Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dallas Day Two: The Eating

The wife and I woke this morning at 9:00 AM, then lay in bed with the Yorkie for a bit before finally getting up and moving. The wife caught a shower while I got dressed, then I took the Yorkie out for a walk around the floor, then for a prowl in front of the hotel so that she could stretch her legs and burn off some energy, as we would unfortunately be leaving her cooling her heels in the room for most the day.

Morris had made plans to meet us for lunch, so we kinda chilled in the room until he arrived and then called for the car to be brought around. We made our way to a pizza place of Morris' suggestion called Coal Vines, which was rally tasty and not very busy in spite of being right at the lunch hour. We visited and caught up a bit, then started making our way back to the hotel so that Morris could go and run a few errands of his own before he had to be at work for the evening.

The wife and I made our way to the West Village, where the wife had an appointment scheduled to have her eyelashes lengthened, a project that I wasn't sure I was 100% behind, but whatever, y'know? I made my way around the corner to a place called the Village Burger Bar, where the kid at the counter tried to bluff his way through an Old Fashioned, which ended up consisting of mostly Maker's Mark and orange juice, which sounded more like a Whiskey Sunrise than an Old Fashioned, so I drank it quickly (once the ice had watered it down a bit), then headed a few blocks down to the Uptown Pub, where an actual bartender was able to make the drink I requested. I ended up spending a couple hours on the patio there, playing around on the iPhone to pass the time. I even went so far as to jot down some notes on the iPhone to 'capture the moment' as it happened. They follow, unedited, for a glimpse into my Old Fashioned-addled thought process.

We open with....

...sitting on a patio, pleasantly buzzed, wondering how these people all meet one another? It's kinda ridiculous to me, but I guess in 'real' cities you have your neighborhood that you rarely leave, so you develop these rapports with folks within your little sphere of existence. Or maybe, like Mindy Kaling suggests, 'everyone is hanging out without me', even in my own hometown.I Just Wanna Be Invited, I Don't Wanna Actually GO...

The chaos of nearby city workers, the shitty cover of Brown Eyed Girl, the incessant traffic & the inevitable honking & agitation that accompanies it...Christ, what a feeling of sensory overload, and we're not even talking about one of the larger metropolitan areas that I could be in. Yikes.

Loud broad at the next table works at a TGI Fridays, because of course she does...

Overhead speakers playing Everclear and now Wrong Way by Sublime, which seems appropriate for my surroundings. God, every asshole drinking here seems to know one another except for me and the old dude at a table by himself reading the local free paper. Kindred spirit? Maybe I should introduce myself, or would that ruin his afternoon in the same way all these fuckers camaraderie is ruining mine? Is that how it works? Their perceived normalcy cocks up my life just because it exists?

Idly watch a passing couple with a baby in a stroller; if it's not a grand baby then it will end up burying those old fuck parents. Soon. If parents, what're they thinking? Selfish assholes, leaving us to deal with their toddler mess.

Dude sat at a table for 12 alone makes me think he's A) a jerk or B) holding a table for tons of people and I should get the hell out of here before his party arrives and ruins my pleasant buzz.

Oh shit, guy talking to TGI Friday's is air drumming 'Peaches' by The Presidents Of United States Of America, which is either adorable or execrable, not sure which.

....and so it went...

I touched base with Robbb and caught up a bit, then got the call from the wife saying that she was done, so I settled my tab and headed back to the car to meet her. Must You?We visited a Movie Trading Company that I'd noticed on our outing last night and I turned up a used copy of The Killer Must Kill Again, which urned out to be in decent shape, then we hit Starbuck's for a coffee and headed back to the Palomar.

I took the Yorkie for another walk, making a lap around the entire building this time, as she seemed more adventurous. I dressed for the evening, breaking out the suit that I'd brought since the restaurant we had reservations at sounded pretty fancy. We killed some time in the hotel bar downstairs and people-watched a bit, then headed over to The Ritz-Carlton, which plays host to the restaurant Fearings, which is supposed to be one of the better reviewed places in town. The food was great, and we followed it up with some dessert, the wife had a banana-centric dish and I chose my typical peanut butter selection, which I would end up regretting slightly, as I was painfully full by this time.

I was amused by the crowd of people we had to stand with while waiting on the car to be brought around after dinner, as all of these people waited patiently on their Mercedes and Lexuses, then here comes my unwashed Nissan Maxima. Hilarious.

We headed back to the Palomar, where we were half-heartedly greeted by the same valet that has chapped my ass on a few previous visits. Everyone else is great, but there's this one guy, he acts as if he's doing you a favor by walking out to your car and it just shits me up the wall every time I lay eyes on him. I don't need anyone to fawn over us for a measly tip, but for fuck's sake, at least try to appear as if you care in the slightest, it is part of your job. Jesus H. Christ.

We settled into the room again and I got started on this while the wife watched some trash TV before falling asleep. I eventually flipped over to Adult Swim to see what re-runs were on and thanked God that (so far) the loud people in the next room appear to have either A) left or B) possibly aren't in for the night yet. Got my fingers crossed that they split over the course of the afternoon.

Be seeing you.


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