Saturday, January 31, 2009

Overslept, Lunch, Then The Long Pam Grier Into Night...

I was up late last night composing yesterday's ranting bullshit, so I slept in a good long time today, getting up after noon and playing with the Yorkie while the wife finished up what she was doing on the computer.

I spent some time cleaning up the kitchen counter area and sorting stuff for tomorrow's recycling run, then took the wife's lunch order and called it in. I picked up Thai food and we chilled out and ate, watching a few backlogged episodes of Ace Of Cakes while we relaxed in the den.

I popped in a film called Garden Party that I'm to review for Pop Syndicate, it was a pretty average indie drama, nothing too awful, but nothing to really set it apart either. It's worth a rental if all your indie favs are rented out or if you want something that feels somewhat familiar.

Fox Indeed.I finally checked e-mail and looked around the web a bit between 5:00 and 6:00 this evening, then the wife and I watched Sheba, Baby. It was the final film in the Fox In A Box set that we hadn't seen, and I was interested in possibly writing about it for the BSL for one of the coming weeks, as I'm trying to load up the front page with Blaxploitation stuff for Black History Month in February.

The wife and I drove thru to pick up a little dinner after the movie, then watched the bonus disc from the boxset while we ate. It was basically a bunch of rappers talking about Pam Grier, since the set was put out by Vibe Magazine, so that was quasi-interesting, but mostly consisted of how much they wanted to bone her, or how impressed they were by her movies as they watched them growing up (and wanted to bone her), not exactly any real insight into the woman's work, y'know?

We called it a night and I poured myself a drink and headed to the web to get this written for the night.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Connected To Absolutely Nothing

There's a rant coming midway through this post, and I doubt that it will end up being one of the funny rants where I piss and moan about a shitty cashier at some store I went into, it's more about the joke that is our allegedly 'plugged in' web 2.0 society which is supposedly going to keep us all in constant contact with one another and what an utter load of horseshit all that is.

But first:

The wife and I got up this morning to see Robbb off and have some breakfast. Since he had one of two stops to make on a pretty specific schedule, we took separate cars to the restaurant. The meal was so-so (or at least the wife and mine was), we said our goodbyes and headed home with Robbb off to run his final errands and then head to Dallas.

Back at the house, I thumbed through the paper while chatting with the wife, noticing the name of an acquaintance in the obituary section. The guy in question had been close friends with Skincarver before Mac and I met him, though I actually knew him through one of the numerous jobs I'd held at the local comic stores. He'd moved away to Austin, and eventually to Seattle, and had a history of depression that dogged him along the way. He was a very talented artist (like, the kind of guy whose work made you slightly angry, because he was that much better at it than you are) and I always assumed he'd make a go of the art thing somewhere in the world. He evidently drowned himself sometime between January 13th and 22nd of this year, the date was fuzzy in the articles Skinny tracked down because he'd actually been missing for several days.

I called Skincarver and spoke to him about it, as I wanted to confirm the age and location, even though I knew he and his friend had drifted apart several years ago due to distance and life getting in the way. He said it was one and the same, and e-mailed me less than an hour later with links to a couple of local articles that gave a few more details. I read through them, then made mention of finding out about the death of an acquaintance on Twitter, then headed to the bedroom to go back to sleep for a bit, as the whole thing was obviously somewhat depressing even if we weren't close, and I was tired anyway.

So here's where the whole 'fuck technology' idea comes in, because since I've been on Twitter, I've been reading posts from a shitload of marketing people full of nonsense about 'branding' and all these other quasi-meaningless buzzwords about how social media is allowing people to connect, get instant feedback and even influence each others lives and businesses.

I head to bed for a bit, come back to the web around 3 hours later after some television, chatter with the wife and a short nap.

A whopping two out of the sixty-four people who 'follow' my tweets mentioned the fact that I said something about someone DYING in my last post. Granted, the Twitter shit is even more of an acquaintance thing than even my relationship to the guy who is dead, but fuck me, you make a comment about someone being dead, and no one even blinks while posting their own personal beefs about the guy in the office who always has bad breath? I suppose if I'd mentioned the death in conjunction with some mention of a fucking Xbox or tried to make some 'clever' quip as a lot of people do when trying to squeeze something into the scant 140 characters the Twitter post field allows, maybe someone would take notice.

I'm not trying to a whiny bitch about things, it's not as though I expected an outpouring of support or address requests so all these strangers could send me condolence cards, but out of 60 something people who have signed up because they are supposedly interested in what's going on in my life, fucking two of them say "hey dude, bummer"?

The upshot of all of this is that I find it amusingly sad that this technology that puts us all in near constant contact is useless in the context of actual human support for one another, but I read an article about a new media speaker was pushing Twitter, makes a shitty comment on his Twitter account about the town in which he happened to be speaking, and is called out on the web within mere hours for it by people at the very company he was working with. Because you have the free time to troll the web for derogatory comments in our failing economy rather than running your company.

Perhaps saying something shitty about Seattle in conjunction with the mention of someone's suicide would get anyone to notice what is being said.

I left replies to the two guys who responded, then a general statement about how shitty it is that two people responded out of sixty, and how nice it felt to be connected to everyone.

Surprisingly, no one has dropped me from their follow list.

Anyway, after I started making enemies and influencing people on the web, the wife and I started getting on the same page about our evening, as we'd made plans to eat with Brian and then go and finally check out his new apartment that he'd bought last month, now that it's decorated and lived in.

We ended up just chilling in bed and watching The Rocker, which was funny at times, but also felt like the Dick Van Dyke story. Rainn Wilson pratfalls over or off of every Goddamned thing in the film, which is funny and somewhat stupid at the same time. I mean, we both laughed several times, but I'm glad I rented it, as I don't see cracking this one out to re-watch over and over again, it's just not that funny.

I showered and got dressed, we met Brian at a steakhouse, which turned out to have an hour wait even at 6:00, so we cooled our heels for about 45 minutes before we were seated. The food was good, I've been ordering a little outside my normal comfort zone at restaurants lately, presumably as a result of watching all the Gordon Ramsay re-runs and being curious to expand my taste palate a bit.

The wife and I picked up a coffee and then met Brian back at his place, which looks pretty swank, I must admit. We chilled there and watched some television, including The Soup before coming home for the night.

And again, here I am alone with all the hunting and pecking.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Do Nothing Day...

I stayed up a bit late watching this week's episode of Fringe, then slept in until around 10:00 or so when the Yorkie started barking vigorously at someone who rang the doorbell.

This turned out to be a guy delivering medicine for the wife, who left that in the mailbox, so I at least didn't have to deal with anyone while fresh from the bed.

Robbb was already out of the house doing Robbb things, so I hopped online once the wife was headed out to her late morning and early afternoon meetings. I piddled around with that for a bit and was debating lunch options when Robbb called saying he was headed back to the house.

He and I ended up picking up food from two separate places because each of us was too finicky to eat what the other wanted, then chilled back at the house and watched some television while he did some laundry. Not Enough Style Over Substance For MY Tastes... Robbb dozed for a bit and I watched Renaissance, which had been on the TiVo for a good long while. It was okay, the animation was great but the story had me checking my watch several times, it just didn't grab me, which is kinda sad considering the rather interesting visuals throughout, it had a nice Sci-Fi noirish feel in the same vein as something like Blade Runner.

The wife returned and visited a bit before heading to the bedroom to be part of a conference call, Robbb split to run an errand and then I checked e-mail before laying down with the wife for a bit and listening to her talk on the phone.

The wife had an evening meeting, so she got ready for that and passed Robbb, who came by to change and then left again. Left to my own devices, I poured myself a drink and lay in bed watching a few episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, and then dove into Rendition just because it was something new on cable that I'd DVR'd just to see what it was like. An engrossing tale of an American citizen taken to a Guantanamo Bay-style torture facility and his wife's fairly futile efforts to find him, it was something I was happy to have seen, though I doubt it's anything I'll ever come back to.

Jake Ghyllenhaal
is good in it though. Just sayin' because I really have nothing else to say about the movie.

Robbb got home around 9:00, followed shortly after by the wife, who was kind enough to bring bring home burgers after her meeting. She and I ate and subjected Robbb to Ghost Hunters International for this week, which was pretty boring actually, and then made tentative breakfast plans for tomorrow before Robbb disappears out of our lives forever to Dallas.

And now here we are again, with the hunting and the pecking.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shopping, Comedy, Dinner, Repeat As Necessary

Got the late start on the blog last night, then sat up reading a little bit, so I slept in a bit today and got up around the time the wife was heading out to run her errands for the morning/early afternoon.

I poked around the web as I'm known to do, then got a wild hair to hit up Big Lots, as it'd been a few weeks since I'd been in there and I always wonder about what bargains I could be missing out on by not darkening their door. I actually found a copy of The Devil's Backbone, a film I'd never owned and had actually looked for there before, as one of the DVD nerd sites I've been checking out pretty regularly had said it was part of a particular shipment. I Wonder If This Involves Spanking? I also picked up Fur: An Imaginary Portrait Of Diane Arbus, just for the hell of it, as it's directed by the guy who made Secretary and stars Robert Downey Jr alongside Nicole Kidman, who I'm on the fence about but have liked in other stuff. For $6 for the both, I figured what the hell.

I picked up a burger for lunch and ehaded back home. I ate and watched one of the Comedians Of Comedy DVD's that I'd got at Christmas. The wife came home and watched the last part of it with me, then she went to catch a nap before her evening meeting that she was hosting here at the house. I called Robbb, who was on his way back here to change so that we could go to Odessa and have dinner with Macguffin and Blancodeviosa.

He arrived, changed and then we headed out to Odessa, chilled with Mac for a bit, then hit the restaurant once Blanco made it home from work. The Italian place we'd chosen was relatively quiet save for the shouting child at the table adjacent and the mother of said barking, yipping mongrel. She spent a good deal of time bitching about her food having a 'red sauce' on it, preferring Alfredo, which I think is a tough situation when you make lasagna, which generally contains marinara at most restaurants in my experience. The manager seemed to admit defeat and gave her a new meal, which I'm pretty sure she just boxed up and left with once it was all said and done, thanks for the leftovers, suckers!

A RocknRolla Says I'll 'Ave The Fuckin' Lot...We dropped off Mac's leftovers and Blanco back at their house, then the guys and I hit the books, music and video place to see if I could find any of their new releases easier than their store here in town, and as it happened, I could. I picked up the Blu-ray of RocknRolla using the finally dwindling giftcard the Mother In Law gave me for my birthday two and a half months back. We then waded through the nightmare of a single cashier and no retail skills whatsoever to get out the door.

We grabbed a coffee and then headed back to Mac's place and chilled for a bit, heading back home around 9:30 or thereabouts.

The wife was up and chatted with Robbb for awhile, so I took time to open the blog, then hung out with them for a bit before deciding it was that time and getting down to business.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy February To Me

I was up late last night, but ignored that this morning in favor of getting a decent start on the day when the alarm went off at 9:00. I got up, woke the wife because I knew she had a meeting to be at early, then started coffee and got the house opened up for the day. I checked e-mail and wrote a quick review for Taken, which is now up at our site as well as over at (Cool) Shite, so make with the clicking if you're into that sort of thing. There's also other stuff at the BSL, I'm treading water as far as my writing goes the past few weeks, but I'd like to get back to the point where I have a few reviews banked so I have the option of taking a week away from it if I want to, and that's not happening lately.

I saw the wife on her way into the icy frigid morning (it was in the 60's yesterday, then the 20's today, motherfuck this weird weather) and I settled in to get the final work done on the two projects. I listened to last week's episode of Outside The Cinema while I worked, planning my potential afternoon in the back of my head.

Robbb is back in town for a few days this week settling up a few things so he can be gone for good by Friday, with a new job that starts on Monday. He'd made some noise about seeing me for lunch, and possibly spending the night over here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I was expecting to hear from him. I called the Bossman, made a plan to see him and exchange stuff, though he was fretting about the weather making the roads too icy. I looked out my front window at the no ice and assured him that I thought I could make it. I started getting ready and the wife came home, so I helped her unload some groceries and then told her that I'd call from the road about lunch, as I wasn't sure exactly when I'd hear from Robbb.

I was warming the car up when the phone rang, so I met Robbb in front of the house, he parked and we headed to the Bossman's place. I left Robbb with the heater in the car and traded off the finished projects, listening to some more of the Bossman asking if I still wanted to do these, which I assured him I did. The guy goes from 'why aren't you doing these faster?' to 'do you still want to do them?' on a dime, I swear sometimes I wonder if he's just making fucking conversation.

We hit Best Buy next, I finally killed a giftcard on the Blu-ray edition of the Bourne Trilogy, which is cool, as it's something I've never owned and was able to pick up without putting out any cash, so that's cool. I called the wife to check a price on Amazon for the Blu-ray Zodiac that finally came out today, only to have her tell me that she was pretty sure she'd ordered it for me as a Christmas gift, in spite of the January release date. I decided to hold off until we could either confirm or deny that rumor, as I don't relish the hassle of exchanging items in the retail environment.
Robbb and I stopped by the bank to deposit my check and then picked up some Mexican food for lunch to take back to the house.

Read A Book, Ya Jive Turkey.Sure enough, there was a package waiting that contained Zodiac, so I'm happy to have saved myself the frustration of returning it. I also got in the three books I'd ordered from Barnes & Noble, a FAB Press reference guide to Blaxploitation and two bargain books, one from Paul Auster and another from Andrew Vachss. Except the Vachss book is totally missing and in its place is a weird book about American History, which I couldn't care less about, and the real stinger is that it's a fairly new release full price book that they've managed to 'give' to me for only $3. Would that it was anything I was interested in.

Robbb split after we ate to visit with his family a little bit and the wife made some calls, so I piddled around the web for awhile, then retired to the bedroom to watch a few things on the DVR to make room for other things later this week.

The wife got ready for an evening meeting, I watched an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, then Trouble Man, a Blaxploitation flick that the Gentlemen's Guide To Midnite Cinema covered a few months ago that had surprisingly turned up in cable. It was pretty good, I enjoyed how business-minded the lead (who is always referred to as Mr. T, or just 'T') seems to be, making a living slightly outside the law, but being very careful to cover his ass to keep the law off his case.

I watched last week's episode of Fringe, a series which I'm still enjoying even if I'm not exactly feeling like we're tying anything together just quite yet, then the wife got home from her meeting and we chilled and started a movie that I have to review while we waited for Robbb to come over for the evening.

He finished the film with us, which was awful, and then he and I fought the printer a bit trying to get it to scan something for him, which it never did. He eventually gave up and I got my late start on the blog for the night.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Late Night, Late Afternoon

I ended up staying up way later than I intended last night watching a movie called Taken, which I've been looking forward to seeing for awhile now and is finally hitting video later this month.

It Was Always Personal For MeLiam Neeson plays an ex-spy whose 17 yr old daughter is kidnapped by slave traders in Paris while on vacation, and he uses his 'work skills' to find and kill everyone she met while in Paris in his efforts to find her. This little film was great fun and I'd really recommend checking it out on DVD, it's equal parts standard 80's action flick (as far as plotting goes) and more modern day Bourne approach to espionage. According to the interweb, the film is also very racist because it depicts people involved in the trafficking of women into the sex trade as being of European and Arabic extraction, because I suppose a family of hillbillies led by a Southern Colonel inexplicably living in Paris and kidnapping people would make more sense, right?

Y'know, because at least everyone would be white...

I was up late watching that, and the had some indigestion issues, so I was up and down several times during the night. I ignored the alarm and the next thing I know, I'm getting out of bed at 1:00 in the fucking afternoon, which is irritating. I got up and hopped online to see what was up, was unsurprised to find the web held no real appeal. The past week or two I've been pretty blasé about all things interweb related, not sure why, I'm sure it will pass, that has happened in the past as well.

The wife was out of the house running errands and offered to bring home a coffee, so I put in my order for that and waited for her to arrive. We visited a bit, then I took a lunch order and ran to pick that up. We ate and watched some television, then I left her chilling out while I got some work done at long last for the day, because I want to be able to finish and turn these two projects back in tomorrow.

I listened to this week's episode of Night Of The Living Podcast while I finished up the first project, then last week's episode of Mail Order Zombie while I got the other one done. They both need to be inked in, but they're otherwise complete, so I'm happy with that.

The wife and I made supper and watched some Tivo'd stuff from last week, 30 Rock, The Office, etc., then called it a night around 10:00

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cinematic Sunday Seventy-Three

Okay, I did basically nothing today that I should've, so fuck me for that, and now here we go with the blog once again, so fuck you for bothering with that anymore, Lord knows I barely care at this point.

The wife was already up and on the web working on some non-profit stuff on the computer in the office, so I said good morning to her, made coffee and retrieved the newspaper from the driveway.

I debated working and instead elected to chill on the couch with my coffee and watch some random television. I eventually settled on American Gangster since it'd been on the TiVo for awhile now, and since it was 3 freaking hours long I decided to give it a go. It turned out to be a good flick, but wasn't anything I could see myself re-watching over and over. The wife watched the end of it with me and then took a nap.

I realized that I hadn't eaten anything all day, so I took my jittery ass out to pick up a burger, dropping off the recycling stuff on the way.

Back at the house, I ate and decided I wanted something light to watch instead of anything I felt like I had to review, so I popped in the first season of Futurama, which I'd picked up cheap several months back. I should've watched something for review, either for our site or theirs, but I just wasn't feeling it today.

I worked my way through all 13 episodes, then the wife and I watched new episodes of both The Simpsons and American Dad before calling it a night.

Trailers this evening include:

The Horsemen
is from director Jonas Åkerlund, who is predominantly a video director, which could account for the constant cutting in the trailer. Starring Dennis Quaid and Zhang Ziyi, it's about a man who finds that a series of serial killings modeled after the Biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse may be more connected to his life than he realizes. It feels Seven-ish, but who knows, maybe it'll just blow me away.

Next up is Hitoshi Matsumoto's Big Man Japan, about an enormous warrior who defends Japan against all manner of giant monsters, but the latest schlub in this line of heroes isn't winning any favor with the locals. The special effects look pretty low-budget, but it's hard to look away when the teaser is playing. Clicky clicky for many WTF? moments...

Finally we have 500 Days Of Summer, directed by Marc Webb. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who reminds me a great deal of Heath Ledger when he smiles) and Zooey Deschanel, who I still can't decide if she's cute or just a bit odd looking. She just always seems to look vaguely confused with her large eyes and half-smile, but maybe it's just me. The trailer looks cutesy and stylish, but the repeated "500____" gets kinda old and reminded me of a low budget 70's film, where they keep repeating the title of the film about 45 times during a 2 minute trailer just to try and make an impression on the audience.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

My, That Fat Man Certainly Can Move...

I was surprised to wake up this morning (with no alarm mind you) at 9:30 rather than sleeping my day away like a loser, so that's cool. I was having a weird dream that I vaguely remembered at the time but has eluded me now. It must've not been all that important.

I started coffee and got the place opened up for the day, then hopped online for a bit until the wife got up. I surrendered the computer to her and settled in to get some work done at the kitchen counter. I listened to this week's Destroy The Brain while I worked, then called it after about an hour to go and pick up some lunch for the wife and I, because I knew she had a random meeting in the afternoon and I figured she'd be better off eating before she went.

We ate and watched a TiVo'd episode of The Soup, then the wife split and I retired to the bedroom to watch a flick that I'd received yesterday from those rental throttling pricks at Netfux. This week's episode of AKA SPL, No Thanks To The Weinsteins The Gentlemen's Guide To Midnite Cinema covered a film called Kill Zone (AKA SPL, or Sha Po Long, the retitling for this edition is puzzling and pretty stupid in the context of the film itself), and I had paused their show at the halfway point to allow myself time to watch the film this afternoon before listening to their thoughts on the film.

Holy shit, what a good movie. I didn't know what to expect, except some martial arts action since this was another of the Dragon Dynasty titles. This turned out to be a stylish police drama that reminded me a bit of John Woo's films starring Chow Yun Fat, the Heroic Bloodshed stuff, with the martial arts sequences replacing the bullet ballet. Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung are simply amazing to watch, and I was stunned by how fast Hung is considering his size and age, it just blew me away and I was surprised to see him cast as a villain. Hell, from what I've read, both leads are over 40 years old (Hung is in his 50's) and they still smash their way through some pretty grueling fights like men half their age would be lucky to. I will own this, it's nice to know that Hong Kong is still able to produce films that put Hollywood action films to shame even after Hollywood has been aping their style for years on end.

I ran the flick by the post office afterward to get it back sooner than later, passing the wife as she was getting home. Once I got back at home, we chilled in bed and I watched a few more Kitchen Nightmares and then it was time for Brian to come by to go to dinner.

We had Italian for dinner, then stopped at an arts & crafts store on the way home so the wife could poke around for a few odds and ends. We grabbed a coffee and then headed back to the house, watched some random television until around 10:00 before calling it a night.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Not What I Pictured Doing Today

So here's what I woke up to this morning...

The wife uses an e-mail account hosted on her family's company's server, which she's had issues with for about a week, so she had a tech guy come by this morning at 9:00 to load all of her archived e-mails onto our hard drive, because she actually had stuff on there from this time last year that she wasn't able to access.

She also had the dog's grooming scheduled, followed by several meetings, so I was left to deal with the IT guy even though I had no idea about the actual problem. I made coffee and settled in to work, listening to this week's episode of Mondo Movie. I got a big chunk of work done, then checked with the computer guy, who was still fighting some sort of validation that our internet provider wasn't allowing, so I piddled around a bit and read through the paper while I waited for him to finish up.

I did a load of laundry and then got back to work, as I didn't want to commit to a movie or something just to be interrupted when he finished. I listened to the first half of The Gentlemen's Guide To Midnite Cinema while I got another little bit finished, then paused when the guy finally wrapped up.

Things evidently weren't exactly as they should be, but were to a workable stopping point, in that the wife could now access her e-mail, but from some sort of web interface rather than the normal e-mail program. I said that was cool, because I wasn't sure what (if anything) he'd actually changed in his efforts, but he'd by God been here for 3 hours and change, so I hoped he'd gotten something done and I was ready for him to be gone.

I spoke to the wife and explained this to her, made lunch plans and then hopped online to check e-mail while I waited for her to get home. I was in the process of putting up laundry when she got home, so she went to look into what was up with her e-mail once I explained the situation to her as the guy had told me.

This quickly devolved into her being on the phone for about an hour with the guy, working her way through the situation to finally get things back to normal, but it was eventually back in working order, thank you sweet Jebus. I was dizzy with a pot of coffee on an empty stomach by this point, so we went to grab a bite to eat and I prayed that this would improve my mood, as I'd been in a vaguely shitty mood all day, and the lack of food wasn't helping a bit,

We ate and caught up on our respective days, finalizing plans for the evening, which included a party for one of her non-profits to celebrate the kick-off of their annual fundraiser, and then an art opening at the museum for the daughter of a couple the wife is acquainted with.

We headed home and chilled for a bit, then we both changed and started getting ready for the evening. I ran an iron over some slacks that I had hung on a hanger mistakenly thinking they'd be ready to roll the next time I needed them; I was glad I started dressing early.

We headed out, picked up the Mother In Law and took her car to the party, where we mingled our little hearts out for about an hour or so, then said our goodbyes and headed to the museum for the art reception.

The art thing was packed to the gills, so we threaded our way through the crowd, I grabbed the first of several cocktails and visited with a few people to kill time, as I wasn't all that into any part of the evening but was sort of humoring the wife. The wife had a gentleman in mind to introduce to the MIL who was supposed to be attending, and he made his way over to us to inquire about the MIL, who he assumed had chickened out. We led him over to where she was chatting with someone and the wife introduced him, and they seemed to hit it off pretty well, spending the better part of an hour at a nearby table visiting with each other and a few other people who happened by.

We came pretty close to closing the party down, but finally split around 8:30. The MIL was annoyingly wound up and wanted to go into Barnes & Noble again, a place I don't exactly care to browse on a crowded Friday night sober, much less a little tipsy, but what the hell, I was humoring people left, right, and center, so let's give it a shot.

We milled around there for about 30 or 45 minutes, then headed back to the MIL's, picking up a burger on the way because I was getting hungry as the night wore on and wanted to sober up a bit anyway.

We dropped the MIL at her place, ate our food and then the wife and I headed home around 10:00 so I could get this crap done and she could crash, as she had an early morning today.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're In The Shit Now, Aren't We?

Holy crap, I'm really enjoying the Gordon Ramsay kick I've been on the past few days. I ended up watching a couple more Kitchen Nightmares this evening before coming to the web, so expect a lot of random swearing. Well, more swearing than there would normally be.

I was up late with the wife watching some really random shit on television, so I ended up sleeping in by an extra hour and change. The wife was actually on her way out to a handful of meetings, so I hopped online for a few minutes and then showered and got ready for the day.

It's All Very BadassssssI headed out to pick up lunch, Taco Bell to punish the body for oversleeping. I listened to more of this week's Splattercast while I drove, then chilled out back at the house and ate while re-watching Baadasssss Cinema on IFC. That was fortuitous timing, as I ordered a book on Blaxploitation not too long ago that I'm really looking forward to digging into.

I headed to the office and got a review knocked out and submitted to the various sites, so I'm happy to feel like I got that out of the way and am finally back on track for writing after pissing away most of January doing nothing with the films I actually watched.

In that interest, there's a few new things over at the Big Suck Loser, including a review for Repo! The Genetic Opera, which I was so pleased with yesterday.

I'd also like to mention that we'll actually be sharing about a review a week with my interweb friends over at (Cool) Shite, the first of which is up for your viewing pleasure over there as I type, along with numerous other film and pop culture articles, so make with the clicky clicky and show the Australians some love. We're international now, baby!

I ended up blowing off the idea of working this afternoon in favor of watching the two movies we had in from those rental throttling pricks at Netfux, so I retired to the bedroom to watch those since they just so happened to be Blu-ray.

The Brave One was something I added to the queue when it first popped up on Blu-ray, it's now in constant rotation on cable because it's been on video so fucking long. It now creeps in thanks to the stellar service over at Netfux. God forbid I want to watch something the week it comes out, I may as well buy the movie if that's the case. The movie turned out to be okay, but nothing I'll ever watch again. It also got me wondering, has Jodie Foster ever made a film in which she has a significant other? Every film that came to mind she's either single, widowed or a crazy woman from the hills who speaks her own language.

The wife and I watched Ghost Town, which was pretty amusing, Greg Kinnear plays the same asshole as he usually does, Gervais is funny and Téa Leoni looks hot while I wonder why David Duchovny was fucking around on her.

We made dinner and then watched some Gordon Ramsay before calling it a night.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You've Taken My Heart, You Goth Nightmare You!

I got up shortly after the alarm went off today, wondering where the hell the maid was since she is normal working the doorbell at 9:00 sharp and dragging me to the door with fucked up hair and sleep in my eyes. I got up, made coffee and got the front curtains open for the day. I was online poking around when the wife came in and kissed me good morning, then went to dress for the day.

The maid and her now customary entourage arrived, a group which consists of a very pregnant niece who helps her and the maids' 3 yr old daughter who just watches television while they work. I let them in, the Yorkie was very happy to see them, and the maid asked immediately if my wife was here, something she seems to always ask about if I answer the door. I don't know if she's scared I'll try to fuck her if the wife isn't around or what, but it's weird to have her seem almost afraid to deal directly with me. I mean, I've never yelled at her or something, it's weird.

They worked on the house for about three hours, the wife actually left in the middle to go and have lunch with Morris and see him off on his way back to Dallas.

I settled in at the kitchen counter and listened to this week's Cinema Diabolica, then an older SModcast while I worked and waited patiently for the maids to be done with their bit. I got increasingly hungry as the maids wore on, so I was very ready for them to be gone by 1:00. I had decided to take a break and check e-mail, so I was in the office when the wife got back from lunch. The wife and I visited a bit while I finished up on the web, then the maids split and I told her I was going to run by the post office to drop off some bills and pick up some Chinese for lunch.

I listened to part of this week's Dead Lantern Splattercast while I drove, but wasn't able to get too far into it because the drive was so short. Oh well, more for tomorrow's work stint I suppose.

She Was The Blue Chick On Farscape - Who Knew?I sat down to eat back at the house and happened to turn on the television as The Road Warrior was coming on, so the next thing I know it's an hour and a half later, the credits are rolling on that mother and I'm thinking what a great flick it is. Hell, it even had some quasi-exploitation vibes in there with what definitely felt like lower budgets and grittier stunt-work than you'd typically see in most normal action fare. Fun stuff, and I was surprised by how little I remembered about the movie; for example, I was waiting for Max to bed the cute Vulcan eye-browed chick in white, who sported the awesome crimped 80's hair in this apocalyptic wasteland, and it never happens.

At The Opera Tonight!The wife chilled for a nap after the flick to avoid the phone, which was ringing incessantly, and I decided to give the Blu-ray of Repo! The Genetic Opera a spin and see what was up. I had heard enough reviews to give me a pretty solid impression that I would either love it, or just be put off from the get go and wonder why I wasted my money. I can happily say that I was very impressed and the fact that the dialog is sung didn't bother me at all. there are a few exchanges here or there that are simply spoken, but the majority of it is sung and barring a few clunky lyrics or wording choices, it all works pretty damned well. Visually the film is a Goth/Industrial wonderland, color saturated and gorgeous to look at, and the story is simple but enjoyable, I am very happy to own it and will most likely purchase the soundtrack at some point. Definitely give this one a look.

The wife and I ended up spending the evening in the bedroom, watching a couple episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, a show which I dearly love yet rarely watch. I just love the idea of a guy who curses like a soccer hooligan yelling straight in the faces of these idiots who have run their businesses into the ground, begged for help and then still cop an attitude about anything he says.

We watched the new episode of Ghost Hunters International off the DVR afterward, then I came to the web to do this for the evening and poke around the web a bit.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Apparently We Heart Bush, Or So I'm Told

...though I'd say I'm more of a landing strip man myself, but I'll explain all the innuendo later.

For now, chronologically: I slept like a champ, woke about three minutes before the alarm and was already in the bathroom downloading urine when it went off. I stifled that to let the wife sleep, then made coffee and started poking around on the web a bit.

I was actually grabbing a second cup of coffee when I noticed that the wife and the Yorkie were snuggling in the bedroom, so I went and said hello to them and started to get a feel for what was planned for the afternoon. She was going to piddle around the house, and I knew we'd end up having lunch with Morris, and they would be tied up with the Bush bullshit downtown for most of the afternoon, as the gates opened at 1:00 and then supposedly closed at 4:00, with the Bushes scheduled for 5-ish.

I loaded up the recycling, then hit the books, music and video outlet that alleged to be selling Repo! The Genetic Opera on Blu-ray for $19.99, and figuring that since I still had a giftcard I'm trying to get rid of, I'd check and see if they actually had it in. They of course did not, nor did they offer to order it (which should be standard operating procedure), so motherfuck that store. I wasn't expecting them to actually have it, but was hoping to pleasantly surprised. I instead ran across a couple more of the Dragon Dynasty flicks that I was interested in, so I grabbed them, figuring since I've been on something of a Hong Kong action kick lately, I may as well take advantage of not having to shell out any actual cash while I can.

I dropped off the recycle stuff, then hit Best Buy, who had Repo, y'know, because they're a real store and all. I grabbed that and touched base with the wife, who made plans for lunch and then told me to just meet them at the house so we could all take a single car.

I headed home, she and I visited a bit, then Morris arrived and we headed out for some Mexican. Once we got back to the house, Morris went to grab his mother, who was also tagging along for the event. The wife and I chilled at the house until they showed up, and then the three of them split around 3:00, just to give an hour or so to make it through the gates or whatever the set-up would be. I was just relieved that the wife was understanding about my having no interest in being involved in this crap. I hopped online and watched Obama's speech, then settled down to get some work done for an hour or two.

I listened to this week's episode of Night Of The Living Podcast while I worked, then knocked off around 5:30 and decided to watch a movie.

The wife came by briefly, between the Bush thing and her evening meeting. She told me they were near someone with a Midland Loves Bush sign, which she thought would be a great slogan to promote tourism out on the interstate. She'd later admit that it actually used the heart symbol instead of spelling it out, which makes it slightly less suggestive, but still, what would you want to say to a man you supposedly admire? People are nuts.

The Confusing Omen...She split for her meeting and I finished my movie, a nutty Shaw Brother's flick called The Boxer's Omen. Something of a genre defying film, it begins as a martial arts film, with some kick-boxing featuring that musclebound Bolo guy from Bloodsport playing an asshole, big shocker there, right? This plot quickly derails into a splattery horror film with a dead monk who needs the boxer guy to fight an evil magician, complete with gloriously low budget special effects that involve puppets more often than not, and most of these people seem to carry their own fog machines around with them, as they're always surrounded by mist, it's like a hair metal video.

Hell, it was so puzzling I actually paused to Twitter about what I was seeing a few times, it's that odd.

The wife came home around 9:00, I was just sitting down to eat a hotdog for dinner and start the blog early, so here we are.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Errands, Fists, Legends And Other B.S.

I woke this morning after sleeping for a solid 6 hours, which may not sound like much to you people, but when the past few nights have been divided up into weird 3 hours shifts here or there for no good reason, 6 hours straight is something to crow about.

I got up and made coffee, determined to be awake for the entire day and then crash at a reasonable hour this evening. The wife and Yorkie followed suit soon after, she made a few calls and then got in the shower, the Yorkie took up her perch on the chair looking for people walking by to bark at.

I got a few things written that I'd been putting off, though still nothing for our website, which makes me feel like a slacker schmuck, I'm hoping to turn that around later in the week. I actually have notes for that damned Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead sequel I watched yesterday, though I find out this afternoon Netfux isn't going to be able to send me the first part of it any time soon, so fuck me for watching their miss-labeled sequel by accident, because they don't keep enough of them on hand to get a copy of the original to me in a timely manner. So I have notes for a review that I thought I'd put off until I see the first film and can give the entire thing more of a fair shake, but now who knows when I'll have the first film in hand. I'm tempted to shitcan the notes and start over with another film entirely just because it seems easier than jacking with this whole process. Bah.

Morris had drove in yesterday, so we'd made plans to get together today and do the typical running around.

Morris is in town because he's interested in seeing the Bushes when they return to the area for an hour and a half tomorrow on their way to their real home and friends in Dallas. He and the wife made plans to go to lunch, so he came over here and we headed out to have Italian and then pick up some kind of tickets to the Bush thing that the Older Sister had offered, as they evidently got you closer to the action than the general admission/rabble ticket that the wife had already picked up last week. We ate, picked up the two tickets and then dropped by the Mother In Law's house for a brief visit.

We grabbed a coffee on the way home, and gassed up the car so I wouldn't be walking tomorrow when I go to Best Buy. Back at the house, the wife chilled out, Morris split to get a haircut and hang out at his mother's, and got a really wild hair and popped in Fist Of Legend to give a listen to the audio commentary.

Look Ma, Less Wires!The recent Dragon Dynasty 2 disc edition of Fist Of Legend features a commentary track from Bey Logan, a man who speaks without ceasing for the entire running time of said film. I was stunned, as he riffs on the main actors, as well as noting background actors who went on to direct their own films or who were discovered while painting the garage behind Sir Run Run Shaw's house. Okay, I made up that last bit, but seriously, it seemed as if the guy had detailed info about every single person onscreen, I was amazed by the encyclopedic knowledge even though I've listened to his commentaries on other films. The film itself is obviously great, but I'd been meaning to listen to the commentary to see what other trivia I could pick up about the production, or Jet Li himself, and I wasn't disappointed.

At some point in the afternoon the Older Sister got all Indian Giver with her tickets, as she needed them for her kids or something, so we dropped those in the mailbox for her to pick up at her leisure.

The wife split for a quick evening meeting, and when she returned we met Morris and his mother for dinner, then made our way home. We flipped channels for a bit, then called it an early night, which could work out well for me if I get this posted at a decent hour.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cinematic Sunday Seventy-Two

I went to bed last night (or this morning, depending on your frame of reference) at 3:00, as I'd opened the blog window and worked on it a bit, but felt very much over the idea of trying to finish the writing as buzzed and tired as I was.

Another Wasted SundayI woke up, wide awake with indigestion at 6:00 AM, presumably due to the constant grazing process last night accompanied by much drinking. I'm really, really beginning to despise these three hour shifts I've started sleeping in the past few nights and I decided to forego the idea of any coffee or heavily caffeinated drinks today in my effort to let nature take its' course and get me back to a normal schedule.

The wife and I were both up when Robbb got up, and we visited with him and looked around the interweb in the office for a bit, then he split around 9:30 AM to go and run an errand before heading home to finish packing.

The wife and I picked up the kitchen and threw out all the leftover snack stuff from last night, then retreated back to the bedroom around 10:00 AM or so. I read through the newspaper and the wife was asleep again before I got to the circulars. I eventually went back to sleep myself, only waking up around 3:00 PM in the afternoon. This must be what it's like to have a drug habit, the weird-ass hours, never feeling like I'm truly rested and awake. Bah.

I went and picked up a late (LATE!) lunch (or an early supper depending on how you look at it) around 4:00 PM, then the wife and I watched some television while we ate. She napped afterward and I decided to hop online and get this whole blogging fiasco caught up.

I had thankfully been taking notes for several different trailers this past week, so there's not really too much to do about that except round up the YouTube clips and post those mothers.

First up we have The Informers, an adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis collection of short stories, directed by Gregor Jordan. It stars Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke and I'm sure I caught a handful of other familiar faces in there as well. Set in Ellis' typically debauched Los Angeles of the 80's, the book was a series of shorts that painted a bleak portrait of the city, this appears to be a large ensemble piece which I'm hoping captures the same feeling.

Next we have a Killshot, based on the Elmore Leonard novel and directed by John Madden. It stars Mickey Rourke, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Thomas Jane and the hotness that is Diane Lane. Witnesses to a murder, Lane and Jane (what is this, thrillers by Suess?) find themselves on the run from Rourke and Gordon-Levitt in this thriller produced by Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino of course last 'produced' the stinker that was known as Hell Ride, but I get a much better vibe here.

Next we come to something that's made the rounds for a few weeks now, but I still wanted to mention just for shits and giggles. 9 is produced by two noteworthy visionaries, Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov and is directed by Shane Acker. An animated film set in a post apocalyptic world, the trailer kind of speaks for itself visually, and features the talents of Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly and several other familiar voices.

I close with the Bronson trailer that hit this week. Bronson is based on notorious British criminal Mickey Peterson, who has adopted the name Charlie Bronson and has spent 34 years behind bars for what was initially meant to be a 7 year stretch for burglary. 30 of those years behind bars have been in solitary due to his relentlessly violent behavior. Tom Hardy stars as the man himself, the film is directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, a director I'm familiar with, yet have never seen a film by. I shall soon rectify this.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Party Crashing: The Newest Annoyance

So I wasn't ready to be awake at 5:00 AM this morning but that's how that all worked out.

Fuck me in the exhausted ass. I went to sleep at 3:00 or so in the AM, then I wake up about 2 hours later at 5 something and can't get back to sleep. I give up after about 45 minutes and get up to start working at the kitchen counter for about an hour and change.

I listened to the latest episode of The Gentlemen's Guide To Midnite Cinema while I worked, then decided to try and lay down for awhile. I lay there for a bit, eventually getting back up and considering making coffee and continuing the day. I settled for opening the curtains in the front room once the sun started coming up, then laying back down and finally sleeping until after 11:00.

I got up and made coffee, then went to pick up lunch for the wife and I. We ate and watched something that'd been hanging around from those rental throttling pricks at Netfux. I didn't really pay attention to the disc as I put it in, but as the film rolled I noticed a weird tagline after the title and wonder what the deal was. We got about 20 minutes into things, and I began to get the distinct impression that this was not the film that was supposed to be in this sleeve, as Shaolin Vs, Evil Dead's synopsis doesn't jive at all with what was playing, Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead: Ultimate Power, which I would later learn is a sequel from a few years after the original film.

I went to pick up food for our gathering after the film was over, and while I maneuvered the crowded store, I became aware that the bagboys were evidently in hot pursuit of a guy they suspected of shoplifting, as several of them moved through the store looking this way and that, and had people stationed by the exits. I overheard a brief snippet of conversation about how there "where two of them, but one guy left after they split up, and the other guy was wearing all black with a red ballcap" and that they'd lost track of this dude in the store. I eventually saw the guy in question when Jr. Store Detective Skippy was watching him hard enough to draw my eye to the dude as he stood in the middle of the store's main aisle, leaning on his shopping cart, which contained a hellaciously large sheet cake. The kid watching him was doing so quasi-crouched just around the corner of a nearby aisle, watching through a slatted wire display. He seemed to be oblivious to the fact that if he can see this guy through this thing, the guy can see him just as easily, but I suppose they don't have ninjas on the store security budget, so you get what you pay for.

Had I not been on a specific mission, I might've stopped to warmly greet the guy in the red ballcap, just to have the store guys wondering what my connection was and what I'd try to steal myself. Also, I would have liked to hang around long enough to see this guy try to make a run for it with that big-ass cake tucked under his arm, but I had other shit to do.

I headed home, unloaded everything and then actually tried to lay down for about 45 minutes to catch a little catnap before I got dressed and started laying out food and whatnot for the impending arrival of guests in the 7:00 PM neighborhood.

Have Rope, Will TravelI've been following the recent arrival on the scene of a company called Pink Eiga, which specializes in oddball low-budget Japanese fare, most of which has a decidedly S & M theme to it. I got an e-mail from these folks last week offering free shipping, stickers and a DVD trailer sampler if you ordered directly from them, so I figured what the hell, it'd make for interesting background noise at the weekend gathering. I popped in something called S & M Hunter, and waited patiently for our soon to be confused guests.

Macguffin, Blancodeviosa and Robbb all arrived, we set into the snacks and visiting, pausing occasionally to wonder at what the hell was happening on television when you caught sight of a small woman tied nude in a spiderweb of ropes from time to time.

We had one other couple scheduled to arrive around 8:00, so I was surprised/angry to find the Mother In Law inviting herself over when I went to answer the door. I debated losing the Japanese softcore for about a split second, then figured fuck 'er, she shouldn't show up unannounced. The MIL quickly stole someone's chair and settled in as if to be there for awhile, so I poured myself another drink and gritted my teeth. I really wish this woman would make her own set of friends rather than assuming that ours are hers to share; I can't imagine just showing up somewhere like this. It's fucking ridiculous.

How To Get Ahead In Business With Minor Rope Burns...Our other couple arrived, I let them in, they inquired immediately about what was on the television, I explained and said that the MIL hadn't noticed it in the 15 minutes she'd been here. I moved on to the second film, New Tokyo Decadence: The Slave, which seemed a bit more explicit, as I'm pretty sure I saw a vibrator sticking out of someone at one point. The MIL eventually was forced to address it when someone mentioned the movie and the fact that they'd seen no one wearing clothes for the past 10 minutes, and I told her flatly that "I wasn't expecting to offend anyone I actually INVITED over this evening"

She eventually split, I popped in one of the 42nd Street Forever trailer collections and we had some more food and drink.

Our late arrival couple split to hit a bar that a friend had them promising to visit, but I was actually surprised to have had them for as long as we did.

The wife cratered next, heading to the bedroom, and then the remaining numbers migrated into the den and watched part of Harsh Times off cable before calling it a night. Robbb crashed on the guest side of the house and I headed to the web to start working on this post before saying screw it and figuring I'd get it wrapped up on Sunday.

Be seeing you.

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