich, star of Resident Evil: Extinction, which opens today and has been responsible for a lot of weird image related hits this week. Here's me doing a solid for those in search of pics of the cutie in question.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shop Like You Mean It

Holy Christ what a long day.

Video Store Vs My WalletThe wife had a meeting that ran through lunch today, so I worked on the second well, getting it ready to graph, which took a good chunk of the morning. I listened to the latest Dead Lantern Splattercast, which had a discussion of man vs. nature themes in horror. I laughed for about ten minutes when one of the hosts admitted to occasionally being a little drunk and getting fished into these type of bad films, "Cobra Vs. Marmoset" being the joking example that caught me by surprise. Funny stuff.

I left the dog to hold down the fort while I ran by the post office, as well as by the old house to pick up the Dyson to clean up after myself in the back bedroom, because the packing stuff from those shelves was everywhere int he carpeting. I picked up some food, came home and ate, giving the Yorkie a few tidbits for her begging trouble, and then worked on the well a bit more until the wife came home.

She had a list of appliances and extravagances that she'd decided that we'd pick up today, so we headed out to look for the elusive microwave we've been hunting ever since we moved in and found out that they'd took theirs with them. We came up empty handed on that one, although we have a couple different places that are going to give us a call back when they find out what they can get in the specific dimensions we need. We did find a new home store which stocks more of an upscale variety of merchandise, which made the wife quite happy, and we ended up buying two small ottomans for the DVD closet so that you can browse the shelves comfortably rather than having to squat or kneel to peruse the bottom shelves.

The next stop on the list was Best Buy, where the wife wanted to purchase two televisions, because she's finally decided to replace the enormous television in the living room with something flat for the wall, and we still needed a new one to replace our fallen one from the bedroom from a few months ago. I got distracted by a Spirit Halloween Store, which has set up here for the first time ever, which was quite a pleasant surprise, so I drug the wife through there for about 20 minutes. I bought a cane with skulls topping it and some netting to help box off the door for Halloween, I need to unpack everything and see what else I might need for the big night. They had a lot of great stuff at pretty reasonable prices, I can see me going back before the holiday rolls around. I was also pretty amused to see this place turn up here when Corinthian and I drove around for hours looking for one in the Dallas area last year and never found one.


We looked long and hard before we chose the televisions at Best Buy, then proceeded to spend about twenty minutes in the checkout process, getting everything sorted out for the delivery, the installation of the one we need wall-mounted, and all that jazz. It began to feel like the airport security check all over again, y'know, where you'd just rather die than be there anymore, but we finally got everything paid for and set up for the end of the month.

Back at the ranch, I dug out the remainder of the DVD boxes in the library room, and started unpacking them, filling the shelving units and deciding where everything should go, then vacuumed out everything and kinda got it presentable, adding the little ottomans and calling it good. The media closet is for all intents and purposes finished, all that might remain is hanging a few posters or displaying items on top of the shelves, decorating the place a little bit, I'm very happy with the set-up.

The wife and I watched Shortbus, the film that's been collecting dust since we moved, so I can send it back to those rental throttling pricks over at Netfux. I was expecting the overtly explicit sex, but it's still a bit of a shock to see full on raging penetration in a normal indie film. I would also say that the film garnered most of its press over that, the story itself is pretty average indie cinema, the big difference here is the poly-amorous sexuality on display, but the film has a good sense of humor and is worth a rental, just be aware of what you're getting into.

I'm out, I've got more stuff to get done tomorrow.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

If You Build It, They Will Turtle

I got a late start this morning but was able to dive directly into the next project, so I got over half of the newest well ready to graph in about an hour. I checked e-mail, then went through the snail mail that'd arrived in the interim, including a couple of movies I'd ordered.

The wife came to a stopping point on the project she's been working at all morning, so we went to have a late lunch.

On the way back I called Macguffin to find out where he'd found the set up he's using to attach some pictures he has leaned against the walls of his den. He'd pointed them out when I mentioned that the shelving units may or may not be a little front heavy due to the carpet in the closet and the glass front doors. Once I had an idea of what I was looking for, we dropped into one of the home improvement places we've spent so much time at since we've been in the moving/settling in process.

The wife worked some more on her mailing that she's been busy with the past day or so and I started attaching the shelving units to the wall via the series of brackets I'd bought that bore no resemblance whatsoever to what I'd gone in search of, because just finding the same thing would've just been too easy, wouldn't it? The three units all worked out well, although the molly bolts that were to blaze a path into the drywall and offer more support for the screw ended up breaking in fucking half more often than not, which was just par for the course at this point. I ended up stabbing a proper hole in the wall with the screw-driver, then using the top half of the molly bolt to actually anchor the screw and bracket to the wall, then zip-cabling the matching bracket screwed to the back of the shelf.

I loaded the first one up with CD's, and it's still standing as of 11:30 this evening, I think we may have a winner. I started to tackle unpacking the DVD's, but regardless of how I thought I packed them, they proved to be something of a unorganized mess, so I gave up, not feeling like unboxing everything just to get an idea of where I needed to start shelving stuff.

By this stage of things I was feeling ready to just be done with the project for awhile so I sat down and watched the copy of T.M.N.T. that those rental throttling pricks at Netfux had sent me yesterday. I'd been kinda excited to see this silly thing back when I first ran across the trailer, but never got out to the theater because I hate children, and I heard less than stellar reviews from a few different sources. The flick was okay, although there was a lot of odd plot nonsense about the turtles not being able to fight crime for whatever reason, which led to odd side stories and kinda side-tracked the movie a bit for me. The rest of the main plot-line was more like that of a video game rather than one of a film full of hot ninja action. I thought it was okay, but I don't see myself ever sitting down to watch this one again. Turtle power.

The wife and I stuffed envelopes for her non-profit mailing, which means I've done my volunteering for the week and then we watched a couple episodes of Ghost Hunters on the old TiVo before calling it a night.

I'm closing with the latest episode of (Cool) Shite TV, which has been out for around a week at this point, but maybe someone else will get turned on to the show. Give it a peep, the bulk of the episode is devoted to the film Stardust, which they highly recommend.

I'm out, kids.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shopping, Ketchup and Shelving

We were all sleeping so soundly this morning, until the doorbell rang. I assumed I'd slept through the alarm, since no one could be rattling the front door earlier than 9:00, right? We both ignored it and let the Yorkie do her barking freakout for a few minutes, and whoever it was fucked off and left us alone.

We later ascertained that it was the lawn people coming by to check out the sprinklers to see if they need maintenance, but were unable to because no one answered the door. I find this to be bullshit, as they have easy access to the box the controls are in, and the other lawn guys have no problem letting themselves into the back yard, I don't know what this dude's problem was.

...Because All Women Speak Exactly Like Quentin Tarantino...The wife left to run errands and I checked e-mail, then got a wild hair to visit Macguffin. I put in a call to his house and to his wife, to see if he was available this afternoon, then headed out to Best Buy to buy the new release of Death Proof, since we won't be seeing the Grindhouse film in its original form any time soon. I ended up hearing back from Macguffin on my drive there, so I actually picked up a copy for him as well, to save him the trip.

We visited for a few hours or so, and grabbed a late lunch. While dropping he and Blancodeviosa back at their house, I noticed that some douchbag had thrown a ketchup container from some fast food place at my car (presumably while we were inside visiting earlier, since there was traces in their driveway as well), which splattered the trunk in a few places. Savoring the grim irony of the rareness of my visits to his house, I didn't find this surprising. Why wouldn't someone throw something at my car on the one random day I decided to drive over there? It's like Murphy's Law or something, why fight it, and the stuff wiped off pretty easily with a wet cloth.

I drove home, listening to Beck's Midnite Vultures album for about the 90th time in the past few weeks in the car, resolving to change out the discs in the CD changer post haste, I just need to get everything unpacked, music-wise. I was happy to see the third and final storage unit waiting for me on the doorstep, so I parked and started walking it down the hallway to the back bedroom, missing the dolly from yesterday a little bit, but I was able to bulldog the thing into the house and back to the room pretty easily, even if it was like dancing with a refrigerator.

I put on the iPod and started unpacking the thing, just to get it ready to assemble until the wife came home. She had made plans for us to see her Mother and family for dinner, so I told her I wanted to finish unpakcing the shelving unit anf then we could head over there a little early for a visit. The Mother In Law wasn't home whne we got there, she'd actually gone across the street to the Sister's house, so we just chilled with the dogs and waited for the rest of the invited family to arrive. We'd started serving up food for ourselves with Grandmother and the Uncle when the MIL came back in.

We ate, the wife split for an evening meeting, I visited a short time longer, then collected the Yorkie, who we'd brought for a play-date with the MIL's dogs and headed home. I fed the dog and popped the iPod back in and started assembling the final shelving unit, listening to the latest Horror Podcast and a new (Cool) Shite On The Tube. I was finishing up as the wife came home, I placed the thing in the closet, and stopped short of actually unpacking anything into it, as I want to go and grab something to attach it to the wall just for my own piece of mind tomorrow before I load these down with too much weight.

The wife and I watched about an hour of HGTV before calling it a night.

More of the same tomorrow...there's a couple new reviews over at Big Suck Loser for the two of you that might give a shit, and it may be all you get until the end of the month, as our webmaster will be out of town until the 30th or thereabouts.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Drop Shipped Madness

I was able to get my shit together at long last and tackle one of my work projects this morning, popping on the iPod just like the old days and graphing my little heart out. While I worked I listened to the last Cinemaslave from a few weeks back, a new Destroy The Brain, Dead Lantern Splattercast and Mark Kermode's Film Reviews.

The wife was tied up with non-profit stuff as always, digging through the office for the minutes from some meeting that she needed to type up, so I went and picked up lunch while she debated whether or not she needed to go to the old house and check in a specific desk that's still in the old office. We ate and went through the mail, which included a sweet housewarming gift from Blancodeviosa and Macguffin that I still need to call and thank them for, as I'm just remembering as I type this.

Dammit, I knew I forgot something this afternoon.

Once I had finished the project from this morning, which was one of those weird smaller ones that only pays half as much, I gave the Bossman a call and went by to drop it off and get paid. I schmoozed with the guy for a bit, as I hadn't seen him in about three weeks, then I mailed some letters and deposited the check before heading back home.

The wife was still on the computer when I got back, typing minutes that had finally turned up, so I grabbed the laptop and checked e-mail while considering a workout in the garage. During my interweb travels I noticed the shipping progress of the shelving we'd ordered showed that most of it was scheduled for delivery today. I was turning the laptop off as the FedEx truck drove up in a weird moment of synchronicity. After touching base with me at the door and giving me time to corral the Yorkie in the office side of the house, the driver jockeyed the truck around for about five minutes in an effort to get the back door of the truck lined up with the sidewalk that leads to the front door.

Why on earth they'd send a tiny 145 pound lesbian woman to deliver two shelving units that weigh approximately 145 pounds each is beyond me. And I'm jumping to the conclusion that she was a lesbian, if she's not, she needs to have words with her hairdresser, that's all I'm saying.

I ended up grabbing the dolly myself once I'd helped her ease the first box out of the truck, and just rolled it into the house and to the back bedroom where it was to be assembled, because I would just feel weird with someone half my size moving this thing for me. I get the same way when a whisper-thin waif of a sacker wants to carry out my groceries at HEB, I'm always afraid they'll get pulled into the wheels of the buggy and killed, and it'd be my fault. Once both of the units were unloaded, I started unpacking the first one, and spent about an hour working on that.

The wife left for a meeting she had around 6:00, and I finally got the shelving unit together and placed in the closet it's going to live in, noting the way the carpet made it slightly unsteady, so I stuffed cardboard under the front of the legs until I was sufficiently confident that it wouldn't take a header forward and dump its contents into the floor in a hail of broken glass. By this time it's pushing on to 8:00 in the evening, so I called the wife to see where she was (she'd stopped to check in on her Grandmother), and put in a dinner order with her so she could grab something on her way home.

We ate, then sat down to presumably watch a movie, after she "made a call". The call stretched out and I started getting pissy, so I went to tackle the other shelving unit against my better judgment after cooling my heels for the better part of 15 minutes waiting for her to get off the phone.

I say 'against my better judgment' because the construction of the first unit had involved a lot of bending to screw down the backing of the thing, which had my back pretty well fucked by this point, but I was pissed off and ignored it.

The wife seriously spent about an hour and change on the phone, then came back and sat watching me build this thing, basically knowing I was aggravated but not really saying anything about it. I sent her on her way, and finished the thing off, and then drug it into the closet to see where it needs to sit, finally having to leave it because I felt like I had hat pins in my back in numerous places.

The wife and I watched the recently TiVo'd Californication, during which we made up, because once I get some time to relax, I usually get over stuff with her pretty quickly. I hold a grudge with the world at large, but I don't like being mad at her at all, particularly since we live/work in such close quarters, even in this big house. Happily, we're all good now and I can write this shit without feeling like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I'm tired and sore, I'm off to bed and Advil.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cinematic Sunday Seven

I've been wanting to get back to this little format of Sunday being mostly about movies, stuff I've recently watched and a couple trailers for things soon to come, and this seemed like a good a time as any.

I almost had to label it as one of my TVLand posts though, as all we did this afternoon was watched a lot of the stuff that's been stacking up on TiVo before, during and after the move.

The wife's ongoing love affair with the Ace Of Cakes show continues, and I do enjoy the show, certianly from the standpoint of having worked a similar gig building fragile stuff out of materials that may or may not collapse when you transport them.

The wife and I got up late and she shopped online for barstools until the variety became too overwhelming and she had to quit. I read the paper and then made lunch, the first meal cooked in the new home (Hamburger Helper, don't get excited) and then we settled in for some television.

We also watched a couple episodes of Hotel Babylon off BBC America, I really dig that show, it has a nicely trashy feel, and Dexter Fletcher rocks as the concierge who can get you anything.

The wife grabbed a nap in the late afternoon, which gave me time to write a couple things for the Big Suck Loser. I don't know exactly when they'll get posted, as Skincarver has been pretty busy at work lately, but I've started writing again over there, which is a good step. I found that I wasn't sore from yesterday's time on the rowing machine, so I worked out again, adding a little more weight to the machine to push my luck a little further.

After the wife got up we watched some more Ace Of Cakes, which included an episode where they made a guy's likeness with tiny zombies eating his brains, which was a cool gift for a horror fan.

But enough about the television, here's a few things I was able to scrounge up while looking around this evening for new trailers:

I watched the Spaghetti Western Django a couple of weeks back, in quasi preperation to track down yet another new film from Takashi Miike. It's a Japanese Western, which features actors speaking phonetic English (something Miike used to interesting effect in Imprint), it looks to be quite a wild ride, the one review I've read was pretty enthusiatic. It appears to blend the Django storyline ( lone gunman dragging a coffin with a machinegun inside) with Yojimbo (warring factions in a lonely frontier town), and plays to Miike's crazy sensibilities.

Check out the trailer for Sukiyaki Western Django, which I know is making the festival rounds, but I haven't seen an actual release date for.

Moving on to horror, Trick 'r Treat will be out in early October and looks to be fun, anything with dead children in it is usually pretty creepy on general principal. The synopsis I've found seems to be a little vague as to whether or not this is an anthology or if all four of the different storylines coincide in some form or fashion, but it looks interesting enough to check out in the theater next month.

And finally we come to Michael Haneke's re-make of his own 1998 film, Funny Games. This time around it stars Tim Roth and Naomi Watts as a couple you retreat to a cabin in the woods for a quiet weekend with their son, and are attacked by two crazed men. I've not seen the original, although I feel that I have to now, just because I enjoyed Haneke's film Cache quite a bit and didn't even realize that this re-make was happening until very recently.

And holy Jesus there'll be plenty of time to prepare for its theatrical arrival in February of next year.

And that's about it for tonight, I'm planning on getting some actual work done tomorrow, so maybe I'll have something interesting to tell you tomorrow night.

If not, we may be heading back to YouTube for some more content.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Like Options...

I wrote a little bit last night about the new office chair I was so happy to be sitting on, and now I find myself sitting on one of the very same folding chairs I was so happy to no longer need to use. I've had those chairs numbing my butt for about a week, and am now voluntarily sitting on one again, just because I got a wild hair to see how well the wireless connection would work if I tried to enjoy the back patio area adjacent to the little koi pond/water feature by our garage.

I suppose I enjoy having my options, no matter how uncomfortable they might be.

We don't have any real outdoor furniture right now, as the old ugly, weatherbeaten set we had at the old place will be donated and replaced once we get more settled indoors. The neighborhood is amazingly quiet, and the little trickle of the pond is really relaxing. The weather is nice and calm, no gusting of wind like we're accustomed to dealing with here locally, and the trees large enough to cast enough shade to keep you cool. I'm a bit unaccustomed to dealing with such a glare from the natural lighting on the screen, but otherwise it's a great experience here in the great outdoors.

I would like to put a couple fish in the little pond, if it can be called such, it's maybe a foot deep and maybe three feet long, in the general shape of a kidney bean with water re-circulating from a makeshift waterfall over two large stones. I would like to do that, but I can totally see doing nothing more than fattening up the neighbor's cats with my best of intentions.

Talk of cats, I dont know if I've mentioned it or not, but once we got rid of the chickens back at the old house, we suddenly had two or three neighborhood cats hanging about in our yard all the time. I don't know if the birds presence was keeping the cat infestation at bay, but it's on odd coincidence.

The wife and I had lunch with Robbb, who has the weekend off and may actually come by tomorrow for the first time to check out the new crib. We visited with him over lunch at an Italian place and then the wife and I went on a quest to replace the microwave that the previous owners absconded with, to no avail. Who knew that builder's supply places only opened 'til noon on a Saturday?

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, because last night I started working backwards on another project I'd long since forgotten: Labeling all the old posts that I'd done way back before the label option (there's that word again!) was available to me for use with the appropriate search criteria. I'd been working at this a few posts a day for the longest time, then suddenly stopped about two months ago, and I started trying to finish last night and I only have about a month's worth of material left to label and be finished once and for all.

While doing this I also noticed the great frequency with which I used to update the Big Suck Loser site with reviews, and I've written what feels like four in the past three months, so I also want to try take some time to write something over there as well.

I did actually hit the rowing machine at long last today for a decent little sweat. I made certian to take great care to not over do it and ruin any chance of my doing it again, which would be the case if I made myself incredibly sore. More on this as it develops...we actually unpacked the scale the other day, which I've not even thought about stepping on, as it'll just depress me.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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