Thursday, April 30, 2009

Certainly Not As Depressing As The Last French Film I Watched...

I've been trying to get as much done in the mornings as I can this week, to get the two projects I have turned in tomorrow afternoon, so I've been getting up earlier, but staying up every bit as late, leading to this increasing drowsiness I usually fall victim to after a solid week of 6 hours sleep per night.

The wife was up when I got up, checking her e-mail and that sort of thing, so I got the house opened up for the day, then made a pot of coffee to get things moving. The wife started getting ready for her day, so I hopped online and intended to just check e-mail, but then got fished into the idea of writing up a review for Martyrs while it was fresh on my mind.

Oh, and before I get too far along on this, there's a new DVD Trash Roundtable up and running for this week, so go check that out and see what's up once you're bored with my shtick.

Anyways, I wrote the review and saved it to proofread later, then settled in to get some work done, listening to several different podcasts that I'd been avoiding due to their reviews of Martyrs for fear of any spoilers they might let slip. That included a weeks old episode of The Gentlemens Guide To Midnite Cinema, as well as an older Night Of The Living Podcast and even half of a Dread Media that got into spoilers.

I got the first project finished, it just needed to be inked in, then took a break for lunch and microwaved myself a little pizza, since that seems to feel like all I've been eating when I eat around the house lately.

One Two Three Sun!I popped in a flick from those rental throttling pricks at Netfux, another Bertrand Blier head scratcher called Un, Deux, Trois, Soliel. It's another absurdist tale in which a young girl's life plays out with her daydreams coming alive as she works out different scenarios for her life, with a dead boyfriend and her father returning to her when they are on her mind, offering advise to both she and her husband. It's every bit as odd and self aware as the other films I've seen by the man, most similar to something like Our History, but filled with strangely sexual exchanges between children and adults, as a group of boys paw at their teacher on several occasions. I have to say that Blier's films aren't always the easiest thing to get into, as his characters frequently address the camera as if in a play and delivering exposition to internal monologues, and they act out in ways that never happen in normal society, but they are always very watchable just to see where they hell he'll take things next.

Plus, after Martyrs last night, it was nice to fall back on a fairly light-hearted French film instead of one that made me want to put my head in the oven.

The wife had an evening reception or some such shit, which I'd been kindly excused from, as it was basically an excuse for a bunch of volunteers to get together for an open bar. The open bar held no great appeal to me, and I wasn't in the mood for glad-handing the swells this evening, so I instead went to pick us up some sandwiches for supper while she attended that.

I ate quickly, then took the Yorkie for a short walk, as she seemed restless, but I think the heat got the better of her, because she seemed kinda over it as soon as we left the house, so I made it a short trip round the block just to test the waters, and she never perked up, so we headed home.

I finished up the second project listening to an older (Cool) Shite On The Tube, then the wife got home and we retired to the bedroom and watched last night's episode of Ghost Hunters off the DVR. I actually fell asleep for about 30 minutes after the show, then woke with a start, slightly refreshed around 10:00 and headed to the web to do this.

I'm debating finishing up the inking on the two projects by staying up even later this evening, just so I can sleep in tomorrow with impunity and take the day easy.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Workday, Meetings, Torture

I ended up being awake last night until after 3:00 AM because I ended up chatting with a few people on Twitter and installing the Twitterfon application for the iPhone, then got fished into the last half of the (Cool) Shite guys recording a live show over on UStream, shooting the shit in their chatroom for a few.

I slept 6 hours and then forced myself out of bed and started coffee while the wife checked her e-mail, then I got online and checked my own while she got ready for a meeting. The maid arrived and started in on her stuff while I got a review written and submitted and the wife went off to do her thing.

I was relieved to see that the BSL was finally back to normal, allowing me to see the page and even sign in to my profile, I felt like a princess in a fucking fairy tale.

I got a huge chunk of work done while the maid went about her maidly duties, listened to this week's episode of the Dead Lantern Splattercast as well as a new Outside The Cinema before calling it an afternoon. The maid split and I was headed out to pickup some lunch and run an errand when the wife got home, so we passed like ships in the night and I ran my errands and picked up a sandwich for my late lunch.

The wife had a late afternoon meeting, then a meeting that was to be held at our house, so I decided to get some more work done, plowing through an older episode of SModcast while I got most of the second project finished. The wife got home and got her paperwork ready for the evening, I took the Yorkie into the office with me so that she wouldn't bother them while I looked around the web a bit.

HOLY SHITThe Yorkie and I retired to the bedroom so that I could watch Martyrs, a film I've been hearing rave reviews about for months, but have tried to avoid spoilers for. I popped that in, only to get about 10 minutes in and have the wife's meeting end, so I restarted it once she joined me in the bedroom and we both settled in for the most grueling thing I've watched in a good long while, a film that I'm still not sure how I feel about even a few hours later. I've mulled it over, I've even read a few takes on the film online examining its themes and ending, which is very open to interpretation. The French continue to knock it out of the park with grisly violence and disturbingly realistic gore, and the French actresses are evidently fearless in their approach to any role, no matter how sordid, violent or degrading, because HOLY SHIT. This flick makes the violence in something like Frontière(s) look relatively tame in comparison, which takes some doing, I can assure you. The film is unpleasant it times, shocking here or there and purposely ambiguous in its ending just to fuck the audience up even more. I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you have the stomach for it, it's something that will bear out multiple viewings.

I headed to the web after the film finished to work on this and poke around the web a bit.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Technology Fucks Me At Every Turn

I made a point of getting up with the alarm this morning, as I'm trying to squeeze a couple week's on-again, off-again work into the next few days because I laid around like a lazy fuck all last week instead of doing anything constructive.

The wife went to do the grocery shopping as I was getting up, so I checked e-mail quickly, then dressed to go and grab a copy of director Pascal Laugier's film Martyrs, which has set the horror world on fire these past many months and was finally released in the States today.

I was about to head out the door when I decided to take a bit of time and clean out the gutters on the back side of the house, because we're supposed to have some kinda rainy shitty weather on and off all week and the gutters have been really needing it; they're basically level with leaves and dirt. I'd never had gutters to deal with anywhere else I've lived, so it never occurred to me until it was way past time to clean them, but I'm hoping that by clearing them we'll have less of a chance of the roof trying to leak, as it has on a few occasions when it's rained recently. We keep forgetting to call anyone until the rainstorms are already here, so I'm hoping by making somewhere for the water to go, we won't have the same issues with the roof. A pipe dream I'm sure, but I'm trying to be positive for once.

The wife got back before I finished this project, but was set to leave again for a meeting, so we said hi and bye and went our separate ways.

I picked up the flick, then headed home and got an hour or so worth of work done while listening to an older episode of The Gentlemen's Guide To Midnite Cinema in which they interviewed the guy who runs Cinema De Bizarre, a site I may be ordering some oddball stuff from in the near future, as they sell an assortment of stuff you don't see everyday.

Much Funnier Than I ExpectedI took a break, watched Mean Girls because I have it to review for Pop Syndicate, took notes for the review while eating some leftover pizza for lunch. The wife came home and watched part of the flick with me, then caught a nap in the late afternoon.

I spent some time online fighting the computer, which refused to load the old Big Suck Loser website, only to have Skincarver e-mail me back to say that it was loading fine for him, so I've begun to fear that it's just me who sucks at the internet and can't get the simplest of shit to work for me. Not sure what this means if this is a permanent situation, though I tried it on both the PC and the laptop with both Firefox and Internet Explorer, so I'm not sure what the hell to do next, as I've run every diagnostic and cleared every type of cookie or cache this fucking machine has, to no avail.

The wife had an evening meeting, so I actually gave up on the interweb fight for awhile and got another couple of hours worth of work done, catching up on an older episode of Mondo Movie while I squinted at the graphs.

Average Coens, Pitt Isn't As Funny As He's Meant TO BeI eventually gave that up for the evening and watched Burn After Reading in the bedroom while I waited for the wife to get home. She was kind enough to make dinner, so we ate and finished the film before she crashed out for the night.

I started to watch Fringe, only to findout that our HD Fox channel had been basically skipping and pixelating through the entire show, I gave it about five minutes and decided that it'd drive me into a rage by the end of the hour and just deleted it. I suppose Hulu is the next obvious stop for me to catch up on that later in the week, so thanks to Suddenlink for thier increasingly wonderful service of late. I'm curious if I'll end up with another e-mail offering to help me with my problem, as if they have a time machine which can take me back to 8:00 PM this evening and make sure the recording goes off without all the glitches.

Yeah, and maybe we can also go look after Sarah Connor and make sure no one kicks her in the stomach during her pregnancy, since we're going nuts in the old wayback machine.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Ow, My Freaking Face

I think everyone slept better last night with all the people where they were supposed to be; the Yorkie and the wife both crashed early and I slept soundly once I finally headed to bed.

The wife got up before me today and was in the office checking e-mail for a bit while I dozed in bed, then she came back in the bedroom while I was laying there petting the dog and we discussed our plans for the day.

I hopped online myself for a bit, then picked up some lunch for us while the wife took a shower.

We chilled in the den and caught up on some more of our random television stuff that the TiVo had from last week, then I got ready to head out to another Orthodontist visit. We're slowly coming to the end of this process, but man alive, it can't be over soon enough.

I headed to the Ortho visit, flipped through an Entertainment Weekly for a few before the little assistant/tech girl called me back and started doing her thing. I shot the shit with the Ortho for a few, then they threw some new 'chains' on the upper teeth, which immediately left my face feeling kinda tight and I knew there'd be a headache on the way. Top it off with new, stronger rubber bands that are meant to pull the upper teeth down for better contact on the sides and I feel kinda like someone hit me in the face with a flat object, possibly a wooden instrument of some sort. I spent a good part of the evening just kinda rubbing the canines through my cheek, the roots of the teeth feel like they start in my spine or something because they run so deep, and the rubber bands are definitely tugging away at them.

Grim Enough For Ya?The wife was napping when I got back home, so I worked on the two projects I have that I've been putting off for a couple weeks, listening to an older episode of The Gentlemen's Guide To Midnite Cinema while I got the prep work done. They covered The Pusher Trilogy of films from director Nicholas Winding Refn, which I've always been curious about, and have now dutifully added to the ever-growing Netfux queue. I also listenes to most of ShowShow's 100th episode gala affair before calling it a night so that the wife and I could order a pizza and relax for the evening.

We spent some more time with the television, watched the season finale of Heroes, which managed to end better than I expected it to, then last week's episode of Ghost Hunters, which managed to feature the second stringers from Ghost Hunters International, a somewhat unwelcome change of pace.

I called it a night and headed to the web to do this nonsense before it got too late while the wife watched some of her crafting programs in the bedroom.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cinematic Sunday Eighty-Five

I actually set the alarm this morning, something I rarely do on weekends, because I knew the wife was supposed to be arriving at the airport just shy of 1:00 PM, so I didn't want to still be lounging in bed when her plane made its final descent.

Off To The Airport AgainI got a bit of writing done after checking e-mail, drank about a pot of coffee and picked up the kitchen a little bit before heading out to pick up the wife.

I was happy to find her waiting for me outside the airport, so all I had to do was cruise up and toss her bag in the trunk and we were on our way. We picked up lunch on the way back into town, catching up while waiting on the slow moving drive thru line.

We ate and watched some television, then the wife caught a nap because she'd gotten up at 6:00 AM our time to be at the airport in Atlanta. I watched the rest of season 4 of Entourage and drank a bottle of wine, then the wife got up and we snacked on this or that for dinner and watched some more television before calling it a night.

Getting back into the swing of the trailers thing, here's what I have for you thing evening:

First up I may as well mention that the the first trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, or H2 is now up. I was relatively lukewarm about the first film, and this looks like more of the same, though the first minute or so is so damned murky that I couldn't really tell you anything about what's happening in it, except that like the original sequel, it ends up in a hospital. I'll see it, if only to see how Zombie lets me down this time. I really want to like the man's work, but it's like he's taking the last shred of good faith he has left over from my enjoyment of The Devil's Rejects and using it for a cum-rag with things like the ghost of Michael Myers mom leading him around in this film. Seriously, WTF?

Up next is a cute faux-documentary called Paper Heart from director Nicholas Jasenovec that stars Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi in a film about her quest for love, or at least a definition of love. It looks fun, though I don't know that either actor is really stepping outside their comfort zone on this one, as she seems to be playing herself as the introverted nerd girl and he's the awkward sweet guy. I hope his fans will be able to keep up with this wild change of pace. No seriously, I'm probably just being a dick, but the trailer looks sweet, give it a look.

Finally we have The Chaser, a Korean film that is of course due for an American re-make, because reading subtitles causes ovarian cancer or something, so no one wants to watch the original version of a foreign film. Directed by Hong-jin Na, the film tells the story of a detective played by Yun-seok Kim, a dirty cop turned pimp who investigates the disappearances of several girls who have all been seen by the same client. I've heard good things about this, and this was the first time a ran across a trailer with any sort of English dubbing or content, so there you go.

I'm out.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Suddenlinkus Interruptus

I was up last night, blogging my little heart out when the Suddenlink interweb service suddenly disappeared again, as it did on Tuesday night, only this time it took the fucking cable television service with it. Since I couldn't watch television, I watched this week's episode of Dollhouse off the DVR, which was pretty good and looks to be building to the season (series?) finale.

I happened to check the time on the iPhone and actually hit Twitter out of habit, and was surprised to see that the web was back up about an hour and a half after it disappeared on me, so I got up again since I wasn't all that sleepy and finished up the blogging. I finally called it a night around 4:00 AM.

I got up late today, loaded up all the recycling stuff to take to the bins, figuring that I could do that as I picked up lunch. I listened to a new episode of Cinema Diabolica while I drove, then picked up some Thai food and headed back to the house.

I watched the first disc of Entourage season 4 while I ate, then took a break and got some writing done on a couple of reviews I have for next week, so one of those is finished, the other just needs a little polishing.

The Yorkie seemed to be a little antsy, so I took her for a nice long walk, then chilled with more Entourage into the early evening and did a load of laundry before taking a break to pick up some dinner.

There Will Be SplinteringI finished the second disc and then retired to the bedroom to watch a Blu-ray copy of Splinter, which had arrived late last week from those rental throttling pricks at Netfux. I wasn't sure what to expect from the film, but it turned out to be very watchable, the creature that infects people and mutates them via splinters that spike into thier skin was somewhat reminiscent of Carpenter's remake of The Thing, growing in size and shape as the film goes on. The creature is a parasite/virus/what the fuck ever that twists the body of its host in grotesque ways, lots of popping and snapping as bones are suddenly broken from the infection spreading; it's very gruesome. I took notes for a review, so I may try to work on that tomorrow afternoon.

I finished up laundry while working on this post and the Yorkie was sweet enough to join me in her little bed in the office, something she rarely does.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Can't Be Bothered, Really...

I was up late, then slept in this morning. The Yorkie finally nudged me awake close to noon, so I got up and fed her, got the house opened up for the day and made a pot of coffee before hopping online.

I returned a text from the wife and then dressed to go grab a gift item I wanted to pick up for her at Target, 'cause I thought it might be nice to surprise her with a little something when she gets home on Sunday.

That turned into a big pile of fuck, as they had three of the four different items in a series, but not the one I wanted to buy, so I got a wild hair to head over to Odessa and see if I could find it there.

I listened to this week's episode of Outside The Cinema on the drive, found the item at their Target (the last one) and called Macguffin to see if he happened to be up. I ended up picking up a burger and then dropping by for a brief visit while I ate, then heading home around 3:30.

The wife called shortly after I got home, so we caught up on our respective days, I told her that I'd called this morning and explained to the Bossman that I might not see him until late next week; this worked out extraordinarily well because I got his machine and left this information in a message rather than having to actually talk to him. I've found out a lot of things with him work better the less we talk, as conversation with him generally leads into asinine cul de sacs for no apparent reason, I think it's because he's socially retarded.

I ended up dicking around on the web for a bit, then took the Yorkie for a walk because she seemed rather edgy. With the wife out of town, the dog seems glued to my every fucking move, I guess she fears I may be the next one to leave and not come back if she doesn't keep an eye on me. The walk was brisk and she seemed to enjoy it, and once we got back to the house I hopped on the recumbent bike for a few since I was already a little hot from the 90+ degree temperatures outside.

I made myself a cocktail afterward, then soaked in the jacuzzi tub and relaxed a bit while watching part of Baby Mama, because I love me some Tina Fey. It felt good to soak my arms and shoulders a bit, they were bothering me after some curls I'd done for the first time in ages last night. That was actually kinda odd, as I woke up this morning feeling fine, then got worse and worse over the course of the day.

Don't Hate The Player...The rest of the evening was spent chilling out with the second half of Entourage season 3, just because I've been making an effort to make my way through some of this television stuff I've piled up and never watched (or re-watched). Plus, I didn't really feel like taking notes for a review or anything like that, so this worked out great.

I spoke to the wife again, fairly early before she headed to bed so that she could be up for a breakfast meeting tomorrow morning, then I retired to the office with my trusty cocktail to start pecking away at this shit again.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snark Leads To Anger, Anger Leads To Lousy Reviews

I can happily report that the wife finally reached her destination around 9:00 AM this morning, so she's where she's supposed to be, attending useless meetings and schmoozing with the other members of the organization from across the country. Me, I'd rather be removing my left testicle with a spoon I was forced to sharpen against a concrete block rather than do that kind of shit, but my wife is much more outgoing. How we even know one another is a mystery to me sometimes.

So before I get too far along in the post, let me just mention that the new edition of the DVD Trash Roundtable is up for your viewing pleasure, so go check that out at your leisure once you've skimmed over the bullshit I managed to come up with today.

Oh, and there's new stuff over at the old Big Suck Loser if you're into that sort of thing.

Here Comes The RamJamI poked around the web this morning, then headed out to run a couple of errands, basically hitting up my holy triangle of shopping, a little bargain hunting at Big Lots (and found nothing), then Barnes & Noble to see if I needed any magazines (I didn't) and finally Best Buy to pick up The Wrestler on Blu-ray, just because I still have an amount left on a giftcard the wife gave me, so I figured I'd grab it since it isn't 'real' money.

I picked up a sandwich and headed back to the house to chill out and eat. I watched Network, a film I'd never seen but always been aware of. I'm apparently working my way through all of Sidney Lumet's back catalog of films without really knowing it. I've really enjoyed them, and this was no exception, the portrait of the media is amusing and actually somewhat relevant in today's society as well.

I also took the time to check out this week's episode of Fringe, just to clear it off the DVR to ensure that other stuff would be able to record properly because it had been getting perilously full.

I took the Yorkie for an afternoon walk since it had gotten nicely overcast and cooled things off a bit. We made a fairly large loop about four blocks from the house, then headed back home to chill out.

I watched a documentary called A Galaxy Far, Far Away, a film which looks at the Star Wars phenomenon, in particular the 1999 release of the first prequel film. The film-maker seems slightly snarky when narrating the film, which is a little off-putting, it almost seemed as if he had a mild contempt for his subject matter. The film also manages to focus on the sadder elements of three of his interviewees lives in the last portion of the film, ultimately leaving the viewer with a bad taste in the mouth when the credits roll. I found the flick a little condescending, and I'm not speaking a a huge Star Wars nerd, I'm saying why would you do a film about a subject you seem to look down on?

I called it a night and headed to the web, then actually got an e-mail from Macguffin saying that he was still up if I wanted to give him a call, so I actually spent the rest of the night with him on speakerphone while I worked on the blog.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Precisely Why I Hate To Travel

I was up late reading last night after the interweb service crapped out on me, so I slept in a bit while the wife got up early to shower and pack. I eventually got up and dressed, then checked e-mail and looked to see how much of yesterday's post was lost by the interweb going AWOL on me. The Yorkie was pretty anxious about things, unsure if we were all leaving or just the wife, so she was stressing right up until we left.

I loaded up the wife's suitcase and we drove to pick up the other gal who was traveling with her for this organization's training retreat or whatever the fuck it is, then I dropped the both of them at the airport with plenty of time to submit to the strip search and check the bags that they might never see again.

I grabbed a burger on the way back into town, then chilled out with some more of the Firefly set in the den while I ate.

Sometime in the mid afternoon the wife calls to let me know that they're trapped in Dallas, because American Airlines can't get a fucking plane to fly them the rest of the way to Atlanta.

See, this is why I hate travel as a general rule,y'know, in addition to hating people and new experiences. They got to Dallas, sat in the plane for a fucking HOUR before they decided that the plane just wasn't quite up to snuff and that they'd have to 'go get another plane', presumably from the large pile of aircraft they have out back waiting to be dusted off and sent back into service. This eventually leads to an overnight stay at the airport Radisson on the airline's nickel and then having to leave at 5:00 in the Goddamned morning to maybe get to their destination by 1:00 or so in the afternoon, missing at least one of the events that was the main reason for them to go.

The wife has already said that if anything goes wrong tomorrow, she's saying fuckit and flying home.

On the upside, she got to see Morris for a bit, he came by and went to eat with the wife and the two women she's traveling with.

Serenity Now!I spent my day watching the rest of Firefly, pausing briefly before diving into the follow up film Serenity, which brought things to a somewhat satisfying conclusion, or as much of one as a last minute approach must've been able to considering the sudden cancellation of the show.

I popped in Behavioral Problems, the newest Ron White DVD, which arrived in the mail today for review, since I figured it'd be easy to check out since it's running time was only an hour and some change. I liked the show, but I honestly have to say that some of his earlier stuff has been funnier, and there were a couple of times that he misspoke parts of a bit, or the punchline and had to correct himself. He recovered well, but you could tell that he'd obviously flubbed a line and had to dig his way out, which kinda bothered me. I know the guy is known for the boozing and smoking, but I hope it's not taking a toll on his performances, as I really love his humor.

I headed to the web early this evening, just to get this stuff finished, as last night's experience has me somewhat paranoid.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Always Late To Any Party

I got very little done today, woke up late, the whole bit. Since the wife is set to be out of town starting tomorrow, noon-ish, I decided to just dick around and plan on getting a good chunk of work done while she's gone. At least this way I won't feel as though I'm ignoring her while plowing through that stuff for hours on end and will give me the chance to make up for all the loafing I've done the past week or so.

I did the usual web routine after getting up late, then headed out to pick up a quick bite to eat for lunch. The wife called as I was leaving, telling me about her plans for the afternoon and I assured her that I'd see her back at the house shortly.

I picked up some Taco Bell to make the temple that is my body into an outhouse for a few hours, then headed back home. I don't know what the allure of that awful food is, but I get a craving for it about once a month on average, and always feel like a disgusting animal after eating it.

A Space Western Turns Out To Be A Hard Sell...Back at the house I decided to finally take the plunge on a series that I'd bought because it was cheap awhile back, something that my buddy Buckaroo Banzai has been talking up for quite some time. Perhaps it's my trepidation at the prospect of Dollhouse being canceled, but I decided to watch the last show that Fox screwed Joss Whedon over on: Firefly.

I can happily say that at a little over the halfway point in the series (I made it through to the third disc of the set before calling it a night), I'm very impressed with the blending of genres and obviously somewhat annoyed that they canceled things. I'm also glad that I grabbed the follow-up movie, Serenity as well, just so I can easily breeze through the series in its entirety without having to take a break.

The wife caught an episode or two, but she had an evening meeting, so she wasn't about to get overly invested in things.

She came home late, watched another episode with me after we caught up a bit, then she headed to bed a little early as she had to get up and pack for her trip tomorrow.

I hopped online around 11:00, started this post and then got distracted for a bit with submitting a couple of reviews to the old BSL before I came back here to finish this up and noticed that Blogger had suddenly stopped saving the post and was stuck in a permanent loop. I started looking at the other tabs I had open, only to find out that nothing was able to connect to the web.

I checked the router, it refreshed its' connection but nothing changed, so I finally called the cable company only to find out that they were down in our area to upgrade their servers, which is great and all, but the lack of any sort of warning was somewhat annoying, especially when you consider that I tend to get the majority of this personal writing shit done after 10:00 PM at the earliest.

I crashed out with the intention of wrapping this crap up on Wednesday, which is exactly what I've done.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Typing My Life Away

I got up with the alarm this morning and got a pot of coffee going, then hopped online and started banging out the reviews I'd been putting off. I paused now and again to look at this or that, but for the most part stayed on point and got the four reviews knocked out pretty quickly, wrapping up the last one around 12:30.

The wife ran an errand in the morning, then headed out again around noon to mail some stuff, so she brought back some burgers for lunch.

TiVo had suggested that we might like the uncensored Dane Cook special that ran on Comedy Central last Saturday night, so I decided to give it a try even though the guy has been less and less funny every time I've seen him since his first comedy CD. I freely admit to liking his early stuff, but as he's gotten more successful and fell into the whole catch phrase thing, I've had less and less interest. Then his latest stuff seems to just be him pretending that he's a rock star or something, hamming it up for the audience and doing that stupid finger thing that makes me think he's trying to finger someone, it's creepy.

I was watching for about five minutes before I came to the realization that I actually hate his audience more than I do him, as they won't stop screaming and hooting long enough for him to even get through a bit, it's annoying as hell. All the guy does is mention a brand name or some silly word that he calls something instead of what it's meant to be called, and they go apeshit.

"Slurpee!" Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!

Shut the fuck up and let him tell a joke, you slack jawed idiots.

Bah, anyway, I sat through that shit while I ate, laughed maybe ONCE (seriously, it's sad), then decided to check out a Coffin Joe flick that I'd TiVo'd off IFC quite awhile back. The Strange Hostel Of Naked Pleasures is every bit as heavy handed as the other films I've seen from the man, sporting the same trippy low budget special effects and random nudity. It was okay, nothing special, but something I was happy to see and I actually wonder if his stuff would be better with a group, as you'd have someone to mull over the strangeness with.

The wife had a commitment this evening, so she split for that and I spent some time cleaning up the kitchen counter area, going through some mail and the like, then put another shelf of stuff into the Pocketpedia on the iPhone before retiring to the bedroom to start shuffling a few things around on the bookshelving in there. The magazines that have been filed away on the shelves had started to get completely out of order, and I knew if that got further out of hand I'd start having trouble sleeping, 'cause I'm anal like that, so I pulled down basically a shelf of stuff and started resorting it.The South's Gonna Rise Ag'in!

I watched Two Thousand Maniacs! off the DVR while I dicked around with this stuff, then the wife got home and hopped on the computer for awhile to get some things done before she has to go out of town later in the week.

She eventually joined me in the bedroom and we watched the end of the film, then the newest Heroes, which was annoyingly Sylar-ccentric, always an annoyance to me. The guy's whole emo 'no one loved me, I'm special' bullshit act wears me down to a fucking nub, I'd go door to door canvassing for a petition to kill the damned character off if I thought it'd help. Oh well.

I headed to the web to work on this nonsense while the wife crashed out.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not As Cinematic As Yesterday

Okay, so I honestly haven't even looked around at any trailers this past week, and considering that I don't feel like for any this evening, I'm taking a week off from the Cinematic Sunday shtick and trying something different in the ending video segment.

New Sign Because The Other Site Was Borked!The wife had a project that she was working on for a mailing she has to do when I got up this morning, so I watched The Spirit in the bedroom just so I could mail it back to those rental throttling pricks at Netfux and let her wrap up her stuff.

Brian had called late last night about a possible lunch today, so the wife made plans to have him drop by the house when he got out of church. I got ready and then checked e-mail quickly before he arrived, then we went to a steakhouse across town and waited briefly for a table. Brian had been on a date last night, with some gal from his church that he's known for like 10 years, which I think would be a weird date to be on, because you already kinda know each other and would have less 'getting to know you' bullshit to work with, but might work in your favor because you don't have to have those conversations and can just shoot the shit.

The wife had a baby shower to attend in the mid afternoon, so we headed back to the house after lunch, Brian split and the wife went to her thing. I retired to the office and got started on a review, hoping to spend the afternoon getting caught up on a bit of writing. The wife came home early, so I got sidetracked visiting with her, then started trying to write again.

calls me, so I stopped writing to kinda shoot the shit with him, surfing around looking at this or that while we talked. I hang up with him and realize almost an hour later that I'm still just looking around the web like an idiot, window shopping this or that instead of writing as I intended to be doing. My eyes also felt rather tense, so I finally said the hell with it and got offline, joining the wife in the bedroom and catching a short catnap that seemed to do wonders for my eyes.

It was well into late afternoon by this point, so I basically gave up on this weekend and succumbed to my complete sloth. I watched this week's episode of Fringe, then the wife started a lasagna cooking while we watched the Fox animation stuff, most of which were new this evening, along with the premiere of a show called Sit Down, Shut Up, which was sort of funny, but I'm not sure I'd seek it out if they moved it from between two shows I already watch.

I headed to the web to work on this afterward, catching the tail-end of Outside The Cinema's love show wherein they watched Neil LaBute's Wicker Man remake and made fun of it. I chatted with a few people in the chatroom and listened to their commentary before while I got started on this.

As I mentioned earlier, I haven't really looked around for/at any new trailers this week, so I decided to just post three things that are of interest to me, and thus possibly the other nerds reading this. I'd only read about this a few weeks out from the series premiering on Adult Swim, but there's a new animated series aimed at adult fans of the 80's GI Joe cartoons. They consist of basically an hours' worth of material, which will be serialized on the web in 5 minute segments, then the conclusion (or possibly the full hour long show? I'm kinda fuzzy based on the articles I read) will hit the Adult Swim lineup in late April. The series is written by a favorite writer of mine, Warren Ellis, and the series features actual death and mayhem rather than lasers and people being knocked unconscious, like in the old shows. The first three episodes of GI Joe: Resolute are available via YouTube, so here they are until they get yanked (not sure how anal Cartoon Network is about YouTube and whatnot).

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

That's it kid's, I'm out.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hours Upon Hours Of Visual Entertainment

The wife was up before me, wrapping a gift for a baby shower she's supposed to attend tomorrow afternoon. I eventually stumbled in to see what she had planned for the day, then took a moment to check e-mail and poke around the web.

The wife had heard about this burger place somewhat off the beaten path that several people had told her was really good in just the past week, so she expressed interest in trying food from there for lunch. We drove over to the sketchier side of town, picked up burgers and an order of fries to split, then headed back home to chill out and try the supposedly legendary burgers.

The burgers were very average, I'm not sure why anyone would go out of their way to pick them up, so the opinions of the wife's friends and family are now completely suspect in my mind. We both liked our food, but couldn't see why anyone would bother to mention the restaurant unless you happened to be driving past it, but oh well, I guess everyone wants to think they know about some secret cool place.

I Feel Like I've Been Raped In The FaceThe wife and I watched Hamlet 2, which arrived in the mail courtesy of those rental throttling pricks at Netfux today. I was expecting it to be amusing, but possibly lose some steam in the latter half of the film. I can happily say that this doesn't happen, we laughed throughout and I'd actually like to pick this up, I can see re-watching it numerous times. I was pleasantly surprised that even the racier material that I recall from the red band trailer still made me laugh when seen in the natural context of the film, which is always a good sign. Check it out if you get the chance.

It Ain't Ozzie And Harriet...The wife caught a nap and I popped in another Netfux rental, Just Buried, which was a dark comedy that I'd bumped to the top of the queue recently just because I kept getting a lot of foreign stuff recently and wanted a break from the subtitling for a bit. The movie was pretty decent, though the film takes some odd urns towards the final act that I wouldn't say that I disliked, but just changed the tone of things from the first half of the movie. I'd say it's definitely worth a rental and has some darkly comedic moments and the super cute Rose Byrne as a love interest for the sad sack hero.

The wife got ready for yet another event she'd volunteered to be at this evening, so I wasted some more time putting another shelf of DVD's into the Pocketpedia app on the iPhone, then succumbed to the Yorkie's whining and keening noises and decided to take her for a walk. We headed out to do that as the wife split for her event. We made a quick lap of about 2 blocks, which seems to be just the right distance to keep her happy with the outing, but doesn't let her get bored or tired out, where she starts wanting to just stop and lay down in front of someone's house.

I picked up some Mexican food for my dinner, then chilled in the bedroom to eat and watched last week's episode of Dollhouse, a show that I understand has now most likely been shit-canned by Fox. This is rather annoying, as it's been getting better and better over the past few weeks, but God forbid Fox let a show they put on at a lousy day and timeslot any kind of chance to build an audience. Like I said, it hasn't officially been canned, but there's a 13th episode that they aren't bothering to air, which is never a good sign.

I'd DVR'd a showing of The Osterman Weekend out of curiosity awhile back, so I watched that next to get it off the DVR and to continue the espionage theme of Dollhouse. I was amused by the dated 80's-ness of the film, but overall the plotting was fairly suspect, I'd have to say I don't see me ever watching it again.

The wife came home in the latter half of the film, so she made herself some food while I finished that up, then we watched last week's episode of Fringe, a show on Fox that has somehow managed to avoid being canceled, which is of course stunning, as they swiftly trash any show that I like on their network that isn't called The Simpsons. Annoyingly, the DVR recorded the show as it was meant to be broadcast, but the asinine loser parade that is American Idol ran long, so the final ten minutes of the show wasn't recorded.

I hope everyone involved with that useless show dies in a fire.

I grabbed the laptop while we were watching the show and pulled the show up on Hulu so that we were able to finish it, but it's irritating when you lose content through no fault of your own, and it was made even more annoying by the lousy show that intruded on the timeslot. I think that was what offended me the most, that AI was fucking up my life, since it's a show I tend to avoid like the plague.

I headed to the web while the wife got some reading done in the bedroom.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Old Acquaintances Not Forgotten

I got a call yesterday from my friend Shioda, who now lives in Fort Worth, mentioning that he'd be in town this weekend, so I traded a few text messages back and forth with him about having lunch today.

I called him after I got a call from my friend B, who had made tentative plans to have lunch last Friday and got side tracked, so I asked her if she was cool to have lunch with Shioda once we got a restaurant nailed down; she seemed agreeable.

Once I got Shioda over here and he offered up the Thai place as a suggestion, I relayed this to her and we headed out to meet her. We caught up a bit, as he's got a divorce on the horizon, even though their living situation is still puzzlingly amicable at this point. B arrived, we ordered and caught up a bit over a nice meal.

B split afterward, then Shioda and I ran an errand that he needed to so. He had to pick up something for his mother's computer, so we did that and then dropped by her house and he installed that for her. She had an errand to run with him, so I tagged along for that, then the two of us headed back to my place after dropping his mom off at her house.

We ended up watching What Just Happened, the last flick I had on hand to review for the other site. It was a fun flick, behind the scenes Hollywood stuff of a producer's travails as he desperately tries to keep two different projects alive over the course of about 2 weeks. I enjoyed it, and the cast seemed to be having fun, I'd say it's worth a rental.

Shioda split and I hopped online for a few, then the wife got up from a nap she'd caught while we were watching the flick. We caught up on our respective days, then I conned her into going to pick up sandwiches for dinner so I could spring a little surprise on her I'd been thinking about for a couple of days.

The weather was amazing outside, so I grabbed a little card table and set it up out on the patio area, along with two of the chairs from the kitchen table. We actually have a table and chairs outside and off to the right of the back door, but their positioning and generally dusty condition made that option rather unappetizing, as it was still in full sun and much windier over there. I grabbed a couple of votives from the spare bedroom, along with a small cloth to use for a makeshift tablecloth, placed that stuff on the table, then found a small vase and cut a sprig of the flowering shrub from the backyard for decoration.

The trap laid, I chilled at the kitchen counter, putting more DVD's into the Pocketpedia application on the iPhone and keeping an eye peeled for the wife. When she came out of the garage, I grabbed my cocktail and a soda for her and stepped outside, just in time for her to see the little set-up. I figured she'd spot it as soon as she came out of the garage, so, y'know, I guess I'm glad it wasn't a bear or something, because she almost walked rigth up on it before it registered to her.

She was touched, so I was happy. We spread out our little deli sandwiches, I lit the candles andn we chilled out for a little romantic dinner in the quiet of the backyard. The wind only gusted a few times, so we had no issues with anything blowing over or away, and never even had to re-light any candles.

More Ghost Rape Than The Average Film!I decided to let the Pocketpedia decide our movie fate this evening, so I gave the iPhone a shake to see what it would end up on. We watched The Entity, an early 80's flick in which Barbara Hershey is subjected to 2 hours of ghost rape. Not sure if this really fit in with our romantic evening theme I'd tried to start, but the film holds up fairly well, special effects-wise, and the acting isn't bad, although Hershey does seem way more calm than I think most folks would be if raped numerous times by an invisible force.

We called it a night after the flick and I headed to the web to do this dumb shit after tucking my sweet wife into bed.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dead & Buried At The Church

I'm obviously a lousy player in this roundtable thing I've signed on for, as the new one posted yesterday afternoon and I completely spaced out and forgot to mention it. Oh, Edwige, Can I Just Live Under Your Skirts? Head on over to the newest DVD Trash Roundtable to check out everyone's feeling's about both Edwige Fenech and Brigitte Lahaie. Hint: I'm a bigger Fenech fan.

I had nothing going on today save for plans to visit Macguffin, so I slept in a bit, then checked e-mail briefly before heading to Odessa. I left the wife a note in reply to hers, letting her know that I loved her and that I'd be back for the evening.

I happily avoided the cheesy speed trap the local law had set up as you enter town because I was headed in the opposite direction and presumably outside their current interest, which were people cresting a hill that enters an underpass. I drove on, quietly hoping that no one was getting robbed or raped somewhere in town while these 6 (!) cops and their vehicles were all tied up fulfilling their quota which supposedly doesn't exist.

Mac and I visited a bit, then I wanted to hit a couple stores since I was over, so he accompanied me on that, actually finding a few things himself. Spooky Nootchies! My bargain hunting scored a couple of used horror flicks, a copy of the 2 disc version of Dead & Buried, a creepy little film from Gary Sherman, as well as a copy of The Church from Cemetery Man director Michele Soavi. I've not seen The Church, but I love the guy's other film, so I figured I'd take the gamble since it was only about $6.

I picked up a late lunch for myself and we headed back to Mac's place where I ate while he looked over his purchases. We popped in a cheap DVD I'd picked up for him that featured Kevin Smith interviewing Stan Lee and his ego for two 45 minute segments. We were mostly through the second one when Blancodeviosa came home, so she watched the end of that nonsense with us, then sat through a recording of a poem by Lee that appears on the disc as a bonus feature. The poem is pretty corny and heavy-handed, clocks in at a whopping 12+ minutes and had us all checking our watches waiting for it to be over.

We chilled outside for a bit, watching the dogs play while Mac brushed out one of the dogs, then I split for the house to spend some time with the wife.

I arrived home just shy of a short burst of rain, which was thankfully all we really seemed to get for the night, even though the whole area was under all manner of severe weather warnings that kept cutting in during our television viewing, though thankfully The Office was spared for the most part. 30 Rock, on the other hand got totally screwed and we missed the last half of completely due to weather updates repeating the same information over and over again, so I'm hoping to get caught up on the NBC website or Hulu this weekend.

I spent some time putting a couple more shelves of DVD's into the Pocketpedia application on the iPhone while we watched television, creating a few categories to sort stuff into now that there's one enormous list. I'm getting pretty close to being done with that project, so I'm happy about that, it'll come in handy on these trips for bargain hunting.

We called it a night around ten, thought I wasted some time putting DVD's away on the media closet before I finally got around to starting this.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lawn, Maid, Movies, Ghosts

I was up late last night listening to a live recording of a couple of (Cool) Shite shows, then slept somewhat poorly as well, mostly because the wife got up at 3:00 AM or so as if annoyed by me still being awake. She was also restless in her slumber, so the next thing I know, we're both awake and bleary eyed at 8:00 in the morning.

She showered while I started coffee and worked on getting more reviews written, two of which are now up for your viewing pleasure over at the old Big Suck Loser. Both the wife and the Yorkie seemed to be in bad moods, which wasn't boding well for the day, so I was somewhat relieved that there were meetings to be attended and I'd have the place to myself for part of the day.

Well, I'd have it to myself, along with the maid doing her maid thing, and the lawn guys outside, who finally turned up after two fucking weeks and spent almost 3 hours cleaning out the flowerbeds and raking up piles upon piles of leaves that shouldn't have been there for so long to begin with.

The Yorkie wasn't happy with the lawn guys fuckin' around outside, not one bit, and spent most of the time they were here grousing and barking at them. I downed copious amounts of coffee in an attempt to stave off sleep and puttered around the web until the maid split. I got a call from Macguffin in response to an e-mail I'd sent him earlier, so I was shooting the shit with him when the wife got home from her meetings.

The wife hopped online, so when I got off the phone I left her with that and headed out to hit the post office, pick up a movie that Mac had expressed interest in and then grab a late lunch.

I found the movie easily, then dropped off the plastic stuff at the recycling bin and grabbed a burger before heading home.

Take A Fucking CabI ate and started watching the last flick we had from those rental throttling pricks at Netfux, a recently released little flick called Shuttle, about a group of strangers who take a late night ride home from the airport in a shuttle van that offers a discount the can't pass up, only to find out that they are in the hands of a madman who begins making increasingly strange demands as he drives them through sketchier and sketchier neighborhoods. I'd gone into the film assuming I knew where it as going, and though I anticipated one of the twists they throw at you (and rolled my eyes at at least a couple scenarios), the film actually takes a very sleazy and unsettling turn towards the end that knocked it up a point or two in my estimation. Actually, I say I found it unsettling, I think this could be because I went into it thinking I knew where it was going only to find it ended up in a darker place than I expected. At any rate, it's worth a look if you look past the more predictable moments.

The wife watched part of the flick with me, then split for a cocktail party she had to attend, with plans to check in on the Mother In Law afterward, because she's a good daughter like that.

I hit the web for a bit after the movie, then I decided to take the Yorkie out and let her run around in the back yard a bit, especially since it was freshly mowed and raked, so she and I dicked around out back for awhile until the wife got home.

My late lunch left me uninterested in dinner, so I left the wife making herself a little pasta dish and grabbed a couple scoops of ice cream for dessert, then we chilled in the bedroom and watched the new episode of Ghost Hunters. I left the wife catching up on Martha Stewart and headed to the web to do this stuff for the evening.

Be seeing you.

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