Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cinematic Sunday One Hundred Thirty Six

Again with this?

First up this evening is Gaspar Noe's film Enter The Void, the story of a small time drug dealer Oscar (Nathaniel Brown) and his stripper sister Linda (Paz de la Huerta), newly arrived in Tokyo. When Oscar is gunned down in a drug bust his spirit leaves his body as he lays dying, fulfilling his promise to never abandon his sister, it roams the city in search of her, his experiences becoming more nightmarish and hallucinatory. I have no idea when this will be released in a form that I will be able to check out but I'm living in anticipation of this one, it looks great. The trailer isn't red-band or anything, but I'm pretty sure I saw a titty or two in there, so be wary of co-workers lurking behind you when you make with the clicking.

Next up we have Sickle, from director Robert Conway. It stars Kane Hodder as the titular Sheriff Sickle, who offers up brutal justice to a group of punks who turn up in his town. Co-starring indie horror cutie Tiffany Shepis, the teaser recently turned up online.

Finally we have the Japanese trailer for Takeshi Kitano's film Outrage, which is unfortunately without subtitles, but still very watchable if only for a hint at the Yakuza action and violence contained within. I really love the presence that Kitano brings to the screen and he looks like a real bad-ass in this one as well. Check it out:

Be seeing you.

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