Monday, August 31, 2009

No Cottage Living For Me

The Roofers were back out today, to take off the skylight that'd been popped during the project on Friday. They weren't able to get the piece replaced this afternoon, so they're set to come back tomorrow and replace it for good. I had never noticed just how much light that thing let in until I saw our kitchen with the hole blocked off, it's quite dark in their in the afternoon, I could barely find my way around!

The wife and I had a nice lunch, grabbing a coffee afterward, then headed back home. I entertained the Yorkie with a little chase around the back yard, them I headed to the office to get caught up with the interweb. I got a few things done, but the writing I had settled in to do got put on hold while I visited with Macguffin on the phone in the late afternoon. I got a few things sent over to the (Cool) Shite people, only because they were already written and easy to polish up while I was on the phone at the same time.

Krug And CompanyThe wife and I ended up watching the Last House On The Left re-make this evening, because it had been hanging around a few days and I wanted to get it back to Netfux before the end of September. Maybe it was because I generally have little faith in re-makes, and no real attachment to the original film, but I ended up liking this film pretty darned well. The movie looks great, the visual style and the way the camera moves are very interesting visually, and while the criminals who grab the two teen girls aren't ever as threatening and sleazy as they should be, they seem to be committed to the idea, so that's something. The abuse of the two girls isn't as pervasive or humiliating as the Craven film, but the rape scene really made me want it to be over, it was quite unpleasant and hard to watch, as it should be I suppose. The violence directed at the criminals eventually is satisfying and brutal, and the only thing I wish was somewhat different would be the inclusion of the woman singing Sweet Child O Mine that was used in one of the trailers, it was very evocative and would have fit in well with the tone of the movie.

Between this and Funny Games recently, the wife and I have officially sworn off any sort of remote country house, unless the surrounding woods are mined and filled with elaborate boobytraps to kill any asshole who comes near, be it murderers or Mormons; don't come a' knocking.

I'm out.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cinematic Sunday One Hundred And Three

Here we are once again.

First up we find a new film from Bong Joon-ho, director of The Host. Mother is the story of a socially awkward guy (Bin Won) who is framed for a brutal murder, in a case that the police are happy to breeze through and convict him based on rather circumstantial evidence. His doting mother (Hye-ja Kim), who is convinced that her sweet boy is innocent decides to pursue the case herself and find the true killer. Though I missed Memories Of Murder, I have to say that The Host was a really good film, so I'm looking forward to this one. I apologize in advance for the shitty little ad that pops up as soon as the first subtitle appears, presumably so you click through to some bullshit site whilst frantically trying to minimize it and see what is being said. Things like this are a huge part of my love/hate relationship with the interwebs, why can't I just enjoy the thing I want to watch without you trying to send me to numerous spam sites? I shudder to think what our eventual television viewing will be like, once the interweb and TV programing fully become one sometime in the next 10 years or so...

Next we have The House Of The Devil, from director Ti West. I fully admit to being more than a little underwhelmed by his previous film The Roost, which I felt was a bit lacking in story, and was possibly the murkiest thing I have ever seen; I really had a hard time discerning what was happening in numerous scenes. This film look to be a fun throwback to the horror fare of yesteryear: It's set in the 80's, it draws a cute girl (Jocelin Donahue) to a remote location under false pretenses only to discover that the people who were allegedly looking for a babysitter have strange plans for the rare lunar eclipse that is happening that night. I really dig everything about the trailer, from the logos to the general set-up to the practical looking effects we briefly glimpse towards the end of the clip.

Finally we have something I tend to have a ridiculously soft spot for, the horror comedy, which can easily go south on the viewer at the drip of a hat, yet I dutifully come back for the next one, hoping for Shaun Of The Dead, but usually coming up short. On the chopping block today is a film called Transylmania, a film from the directing team of David and Scott Hillenbrand. It's about the typically diverse group of kids in a horror film, who pursue a semester abroad at a university filled with hot European women and vampires, so the whole matriculation process is something of a mixed bag. I smiled at a few of the gags, and the incredulous "Seriously?!?" exclamation at the 0:44 second mark kinda made me giggle, so give it a look and see what you think.

I'm out, kids!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Babies Are Showered, The Couples Have Dined

Since we're in now our mid-thirties, everyone the wife has ever met is currently having children, what with how popular this whole 'fucking' thing has evidently become, so it was because of this trend that we found ourselves hosting a baby shower this morning/afternoon. The wife and I got up early to get the house in order for the onslaught of guests, taking time to wash a few windows, pick up this or that item left on the coffee table, that sort of thing.

I grabbed a shower, and was in the process of finishing my coffee when a couple of the co-hostesses arrived to start setting things up. I let them do their thing, sipping my coffee in the corner of the kitchen and providing anything they needed (spoons, trashbags, etc.) as the need arose while the wife set things up with them.

I was eventually dispatched to the grocery store for a bag of sugar, as no one had thought about it for tea or some other beverage, so I did that, then retreated to the bedroom with the Yorkie, who wasn't taking this new gaggle of strangers in stride. I think after yesterday's stress, today could've been the last straw, but I got her to settle pretty well in the bedroom with me, where I decided to try and get a few things off the DVR.

Comedy And Country Without Jeff Foxworthy, What's Not To Like?I watched Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show, which was pretty amusing/interesting. It seemed to be more about the journey than the actual comedy, and the interstitial bits between segments were filled with great old country music, for which I'm something of an easy mark anyway, so that was way cool. John Caparulo was really funny as well, check his stuff out if you get the chance. My fav line of his: "If you wanna live 'til you're 190, that's fine, alright? If that involves no butter? Fuck off! I like butter, alright? I'll put butter on Skittles!"

I spoke to Macguffin in the afternoon, just to see how he was feeling, we visited for almost an hour, then I got off the phone with him and watched Michael Haneke's English language re-make of his own film Funny Games. I had been curious because of the talent involved, Tim Roth is generally cool, and I kinda have a thing for Naomi Watts. The flick is an interesting watch, I took notes for a review, but I want to kinda mull the film over a bit more, just to kind of decide exactly how I felt about it before I rush into a review.

The wife and I actually caught a nap in the afternoon, as the late nights and early mornings of the past few days had taken their toll. We got up around 6:30 to get ready to go to a birthday dinner for one of the wife's girlfriends. This amounted to a couples dinner at a nicer restaurant, so I overdressed a bit, instantly regretting the sport coat once we got in the restaurant, but whatever, I'd rather have to remove a jacket than feel like a dork in shorts & flip flops at a dressy affair. The dinner conversation did little to alleviate my fears that I've got absolutely nothing in common with the average guy, as the other husbands chatted amongst themselves about their fantasy football leagues, golf, college football, hunting, all the typical 'guy' stuff that bores me to tears while I kinda smiled politely and spoke now and again to the wives, who were at least less boring to me. The conversation eventually drifted into something a tad more cohesive for the rest of the table, so the meal wasn't too bad, I enjoyed our time well enough, and the food was pretty decent.

The meal drug out for a whopping 3 hours, so we headed directly home afterward, as we were both fairly beat.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Eventual Fatigue

I was up later than I should've been last night, then the Roofers hit the ground running this morning at 8:00 AM, so I'm pretty beat right now.

The Roofers were done stripping the roof about an hour and change into the project, then set to throwing shingles back on there, which was actually louder than the shingles coming off, I was kinda surprised. I got some writing done while they worked, and eventually got a review submitted.

I had taken a break to visit with the wife and her friend Scrawny McTall, who had come to drop something off for a baby shower that they are holding here tomorrow afternoon, when I noticed a missed call on my cell. It turned out to be from Macguffin, who was having some health issues and wanted to ask if I could come over and wait for a delivery he was expecting while he went to the hospital. I was of course a little surprised, as he's never really asked me to help him in relation to his various ailments, so I dressed quickly and headed over to Odessa to meet him at his place. He split for the ER, just to be safe, and I chilled with the dogs for a few hours until the package arrived and was safely signed for and inside. I passed the time with the iPhone, listening to a couple episodes of SModcast and working on the little Movie Catalog thing, transferring movies into that application.

I took an overnight bag Mac had packed but not taken with him, because he didn't think it was anything serious, only to find out that they wanted to keep him overnight, so I delivered that to him, visited a bit, then left him to hopefully relax and feel better. The overnight observation was something of a formality, but he finally succumbed to the doctor's wishes and my own nagging that he stick it out. I split for home, meeting the wife out at our Thai place we like so much with Brian, his cousin V and our friend from D.C., who happened to still be in town until tomorrow. We had a great meal, then reconvened back at the house where the Roofers were just leaving, but as of 8:00 PM this evening, they'd by God put a new roof on this house, I was rather impressed. We watched a new episode of The Soup before calling it a night, then our guests split and I headed to the web to work on this while the wife chilled in bed.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

We've Got Shingles!

By which I mean several pallets of wooden slats with which to cover our roof; not that I'm afflicted with a maddening rash and in need of medical help; calm down.

The Roofers had their supplies delivered late this morning, so our front drive was quickly filled up with pallets full of stuff courtesy of the large flatbed truck parked out front. We spoke to the Roofer later, who explained that his crew had been prepared to start today, but decided to hit it tomorrow morning because things got rather cloudy today. So we'll be besieged with workers in the AM, along with the Yorkie being generally unhappy with a ton of strangers in her yard for who knows how long.

The wife had errands and meetings this morning, so I got some writing done on the Lost review, still trying to work it around to an overview without giving away too much of what happens, pausing briefly here or there to drink down my standard pot of coffee. I eventually exchanged texts with the wife, who let me know that she would be stopping by the Mother In Law's place to meet with she and some wealth management people, so I decided to get out and drop something off at the post office, then pick up a sandwich for lunch.

I ate back at the house, watched a few re-runs off the TiVo, then decided to water the outside plants, since the recent weather has been thankfully rain-free for a few weeks now. The Yorkie was watching my every move, so I decided to take her for a quick jaunt around the block, which she seemed to enjoy, then she chilled out once we got home.

Drinking Game With Which To Kill Your Friends - Drink Every Time YO JOE or COBRA Is ShoutedI finally got in a couple items for review that I had been looking for in the mail for quite some time, so I popped in the first disc of that to try and play catch up on my viewing so I can get a review up for a few things over the weekend. The wife watched part of the GI Joe animated series with me, then decided to take a nap, as it obviously holds less nostalgic interest for her than it might for me. I got through the first two mini-series, which held up as well as half hour toy commercials would be expected to, though the nostalgia of it made me crave Cool Ranch Doritos, my snack of choice as a 10 year old when these were originally on television. Odd, that.

I'm out kids, as we have to be up early in anticipation of the Roofers and all the chaos that follows after them.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big In Japan

We had the Maid scheduled for this morning, so I awoke with the plan to be in the office for the afternoon doing some writing. Unfortunately for me the wife also got up with the same 'in the office for the afternoon' plan, to get some of her non-profit work caught up, and since her stuff is actually important I deferred to her needs and instead made some coffee and piddled around the kitchen a bit. I finally decided to hit the used bookstores and see if anything had changed in the intervening month or more since I was last in there to give the wife some time without her thinking I was just pacing in the next room waiting for her to be done.

Which I sort of was.

The bookstores offered exactly nothing, I don't know what the deal is in this town, but I can go for months on end with nothing new or interesting turning up in these stores. It's kinda ridiculous, there's always new stuff, just nothing I have even a slight interest in, it's how I end up spending loads of cash on the damned web, at least I can find things there.

I headed home, the maid was still doing her maid stuff, but the wife was off the computer, so I started finishing up my reviews I wanted to submit this afternoon, which can be seen over at the old Big Suck Loser if you care to make with the clicking. The wife and I noticed that the dog seemed especially agitated, and closer inspection revealed that she had noticed a squirrel in the back yard, which almost never happens, the Yorkie disregards most other animals unless directly confronted with them, which is actually how I tend to treat other people. The funny thing was the squirrel was being a brazen asshole, wandering ever closer to the glass door the dog was jumping and barking at, as if out of curiosity or simply to taunt her. I finally told the wife to let the Yorkie take a run at this little fluffy-tailed prick, since he kept edging closer and closer to the door. Bella shot out the door and the squirrel flew up the tree much faster than he had come down, but once we got Bella back inside it took her nearly a half hour to relax and chill out, as she seemed to think that the interloper would be back at any moment.

I So Want To Hear Tom Waits Do A Song To The Tune Of Big In Japan, Using The Title. Please God, Make It So...The wife had to pick up the Oldest Nephew from school as a favor for the Older Sister, who had minor day surgery scheduled this afternoon. The wife picked up the kid and chilled with he and his sister until their parents got home around 7:00 or so, which gave me some time to catch up on a Netfux rental of Big Man Japan, a film that I enjoyed quite a bit, but don't know exactly what audience I would recommend it to. It's strange and fun, but too slow for the average person looking for monsters destroying Tokyo, and too out there for anyone looking for a fun mockumentary, as it follows a superhero around in his private life, but is much too puzzling and strange for the average viewer.

The wife got home as I was wrapping up the movie, so she headed back into the office to check e-mail, so I asked what the plan was for the evening, as I'd been kinda waiting around to finish the second season of Lost with her, as she got kinda caught up in it herself. She seemed evasive about what her computer time-frame and what we should do for dinner. I'd thought my telling her on the phone earlier that I had snacked over the afternoon would let her know that I wasn't looking to eat anything else tonight. I was wrong, and through a series of similar misunderstandings we danced around getting into a fight for most of the night, though she went to sleep happy once we'd snuggled up in bed for the evening and finished Lost, so this too shall pass, I suppose. I'm just glad we never got into an argument over absolutely nothing, because it's happened in the past in similar circumstances, maybe we're learning something?

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still On The Damned Island

I started the day with a pot of coffee and a chat with the wife about all the usual nonsense she has going on this week, then she split for a meeting and I went to pick up a sandwich or something for lunch.

I watched some television and cleaned up the TiVo a bit, then hopped online to get some writing done and see what was up on the interwebs. I got part of a review written before ending up on the phone with a friend for a bit, catching up. The wife arrived home, so I excused myself from the call to spend some time with the wife and the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.

They Shot Who? Sonofabitch!We dove back into the 4th disc of Lost season 2, firing up the old PS3 and seeing what the old fella had to offer. The show is getting much more intriguing as it moves into the final episodes of this season. The casual deaths are somewhat shocking, though we technically haven't lost anyone crucial to the survival of the castaways (yet anyway, don't come a'spoiling if I've just not gotten to the good stuff), so I'm curious what the next few seasons will reveal. Glad to have finally gotten on board with this show, even if the marathon sessions are eating into my time for other things. At the rate I'm going with this, I may finish up the existing Blu-rays just in time to watch the last season as it airs, which would be nice.

We visited with the wife's pal from D.C. this evening, she dropped by for a visit in the later evening, then split after 10:00, so here I am, getting caught up on this so I can head to bed at a decent hour and be up to let the maid in tomorrow. I figure with her here I'll be kinda stuck in the office anyway, so I plan on getting a couple of reviews finished while I'm in here, just to free up my Thursday afternoon a bit.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Dear Basterds

It's a hacky move to use that title for the post, but if you expect even a modicum of quality, someone should start paying me for this useless shit.

The bottom line is that I got up this morning, did all the little household shit that's been hanging around, dishes, some laundry etc. while the wife ran to a couple of her meetings, then she met me back here shortly after one and we headed to Odessa to catch a mid-afternoon showing of the new Quentin Tarantino flick, which I was happy to have heard basically nothing but good things about over the weekend.

We grabbed Macguffin, who was to join us for the film, then had a late lunch at a restaurant that the wife requested. It was a little steakhouse that we guessed would be quiet, though the empty foyer was a bit more quiet than we expected. We actually stood around near the hostess station, peering this way and that for several minutes before a girl clearing one of the many empty tables noticed us and finally seated us.

We ended up with surprisingly good service, a bit of a shocl considering that the place was like a ghost town and took forever to acknowledged that we were there.

We killed some time poking around in Big Lots, not anticipating their remedial cashier taking as long as she would to check us out. The wife had found a few odds and ends for her current crafting interests, which landed us in the line that never moved, but we finally got the hell out of there and happily made the theater on time, settling in for the show just ahead of the lights dimming.

Who DOESN'T Want Their Scalps These Days?Inglourious Basterds was a helluva lot of fun, to put it very simply. The film did have the customary lag here or there as Tarantino masturbates slightly with his dialog, presumably to draw out the scene for dramatic effect or to build tension in the audience, which it does, to varying degrees of success. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't the 'people running off at the mouth channeling QT' of Death Proof, but certain characters, particularly the Jew Hunter played by Christoph Waltz, whose manner always implies 'why use five words when ten will take twice as long?' kinda wore on me in a few scenes. That said, I loved the overall feel and look of the film, featuring the typical Tarantino title card flourishes and quirky characters. I also really dug the general subject matter of German cinema (about which I know very little) against which the main plot of the film is set, regardless of the historical accuracy of the film.

I'll be trying to knock together a review later this week for this one, but there's at least one new thing up over at the old BSL as I type this, so check that out if you've got a lot of free time.

The wife and I caught a few more episodes of Lost season two once we got home, I'm still trying to power through that turkey so that I can write up a review for it, but Christ almighty it's difficult to keep notes for an entire season going. I know that some folks on the Pop Syndicate site seem to specialize in television stuff, I wonder if they have a specific method I don't know about? I just feel as though I've got to be doing this the hard way, but whatever, I may try to steer clear of any television reviews once I get this one nailed down.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cinematic Sunday One Hundred And Two

Here's what I turned up for you kids this week, let's get down to business, shall we?

First up this evening we have a trailer for My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done, which is the next film from German madman Werner Herzog. The film is produced by David Lynch and based on the true story of a San Diego man who murdered his mother with a sword while acting out a Sophocles play. The films stars Michael Shannon as the disturbed man (an amazing stretch, right?), Willem Dafoe as a detective investigating the crime, and Chloe Sevigny as Shannon's fiance. This looks intriguing, and I certainly like the work of all those involved, but I'll have to admit to being more interested in Herzog's upcoming Bad Lieutenant re-make, just because it looks to be the more ridiculously over the top of the two films.

Next we have the official trailer for The Wolf Man, from director Joe Johnston, a man whose resume includes a mixed bag of things like Jumanji, Hidalgo and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, yet still blows me away with this trailer that looks like a classic monster film from the 50's. Benicio Del Toro is the doomed Lawrence Talbot, with Anthony Hopkins playing his father. Emily Blunt turns up as a love interest for Talbot's missing brother, the mystery which draws him back to his family's estate. It's worth noting that Agent Smith himself (Hugo Weaving) is also in there to mix things up. The CGI of the transformations I can overlook because the creature looks extraordinarily reminiscent of the Universal monster I've loved all these years. I really feel like this film should've been in theaters around the same time as Branagh's Frankenstein and Coppola's Dracula, rather than Jack Nicholson in Nichols' Wolf. This film hits theaters in February of next year, and I'm very excited to see how it all pans out.

Finally we have a red band trailer (that's surprisingly chaste, there's even censored words in there for God's sake!) for the DVD release of The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto, the animated Rob Zombie project that's been in the works for some time now It will finally hit stores in September, featuring the voice talents of Tom Papa, Sheri Moon Zombie ('natch!), and Paul Giamatti. I honestly couldn't tell you what the insanity of the trailer is about, but it obviously involves Mexican luchadores, hot blondes, zombies and Satan done in the style of Ren & Stimpy, so I'm willing to give it a look.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Head Scratcher Of A Saturday Double Feature

I spent some more time sorting out the music on the computer, as I still refuse to make the digital jump 100% and thus rely on CD's for entertainment like some sort of caveman.

I picked up some lunch for the wife and I for my only outing from the house today, then settled in to chill and relax. We had a very uneventful day, which was nice after the wife has been busy most of the week, and we've had things to attend here or there, so being at the house for an extended period of time was just what the doctor ordered.

I Dunno About Sinful, But He's Creepy As All HellI finally popped in a flick that had been hanging around from Netfux for over a week, The Sinful Dwarf, courtesy of Severin Films. What a puzzlingly sleazy, slow moving film, and the really oddball part is that my wife really enjoyed it! The general idea is that a boozy ex-lounge singer runs a rooming house with her dwarf son Olaf, who helps her kidnap and drug young girls, who they rent out as prostitutes in the attic. That's pretty much the entire film, except that a young couple rents a room and the sleazy owners want to get her husband out of the way so that they can nab the wife for their druggin' & whorin' business. Seriously, that's the extent of the plot, very little happens in the first hour of the 90 minute film, save for some random screwing of the drugged girls and Mary (the wife/target) wandering the dilapidated house, searching after the strange noises she keeps hearing from the attic. It's a surprisingly fun film, in spite of how slowly it moves and how little happens, possibly because of how gloriously sleazy it tries to be along the way. Olaf never looks anything less than creepy as hell, his mother is always unsettling and drunk and the camera never fails to have a leering quality about it as it takes in the nude captives upstairs. This is well worth a watch if you're into Exploitation cinema, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

We followed that oddness up immediately with the proverbial 'something completely different'.

I had picked up a copy of I Love You, Man on Blu-ray awhile back, so we popped it in because I'd been meaning to give it a look since the week it came out. The flick is really funny, I like Rudd and Segel's interplay, and Rashida Jones is gorgeous. So yeah, we watched this sleazy flick and then immediately followed it up with a fun romantic comedy, which I refuse to refer to in any way, shape or form as a 'bromance', just because the word makes me gag a little just saying it. On a semi-related note, I kinda hate the phrase 'man-cave' as well, because it sounds like you're either talking about some guy's asshole or the room where you keep the men you hold captive.

I'm in the minority on this one, because everyone else seems to have accepted this as popular terminology, but I'll always swim against the current of pop culture until the bitter end.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm Gonna Need All The Butter You Can Muster, Mister!

Yeah, so we had the standard dinner with Brian lined out from the middle of the week, because he always calls to set that shit up as early as possible. The wife spoke to the Mother In Law earlier today, who expressed interest in getting in on this dinner thing, so the wife suggested an Odessa restaurant so that we could invite Macguffin along as well. This was a nice change of pace for things, both in company and scenery, as we usually eat over here for the most part.

Brian met us here, then we picked up the MIL and headed to Odessa. The MIL expressed interest again in the music I had in the car, because for a month or two every time we went anywhere Underworld's Oblivion With Bells was in the CD changer, and all she noticed was the bassline from her seat in the back, so now she thinks she needs her own copy of the album. I may end up buying her one just because I think a 60-something listening to something as hip as Underworld is funny as hell. The woman is quite a handful, I tell ya.

We picked up Mac at his place, then headed to the restaurant, which was typically crowded for a Friday night. The wife ordered a couple of appetizers for the table, on top of which I later hear the MIL placing an order for at least one more, which I found to be ridiculous overkill, but the woman is always about her 'to-go' box, though I can't say for sure if she actually eats any of her leftovers once they make the journey home. She also ordered the 'something something Feast', or whatever it's called, which is one of the largest times on the menu, consisting of several different types of seafood, so I was rather keen to see how much of it she could actually eat after she got a salad and her share of the appetizers.

Plus This Skill Comes In Handy On Dates!We visited and nibbled on the appetizers as they arrived, I enjoyed a nice cup of clam chowder myself, along with a stuffed mushroom, passing on the wife's offer of part of the crab cake that she'd ordered. The MIL flagged down the waiter to ask him for some butter for her rolls, indicating quite specifically that she wanted "a LOT of butter." The kid brings her a little serving of butter, heaped high, mind you, but still the standard serving size that they'd bring to anyone. She takes it from him and calls after him that this "...isn't a LOT of butter, just so you know!", which cracked me up. Both the MIL and Grandmother still consume certain items like it's WWII and there's a ration on, hoarding up as much of it as they can, it's quite amusing.

At least I guess that it's a holdover from some period of rationing in their past, they both slather food with luxuries like butter as if they may never see it again, it's almost disturbing. I actually kinda gag a little at the amount of it that they use, I couldn't choke it down myself if you held a gun to my head. The guy eventually returned with two more heaping helpings of butter that seemed to pacify the MIL, at least temporarily.

The meal was great and the MIL seemed to enjoy what she ate, though we were unsurprised to find that she needed 3 (count 'em!) THREE take out cartons when we left, and who the fuck knows if any of it will actually be eaten, or just thrown away in a few days?

We dropped Mac back at his place after dinner, then headed home. The four of us chilled out for a bit back at the MIL's place, watched some television waiting for The Soup to come on, then gave it a look before we came to our place. Brian split shortly thereafter and I headed to the web for the first time today to see what was up on the interwebs. Long story short: nothing.

I'm out kids, so just remember to hoard the butter like there's no tomorrow, cause there's always some rich broad trying to take it all!

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Late Night With Jason

Yeah, I ended up blowing off my normally scheduled life (which involves me hitting the web at 10:00 PM to do this nonsense each night) and having a late night viewing of a Blu-ray flick that arrived in today's mail from Netfux.

Plus There's Some Sweet Boobs, Just To Be COMPLETELY Crass...The wife and I finally watched the new Friday The 13th film, which I wasn't all that bothered with, it wasn't awful, it wasn't great, it was just something like virtually any another film in the series if you want my gut reaction. The only bit that wore on my a bit was the blonde rich kid who seemed to only have friends because he was rich and had a vacation home adjacent to Camp Blood.

Lovely way to buy real estate folks, y'know, within shouting distance of that mass murder from a few years back, that'll be a real conversation starter when he have guests over!

Rich kid was a giant asshole from the moment he opened his mouth, so he of course took waay too long to die in the film. If I were trapped in a moving vehicle with a person like this for too long I'd have to bury him in the woods myself and start trying to concoct an alibi. So, yeah, the new Friday: harmless fun, worth a rental if you're bored? Sure.

The wife spent a ton of time online today, first going through some rat-killing for her non-profit stuff, then trying to get her iPhone to behave. The wife isn't as music-centric as I am, so I think her first generation iPhone has probably been synched with her iTunes possibly 5 times in the 3 years she's had it, she just uses a wall-charger to keep it alive. In the past month or so it's developed numerous issues with the ability to retain text messages that have been sent or received. She tried updating the software, which did her no favors save to erase all the information on her calendar, so she even went so far as to purchase a new iPhone a few days ago on the assumption that this one was beyond saving with any sort of firmware updates. It was working fine, as a brand spanking new item should, then she synched it this afternoon and was livid to find out that it immediately developed the same damned issue as the original phone! I dicked around with it a bit myself, trying to go back and delete some of the back up data, in case it was putting bad information back on the phone when it synched, but my minimal computer skills weren't much help.

She spent the better part of two hours with the issue, but I'll be Goddamned if she and a phone contact at Apple didn't finally get it sorted out, even trading the SIM card out to the original phone, so we'll probably end up returning the new one if it continues to behave properly. I'll also be bugging her daily about updating her iTunes to keep the software current, as I'm still convinced that it was some sort of missed software patch somewhere along the line that refused to sort itself out.

I also watched another chunk of Lost this afternoon/evening, which continues to be interesting and confirms my general unease with seeing Michelle Rodriguez on film. She just bugs me, especially considering her character here is an overly aggressive ass so far. Maybe this changes as the show goes on, but I said that with the Sawyer guy as well, and he continues to pop off with some truly douche-y lines, so maybe I'm wasting time hoping.

I'm out kids, it was an early morning with little sleep last night.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank God We Didn't Order The Turkey Club

The wife was up early today and out the door to run errands, so I awoke to my alarm and the excited Yorkie, who was happy for the company. I lay in bed for awhile, idly petting her with one hand and scrolling through Twitter with the other, then got up to make coffee, get her fed and get the house opened up for business.

The coffee doing its thing, I sat down and wrote for about two hours, listening to last week's (This week's?) episode of ShowShow, which I'm finally caught up on. I finally paused on my reviews and stepped into the kitchen to do some dishes and pick up the area a bit before heading out to grab a bite for lunch.

I started this week's ep of Outside The Cinema on the drive, getting through a pretty sizable chunk of the show because it was lunch time and everyone in town was in the same drive through as I was. I met the wife back at the house and we chilled and ate lunch together while watching a re-run of the Venture Brothers. Speaking of, the trailer for season 4 of that awesome show hit the web today, and I'd be re-miss if I didn't mention it here.

The mail arrived around this time, which included The Changeling poster that I'd been looking for, which arrived in great condition, as advertised; I was very pleased. I decided to go in search of a frame for it, so I left the wife piddling around the house and hit up a couple of craft stores to see what types of frames might be available. I ended up going with one of those 'build a frame' things, where you buy two sets of framing and cobble together the correct size, as the one I needed (14 x 36) wasn't available in a prefab job. I knew I had an old cheap poster frame at home that I could re-purpose to act as the backing and plexi-glass for the new frame, so I headed home and got started on that project. I cut the old chipped edges off the plexi-glass and was quite proud of myself after I freehand cut the plastic to the right dimensions and cleaned it up a bit. I did the same to the cardboard backing, then placed it and the poster into the frame before sliding the plexi-glass in to finish it off.

It Finally Arrived, Almost 14 Days After Purchase.Here's a quick pic of it chilling in the corner of the Library for the time being, though I'm not sure if this will be its final spot, it may move into the Media Closet later on.

The Mother In Law wanted to have dinner with the wife and I tonight, so we picked her up and had dinner at a Mexican food place near the house. The MIL expressed an interest in a dessert item as we were leaving, so we drove to an ice cream parlor/cafe type place across town so that she could have a banana split. The wife ordered one as well, and I had a little sundae thing. The women are eating their ice cream, we're visiting, then suddenly my wife says "Y'know, I don't even think there's a banana in this thing!"

The MIL pokes around at hers, makes the same determination about her dish! They both give up and eat their bowl of just ice cream, though we all wondered aloud how the fuck someone makes an item called a 'banana split' and doesn't put a banana into it. I was just glad we ate elsewhere, who knows what we'd get if we ordered a BLT, maybe just bread and sliced tomatoes? I'm convinced that their turkey club would consist of little beyond bread, lettuce and a toothpick skewer holding them together.

We dropped off the MIL, then stopped in at a neighbors house on the way home because we saw them outside by their garage, and we were interested in seeing the results of their recent kitchen remodeling ordeal. The house looks amazing (actually making me feel sheepish about ours on some level), we got the full tour and then finally headed home for the night.

The wife and I watched the new Ghost Hunters off the TiVo, then called it a night.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back To The Island

The wife and I took the opportunity to grab lunch together today, as she has meetings for the rest of the week already lined out. We hit the Thai place we normally go, which was nice and relatively quite since we went around 1:00, missing the lunch rush.

I was surprised how much tenderness there was in the teeth as I ate, evidently whatever the Orthodontist is doing here at the 11th hour is cause some serious movement in there, as about half my teeth are pretty damned tender to the touch, much less normal chewing.

We chilled back at the house, getting caught up in the sheer nonsense of one of the half dozen People's Court-styled shows that Fox airs in the weekday afternoons. A guy with 9 children from 5 different mothers was getting sued by his pregnant ex-girlfriend (that'd be child # 10 for those keeping track), and the judge basically berated him until he stopped even trying to defend his douche-baggery and just shut the fuck up. Fuck that guy and his illegitimate kids, I despair for humanity.

I got some writing done for another review while the wife caught a late afternoon nap, then I got a call from Macguffin, who was going to be in town to run a few errands, so I agreed to go and run around with him, assuming that the wife had her standard Tuesday night meeting to go to later. Turns out that doesn't begin in earnest until next week, so I left her visiting with someone on the phone as Mac and I split to go to Best Buy.

Mac grabbed the new speaker system he wanted for his computer, then we popped into Barnes & Noble where I listened to three teenage movie nerds talking about movies on the graphic novel aisle until I had to walk away for fear of slapping one of them in the back of the head with a Watchmen hardcover. It was sort of like listening to a dramatic interpretation of the dumbass people who post their 'thoughts' on the IMDB message boards, the place where intellect and good taste goes to die a slow withering death.

Mac and I headed back to the house, picked up the wife and then went to grab a bite to eat. Mac caught the wife up on the details of his recent seperation while we ate. We listened while he vented a little, which in my experience is always a healthy outlet and a good part of coming to terms with the new situation, which he seems to be doing pretty well with. I'm glad this hasn't hit him as hard as it could, but things had been distant for some time, so it's hard to get that worked up, I suppose.

The Mystery Deepens...I grabbed a coffee for myself after dinner, then took us back to the house. Mac split for home, then the wife and I retired to the bedroom to pop in the second season of Lost on Blu-ray, something I should've actually started over the weekend. This is part of the trend I've had of late to ignore things I need to be working on in favor of doing dumbass time wasting stuff. I fear how useless I would be if I really got into things like video games that eat up hours on end, I'd never get anything accomplished.

We breezed through a couple of episodes, just enough to whet the appetite for more, then I decided to call it a night to come and get this written up before it got too late. Oh, and as an aside, I really appreciate the fact that the 2nd season of this show has a damned trailer for the 4th season that plays automatically (!) before the menu comes up; I narrowly avoided what I'm sure are lots of spoilers and new characters that I don't want to know about yet. What a shitty way to set up the disc!

Be seeing you.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Unleashing The Beast, By Which I Mean Do You Wanna Meet The Locust Inside Me?

The wife had some thing so to work on in the office this morning, so I spent some time with the Yorkie, trying to get her to stop grousing at every car that drove by. I'm not sure why she was in such a rotten mood, but it drives me nuts when she's in one of her yappy moods and wants to bark at anything that goes by on the street outside. I chilled with her in the sitting area off the kitchen and transferred some more stuff out of the Pocketpedia into the Movie Catalog app on the iPhone. I've been working at that a few titles at a time, since there's no real rush on getting everything put into the new app. I've just been adding newly purchased items into the new app, and transferring from the old, deleting what I've added as I go. This way, once everything is moved over, I delete the Pocketpedia app completely, go through the small handful of bootlegged items I own to add them into the mix and I'm finished.

I picked up some lunch for the wife and myself, we ate while watching a couple of Venture Brothers re-runs, then I had to hit up the Orthodontist in the early afternoon.

I was hoping that this would be the day that we actually decided to call it quits on the braces, as it's been a good long fucking while and I'm pretty well over this whole process, regardless of the admittedly amazing progress that's been made. I mentioned as much to the Ortho, who agreed to another month (FUCK!), then calling it done in early October. His take was that he wanted to try to "get things as close to perfect as he felt he could, or until the patient says enough". I'm saying enough, I'm ready to be done with this shit before the original 2 year estimate becomes 3.

The wife had an evening meeting, so while she did that I wrote up a review for the BSL, though I don't exactly know when it'll see the light of day, as my webmaster is out of the country on a family vacation for (I believe) another week at least.

And The Locusts Take The Sky...The wife and I watched The Beast Within this evening, a fairly silly but fun horror flick in which a woman is attacked on her wedding night by something, which rapes her but leaves her alive. 17 years hence, her teenage son suddenly develops health issues, which sends her and her husband on a search for the man who attacked her, to see if any hereditary conditions he has could explain their son's problems.

Or if he was some sort of fucking monster, y'know, that sort of thing. The film is pretty silly: there's a cartoonishly angry redneck father trying to keep the boy away from his daughter, a great practical effects laden transformation once the kid gives in to the bestial nature, and a lot of cicada noise to indicate when things are getting bad, just in case the acting isn't selling things 100%. It's worth a look as a lark, but not much more.

I'm tired kids.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cinematic Sunday One Hundred And One

Some poor soul found the blog today by Googling the phrase "happy movies to keep from suicidal thoughts". I should probably apologize to their next of kin, as this may be the wrong place to look, but if things have gotten out of hand in the meantime I would place the blame squarely on Google's shoulders and deep pockets if the family is feeling litigious.

First up tonight is a film I'm destined to see just for the Milla Jovovich factor alone, a film called The Fourth Kind, from director Olatunde Osunsanmi. It appears that Nome, Alaska is the home to many a disappearance, and possibly a government cover up, and the most intriguing bit of this is that the film is going for a rather meta approach to its storytelling, in that Milla appears on screen telling you which 'real life' character she's meant to be playing. I'm not sure how 'real' these case studies are, but the trailer looks unsettling at the very least, because who doesn't fear being taken from their home in the middle of the night and gang-probed?

Next we have Law Abiding Citizen, from director F. Gary Gray. It stars Gerard Butler as a man driven by his need for justice after his family is killed and the authorities seem more concerned about cutting deals than putting anyone in prison. The basic concept looks a little far fetched even from this trailer, but I like the average revenge story and have nothing against Butler. I can generally take or leave Foxx, but whatever, I can probably stand him for 2 hours if there's some righteous retribution to be seen.

Finally we have something that's been the talk of the web for a few days, but in case you don't ever look at movie sites, here's the red band trailer for Legion, from director Scott Stewart. The story of God finally getting fed up with humanity's bullshit, it posits the idea that he'll send the angels down to clean house here on Earth, leaving only the Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) to warn the humans and help them fight back against the assembled heavenly host while trying to protect an unborn child who just may be the second coming of Christ.

I'm out kids.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweating Wedding

The wife has an acquaintance who was getting married in a small ceremony today, so we had to be up and running much earlier than usual for a Saturday to get clothes together and us showered before we had to run out the door.

The church chapel ended up being un-air-conditioned, as the air kicking on evidently blew out the candles on the stage, so the actual service was something of a sweaty nightmare. We headed to the reception site immediately after, me blasting the AC in the car to try and take the edge off once I got the hell out of the sport coat.

The arrival of the newlyweds took longer than expected, but we hung out and visited a bit, which was something of a chore as the idea was to eat outside, which meant we were still sitting around sweating for another few hours before the whole ordeal was finally over. The wife and a couple of her girlfriends had offered to help out by paying for the reception meal, so we kind of had to hang around until the bitter end of things. By the time we got out of there it was almost 3:00 in the afternoon, so we headed home and chilled out for a bit.

I watched a flick I have for review, pausing briefly to hear that we were meant to meet the Older Sister and her family for dinner, since today was the oldest Nephew's birthday. This kinda cocked up my plans to get any reviews written this evening, but whatever, it's the kid's 11th birthday, I figure we'd better be there while he still gives a shit about us, because the teen years are right around the corner when he won't wanna be seen with us.

Dinner was at one of those cheesy Japanese steakhouses where they make the same bad jokes each visit and throw rice at you while they cook; it's always decent food but a predictable experience. I was somewhat dismayed to find out later that it wasn't even the birthday boy's choice, but his father's who should know better, y'know? We reconvened at the Sister's house for cake and presents, then finally headed home around 8:00.

Nothing Stays Buried, Especially With All Those SmashcutsI watched a film called Acolytes, an Australian film in which a couple of high schoolers attempt to blackmail a serial killer, who they've seen dump a body in the nearby woods. The idea is to use him to eliminate the bully from their past who's recently been paroled, a plan that goes South pretty quickly and gets even more complicated when the two villains conspire together. The look of the film reminded me of an indie drama (along the lines of Larry Clark's Bully) injected with a good dose of a slasher flick, which makes for a nice looking film. The only real detriment to things was the use of smashcuts and loud use of music, it was annoying and jarring at times, I wish they'd gone a different way, as it detracted from what was otherwise a really interesting film.

We called it a night shortly thereafter, and now here I am, hunting and pecking at this while listening to a live recording of (Cool) Shite.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Decorations, Inspections and Errands

The wife and I got up a little early to have our game face on for the Interior Decorator, who was set to drop by with a bid for the front rooms and go over that with us in detail, piece by piece and price by price. We agreed to look it over before calling early next week to nail down a specific timeframe for when we'll get started on this whole project.

I'd been putting off getting the Maxima inspected, as the tags expired at the end of last month, but there was this weaselly part of me wondering in the back of my head if I could wait it out for another month and simply get the car inspection at the same time as the oil change. Yes, you read that right, I was thinking about risking a ticket just to save making two trips to the little convenience store/lube center I always go to. I'm something of an idiot. I broke down and decided to go for it today just because I had this weird feeling that my luck would eventually run out before the end of the month.

The inspection went off without a hitch, though it took just enough time to make me nervous, as I've always been used to driving all old beater cars that never failed to have something wrong with them. The longer I waited, the more convinced I became that there would be a hose missing or something else that they'd have to repair and charge me out the ass for, but it was all for naught.

I headed to Odessa afterward, listening to the latest episode of Outside The Cinema on the way.

I visited with Macguffin for a few hours, commiserated with him on the current separation status of his marriage and the presumed impending divorce, though I was happy to find him in something resembling decent spirits in spite of it all. He accompanied me on a few errands, including eating a late lunch, then I split in the late afternoon to see what the wife was up to back home, only to find out that she was still at an afternoon meeting. Bah.

No, Man, I LOVE YOU!I dicked around on the web for an hour or so until she got home, then we caught up on our days while we waited on Brian to arrive. We had a quiet dinner, though the little restaurant chain we've long frequented for their generally empty state has recently begun to fill up more than I may be comfortable with. I ran into Best Buy and picked up a copy of I Love You, Man on Blu-ray with a recently issued Reward Zone certificate, so it was only $6 for a new release, which made me happy, then we headed back to the house to watch some television before calling it a night around 10:00.

Be seeing you.

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