Saturday, April 30, 2011

Funeral, Television, Shopping, Lousy Family

The best way to get your weekend off on the right foot is to attend the funeral of a woman you've never even met, so that's how I kicked off my Saturday.

The wife's aunt's adoptive mother (got all that? I need a flow chart to keep track of it, quite frankly) had recently passed away, so the wife and I attended her funeral this morning. The Mother In Law, her Beau and the Uncle were also there, so after the service we elected to skip the graveside service (which seemed a little too above and beyond considering the vague relation) and instead went to brunch downtown. The food was good and we visited a bit and tried to nail down the specific relationship the deceased had to the wife's aunt, which I think I understand, but might be hard pressed to give details of a week from now.

The wife and I picked up a coffee on the way back to the house and pretty much relaxed on the couch for the afternoon with some stuff off the TiVo, as it's been getting stuffed to the brim with a few shows that we're behind on. We watched a couple episodes of Being Human, crossing the halfway mark in the 3rd season, which I hope to finish tomorrow, then the wife caught a nap while I went to the local books, music and video outlet in search of a specific book.

Y'see, last night I was flipping through a bargain book catalog and noticed that they had a couple books by Andrew Vachss, an author who I used to read religiously but have sort of fallen out of the habit of keeping up with in recent years. As Hard Boiled As They Come..A bit of further investigation revealed that while I hadn't bought anything in awhile, I'm just 4 books shy of owning all 18 novels he wrote featuring the Burke character, who is an unlicensed private eye operating in New York City who is frequently drawn into cases in which he pretty much puts a lot of child abusers in the ground. The author is a lawyer specializing in child abuse cases, representing children exclusively, so the subject matter is near and dear to his heart.

But I digress...what struck me was that I have (either in hardcover or paperback, and occasionally both formats) 14 of the 18 novels he wrote with this character, so I ordered two of those I was missing for $5 or $6 apiece last night from the catalog folks, thinking I might try to locate the remaining two locally, or resort to Amazon vendors for cheap if that plan failed. I found this afternoon that trying to shop locally for a specific item was again an exercise in futility. This seems to be the running theme of life in the computer age, as I try my best to 'keep the money in our area' as we've had ad campaigns at various times suggest one should try to do, only to find that our area retailers fail me at almost every turn. I can shop for tons of impulse purchase items, but if I have a specific item in my head when I enter a store, Vegas odds are that I'll end up buying it online about an hour later at the house.

Suffice to say, I've ordered my remaining two books this evening, so I'll soon be revisiting the early novels that I haven't read since the late '90s or so.

I also made a run by the liquor store for some martini supplies while I was out, only to find that we're in the middle of an olive juice drought in our area, so I have to be sparing when shaking up my dirty martinis for the time being.

The wife and I worked our way through the Thursday evening NBC comedy fare and this week's Justified, then the wife eventually stepped out to pick up some dinner from a restaurant downtown. She returned with the food and in a bad mood, having spent some time on the phone with the Middle Sister, who naturally managed to spin her usual manipulative web of bullshit to turn what should be a happy day into a guilt trip for the wife. Briefly: The Middle Sister's son has a school program that happens to fall on the wife's birthday, so she figured she'd see her midday at that, as the MS is still 'feuding' with the Older Sister over shit from last year because no one is willing to apologize.

Aside: The MS is WAY out of line on that issue as well, in case anyone is looking for a theme or pattern to this bullshit. The MS has now decided that she doesn't want to go to her son's program because I don't know precisely, something about how the school gives her bad vibes, which may very well be the case, as she does have myriad health issues, both mental and physical. I'd hope that as an adult maybe she could put them aside for a fucking hour to be around for her kid, but I guess I expect too much from people and should just go fuck myself.

Her new plan was that the wife should let her take her out for lunch, which would probably cock up the idea that the rest of us are going to an early dinner at the country club that the MS won't attend because of her Hatfield & McCoys relationship with the Older Sister. So now the wife is made to feel as though she has to either make a special time to meet her after the Nephew's program (that his own mother can't be bothered to put aside the crazy long enough to attend, mind you!), otherwise she's not making time for them to be together.

I'm naturally pissed off that the MS is upsetting my wife, as the wife is sweet and feels like she's somehow letting her sibling down by not being immediately available for this weird scheduling change that kinda throws everyone else's schedule off on her birthday. I swear to God, it's a good thing I'm an only child, as I would have legally emancipated myself completely from any familial bonds by the time I was 15 if I had been privy to any of this kind of manipulation, as I have zero patience for this kind of nonsense.

Hell, I even called the Middle Sister myself, as I wanted to suggest a small early lunch before this stupid program, and her phone was answered and left off the hook (you could hear that it was connected, as there was background noise, but no one actually acknowledged the call), which is either a sign of her kid's lousy phone etiquette or her own nutso shit where she 'just can't deal with anything right now', either option of which is as fucking maddening as you'd imagine it to be. I told the wife that perhaps we should drive to the Middle Sister's house and ring the bell to discuss this, truly grabbing the bull by the horns. When she doesn't answer we can then call the police and have the door broken down to make certain she's not in a position to harm herself, because you wanna play hard to get, let's see how ugly we can get with it lady.

You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts.

I just want the wife to have a fun birthday week, not spend it worrying about someone's made up hurt feelings because they're looking for shit to whinge about, but I suppose that's asking too much for this family.

The wife's mood lightened over the course of our meal and a couple episodes of Hawaii Five-O, the first season of which is still limping along due to frequent breaks they keep taking with re-runs and whatnot. I seriously feel like we've been watching this show for YEARS at this point and we're barely toward the end of the first season.

We called it a night around 10:00 and I started composing this, as I wanted to make sure I expressed my bitterness and annoyance just right.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Lunches, Errands, Korean Housemaids

The wife had several engagements today, so she was already out of the house when my alarm woke me at 9:00. I got the house opened for business and made lunch plans with a friend, then spent some time on the PC in the Office, getting a few of my nerdlists updated. I got another Swap A DVD trade ready to mail and headed out to hit the Post Office before lunch.

I met my buddy for lunch, spent some time catching up and comparing notes about both of our overworked spouses, then said our goodbyes, as I was kind of itching to get home and work on the art stuff in the afternoon if at all possible. I spent a good amount of time on that, then went through the mail before eventually heading back to the Office to watch a little film on the PC in advance of listening to a podcast review of it. I have to note that I've done a lot of that recently, my film viewing dictated by whatever show I'm about to listen to. I feel like I need to get ahead of the curve soon.

Maids Are For Suckers.I watched most of The Housemaid, a 1960 Korean film in which a married man's dalliance with their maid turns deadly for his family. Very much ahead of its time as far as thrillers go, I have really enjoyed what I watched so far, though I did notice the hour growing late, so I had to stop it before the wife got home, as I knew we had dinner plans almost immediately after she got here. I'm hoping to finish it up after I get this posted, or possibly tomorrow afternoon.

Brian turned up shortly after the wife got home, so we headed out to dinner. I had requested Thai, as I was still craving the meal I was denied this past Wednesday, so we hit up a place across town, then the wife returned some clothes at a store on the way back to the house. I stopped to drive-thru a little dessert item for Brian and I, then we chilled out at the house with a couple episodes of Ghost Hunters, as there wasn't anything really on TV this evening.

Brian split around 10:00 and the wife headed to bed. I layered in some more junk on the current collage, then got started on this.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reform School Lunch

I completely overslept today, waking at noon like some kind of hung over junky fuck who barely had any idea where he was. The sad part of all this is that wasn't even drinking last night, just stayed up later than intended and woke up not even remembering turning off the stupid alarm.

Our friend Kno1 had texted me about lunch, so I made very last minute plans to meet him for lunch at a place South of town near his offices. We caught up over the meal, then I followed him out to his new offices to see what that was all about, then I headed back to the house. I took a call from the wife on the way and got her coffee order, then sat in the Starbuck's drive-thru for God knows how long, as they were hopelessly backed up for no discernible reason.

The wife and I caught up back at the house, then she and the Yorkie napped for a time while I worked on some more art crap in the kitchen area. I eventually watched a bit of re-run stuff off the TiVo, then the wife split for her evening event. Everyone's A 1st Timer Once...I wasn't all that hungry, so I popped in Reform School Girls off the To-Watch Pile, as one of my podcasts had recently reviewed it and I wanted to check it out before I listened to their thoughts on the film. It's a pretty decent littel sleazy flick, with Wendy O. Williams playing what's meant to be a teen, when the actress herself was 36 or so when she filmed the movie. Ans she looked every bit the 35 years old, I can assure you. Possibly older. Yikes. It's a fun movie though, well worth a look for Exploitation fans.

I spent a good bit of time in the Office cleaning while burning a couple CD's, just to be able to clean up the PC a bit. The wife got home, we caught up in her evening, then she headed to bed shortly afterward, as she has an early morning and a full day tomorrow.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maid, X-Files, Extras

The alarm rang sooner than I would have preferred, but I dragged my carcass from bed and got the house opened up for business. The Maid was expected around 11:00, so I piddled around in the Office a bit after the wife left for a meeting, then let the Maid in and set her to her normal routine on the far side of the house.

The wife came and went somewhere in there, having had the wrong day for one of her meetings and finding herself with time to kill, then I stepped out to pick up some lunch for myself that I had called in an order for. Imagine my dismay when I got home and realized that 'Pad Thai' apparently sounds like 'fried rice' to the person taking a phone order in a loud kitchen, because they totally gave me the wrong thing. Oh well, I said the hell with it and ate in the Office while watching a couple episodes of The X-Files off Netfux Instant Watch.

The Maid finished up and split shortly before the wife returned with the Yorkie, who had the morning out at the Groomer and returned looking a fresh and clean with a new bow in her hair. The wife and the Yorkie both crashed in the bedroom for a nap, so I found myself finally dealing with the last few items that hadn't been migrated from one movie app into the one I'm currently using. I knew that the last dozen or so movies would be a pain in the ass, because none of them looked to be in the system and would have to be added manually, which isn't a huge deal, but was more hassle than I wanted to deal with and kept putting off. That actually ended up taking much longer than I had imagined, because the next time I looked up it was pushing for 5:00 in the afternoon, indicating that I had apparently pissed away another day.

Go me.

The wife had an evening meeting to get ready for some event tomorrow evening (which I'm taking the night off from, thank you sweet merciful Christ), so she split to deal with that and I chilled in the den to go through the day's mail and sort it out for recycling and that kinda thing. Poor Little Bastard...I popped in the first season of Extras for a re-watch, as it suddenly hit me that the show wasn't all that long (6 half-hour episodes per season), so I figured I could crank that out while I did other 'house-keeping' type stuff. The wife returned during the last hour or so of the season, so we re-watched that together while catching up on her day and tomorrow's plans, then she called it a night.

I stayed up and watched a couple of re-runs of South Park before I got started on this junk for the evening.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Errands, Plants, Television

I woke with the alarm today and got the bed made and the house opened for business, then started assessing what I needed to get done for the wife's birthday, which will be upon me before I know it. I left the wife in the Office, making a series of calls related to one of many charities, headed out to run my little errands. She's Fucked More Black Guys Than FEMA!I popped into Barnes & Noble for purely selfish reasons, grabbed a couple of art magazines and Lisa Lampanelli's book, which is apparently about her comedy and passion for black cock.

I hit the mall afterward for a couple things, then hit a couple other stores for various and sundry items before making my way to the local books, music and video emporium to kill a bit of time before the standing lunch date with the fellas. We met at the usual Thai place and visited for about an hour over food, then EL had to get back to work, so we went our separate ways, with the plan being that I'll pick up the painting that DR has done for us this coming Tuesday, so I have it for the wife's big day.

Back at the house the wife was chilled out in the bedroom, so I went through the mail and then piddled around on the web for a bit before spending a bit of time with the last few bits of gluing that the collage needed. Tomorrow I will take the plunge with the paints and see where it goes, which I'm slightly apprehensive about, as I still don't know for sure that I know where I want this to end up.

The plants in the back yard needed to be watered, so I was out there for a bit, with the Yorkie joining me from time to time. The yard was full of the little 'tassles' that fall from the trees each spring, spreading pollen over every inch of the yard, which the dog seemed to tire of trying to avoid, so she eventually went and stood patiently by the back door to indicate that she was over it.

The wife had a quick evening meeting and was so kind as to bring home some dinner, so she and I tucked into that while watching a few episodes of Ghost Hunters off the TiVo, then another episode of Being Human before calling it a night around 10:00.

The Maid is supposed to be here tomorrow, so I suppose I'll need to try and hit the hay soon.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday By Northwest

The wife was out of the house with the standard Monday morning meetings today, so I turned off the alarm and poked around on Twitter then checked e-mail while still laying in bed before finally rousting myself and heading to the kitchen to start coffee. I had a few things to drop in the mail, so I burned a CD for a friend and got that packaged up to mail, then gathered the recycling. The recycling was almost to a tipping point where the pantry would be overtaken by garbage, so today was definitely 'go-time' for that to happen.

Wacky!I ran my errands, including a stop at an office supply place for some cardstock for a little project I want to work on, eventually making my way home just before noon. The Yorkie and I went outside for a few and chased that smart-ass squirrel up a tree, then I made myself a couple ham sandwiches out of yesterday's leftovers and popped in a disc of Animaniacs to pass the time while I ate. This is a fun little bit of nostalgia for me, but for the life of me I wonder how this cartoon got made at times, hell, there was a parody of Apocalypse Now (complete with Doors parody song) that ran in a children's afternoon cartoon. How the fuck did that ever happen? It was such a strange show, with half of it clearly aimed at an adult audience, regardless of how many anvils they dropped on each other.

The wife got home toward the end of all that, so we caught up on her day, then she spent some time in the Office before catching a nap while I popped in a movie in the den.

Run Bitch, Run!North By Northwest was something I've only watched quite recently, but had picked up on Blu-ray, which looks quite amazing for a 50th anniversary edition. The wife caught the end of the movie with me, then we watched a feature length special feature on the disc concerning the full breadth of Cary Grant's career, which we both found very interesting.

We rounded out the evening with a few things off the TiVo, including more Being Human, then called it a night shortly after 10:00. I'm beat for no reason in particular, so I may try to be in bed sooner than later, just to try and allow the body to run its own course rather than bending it to my stupid will and staying up for no good reason.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Various Easter Meals

Having possibly turned a corner in my miserable sleep patterns, I slept a full 8 hours and woke just before noon today. The wife and I piddled around for a few, then I dressed and it was basically time to take food over to the Mother In Law's place, as we were set for lunch at 1:00. The Middle Sister (who always bitches that she 'never sees anyone') had already canceled her appearance by this time, which is about par for the course.

We loaded up and headed to the In-Law's, unloaded and chitchatted while the final food preparations were made and we waited on the last couple attendees to turn up: the wife's Aunt from out of town and Grandmother. The food was good, we visited for a bit, then spent some time outside near the pool to enjoy the mild day a bit before we headed back to the house to chill out before our evening engagement.

The wife and I had a dinner to be at this evening, so she caught a short nap while I spent a bit of time on the PC in the Office catching up a few of my nerd lists. I also worked on some laundry that was getting to the point of critical mass, just so I won't have to go out in public wearing anything truly weird this next week.

We had to be at dinner across town at 6:00, so we headed out around a quarter 'til, arriving just ahead of the guest of honor, a new potential hire at the museum to finally replace the guy they let go what feels like years ago. He seemed like a nice enough fella, we had another good meal (though I have to admit that I wasn't exactly starving when we left the house), visiting for about three hours or so by the time it was said and done, then we headed back to the house. Amusingly, we did see an actual honest to God rabbit on Easter on our way home; it darted in front of us and narrowly avoided getting plastered by the car.

Back at the house we closed the house up for the night, then settled in for a few episodes of Family Guy on Adult Swim before calling it a night. The wife headed to bed, as she has her customary early Monday with a meeting at the museum and I started some more laundry before heading into the Office to hunt and peck away at the days' minutiae.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dark Repossessed Robots

I slept a solid 9 hours last night, which kinda made my heart sing after the last couple days. I woke shortly before noon to a Yorkie slumbering beside me and the wife out of the house for lunch with a girlfriend. This particular friend is someone I can barely stand, so I was happy to be left out of that equation. I got the house opened up and then dressed to go and pick up a burger for my lunch.

Sneaky Crowd You've Assembled Here...Today seemed like a good day to check out a few things somewhat randomly off the To-Watch Pile, so I settled into the den with the first thing that caught my eye: Larry Blamire's Dark And Stormy Night. The film is a fun homage to the mystery thrillers of the 1940's, filled to the brim with cliches and tons of tongue in cheek humor that had me very entertained from start to finish.

The wife returned toward the end of my film, so we caught up on her day and then she spent some time working on the desserts that she's taking to lunch over at the Mother In Law's house for Easter tomorrow afternoon. Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell. Again.Eventually she joined me in the den and we watched Repossessed while she wrapped up dessert treats. The movie was a total blind buy for me that I caught cheap, so I felt like I got my few laughs out of it, but wasn't blown away by anything in there, as a lot of the humor was rather dated at this point.

I filed away a few things in the Media Closet and then popped in another humor selection off the To-Watch Pile, the MST3K version of The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy, which I have to be honest wasn't the best one of these that I have seen, regardless of the fairly classic reputation that this episode of the show has. I just don't think I find the episodes with Joel (in general) all that funny, which is obviously fairly weird, as he created the whole show as I understand it.

The wife stepped out during the last half of the film to pick up a couple salads for our dinner and we rounded out our night by finally starting the 3rd season of Being Human, recorded well over a month ago off BBC America. I really enjoy this series, it's a nice mix of all the standard supernatural lore that manages to put its' own spin on the ideas along the way.

We called it a night around 11:00, I put the wife and dog to bed then started in on this nonsense.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Rape Hours

What fresh hell is this? -
I went to sleep last night at 3:20 or thereabouts, then woke up, wide awake at 5:40-something. I hit the pisser and lay back down, but after laying there for almost 20 minutes, listening to the wife's various sleep noises and the Yorkie sigh occasionally in her sleep, I said the hell with it and moved to the sitting area off the kitchen with my phone and iPad. After piddling around a bit on the phone with e-mail and Twitter I set that aside and pored over the various Netfux Instant Watch suggestions I had at my disposal, settling on a particularly sleazy sounding American International Pictures release from 1974, inspired by a conversation I had about that company with a few people on Twitter last night.

I Vote That We Change Our Name. Immediately.I'd heard of the film before, under the AKA of Rape Squad, though it is presented here as Act Of Vengeance, in which a group of victims who've suffered at the hands of a serial rapist band together to take back the night and deliver some vigilante justice when the cops (and men in general, to be honest, this thing is as subtle as a hammer) seem incapable of helping them. The weirdest moment is when the leader asks the other girls how they feel about forming a 'Rape Squad' to look out for other women by patrolling the neighborhoods, at which point no one stops her and says what a fucking terrible that name is for their endeavor. I mean, a rape squad is a group of people who rape others, it doesn't sound as if it refers to what the members have suffered through, but I guess you had to go with whatever was more sensational in the Exploitation heyday.

The wife and Yorkie eventually got up just before 8:00, she commiserated with me over my lousy sleep, then we started getting ready to make a much-needed trip to the grocery store. We grabbed a coffee on the way, then got caught up on all the staples that we'd been running low on, as well as the various odds and ends needed for the Easter lunch the wife is coordinating this coming Sunday. We headed home and unloaded everything, then the wife was about to head out to lunch with Brian as my tentative lunch plans fell through. She invited me to join them, but I figured I'd let them visit and not horn in on their time, as it's been less than usual in recent weeks, so I begged out and headed to Odessa to poke around.

I didn't find what I was really looking for, ran across a few other odds and ends, plus saw a gal I used to work with almost 10 years ago working at the Goodwill over there, so that was an odd sighting. I headed back to town, picked up a bit of chicken for my late lunch, then headed home to eat and relax. The Yorkie had pissed on the rug in the front room out of either laziness or sheer pique, a fact that I didn't deal with very well on my little sleep, no food and two Red Bulls and a cup of coffee regimen. Gawddammit that dog frustrates me to no end.

I watched a disc worth of Ducktales cartoons, a show that hasn't necessarily aged very well, almost dozing for 20 minutes of the last one, then the wife joined me and we watched Visiting Hours off the To-Watch Pile. Shittiest Hospital E-Var! The movie has a very creepy Michael Ironside menacing a television reporter, who survives his initial attack, then he spends the rest of the movie sneaking in and out of the hospital that she's in, trying to kill her and occasionally killing those around her just for fun and sport. It was an okay way to kill some time, though you kinda had to roll your eyes at how empty this damned hospital was, seemingly entire floors left empty to allow for chase sequences and things like that, and there never seemed to be any decent lighting except in the lobby downstairs.

The wife and I made dinner after the movie, then spent our evening catching up on the rest of this week's TiVo'd programs before calling it a night around 10:00. I've been dicking around with this for awhile now, as well as loading a couple CD's into iTunes, so I'm honestly kinda surprised that I'm as coherent as I am at this point. If I don't sleep tonight I'm taking something to sleep, be it Nyquil or whatever, I can't live like this.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post Office, Plants And Exorcism

I slept in again today, woke with the same sinus headache I went to sleep with, though I thankfully had none of the same drainage issues that tried to kill me yesterday morning. So that's cool, right?

The wife and I caught up on her day, then I got dressed and got a few things ready to mail and headed out to hit the Post Office. I decided to stop into a used book store and poke around, in hopes of finding a copy of the sequel to The Howling, which I figured would be sticking around there for cheap, as this place isn't all that heavily frequented.

Spooky Apartment Building You Have Here...I picked up the sequel as I'd expected, as well as the novel that the super-creepy film The Sentinel was based on, chit-chatted with the owner of the shop, who's known me for most of my life as a book-shopper, then headed for the house. I spent some time in the backyard watering the various plants that had been neglected for the past day or so, even gave the Yorkie a chance to ramble a bit, which she always enjoys.

The wife and I both spent some time in the Office, working on this or that on our separate computers, then she eventually headed out to a brief evening meeting, so I piddled around the house sorting a few things and picking up a bit. The Power Of Christ Documents You!The wife returned with some dinner and we chilled out with a viewing of The Last Exorcism courtesy of Netfux. I really enjoyed the film, which I'd heard largely positive things about, save for the last 10 minutes or so of the film, which involves a twist I won't spoil, but seemed to divide opinions greatly. Personally, I really liked it and wasn't put off by the ending, hell, I kinda wished it wasn't so late when we started this one, as I think it would be a good double feature with Ti West's House Of The Devil, which has a similar build to the action.

We called it a night shortly after the film, though I'm still working on this much later than I should, having been waylaid by the usual interweb jackassery.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Lost Wednesday

Sinus issues drove me from the bed a scant 2 hours after I went to sleep. After coughing and hacking until I was light headed at the kitchen sink, I used the little inhaler that lives in the medicine cabinet over the sink and then retreated to the den with a Charles Bukowski book and sat on the loveseat reading and trying to not get caught in another coughing fit.

The wife and the Yorkie got up around 8:00 or so and came in to check on me, then she dressed and took the pup for a follow up visit to the vet and to run a couple other errands. I finally tried to lay back down around 9:30, and slept for two hours before another coughing jag woke me. Then I went to bed and slept for the rest of the day.

And by that I mean I woke up at 6:40 this evening. So, yeah, piss on my life or any plans I had to do anything worthwhile today.

The wife ordered in some steaks and salad for dinner and we passed the evening with a few things off the TiVo. Oh, and I managed to flip the container holding about half of my salad over into my lap, because this day wasn't enough of a pain in the ass at this point. Sigh.

I'm hoping for better from Thursday, because Wednesday has royally fucked me at this stage of things.

Be seeing you.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bobby-Soxers And Pontypools

The Yorkie woke me in the throes of vomiting this morning about 30 minutes before the alarm, so the wife and I spent a good 15 mintues or so cleaning up all of that, then the wife dressed to run her by the vet. I started coffee and was piddling with the current collage when the wife got back, the dog having gotten a shot and a tentative reprieve to see how the rest of the day went.

The wife spent some time in the Office working on a few things, then split to run a couple errands and see some girlfriends. I chilled in the sitting area off the kitchen and finished two books that I had only a few chapters each left in, then nailed down lunch plans with EL and DR for this afternoon. I got dressed and was heading out to meet them as the wife was returning from her own early lunch with friends so we said 'hi' and 'bye' in the garage.

No, Really, SHUT UP!Lunch was good, we caught up on our respective weeks and enjoyed a great meal, then said our goodbyes and I headed back to the house. The Yorkie seemed to be doing okay, she and the wife were watching television in the bedroom, so I left them to that and lay down another round of images on the collage, then popped in a loaner copy of Pontypool to see what that was all about. The film is an interesting take on the 'zombie' genre, as the general public are driven to kill by an unknown virus, which our heroes (people holed up in a radio station) eventually begin to realize is spread through the very language itself. It's an interesting film, tense and kinda thought provoking, as you are left wondering what you'd do in a similar situation.

The wife had split for an evening meeting, so when I wrapped the movie I made myself a martini and worked on the collage a bit more, then I headed back to the couch and watched The Bachelor And The Bobby-Soxer off the TiVo. Bad Timing On My Part?It starred Cary Grant, Myrna Loy and Shirley Temple as Loy's younger sister. It had a few amusing bits and it's always charming to watch Grant play suave, but I have to admit, of starring two of my favorite performers of the era, this one never really grabbed me all that much. I suppose I might have been in the mood for something different and could give it another look at a later date, but it just didn't strike my fancy this evening.

The wife arrived home with a late dinner and we ate while watching a few things off the TiVo, still playing catch up from last week, then called it a night.

Be seeing you.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Howling, Collage, In-Laws

I started a new book last night (y'know, to add to the three or four others I'm currently reading through that are piled on the nightstand), a limited edition hardcover of Gary Brandner's The Howling, which was the basis of the Joe Dante film of the same name. Wolfen!I blew through about 60 pages of it before calling it a night, and I have to admit that it does feel familiar, even as much as the film might diverge from the book's plot, so I have a sneaking feeling that I may've read this in paperback form many moons ago.

Today the wife was back into her normal schedule of meetings upon meetings, so she was long gone when I got up. I made the bed, then coaxed the Yorkie into the sitting area off the kitchen for a bit. She sat on my lap while I looked at Twitter and e-mail on the iPhone, just to see what had happened overnight, then I dressed and headed out to pick up a bite to eat for my lunch.

The wife had returned by the time I got back home with my fajita salad, so we caught up a bit, then I chilled out to eat in the den while she fielded a few calls and that sort of thing. I spent most of the afternoon listening to Pandora's streaming radio off the TiVo while I worked on my current collage, including a good bit of experimenting with color for the next one and collecting some appropriate bits of text to glue into things, then it was pretty much time to go and visit the In-Laws for dinner.

The wife and I picked up food on the way to the Mother In Law's place, where we had dinner with she and her Beau, catching up on the past week or so. We got a tour of their current landscaping project, then split shortly afterward. We stopped into an arts & crafts store on the way home, as I had decided that I was in need of another shade of blue for the next thing I want to start on. We grabbed a coffee on the way home, then relaxed in the den with some television from late last week off the TiVo. The Yorkie even saw fit to join us briefly, then retreated to the couch in the sitting area, which is her normal perch, so I suppose we're making baby steps towards getting her back to normal, which makes me very happy.

The wife headed to bed and I got started on this, even though I have very little to tell you.

Be seeing you.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Automatically Focused Transitions

I slept a solid 6 hours, which I suppose is what amounts to a win these days in the sleep department.I lay in bed with the Yorkie for a bit, gave her the usual battery of scratching and petting, then rousted myself and headed to the Office to polish up yesterday's blog post. I drank a pot of coffee while I worked on that, then eventually hit publish and headed into the kitchen, where I spent some time working on a new collage project.

TransitiveI currently have the image of two different designs in my head, so I guess we'll see how that all shakes out in the end. The red piece is basically finished at this stage, in that I'm getting to the point (as with the 1st one I did) where I feel like I'm just kinda fucking with it for the sake of doing so. I may take a final pass at the detailing with a pen and call it finished sometime this next week. The next thing I have on tap in that vein is a blue piece, created in a similar manner using B & W images to lay in the base collage before it gets a layer of acrylic, and the thing I started today will be similar in style to the 1st piece, which I think I'm titling Transitive at this point, to indicate the general theme of the image, which is that all of this is fleeting at best. I'd like to see a series of those, building on that general idea and style of a weathered billboard, so who knows where this will go?

The Yorkie actually braved the sitting area near the kitchen, which made me very haappy to see her outside the bedroom, but she retreated when I made the mistake of starting to make my lunch. If my theory about loud noise suddenly spooking her is indeed correct, then this goes a long way towards confirming it, as she bugged out when I rattled pans together getting a skillet out to cook in. Nice Shoes, Wanna Fuck?I ate my lunch while watching Auto Focus, a film I was fairly sure I'd watched at least part of before, but remembered very little about. Man, that Bob Crane was a strange guy (if he was indeed this casual about what appears to be sexual addiction), as he seems so nonchalant about "Oh yeah, I've been fucking a ton of women and taking pics of it...is that a problem?" So strange; interesting film though.

The Yorkie and I spent a bit of time watering plants in the backyard, or rather I watered, the dog took another pass at that cocky squirrel who struts around out back as if he owns the place. I'm a little scared that she may actually catch him one day, as I dunno if she has the killer instinct it might take to close the deal if you will, but he seems to move when he sees her, so maybe it's all a moot point.

The wife called as she was getting into town and offered to pick up a burger for dinner, so I gave her my order and within the hour she was pulling into the driveway.

We caught up on her weekend over dinner, then whiled away the night with the Fox animation stuff and a new Desperate Housewives before calling it a night. The wife headed to bed to crash, tired from driving halfway across the State, I worked on the collage a bit more, then got started on this junk.

Be seeing you.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sidaris Saturday

I didn't sleep very soundly last night, waking numerous times even after staying up rather late, a situation which really annoyed me, as I was hoping to get a solid 5 or 6 hours before the alarm went off today. I'd set it so that I wouldn't sleep the day away, and because there was at least one garage sale that I was considering checking out. The Yorkie didn't move from her new permanent perch on the bed, so I dressed and headed out the door, leaving her to her own devices.

I've Had A Perfectly Perfect Evening, But This Wasn't It.The first place I stopped promised DVD's, of which they had four. None of which I was interested in. They did actually have a few interesting films on VHS (a couple Jim Jarmusch flicks, Hellraiser, etc.), but nothing I don't already own on DVD, nor anything that looked 'collectible' and worth a purchase for later re-sell, so I passed on all that stuff. What I ended up buying was an odd print of a drawing of Groucho Marx in a super tacky silver frame for $5, which I think will look pretty decent if properly framed and matted, as the one that appears to be on it is actually printed on the paper itself.

I picked up a burger on the way home and went home to see what the Yorkie was up to. Se was happy to see me and had eaten her food, but retreated to the bedroom as soon as I turned on the television. I guess this is just how thngs are going to be from now on, which is just fucking sad to me.

I settled into the den to eat and watch something off the To-Watch Pile, breaking into the Andy Sidaris Collection that I had picked up last month. I Just Wish The Voice Over Was The Guy Narrating His Own Life Aloud, Freaking Everyone Out...I made a point of working into these in chronological order, starting with 1985's Malibu Express, which mixes elements of Magnum P.I., The Dukes Of Hazzard and the James Bond series to an amusing mixed effect. The tone of the film is fairly campy, which continues into the rest of the director's work from what I can gather from this first disc of the set. It's also interesting to note that while we begin this set with a detective, we quickly move towards an international espionage angle as the films continue.

I got a call from a friend who was in town for the weekend, so I made plans to get together with he and his family at his Mother's place in the evening, then returned to my cheese. The second film in the set features a lead who is meant to be the cousin of the guy in our first film and moves the action to Hawaii in Hard Ticket To Hawaii, adding even sillier elements like a renegade snake that's accidentally released by a plot convenience to allow for yet another enemy for our intrepid heroes to contend with. The focus is somewhat shifted towards two female leads this time around (because it's easier to have frequent nudity when your leads are female, right?), and it will remain so for at least the two other films I watched later in the evening.

The evening approached, so I relaxed for a few in the jacuzzi tub and then showered and dressed to go and be social for a few hours. It was fun to see my old buds and meet new wives (I've had two friends marry within the last few months!), but I have to admit being among the few odd 'friends' attending a largely 'family' gathering always makes me feel a bit odd at times, like a few people may be looking at you like "Who the hell is this guy?" I picked up a bite to eat on the way home, then fielded a call from the wife regarding her day and her travel plans, as she is returning home tomorrow.

I got the Yorkie fed, then popped in the flipside of the Sidaris disc to enjoy while I ate. If Your Code-Named After A Fish, How Tough Can You Be?Next up on the agenda was Picasso Trigger, the only film in the set that I had seen before, though I was hard pressed to remember anything beyond the title and frequent boobs. Consequently, the viewing was basically like a 1st time watch and filled with more of the same, gratuitous nudity, corny dialog and lots of explosions. This film continues the same themes and tropes of the director's catalog, re-using actors on different roles, though our female leads remain the same. It's also interesting to note that we continue to have someone with the last name Abilene as your male lead, which is both amusing and somewhat annoying, as an anal retentive person like myself keeps trying to figure out how the fuck they are all related. By this time in the series of films we've started to have a smiling, drinks raised toast and banter at the end of each film, as you'd expect at the end of an episode of Charlie's Angels, further making this feel like a dirty television show.

My final selection of the evening kept me awake later than I intended, but I figured I'd try to at least finish out the entire disc with Savage Beach. Our two leads Dona And Taryn find themselves stranded on a small island after a storm grounds their cargo transport plane, where intrigue awaits with several factions looking for missing gold and the mysterious samurai warrior who guards it. This film will be memorable to me if only for the moment when I looked from the newspaper I was leafing through to see our blonde bombshell leads flying a plane through a raging storm full of lightning strikes, completely topless for...some reason, I'm sure. So crazy, silly and amusing.

I called it a night shortly afterward, got started on this and then finally decided that I'd finish it up Sunday afternoon, because no one is reading this shit anyway.

Be seeing you.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Police Academics And Other Time Wasters

I guess the week worth of 5 or 6 hours of sleep finally caught up with me, as I woke at 1:00 in the afternoon from a 10 hour coma, still feeling a bit groggy. I got up and decided to forego the whole idea of the stationary bike today, as I'd pretty much pissed away half the day at this stage and wanted to try and get something done with my time. I dressed, left the Yorkie snoozing in the bed (big surprise there) while I got a few things together that I needed to mail, then I set out to dump some recycling stuff from the garage project and hit the Post Office.

The Post Office was the usual nightmare of a single clerk and 12+ slightly agitated, foot shuffling, heavily sighing customers who were all in a hurry and had zero interest in standing around at the Post Office all fucking afternoon. The older gentleman ahead of me was dripping with what can only be described as delicious hatred as he shook his head periodically at the old woman ahead of him while she debated the various stamp choices she had. She was really in love with the idea of the 'Love' stamp, which they were out of, but would settle for the 'Forever' with the red roses background; the King & Queen playing card images could just go fuck themselves though. We all stood there listening to this debate, while the old man ahead of me shook his head periodically, presumably to clear the rage and irritation from his eyes. I mean, for real ya'll, he had other shit he could be doing.

I dumped my recycling and then picked up some chicken for a late lunch, instantly regretting my purchase, as it'll make any kind of dinner tricky, as I won't really be hungry if things stay true to form. Oh well, I'm actually working on this crap in the late afternoon and early evening due to my disinterest in getting yesterday's post published, so if I really knock this one out I may stay up late and make something small in the wee hours of the morning. Y'know, as a 'fuck you' to my body: "Here, eat something at 2:00 AM, see how you like that."

The Yorkie spent a tiny bit more time out of the bedroom this afternoon, but she's still nowhere near back to normal. She did get to bark at a UPS guy, so that was fun for her, and I spent the afternoon gathering all of the various film books I own for a silly little project that Twitter had inspired. A friend on there had been posting pics of his collection, so I got it in my head to do the same, but unlike any normal person, all of my film stuff is scattered throughout the house on various shelves or stacks, rather than displayed in a single place, so it took a bit of time to consolidate everything into a singe place, then arrange it in an appealing way before snapping pictures of the large stacks of knowledge.

More Of The Same...I eventually retired to the den with a cocktail and started watching Police Academy 2 off the TiVo because I was in the mood for something that I didn't have to really concentrate on all that much. I know I've seen it before, but for the life of me I couldn't remember a thing about the flick until Bobcat Goldthwait turned up doing that snarling bullshit that basically amounted to his whole shtick in the '80s. To digress, was Goldthwait funny? I mean really? All he does is scream incoherent shit that's slightly amusing once at best, but I will give him props for World's Greatest Dad. I think he's at his best writing or directing, as the stage persona is just grating as all hell.

Since I had slept half the day away I figured I was okay to stay up a bit late with another movie, so I started Police Academy 3 next, just to see if it rang any bells. It was equally corny/amusing, though for as little as I remembered of it, this might as well have been a first viewing. Oh, and more Goldthwait. Sigh.

I called it a late night shortly afterward.

Be seeing you.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Piranhas, Blobs And Roasts. Oh My?

The wife left this morning for Austin for the weekend. The Yorkie and I were awake to blearily see her off, then I tried to lay back down and sleep a bit, but finally gave up and got dressed, as I wanted to hit a few stores in Odessa before the day got completely away from me. I left the Yorkie in bed, where she seems to stay all the fucking time the past few days; still not sure quite what to make of that.

I spent most of the morning browsing my usual haunts in Odessa, found a few items, including unmolested copies of the magazines that I had passed on yesterday. I also ran across a Blu-ray copy of the re-make of Piranha, something I've been wanting to see for some time but has never gotten cheap enough for me to bite. This wasn't as cheap as it could be, but the store has a buy one, get one for a buck deal, so between this disc and the 2nd one I'm only into it for about $8, which isn't too bad. I picked up a burger on the way into town, then headed home to eat and check out the fish-filled carnage, as I wanted to make certain this ex-rental copy of the film was in good working order.

I Call The Big One Bitey.The Yorkie was happy to see me, but immediately retreated to the bedroom once she had greeted me and made certain that I was sure I'd been missed. I ate and enjoyed the movie a great deal, tons of boobs, blood and beasts (as Joe Bob Briggs might say), so what more can you expect from a movie like this? Great little film.

I spoke to the wife, who had safely arrived in Austin and was headed to the airport to pick up her girlfriends, leaving me happy to hear that all was well. I piddled around the house, going through the movies I bought today, removing all the various stickers and other ritual bullshit that comes with collecting silly shit, then spent a bit of time trying to coax the dog out of the bedroom. The frustration there is that she'll happily follow you into other parts of the house, play with you, run around the front room, etc., but the moment your back is turned, she's back on the foot of the bed. The common element is the den, where the crackle of the surround sound during a storm has scared her recently, and when you go in there she seems edgy and kinda slinks away. I think she may just be scared that there may be another loud noise in there and she's going to stay well away from it, which really kinda makes me sad. I mean, what kinda quality of life is she going to have if she only leaves the bedroom for 5 minutes at a time, barely spending any time with us? Shit, we may as well put her down if that's the case, I'd certainly want someone to do that for me.

The Middle Sister dispatched her houseman near 6:00 in the evening to deliver a packed dinner that she'd made, saying that she wanted to make sure that I got a good meal even with my wife out of town. This is infinitely puzzling given the frequently chaotic nature of the home life around her place, I find it strange that she's concerned about making dinner at all, much less whether or not I'm getting fed. It's a sweet/strange thing for her to do, and while I appreciated the effort, I'm still left scratching my head a little bit by the whole thing. I ate the meatloaf and a few of the French fries while I popped in The Blob re-make from 1988, which is a film that I had somehow never seen and wanted to get off the To-Watch Pile because I had a podcast on hold to listen until I'd checked it out. Surprisingly Gruesome!I really enjoyed The Blob, the special effects are still pretty damned convincing and there's a few surprise deaths (not everyone you suspect to live makes it to the credits) and young Shawnee Smith rocks an amazing mullet as the lead. Great stuff, I really enjoyed it, happy to have blind-bought it awhile back.

I checked in on the Yorkie again, who came out to play and ate her dinner that I'd scooped up for her, then sat on my lap while I started a re-watch of the Comedy Central Roast Of William Shatner. She sat on my lap while I cooed at her with soothing sounds and words, then she disappeared as soon as I stopped petting her constantly. Like, she literally bolted the moment I didn't have my hand on her, so I don't know what's to be done to calm her in that room. So weird.

The wife eventually called while I was channel-surfing late in the evening, we caught up on her day, I filled her in on my odd dinner and the Yorkie's continued weird behavior, then I let her head to bed while I got started on this crapola.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Spit On Your Machine Gun

I slept a paltry 5 hours last night, waking with the wife when she got up to get dressed and start her day. I was up a bit late, as I had discovered that the anime Shin Chan is available on Netfux Instant Watch. Party Party, Join Us Join UsI've seen bits and pieces of the show in the past, due to the involvement of one of my favorite comic writers. Evan Dorkin and his wife Sarah did punch up gags for the show when it was brought to the US, presumably trying to make bits of it more accessible to an American audience. The show is something of a Japanese South Park, filled with an obnoxious lead (Shin) and tons of scatological humor and enough inappropriate comments (the kid knows that his mother has a secret stash of money saved up for a boob job?) to keep you listening for what weird ass comment they'll come up with next.

I got the house opened up, made the bed and hit the bike for a third day in a row, which made me feel good, then had a bowl of cereal while I spent a bit of time detailing the red collage a bit more. I eventually dressed and headed out to the garage to break down several boxes that I knew I needed to get to the recycling to make room for actual organization. I loaded all that crap up and dropped it at the recycle bins and then narrowly avoided being nailed by a housewife in a white Hummer that was barreling through the parking lot as I pulled away.

Since I was out and about I dropped by the local books, music and video outlet to see if my various magazines were in for the month. They had two of the three current ones, but every single copy of Fangoria was dinged or ripped in some way, so I decided to try Barnes & Noble instead. I mean, I'm not trying to overly nit-picky, but these stupid horror magazines are around $10 apiece each month, so I don't relish paying that for a copy that's already fucked up when I pick it up. I can officially buy porn for less than I pay for these mags, it's a little ridiculous to think about, but you can't question my commitment to print media.

Bang Bang BabyBarnes & Noble didn't have both magazines that the other place did, so I finally said piss on it and decided to look around in Odessa tomorrow. It was nearing lunch, so I picked up a hamburger and headed to the house to chill with my food and something from the To-Watch Pile. Machine Gun McCain was a Blu-ray I'd received as a Christmas gift this holiday past, so I gave it a spin and really enjoyed it. A con is sprung from prison to help pull a Vegas heist, but he has plans of his own and starts making moves that no one sees coming. It's set in San Francisco and Vegas in the late '60s, so there's lots of fun scenery in that little time-warp flashback. Good stuff, well worth checking out.

The Yorkie has taken to pretty much staying in out bedroom of late, a situation that I wish to God I could understand, as I wanna know if she's freaked out by something in the house or if she simply finds it comfortable in there, etc. The winds have made our power do weird shit in the past few weeks, so the speakers of the surround system have made a loud crackling noise when the power has fluctuated, scaring her, so I really hope that she's not confining herself to the bedroom out of fear of this loud noise now, because that'd just be sad as hell.

I left her on the bed and spent another hour in the garage sorting and moving shit around, listening to a couple podcasts while I worked, then finally knocked off around 4:30 because I was expecting the wife home from her meetings and a manicure.

We caught up, then ran by Best Buy to pick up a spare battery for her camera, as the old one simply refused to charge, regardless of what the little indicator light was telling us. Back at the house the wife spent time getting all of her various fires put out, as she leaves in the AM for a trip to a spa in Austin where she'll meet two of her girlfriends for the weekend.

I picked up some dinner for us and we settled into the den and watched the re-make of I Spit On Your Grave that came out last year. I still don't quite know what I thought of either film, as the first one is more graphic, yet the acting isn't anything stellar. How Can It Be Better And Worse At The Same Time?The new version is less graphic in the actual rape, but the torment that the Sarah Butler endures is somehow more skin-crawling; this feels more mean spirited in some ways. The revenge that she takes is less puzzling as the normal chain of events go (Camille Keaton seduces (?) her attackers before killing them in the original), where Butler simply lurks and lures them to their doom, but her killings are borderline Saw territory in the execution, which is more cinematic, but you also feel like a simple bullet in the head would be a more realistic way to go. Hell, it worked for Sondra Locke in Sudden Impact over 25 years ago, so I know it can be done, and made interesting. At any rate, I still don't know how I feel about either one of these films, I understand the significance of the original in the context of the Exploitation film of its day, but it's still amazingly hard to recommend it to anyone.

We watched the new episode of Justified after the movie, if only to come down from nearly 2 hours of fairly unpleasant goings on. The wife is still trying to get all of her ducks in a row for her trip in the AM as I sat down to work on this. The Yorkie has put herself back to bed. Sigh.

Be seeing you.

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