Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sorry School Girls, You're Not As Entertaining As I'd Hoped

Starting this one later than usual...

Nothing To Write Home About, Sorry Ladies...I spent my evening with the Bloody School Girls boxset from Shriekshow, which was pretty corny all the way around. I mean, I got the $8 or so I paid for it worth of entertainment out of it, though I have a small amount of buyer's remorse in that I feel it may be a single viewing's worth of fun, most of which can be chalked up to a commentary track on one of the films by Joe Bob Briggs. Ah well, the blind buys can't all be winners.

I spoke to the wife this afternoon to find out that she is feeling under the weather in Florida, so that's frustrating, as I'd hoped she'd get a little fun out of the trip at the very least. On the upside, she gets home tomorrow and can try to recuperate for a few days before we both have to leave for Little Rock to visit her friend for a baby shower.

It's amazingly late (4:30 AM) as I write this and I've found myself chatting with a friend on Twitter and with the wife via text on the iPhone, it's a weird evening all the way around. I can't wait to see the wife in about 7 hours, I just hope I can squeeze in a few hours sleep sometime between now and then,

Be seeing you.

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