Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Ducks, More Rows...

I was up with the alarm this morning and got the reviews I'd been working on submitted to the various sites, then spent a bit of time getting bills paid and another review written before I got our plane reservations confirmed for tomorrow's trip and then headed out to drop off the recycling and pick up a late lunch. I also left a load of laundry drying in the dryer so that I'll have a few more options when I start packing for the trip to Little Rock.

I was kinda stunned that McDonald's still managed to have a line at 2 in the afternoon, but a short wait later I had a couple small hamburgers to tide me over until dinner. I ate back at the house and went through some more of the nonsense on the TiVo to make certain that we wouldn't be losing stuff whilst out of town, or missing out on things that were meant to be recorded.

Bang, Fuck I'm Dead!The wife got back from some errands of her own and a lunch meeting, we caught up a bit and then watched this week's episode of Justified just to stay current with things on at least one of our shows before we head out of town. Afterward we both actually laid down for a short nap, then got up and started puttering around for a bit before we were supposed to pick the Mother In Law and the Beau up at the airport. They'd been to Belize for a week (did I even mention that?!?), and were to arrive home around 6:30, so we headed out there to grab them around 6:00 or so.

I was feeling sketchier and sketchier, having woke up with a sore throat from sinus drainage this morning, so by the time we got the In-Laws home and headed back to our place to meet Morris for dinner I'd started to really feel like shit. Then we sat for like an hour waiting on Morris to show up, by which time I had what felt like a fever that the Advil I'd taken still hadn't kicked in at all. We headed out to a restaurant after Morris finally arrived, and after a full meal I finally began to feel like myself again, so that's nice. Had I went to bed feeling as shitty as I did before dinner there would be no way in hell that I was getting on an airplane tomorrow afternoon.

Now I'm wrapping up the last few things on the web before I crash for the night and get up tomorrow to pack for this trip.

Be seeing you.

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