Monday, October 31, 2011

Movie Blob Monday

I woke rather early today, as we had the Geek Squad fellas lined out to be here early to install the new gigantic television that we'd bought earlier in the week. Once the alarm drove me from the bed, I got my tea started on the stove, then opened the house up for business and settled into the Office to wait on Best Buy guys to show up.

After I had spent about a half hour or so working on catching up the blog the doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of the Best Buy guys. I let them in and showed them what they were up against, then left them to begin the whole installation process.

They were in full swing with this when the Carpet Guys arrived, which kinda surprised me, since we'd nailed down Tuesday as go-time for carpet, or that was my understanding. I managed to sequester the Yorkie over on our side of the house, then let those guys get started on the whole carpet thing while I settled back in to work further on the blog, listening to a couple podcasts to pass the time.

The Best Buy guys split after showing me the basics of the new television, including the Smart TV options of surfing the web and that sort of thing, which I don't know if I'll ever bother to use, but man isn't it fancy? It's like living in Star Trek, I tellya!

The Carpet Guys finished up shortly after noon, and I put in an order for lunch with the wife, who was out running errands and doing the grocery shopping.

The wife arrived shortly after I'd sat down and started playing around with the new television a bit, so I put that process on hold to help her unload and put away groceries.

Squish Squish.I took a bit of time to show her around the TV a bit, then I settled into the den to eat my sushi that the wife had brought me for lunch and watch the original 1958 version of The Blob off the TiVo for my whole Movie Shame Monday project, in which I make an effort to fill in holes in my film knowledge.

I ended up getting a call from a friend while watching the movie, so I talked to Vox for close to an hour before getting back to the movie. I finally finished The Blob, which was enjoyable but honestly somewhat slow for my tastes, though I can definitely see how it would've freaked people out back in the day, as the special effects hold up pretty well.

I feel that I should also give an aside here that it's somewhat ironic that we have this fancy new TV installed and the first thing I watch on it is a film from the late '50s that probably didn't look all that great to begin with, much less held up to hi def scrutiny.

Give Me Something Good To Eat!My next selection for Halloween in the late afternoon was something that I figured would showcase the new telly a bit better, as it's a recent film and was released on Blu-ray. I popped in Trick R Treat for a re-watch and it definitely showed off the new television a great deal more than the 1958 film that proceeded it.

The wife had been chilling in the bedroom for a bit, so she got started on dinner as we got closer to 6:00 and I moved our little cauldron of candy into position by the door in case we had any early birds turn up trick or treating. I also popped in a little something from Something Weird entitled Monsters Crash The Pajama Party, since it felt like something I could kind of drift in and out of should I find myself interrupted by answering the door.

We eat and poke around Facebook on our phones to pass the time with the movie, then finally got our first trick or treaters around 7:30, as it neared full dark outside. I dunno what the standard operating procedure is for other areas, but around here we seem to wait for full dark before the kids go out, regardless of it being a school night or whatever.

Our stream of kids was fairly steady from this point, getting heavier between 8:00 and 9:00, which included a visit from the Hairdressers, their daughters and grandchild, as well as the Middle Sister and her brood. Unfortunately, the MS' visit also included friends of theirs, one of whom is a 2nd cousin of mine, proving that this town is still too fucking small. It also doesn't help that the MS and her family seem to view Halloween as the only time that we can visit or catch up, so they wanna hang out in the doorway and fuck up the flow of our trick or treaters, who by this time were turning up hot and heavy, in large groups that threatened to drive the Yorkie apeshit. Oh and it doesn't help that the relative of mine that she inexplicably wants to hang around with is some sort of ex-con whose own sister refuses to have anything to do with him, yet I'm put in the position of making nice? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Babysitting Is For Suckers.Our traffic slowed to a trickle as we got past 9:00 and by this time I was trying to re-watch House Of The Devil. We get a call from JH, whose apartment had been fumigated while she was at work, but the fumes hadn't dissipated by mid-evening, leaving her feeling less than healthy while trying to go to sleep in her own home.

The wife offered to let her sleep in the spare bedroom, even though it's not quite finished out, so she hung up with the plan that she'd head over after grabbing a few overnight items and something to wear to work on Tuesday. She arrived around 9:30 and chilled with us for about 30 minutes or so before crashing out for the night.

Watch Your Ass, Jamie Lee!The wife and I finished House Of The Devil in the den, then picked up the house a bit before settling into the bedroom to watch the traditional viewing of Halloween to wrap up the night, as is our custom. I forego the blogging at this point in favor of catching some sleep, as I had the threat of an electrician on Tuesday morning. This would be one of the final steps of this Goddamned renovation, which I have to say that I'm happy to finally have an end to all of this nonsense in sight.

Be seeing you.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eye Graduated

We woke today around 10:00, as the Yorkie became insistent that we needed to be awake and petting her, or, barring that, feeding her at the very least. We lay in bed loving on the pup for a bit, then finally got up and got the house open and the dog fed. Like a total asshole, she headed immediately back to bed, seemingly happy to have disturbed us. Jerk.

I fetched the newspaper and then we settled into the den for our customary quiet Sunday afternoon. As I read through the newspaper we fired up the TiVo and watched a few things to ease some of the load there, as it's come perilously close to being full since we lost a week of TV time at the first of the month.

We called in an order to a deli that I went and picked up just before noon, then we watched some more tube, part of the Thursday night comedy fare from NBC, then I got the bright idea to try to watch something via Netfux Instant Watch.

THey're Dying To Get Out Of School, Eh?This started out fine, but suddenly crapped out about 20 minutes into the '80s slasher flick Graduation Day, booting us out of the Netfux option altogether and back to the normal TiVo live television menu. Annoyed, I got back into it, re-started the film, only to have it do the exact same thing about 15 minutes further along. Growing furious, I decided to try streaming it on the Blu-ray player instead, since it's now interweb-ready again. This worked fine for another 15 minutes, then it did the same Goddamned thing, leaving me gritting my teeth in irritation. This is the service that they expect to eventually force me to use exclusively? So frustrating. After (I believe) one more hiccup in the service, the damned thing was finally able to finish out the movie for me, but having to watch a film in five sections was a giant pain in the ass and doesn't make me long for the days of exclusive streaming, as I'll end up throwing the remote through the nice new television.

The Ghosts Are More Interested In The Baby Than In Her Eyes...Not relishing the idea of dealing with this any further for the afternoon, I decided to move instead to something from the To-Watch Pile. I popped in The Eye 2, another Pang Brothers film following up their original, but to my surprise having very little to do with eyes. A woman (played by Shu Qi) attempts suicide and finds herself able to see spirits lurking about, which eventually factors into the unplanned pregnancy she finds herself in the middle of. This one was interesting, and I have to say that I like the Pangs more for their visual flair than their storylines, which aren't all that mind blowing in the grand scheme of the genre.

Less And Less About Eyes.  Just Sayin'.We moved on to The Eye 3 next, which could have essentially been called 'ghost story' or something of that nature, because while it pays lip service to the other films by mentioning the previous 'hauntings' or what ever you'd call them, none of this has anything to do with anyone's eyes, except that they can see ghosts for whatever reason. Of well, again, there's some interestingly creepy visuals but not much else going on with this one, thankfully I'm only into all three films for less than $10 so I don't feel like I've been taken or anything.

I picked up some dinner for us and we settled in for the returning Fox animation block, then an episode of Desperate Housewives because we're getting further and further behind and the Showtime and HBO stuff this evening needed to be recorded out of sequence to allow the TiVo to grab everything. It's quite the tribulation to have what feels like 50% of your weekly TV all airing on the same damned evening, but we somehow make due.

That last sentence deserves a 'first world problems' hashtag, but since this isn't Twitter I won't bother.

We called it a night around 10:00, as the wife has an early morning and I need to be up and alert to let the Best Buy folks install that new monster television.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Houseboat Werewolf

The wife and I both slept in this morning, though she got up around 9:00 while I was in bed until shortly after 10:00, when I woke to the sounds of the wife picking up the kitchen a bit.

We chit-chatted for a bit and I got the house opened up, then moved into the Office to work on the blog a bit since the wife was otherwise engaged. I looked at e-mail and got a couple posts polished up to be published, then took the time to jot down yesterday's events for later editing.

The wife inquired about lunch, so I put in an order with her and she picked up some Mexican for us while I finished things up online, then moved into the den to eat and watch some television.

We watched a couple episodes of Ghost Hunters off the overloaded TiVo, then the wife fell asleep for a bit and I got back online to check in with the Outside The Cinema Halloween Throwdown, which they do every year. One of the hosts basically hangs out with a live stream of movies and chat for about 12 hours, which people come and go from periodically during the day.

Awful Aussie Slasher Fun.I ended up visiting with some interweb acquaintances in the chatroom for a bit and wathcing Houseboat Horror, which is a fairly corny Australian slasher film. It's shot on video and follows a hair metal band, excuse me, a shitty hair metal band as they travel on a houseboat ('natch) into the Australian wilderness to film portions of a music video. It's pretty corny but has a certain charm, as you can definitely get a few laughs from the acting and situations.

Eventually the wife got up and was piddling around the house a bit, which led me to start wrapping my stuff up online so that we could watch something else together in the den when the movie on the PC wrapped.

While I was doing that the Yorkie kept whining at the back door, so the wife let her outside for a bit, where she promptly fell into the little water feature we have that hasn't worked in God know's how long, so we had to give her a bath in the utility room sink to get her cleaned up and hopefully prevent dysentery or anything else nightmarish that she might catch from this stagnant water. The wife sequestered her in the master bathroom and gave her a blow dry, then I spent some time brushing her out, all of which she seemed to deal with fairly well, much to our surprise.

Who knows, we may stop putting her through the hassle of the Groomer and just bathe her ourselves, just let them trim her every so often.

We had a friend of the wife's who lives nearby drop by while out for a walk with her young daughter, so I let the wife visit with them while I finished brushing the dog, then we came in to say hello and goodbye before they left.

Pardon The Piss Poor Poster, As It Has No Legit Release.We ordered in pizza for dinner and I started something off the TiVo called Red: Werewolf Hunter that'd been on there forever. We watched a bit of that until the wife got a text from the Older Sister who inquired about stopping by with the Niece, who has been in bad spirits from a variety of things going on in her life recently, so we said sure. They visited for a bit, got the tour of the renovations thus far and caught on the usual family gossip and that sort of thing before heading home.

I gotta tell you, I feel for anyone in high school these days, as the stress and drama of it all would drive me apeshit crazy, and I wouldn't want to re-live any of that for all the money in the world.

We finished the movie after they left, then woudl down the night with a few more odds and ends off the TiVo.

I got started on this post while the wife worked on a few things on her Mac, then she crashed out and I listened to the last hour or so of the OTC Throwdown before I crashed out.

Be seeing you.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Eye By The Cemetery

I headed to bed last night around midnight, but the dog naturally got a little pukey for reasons unknown around four in the morning, so I was still unable to get a solid eight hours of sleep. FML. This week keeps fucking me in the ass sleep-wise, and I dunno what to do about it.

We slept in until around 9:00 this morning, as we didn't have the Interior Desinger's people scheduled until 10:00 at the earliest. I think I pissed off the wife because I forgot/ignored this and set my alarm to go off at 8:00, which woke her and left her with trouble getting back to sleep. I think she eventually forgave me, but she did give me shit about it later. Whoops.

The Interior Designer's people arrived and began hanging drapery hardware on the Guest Side of the house. I decided to make tea to see if it'd wake me up a bit more and moved into the Office to piddle with the blog and a backlog of e-mails.

The wife got word after only several days that her car was ready to be picked up from the repairs that they originally told her would take four hours at most. We dropped off the Jeep at the Mother In Law's house, then picked up her car. She drove through Starbuck's while I elected instead to pick up an early lunch, grabbing myself a burger and fries on the way back to the house.

I settled into the Office and watched another episode of Dark Shadows while I ate. The wife popped in for a bit to look at e-mails and whatnot, then moved back into the bedroom to relax and keep an eye on the Yorkie, who still seemed a bit mopey even if her stomach seemed to have settled for the most part.

The Interior Designer 's people split for lunch and the decoupage lady turned up to do a final pass in the Library Bathroom. Since their work was relatively quiet, I finally decided that I was going to move into the den and watch something off the To-Watch Pile.

Oddly, both remaining workers left in quick succession, so after getting a walk-through of what they'd done, they both split in the early afternoon and I had the den and the other side of the house to myself finally.

The Yawn By The CemeteryI ended up re-watching The House By The Cemetery, which is a mess by Lucio Fulci that is more about certain set pieces than it is about a coherent story. I ended up picking it up for $1 to pad out a purchase awhile back, so I figured I'd see if it was as confusing as I originally remembered. Sadly, this is the case: family moves into the titular house, ghosts abound, there's someone called Dr. Freudstein lurking in the basement, bodies pile up and the young boy in the film is dubbed by what has to be a middle-aged woman doing a high falsetto voice. It's all pretty ridiculous, plus the name Freudstein sounds like something a 12 yr old would make up thinking that it sounds worldly or European, so it's hard to take any of this seriously due to shit like that.

We had Brian lined out for a visit the evening, so we suggested that he pick up some dinner on his way over. Do You See What I See?Since I figured he and the wife would end up visiting over whatever I was trying to watch I decided to pop in the Pang Brother's film The Eye off the Pile for a re-watch, as I can at least read the subtitling and let them talk if need be. The movie holds up pretty well, though I certainly didn't find the scares are spooky as the first time through, save for perhaps the first ghost that she sees and the old man in the elevator, that was still pretty freaky.

We had Chinese take-out for dinner and then watched a few things off the TiVo, including a new episode of Dave's Old Porn (which was amusing in spite of the presence of Chelsea Handler, the anti-comedienne), this week's American Horror Story and a couple episodes of The Soup to get us caught up.

Brian split around 10:00 and I popped in the next film of my weird re-watch project, in which I indulge my comic nerd to the fullest and check out one comic book related movie each night. X-Men Origins: Wolverine still isn't a very good movie but it has its moments here and there. Honestly, if the stupid claws didn't look completely fake in certain key scenes I don't think I would be quite so down on the movie as a whole, as I'm not so in love with the comic origins that I can't see why they might re-work things for a film. Oh well, swing and a miss. The special features really seem to indicate that Hugh Jackman enjoys the role and goes the extra mile to make the character look as rough and tumble as he does, so I suppose good on him for that, y'know?

I crashed out shortly afterward, pausing on the way to bed to put up another blog post that I'd gotten ready to go this afternoon, as I'm still playing a bit of catch-up.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vampire Cottage

I went to sleep last night for about an hour, then wake with the sinus drainage nightmare that usually tries to kill me from time to time. I ended up sleeping for about 3 hours or so by the time it was all said and done, which really sets a great tone for the day, let me tellya.

The contractor and his plumber turned up around 9:00 to place the sink/freestanding counter in the Library Bathroom, which I kinda hung around to watch them unbox, as we'd only seen pictures of this thing up this point. It's a very pretty piece and will fit into the room rather well once it's all said and done.

The decoupage lady turned up, surprised to find these other two here, though if she'd finished her own project within the two days that'd been allotted this wouldn't be an issue, so who's the asshole here, really? The weirdest thing was that this exchange took place:

Decoupage lady says to the contractor: "I thought you weren't going to be here today."

Contractor replies: "We'd discussed you being here Tuesday and Wednesday, then we'd install the sink on Thursday."

Decoupage Lady: "Okay, that's what I thought..."

No, it is NOT ma'am, you just said he wasn't supposed to be here on Thursday, then he says he is, and that's suddenly what you thought? Are you crazy or just not listening?

At any rate, she split, saying that she'd be back after lunch, leaving the Plumber to do his thing. I mentioned to the Plumber that we had some issues with the hot water after he'd done his thing the other day, so he agreed to take a look at it on his way out once everything was installed properly.

I spent some time in the Office on the PC, then visited with the Plumber a bit about what was going on with the hot water. He cleaned some screen on the little machine that recirculates the hot water to that side of the house, which seemed to help a bit, but honestly the water still wasn't getting particularly hot, so I put in a call to the company that installed the unit to begin with, then let the decoupage lady back in to start finishing up the room.

Once I got the other Plumbers scheduled for the afternoon I stepped out to hit up a McDonald's for a McRib (for a limited time only), then settled into the bedroom to eat and watch something off the To-Watch Pile.Worst Circus Evar.

Vampire Circus was a blind buy for me, a Hammer horror film that hit Blu-ray several months ago and lured me in with the wild visuals that I kept seeing associated with it. There's a particularly saucy dance that involves a body painted snake lady that was very hot, interesting visuals played out in front of a rural village of folks who don't seem to be sure if they should even be watching this to begin with. The film sees a circus troupe turning up in a village with the dark intentions of seeking revenge for a vampire who was put to death there 15 years ago. They waste no time making short work of the descendants of the people who killed this evil count, trying their damnedest to bring the old boy back to life. Best Circus Evar.It's a good flick, though sadly my viewing was broken up into several starts and stops, as the decoupage lady needed more book covers printed out for that project and the Plumbers arrived in the mid-afternoon, which had me putting things on hold to show them what was up.

The wife had been out of the house for the day helping set up her final event of the season, so she returned while I was in the process of printing stuff, so I finally turned the PS3 off altogether, figuring that I would eventually move into the den to finish out the film.

After the wife and I caught up, I left her with the Yorkie in the bedroom to chill for a bit, popping in the movie in the den to finish it out.

The wife left for her evening event, though she had to be there early to help finish the set-up, so that meant her 'evening' started around 5:30 or so.

Once I finished Vampire Circus I poked arond a bit on the TiVo, eventually watching the first episdoe of Dave Attell's new show Dave's Old Porn, which is an interesting concept in that it features Attell and other guests poking fun at '80s era porn, back when things were still shot on film and had an actual plot. It actually reminded me of reading Robin Bougie's Cinema Sewer collections, as he has a similar nostalgia for that era of smut, which I honestly find interesting from a historical perspective, as the stars of that era aren't the creepy, fake, plastic-looking people you see in mainstream porn nowadays. You can keep your Barbie dolls, thank you.

Stay Out Of The English CountrysideI popped in another To-Watch Pile selection to round out the evening, as I knew the wife would be getting home around the time it ended and I could visit with her about how things went before she headed to bed. The Cottage was something I recalled renting and enjoying in the past, so when I ran across it at Big Lots I decided to grab it and give it another look just for the hell of it. It's a different take on the hillbilly horror genre, in that it takes place in the UK and begins as a hostage drama with two brothers trying to ransom a mouthy young blonde woman, but then it takes a weird turn as they realize that a nearby farmer is a bloodthirsty maniac and they're in deep shit. It's a fun flick, and I have a crush on the female lead, the lovely Jennifer Ellison, so it's fun to watch her curse and berate these poor assholes while they try to get her to be a good hostage.

The wife got home and we caught up a bit, then I put her to bed and re-watched The Incredible Hulk, as I have the crazy idea to watch the recent spate of Marvel films in order until I catch up to the current ones that I just bought on Blu-ray and so I know what to expect when I go see The Avengers when it hits theaters.

I headed to bed shortly after midnight, to hopefully get caught up on the sleep that I lost last night.

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nesting And Burning In The Devil's Backbone

I woke with the alarm, which allowed me to sleep in until 9:00 AM this morning, as the only people on tap were the Interior Designer's lady to do further work on the decoupage project and the Maid, should she decide to turn up on time at 11:00. The bed was feeling pretty good though, so I managed to doze off again until the doorbell and the frantic Yorkie woke me at 10:00 to let the decoupage broad in. She set to her task and I went about getting the house opened up and the sleep from my eyes.

I spent some time in the Office, as is the new morning custom, but was getting kinda peckish around the time the Maid arrived at 11:00. She got started on her routine and I began gathering up the recycling, as our newspaper situation was getting a little out of hand. Thai sounded good, so I called in an order to the alternate place we usually hit and then went to dump the recycling and pick up some lunch.

The decoupage lady was taking her own lunch when I returned, so I peeped her progress and then settled back into the Office to eat and watch something via Netfux Instant Watch to pass the time. Fritz Is Mostly A Dick.An episode of the '90s re-boot Dark Shadows later, I was finished with lunch and looking for a movie to pass the time until the Maid was done so that I could relax in either the den or the bedroom, depending on whether or not the decoupage lady was going to traipsing in and out or if she was fairly well settled into the Library Bathroom. Since the Maid was still working in the bedroom I decided to watch The Nine Lives Of Fritz The Cat off Netfux Instant Watch on the iPad while I updated a couple lists on the PC: Isn't multi-tasking wonderful?

The movie was fairly piss-poor, and I know Crumb was never happy with either version of the animated stuff, especially this sequel, but curiosity got me through to the end credits. I used the time to finish uploading a couple digital copies into iTunes from the movies I bought this past Tuesday, then finally made my way into the den to watch something off the To-Watch Pile.

Not As Cozy Of A Nest As You'd Hope...The Nesting was pretty damned fun, felt like a horror novel I would've read in the late '80s about a woman who moves into a spooky house, only to slowly uncover the dark secrets of the past. She's even a writer, so there's some familiar hooks that exist in tons of horror novels, and she's got a creepy caretaker and a young local man who may be interested in her if he is able to save her from whatever may be lurking in the house. It's a fun film, and though it may meander around for about 10 minutes more than it needs to, it's still a great way to spend an afternoon.

The decoupage lady split as the movie was starting, taking a questionably early day considering that the plumber and electrician are meant to be working in there tomorrow, but oh well, what do I know? If it takes her five days to get it done that's her problem, not mine. Creepy Dead Kids Are The Creepiest Kids Of All.Granted, I'd prefer this was done in the two days they'd allotted, but again, it's her problem, not mine.

The wife joined me for a re-watch of The Devil's Backbone in the early evening, which we paused briefly when she went out to pick up deli sandwiches for our dinner. The movie holds up really well, and I always enjoy a good ghost story, especially one that has an eerie little mystery to go along with it.

We wrapped the evening with a re-watch of The Burning, which is a slasher flick that I only really became aware of about 4 years ago when it first hit DVD. It's set at yet another summer camp where a horrifically scarred handyman has returned for revenge against anyone reminding him of the campers who hurt him years before. Burn Baby Burn!One of the more amusing selling points is seeing Jason Alexander with hair(!), Holly Hunter in an early role and even Fisher Stevens looking young and somehow even scrawnier than he does today, which I didn't think was possible.

The wife crashed out while I decided to re-watch Iron Man, which was quite a wild hair, but felt like a reasonable 'palate cleanser' for all the horror films I've been plowing through this month. By the time it was over I decided to really push my luck by watching some of the bonus features on the disc as well before calling it a night.

The weather outside was turning rainy and shitty, with the temperature dropping and wind blowing periodically, so when I went to sleep I naturally woke about an hour later with sinus issues that kept me awake for most of the night.

Bah. Again with this crap?

Be seeing you.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Psycho Afterlife

The wife and I both rose with the alarm this morning, as we were supposed to drop her car at the body shop for some minor repairs to the little panel down by the undercarriage, which had cracked against a curb or some such nonsense. We were also expecting the contractor's painter's to turn up for a final pass at a couple things, so once they arrived the wife and I sequestered the Yorkie on our side of the house and went to drop off her car.

We made a point of rushing back home, as the Interior Designer's lady was supposed to turn up to start the decoupage project on the Library Bathroom this morning. I had mixed feelings about rushing back, as I was kinda hungry and would have liked to get breakfast on the way, but we figured we'd better be safe. Naturally, once we'd been home for about an hour and change with this broad being a no show, I said the hell with it and stepped out for a breakfast burrito, still beating her to the house by about 20 minutes. I dunno what's up with this guy and his people, all of their times are basically approximate. Very frustrating if you have anything else going on.

The painters split, the lady arrived and I gave her the materials and kinda laid out the general idea of what I was wanting to see, then she got started and the I split to run a few errands while the wife piddled in the Office with e-mail and the like.

I had a couple coupons and some Reward Zone certificates to redeem, so after a trip to the Post Office I headed into Best Buy for the first time in several months. Well, if you don't count yesterday afternoon's visit to the television department. I have to say that if Best Buy is going to insist on carrying less and less physical media, to the point that I feel like I personally own more movies than a retailer trying to sell them, the very least they can do is fucking merchandise them better. The new trend there seems to be a different rack, cardboard dump or standee every five feet, loaded with a disparate variety of DVD or Blu-ray merchandise, making it a giant pain in my ass to find something as simple as their new release section. And since they have to fill 20 of these stupid fucking racks with crap, you can't even rely on being able to search the normal Blu-ray section to find something alphabetically, as it's been cherry-picked to scatter the product to the four winds.

Whew. End rant, but seriously, sort out your fucking merchandising if you want any of the business I would easily give to Amazon.

I picked up some gift baskets for the wife in the way back to the house, then unloaded and she and I started planning our afternoon, as I was supposed to have lunch with the fellas as I normally would on a Tuesday afternoon, and I needed to drop her off to pick up her car. Given my normally paranoid nature, I insisted that she call and confirm that the car would be ready, as I'd hate to just drop her off and have her find out it'd be a few hours yet. The upshot is that they were missing some part, so evidently, rather than call and say that they couldn't do it today, they were just going to order the piece and hope we didn't need the car. I dropped off my very pissed off wife at the Mother In Law's house to borrow a vehicle to get around this afternoon and evening, then booked at across town to meet the guys.

Lunch was good, we had a nice long visit, then I drove through Starbuck's for a tea, ironically two cars ahead of my wife, who I spoke to via phone while we sat in the drive-thru line. I headed home to see what the decoupage lady was up to only to find that she'd already split for the day (?), with one of the three walls about halfway done. I released the Yorkie to roam the house and spent the afternoon setting up the little surround sound bar that we'd purchased for the television in the bedroom, as watching movies back there is a pain when you almost have to max the normal TV volume.

I was in the process of testing that out when the contractor's crew turned up to remove the existing carpeting form the two bedrooms on the Guest Side of the house, so I helped them pull the last remaining knick-knacks out of there, then they stripped the rooms in quick succession.

The wife came and went during this process, as she had a dinner to host at the museum this evening, so while she got ready for that I got the furniture re-settled in the bedroom and then made myself a stiff drink, as the day had felt particularly hectic for no particular reason.

Bats Out Of Hell!
The wife left for her evening out while I watched Psychomania off the TiVo, which is a film about a group of biker hooligan types who start killing themselves with the belief that they'll return from the dead, and I'll be damned if they don't! They wreak havoc on sleepy little England of the '70s, until the local authorities begin to close in on them. It's an interesting little film, but was honestly more fun for the visuals of the bikers in their skull and crossbones helmets and things of that nature than for the story itself. Worth a peep if you get the chance.

Sic Semper Milla!I got out for a few minues to pick up a hamburger for my dinner, then fed the dog and settled back into the couch to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife, whcih I had recorded enar the end of last month. What can I say, it's another Resident Evil movie, so it's got Milla Jovovich doing bad ass stuff and looking hot, some over the top set pieces and lots of explosions. It was an okay watch, though one scene of her swinging through mid-air like Tarzan looked especially silly, I had to laugh out loud over that one.

The wife returned while I was watching an episode of Nikita, we caught up on our respective evenings, then I finished my show and we called it a night. She crashed in the bedroom while I started working on this post, though even as I type these words I'm recalling with regret that I never worked on the post that I needed to finish for this past Saturday to try and get this turkey caught up.


Be seeing you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Living Dead At The Movie Shame Monday

Okay, I may be stretching the whole idea of the Movie Shame Monday thing with today's selection, but it is a worthy film to check out, so there. More on that later.

I managed less sleep than I intended, but I did sleep well last night, which was a blessing after the rough night Saturday night into Sunday morning. The wife had a super early errand, so she was returning as I was getting up after the alarm sounded. I started some water boiling for tea and got the house opened for business, then we both gravitated towards the Office, each piddling around on their respective computer and visiting a bit about this or that.

The contractor's two painters turned up briefly, agitating the Yorkie to no end, then they split, though our broken English conversation left me wondering exactly what the hell they'd done beyond touch up one small area.

The wife had errands that she wanted to run, so she and I secured the dog on our side of the house and then split to grab a bite to eat and then hit up Target and Best Buy for a variety of odds and ends. Lunch was good if a bit crowded due to our poor timing that coincided with the lunch hour almost on the dot, then we headed to Target to grab our Halloween candy for this year and run down the small grocery list that we had just to see what we could tick off it in the meantime.

Best Buy was more of an adventure, as our remodel of the Guest Side has prompted the wife to upgrade our television in the den in favor of moving that one into the Guest bedrooms for their consumption. We settled on another Samsung, a 60' model that has all sorts of bells and whistles that I doubt we'll ever use, but I have to say that it was the sharpest looking one on their wall, so I hope that's indicative of the quality of the line in general instead of just that particular set. We got the delivery, installation and all that stuff squared away, and while the wife dealt with that I stepped over to the computer department and finally picked up the router booster that I have been putting off buying forever, as I figure we need to make certain that the Blu-ray player is in good working order if we're taking the time to upgrade the telly, right?

Once we got home I settled into the task of syncing the router and the booster, then got it situated and started trying to get the player to connect to the network.

With no success whatsofucking ever.

For a really long time.

The wife decided to step out and run some errands in advance of her Monday evening yoga class, so she left me working on that and split.

I continued trying to get the player to recognize the password that works on every single other wireless device in the house to no avail, then the contractor and the guy who is to install our new carpeting in the two bedrooms turned up. This spared the Blu-ray player's life, as I was on the verge of smashing the fucking thing through the front door onto the lawn and taking a shit on it in full view of the neighbors.

While those guys took in the two rooms that are left to deal with I finally tried the one thing I had yet to attempt, changing an option as to the security on the system and I'll be Goddamned if the stupid thing didn't suddenly ask if I wanted to download the latest version of the firmware. I started the process of updating it, which moved noticeably faster, so I have to guess that the stupid booster has already been worth the money right off the bat. Once the machine got itself updated I played around with the web options a bit, re-enabling the Netfux streaming option, making sure that Pandora still worked, that kind of thing, then the contractor and I spoke for a bit about the rest of the week, which will be busy, but won't be the last of the process, as the carpet won't be in until about a week from now. This is naturally irritating, but since the hassles will be broken up by a few days here or there of peace and quiet.

Since I felt fucking exhausted after fighting with the Blu-ray player for the better part of the afternoon, I poured myself a large cocktail and collapsed into the couch, just watching some television while I went through the days' mail.

I eventually returned my Uncle's call and spoke to him for the better part of an hour, working on getting the paperback covers ready for the decoupage project that kicks off in the Library Bathroom tomorrow morning. I also need to decide which paperbacks I want her to start tearing up to use first, but I suppose I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

The wife returned with a bit of Mexican take-out for dinner, so we ate while watching the end of a Stephen King special that I'd TiVo'd of TCM a week or so back, then I popped in one of the movies that Buckaroo Banzai had loaned me to count as my Movie Shame Monday entry, as it's definitely a movie that I've always heard about but had never gotten around to tracking down.One Thousand Corpses Walk The Earth...

The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue (AKA Let Sleeping Corpses Lie and a half dozen other titles) is a pretty great moody little film about radiation being used to kill insects, which naturally turns the recently deceased into flesh eating ghouls. The setting is remote and eerie for the most part and looks great on Blu-ray, plus it builds to a satisfying downbeat ending in the style of Night Of The Living Dead, which actually clinched my enjoyment of the film as a whole. Good stuff, well worth a peep if you get the chance.

We called it a night soon after, as we have to be up early and each have several things to work on tomorrow morning.

Be seeing you.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cats: One, Me: Zero

So the wife and I headed to bed immediately after getting home last night, but I woke about a half hour later with sinus drainage gagging me completely. I would be up and down for the remainder of the night, though on the upside of things I read a couple different comic collections that I had sitting on the nightstand, as well as the new Entertainment Weekly to pass the time while waiting for my misery to subside sufficiently to allow me to sleep more than an hour at a time. What a night. Bah.

No Really, Who Are You?I was able to read the entirety of Peter Milligan's re-boot of the Human Target from the late '90s and early 2000s, which was enjoyable, though I have to be honest and say that some of the subtleties of the writing may've been lost in my sleep deprived stage, which I suppose is the point of owning this stuff for the personal library, the eventual re-visit at some point in the future.

The lack of sleep definitely kicked my ass; by the time I finally pulled my head out of the pillow today it was dragging towards 3:00 PM, which naturally irritated me to no end, as I hate sleeping the day away. The wife was actually heading back to bed for a nap as I was getting up, which seems kinda typical of things. We lay with the Yorkie for a bit, then I left them to relax and got dressed, picking up the kitchen a bit, then stepped out to grab a late lunch/early dinner for myself.

Don't Buy Houses With Siblings; It's Weird & The House Is Probably Haunted.Once I returned with a sandwich and a tasty beverage I settled into the den and watched The Uninvited off the TiVo, which is a 1944 Ray Milland flick in which a brother and sister purchase a home to live in, only to uncover a mystery when they realize the house is haunted. It's a decent little flick, though I spent a decent amount of the film wondering when it was ever 'normal' to see a twenty-something or older brother and sister purchasing a home to live in together, as it just seems weird to me.

The wife joined me in the back end of the film and we visited a bit, then popped in something off the To-Watch Pile since there wasn't anything on TV this evening until 8:00 or so.

Awful Nostalgic Film, Please Forgive Me...We re-watched the Dean Koontz based film Hideaway, which I recall seeing with friends at a now defunct theater, so it has some nostalgic appeal to me, even if the film itself is somewhat piss poor and Koontz himself wasn't all that thrilled with the end results.

We rounded out the evening with the the new Dexter and the season premiere of Desperate Housewives from several weeks back, just because they are starting to pile up on us.

The wife has an early morning, so she headed off to bed and I got started on this post, as I haven't been very good about keeping up with things the past few days.

Be seeing you.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Pumpkin Fun

The wife and I slept in a bit this morning, waking just before the alarm that I had set for 11:00. We lay in bed with the Yorkie for a few, then got dressed and went to check out the Library Book Store for a browse and so that I could load up on some more disposable paperbacks for the Bathroom project, as I want this lady to have a decent amount of materials to choose from. We decided to go and have brunch since we were out already, stopping into the place that we like downtown. The place wasn't as busy as it has been in the past, but the service still seemed to struggle a bit. I dunno if they just can't keep good help or what the deal is, but it always feels like they are running behind, regardless of when we're there or how many customers they have.

Nothing Worse Than A Lecherous Older Werewolf...After brunch we grabbed a coffee on the way home, then went to see what the dog was up to and chill at the house for a bit. We chilled with a bit of television off the TiVo, then I got cleaned up for the party at Anastasia Beaverhouszen & Kno1's place. I re-watched Never Cry Werewolf off the To-Watch Pile in the late afternoon to pass the time, then we both got ready and headed out. Oh, and for what it's worth, Never Cry Werewolf is a pretty amusing latter day werewolf flick, though there is definitely some atrocious CGI in there that you have to overlook.

The party theme of the evening was Halloween, and we were all meant to have dinner and then decorate pumpkins for a little activity while we visited. The dinner was great, then we each selected our pumpkins and started working on them, using either the provided templates or free-handing it if we were feeling brave. The assembled group included Brian, JH, the Hairdressers as well as the Minister and his wife, quite a varied group. I was curious if more of our hosts friends from San Angelo would join us, but as it turned out we only had one of them on hand. We lingered later than I had intended, but it was fun to cacth up with the Hairdressers and our hosts' friend GH, who was only in town for the evening. Hell, I don't think we've seen him in about a year at the very least, so it was fun to catch up.

We headed home late, and I headed to the bed to crash out, feeling very tired after the week and my two late nights.

I would naturally be unable to sleep, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

More details in tomorrow's post.

Be seeing you.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Shocking Drive-In Nightmare Tenebre Horror!

The contractor's guys kinda surprised me by showing up today in full force, as I figured that we were close enough to the weekend for them to blow it off until next week. I worked on the blog in the early morning, got another post published and then decided to step out and pick up some lunch before resigning myself to the bedroom to watch something from the To-Watch Pile.Low Budget Fun.

I grabbed something from a nearby Mexican place, then settled into the bedroom with the Yorkie to watch Drive-In Horrorshow, which is a recent low budget horror release that I've heard promoted on a podcast that I listen to, so I was happy to snag it cheap from the local books, music and video outlet. The wife had been out running errands all morning, but she returned in the early afternoon, watching part of the movie with me before catching a nap while I moved on to a second film just to pass the time.Blood & Boobs, What's Not To Like?

Nightmares is an Australian film from 1980 that I had heard about in the Not Quite Hollywood documentary, but was something I knew nothing about. It turned out to be a nicely sleazy slasher film that never really went out of its way to conceal who the killer might be, but honestly the fun here was the over the top nature of the kills and the frequent nudity. By the time the movie was over I had noticed that the sounds of activity on the Guest Side of things, so I moved into the den and was about to watch something else when the wife popped in saying that our friend JH was going to come by after she got out of work.Those Poor, Poor Put-Upon Writers...

JH turned up and she and the wife settled in for a visit in the sitting area of the kitchen, so I made myself a drink and chilled in the den, watching Dario Argento's Tenebre for the first time. I had noticed how slashery it looked when I saw the trailer on another Argento film that I watched this month and figured it was time that I gave it a day in court. The ladies eventually joined me and we ordered in a pizza while we finished out the movie, then paused to have a bite to eat and make another drink or two.

It's A Cracking Good Time.  Shocking, Too.Since we were in the middle of the evening with some Euro-horror/Giallo, I decided to continue that theme with a re-watch of Mario Bava's Shock, which has a great blend of the supernatural and mystery, plus some great visuals and in-camera effects. This was a film that I bought specifically to watch this month, as I suddenly realized one day that it wasn't part of either of the Bava boxsets. The movie holds up pretty well and I'm happy to have it for future re-watches. Great little film.

JH called it a night around 10:00, and after we saw her off the wife headed to bed as well, so I made myself another drink and popped in Rocky Horror Picture Show for a re-watch on a complete wild hair. Toucha Toucha Touch Me.Since I had nothing big going on Saturday morning, I eventually gave some of the supplemental material on the 2 disc set a look, some of which included the audience participation stuff, which I have to say doesn't look like something that would appeal with me at all. There's just something about a large crowd screaming that makes me edgy, even if they're repeating the dialog that I know is happening. Actually, there appeared to be people saying their own dialog during certain bits, in addition to the usual 'call and response' stuff I've read about, which I think would drive me batshit crazy. I'm just not a 'joiner', so I guess if you get more than a handful of people together on a certain subject, you may as well count me out.

I crashed out super late, making a point to set my alarm for late Saturday morning, as we had plans to run a couple errands instead of wasting the entire day at home.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Fringes Of My Thursday Sheen

The wife assured me that we wouldn't have any of the contractor's guys here in the morning, so I took the opportunity to sleep in today, waking at 9:00 and getting the bed made and the house opened up. The wife was gone, helping set up a charity event that she had to attend this evening, so I fed the Yorkie and then took my tea into the Office to see what was happening in the world.

Once the blog was updated I got dressed and stepped out to pick up a bite to eat for my lunch, which turned out to be a sandwich and a salad, just for a bit of roughage, if you need that much information. The Yorkie was so keen to see what I had I eventually gave her a bite of lettuce out of the salad, which she seemed happy to have. I guess it's all part of her new healthy lifestyle.

Wanna Buy A Chicken?I watched The Believers off the TiVo while I ate, the '80s era Martin Sheen film about Santeria in NYC, which was pretty watchable if slightly eye-roll inducing from time to time, as everyone seemed to be involved in the religion, which seems a bit far fetched, but I guess we're trying for an atmosphere of paranoia, right?

The wife was expecting some books to be delivered for the event this evening, so I called her after UPS dropped them off and spent some time gathering the recycling to be dropped off. I was about to leave to do that when she texted, saying that she was on her way home, so I piddled around a bit to be able to see her for a few before she had to go back for the evening.

We compared notes on the day thus far, then I split while she showered and changed for her evening. After doing the recycling I picked up a tea at Starbuck's, then headed home and settled into the den with a selection from the To-Watch Pile.

The Missiles Are Flying, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!The Dead Zone is one of the best Stephen King adaptations out there, and also one of my favorite books by the man. I haven't seen the film in several years, so it was nice to break out this Big Lots purchase and give it a peep this afternoon. The film holds up really well, it's one of those really strong David Cronenberg films from the '80s that I will always find myself coming back to, including Dead Ringers. Plus it also co-stars Martin Sheen, making for a nice double inadvertent double feature, so I had that going for me.

The wife split for her event, I checked e-mail and poked around on the web a bit, then grabbed a burger for my dinner and watched the last three episodes of Fringe off the TiVo to get caught up. I'm still enjoying this show quite a bit, though the whole focus of this season seems to be showcasing all the minor differences that have happened after the climactic events of last season, so I feel at times as though I need a flow chart to remind me of details from the first or second season that may be different this time around. I honestly hope they make a bit of an effort to make things at least slightly clearer as far as some of the physics or logistics go, but it's still early in the season, so they have time to find their footing as they go.

The wife got home late, we took the time to debrief about her evening, then she crashed out and I started working on this post.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Euro Giggles

The alarm woke me this morning, but I quickly fell back asleep, starting awake at 9:00 with the panicked thought that I had missed the Maid's arrival or the contractor's guys turning up. Typically, neither was the case, so I instead took a moment to relish the extra hour and a half of sleep I had managed, then dressed and got some water boiling for tea. The wife had risen early and taken the Yorkie to the Groomer, so the house was rather quiet today.

I spent some time updating the blog, had a couple cups of tea, then finally realized that it was a few minutes after 11:00 and the Maid hadn't shown up, so I finally said the hell with it and called in a food order, then left to pick that up. In the 15 minutes I was gone the woman managed to come and go at the house, which I found out about a half hour later when the wife called to let me know that she'd been put off until next week and nailed down to a specific time for once.

Stay The Hell Out Of The Ancestral Home!My afternoon newly free, I settled in to eat my lunch and watched The Blood Spattered Bride off the To-Watch Pile, which was a blind buy some time ago that I was happy to finally give a look. It's a pretty dreamy, bizarre film about a newly married couple and the strange dreams that the new wife beings to have when they return to his ancestral manse in the country. Soon a mysterious woman turns up and begins to twist the bride to murder her husband, fulfilling a family curse or some such nonsense. It's an interesting watch, the stylish cinematography and cute women go a long way towards keeping the interest when the plot may drag a bit, I'd say give it a peep if you like the Euro-horror or Euro-sleaze genres.

The wife returned as I was finishing up the movie, along with the Yorkie, home early after being the first dog at the Groomer this morning. Stay The Hell Out Of Spain!The wife and pup chilled in the bedroom to relax a bit and I decided to pop in another To-Watch Pile selection: Satan's Blood, a Spanish horror film from Mondo Macabro. It's the trippy tale of a couple who decide to go for a drive on a weekend, run into a couple who insists that they know one another, then accept their invitation to their remote villa, where they have some booze and eventually start playing around with a Ouija board and contacting evil spirits. Y'know, like ya do. One thing leads to another and there's a wild orgy and some weird supernatural bits as a storm traps them there overnight and they're forced to spend the night. Again, this was another stylish exercise, with lots of flesh on display and a creepy old location to exploit for all it's worth.

I made myself a drink in the late afternoon, filed away several movies in the Media Closet, then popped in a final film: Dr. Giggles, one of those odd early '90s horror flicks that I somehow missed entirely. Long story short, it's an okay watch, but I doubt I will come back to it anytime soon, it felt very set-bound, every single shot felt like it was filmed on a back lot or a large set, which took me out of it dramatically.

The wife and I spent some time getting her iPhone updated to the new iOS5, which naturally involved updating any number of things, but I think we managed to get through it, losing only the music files that were on the phone to begin with. The wife picked up a pizza for our dinner while I fought the Mac to a standstill over whether or not it was going to start syncing the music properly. I finally gave up in favor of living to fight another day, rather than smash the computer to bits.

We ate while catching up on a couple episodes of Pan Am, a show I'm still not 100% sold on, but it has some amusing moments to poke fun at from time to time. For example: one of these episodes has a stewardess tell a pilot that he smells like whiskey and cigarettes, which had me laughing. What cigarettes? This Disney-approved ABC television version of the '60s doesn't allow the characters to smoke, so what are these 'cigarettes' that the allegedly guy reeks of?

We spent some time in the Office working with the wife's Mac to see what this whole iCloud thing is about, finally calling it a night around midnight, as I got this written up while the wife worked on her computer across the room.

Be seeing you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Devils, Toolboxes And Evil

Even though I wasn't exactly expecting any of the contractor's guys to turn up, I still set the alarm this morning. I saw the wife off to her meetings and then fired up the PC to see what was happening in the world.

Imagine my surprise when the doorbell rings at 8:30, which turned out to be the tile guys, here to fix the choice of tile selection in the Library Bathroom. I spent most of the morning working on the blog and fielding a couple e-mails, then dressed and stepped out front to deal with a smattering of tree limbs that'd been blown down during the hellacious wind storm that blew through the area last night.

The tile guys took an early lunch, and since I happened to notice that they were gone (and had EL cancel lunch on me, as he was swamped at work) I took the opportunity to step out and pick up a sandwich, then settled into the bedroom to eat and watch a movie off the To-Watch Pile.Creepy Borgnine Goat Man FTW.

By random selection I popped in The Devil's Rain, which sees Tom Skerritt and William Shatner in a struggle with a Satanist played by Ernest Borgnine, a man hellbent (sorry) on collecting souls in his dark master's name. It was a strange film, starting as if in the 3rd chapter of a book where we're meant to catch up on the fly, but for all of its clunkiness plotwise it's still an amusing watch. Hell, Ernest Borgnine in a day-glo red Satanist outfit is worth the price of admission alone.

The wife got home toward the end of the movie, and once it ended I did some scouting to realize that the tile guys had split, having re-tiled the small area that was bugging us with tile that actually (shock, horror) matched the other tile in the damned room, so that's a good step for that project.

The wife chilled in the bedroom and I moved into the den and was about to watch another movie when DR turned up to return the painting we'd loaned him for potential use in an art show. He and I chitchatted a bit, then he was off to run other errands and I popped in Mark Of The Devil, which is a period piece about the brutality of the witch hunters who mercilessly killed millions in Europe in the name of God. It was something of a downer film, presumably in the name of realism, so while certain characters are spared, others die gruesome deaths and not all of your antagonists are even punished for their assholish abuse of authority. Why I'm Glad I Don't Live In An Apartment Anymore.It's some what notorious for a few key bits of violence, all of which is as wince inducing as you'd expect.

The wife joined me eventually and we watched Tobe Hooper's re-make of The Toolbox Murders, which I couldn't decide if I'd seen or not until about halfway through it, when certain bits started to seem increasingly familiar. It's a decent slasher film, though nothing all that special, I think the cast elevates it more in my mind than anything else, including Juliet Landau, Sheri Moon Zombie and Angela Bettis as our lead.

The wife ordered in some deli stuff for our dinner, so once that was delivered we dove into the final film of the day: Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil off the TiVo, a film I've heard a lot of good word of mouth on. Y'know, You DO Have A Purty Mouth...It's a really fun movie, based on the premise of a bunch of kids in the woods running afoul of the titular 'rednecks', but instead of it being a Deliverance/Texas Chainsaw Massacre situation, the kids continually overreact to the guys and die in ridiculously over the top accidents that are chalked up as 'kills' by the kids until only a few of them remain. It's very amusing to see the two leads puzzling over the strange behavior of the kids, particularly as one of the ladies is befriended and cared for by the guys when she hits her head. A fun movie, well worth a look.

We wrapped the evening with an episode of Ringer, then started picking up the house a bit so that the Maid won't be moving our stuff around when she's here tomorrow.

Be seeing you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

House Of 1,000 Movie Shame Waxes

I rose with the alarm this morning, which is to say that I forced myself from the bed to the sounds of the wife taking a shower and doing her hair in the next room. I got some water boiling for tea and fired up the PC after getting the house open for business, but by 8:30 I was kind of starting to doubt that anyone from the contractor's series of participants was going to show up today.

The wife had a meeting to be at, so she split for that and I made the bed while listening to a podcast, then spent some time in the Office getting the blog closer and closer to being current, then the wife returned with coffee and we caught up on the plans for the Guest Side of things.

She seemed hot to get a few smaller pieces of furniture out of there and had a call in to her Uncle to pick them up and distribute them amongst a couple other family members who might be able to use them, or at the very least were amicable to the idea of storing them for the foreseeable future. He turned up with his brother shortly after we were surprised by the plumber, who dropped in to install the fixturing for the bathrooms, including the Jack & Jill bathrooms and both showers.

I helped the Uncles carry out the various furniture pieces and visited a bit with them, then spent some time emptying out the closet in the middle bedroom, which is packed to the gills with boxes of magazines and comics, as well as a coffeetable that I'm using to store my various art and art supplies in, as it has four fairly deep drawers for storage. I got the majority of things moved into the Library and restacked temporarily, then decided to move the table tomorrow, as we don't even know when these assholes are going to carpet the rooms anyway, so why kill myself now if it'll just junk up the Library for that much longer?

I picked up some sandwiches for the wife and I for lunch, then ate while watching this past week's episode of Supernatural, then decided to step out in the late afternoon to look around for some old paperback books that will be used to decoupage the Library Bathroom walls, with color covers occasionally interspersed for pops of color. Since the covers I want to use are the sleazier looking hard boiled covers from the Hard Case Crime series, I figured I should find some equally lurid vintage books for the project, especially some with the old school green or red edges to the pages, as the color will add to the depth of the layering that I understand will be done. I spent about an hour or so combing through the Mystery section of the local used bookstore, picked up about 10 or so books that I think will fit the bill, though I dunno if that will be enough for the entire room, so I may try to check out another store before the week is out just to be safe.Burn Baby, Burn!

The wife had split for a couple meetings by the time I got back home, so I settled into the den with a cocktail and popped in House Of Wax off the To-Watch Pile for my Movie Shame Monday selection, as the Vincent Price 1953 classic is just one of those movies that's always gotten back-burnered in favor of newer or more timely material. I really enjoyed it, especially the make-up and the sets that give you a glimpse of an older NYC and the fashions of the time period, really a great flick that I'm happy to have finally seen.

Run Rabbit, Run!The wife returned with some dinner as I was starting a completely wild hair of a re-watch: Rob Zombie's House Of 1,000 Corpses, a movie which I still enjoy despite how much his later output has started to fall from my love list. We watched that while we ate then rounded out the evening with the first couple episodes of the new season of Bored To Death, a show that always amuses in its laid back Brooklyn atmosphere.

I put the wife to bed, then got started on the blog for today so as not to fall behind again.

Be seeing you.