Thursday, April 15, 2010

Classic Horror Afternoon Plus Amazingly Shitty Weather

I had made an appointment to get a much needed haircut today, so it naturally rained all night and did a pretty damned good job of flooding the town. Not to say things were impassable, but it just meant tons of standing water and rain still coming down as I tried to navigate my way across town shortly before noon. I had also made plans with my buddy EL to have lunch afterward, which I started to kinda regret as I drove across town with dudes in giant pickups throwing water over my car as they blew past me.

I visited with the Hairdressers, then had lunch with EL, chilling for almost 2 hours while we caught up on life in general, as we don't see a lot of one another in spite of living about a mile apart.

Once I got back home I started a load of laundry, beginning with the jeans I'd been wearing because I had gotten water splashed almost up to the knee due to the flooded parking lot and God hating me.

I watched several things from the To-Watch Pile this afternoon, just because the dreary weather left me with little motivation to do anything else, so I chilled in the den and went through the mail while watching the 1963 version of The Haunting, which I'd only seen the re-make of. I was kinda surprised by how close the re-make seemed to stay to certain events of the original film, or at least as well as I can recall, I haven't seen the newer version in forever.

Oh Victor, When Will He Ever Learn?I also watched a double bill of Hammer Horror, the really enjoyable Curse Of Frankenstein which was backed with the fairly mediocre Taste The Blood Of Dracula, which features very little actual Dracula action: Christopher Lee dies in the opening and isn't seen again for what felt like 30 -45 minutes, then he quickly lurks and gets revenge on three spoiled, rich assholes before being thwarted in the final act, as is his luck.

I spoke to the wife for a bit about her day, catching up a bit and hearing how fairly cheesy this trip is turning out to be for her. I really feel for her, as she still has two full days left before the day of travel to get back home, that's gotta really suck to have laid out in front of ya.

Click To Embiggen ImageI got a complete wild hair as I was finishing up my last movie, so once it was over I spent about an hour tinkering with the layout of the Media Closet. I'd bought some cheap posters awhile back with the intention of placing them on the walls behind the shelving units, eliminating the stark white walls that show between the DVD racks and the upper shelving. I was pleasantly surprised that the frames I had stored away were the proper size for the posters, so once I popped that together it was a simple matter of moving the shelving around to place the posters on the wall.

The only downside to this process is that it used a frame I originally had something displayed in to decorate the Library, so I may need to go and try to track down another frame for that later in the week if it ever stops raining.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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