Monday, March 26, 2012

Just Another Traumatic Monday

Since we're on this weird timetable to get things done around the house and here in town before we leave for the better part of a week, the wife and I both rose with the alarm this morning and got moving immediately. The wife grabbed a shower and then split for a meeting, while I got the house opened for business and gathered up the recycling to dump off while I ran a couple quick errands.

I did the recycling against the will of the overflowing bins, shoving our stuff in there because I didn't have time to fuck around with driving around looking for an empty site to drop things off. I hit the bank and then mailed a Swap A DVD trade at the Post Office, with just enough time left to grab a bit of breakfast at a drive-thru on the way back home. The Yorkie was ecstatic, as she's always put off by the two of us being gone at the same time, so she chilled with me while I read through the paper and ate my little breakfast burrito.

The plan was for the wife to pick up some dry cleaning after her meeting, then meet me across town at the Nissan dealership, where we'd drop off the Maxima and pray that the parts would arrive in time for them to get the AC fixed today, as their delivery window is late enough that there was a chance that the car might not get repaired until late tomorrow afternoon. The wife called from the dry cleaners, who had managed to take over a week to not complete her order, as they were still missing a sport coat that I wanted to take on this damned trip, so I told her to forget it and just meet me at the Nissan place.

We dropped the car with no hassle, said a little prayer over the situation and then ran a couple errands that the wife had before picking up some salads & sandwiches for a quick lunch in between this and her next engagement. We scarfed down some lunch, then the wife split and I spent some time working on the blog, as my plan is to get at least a week's worth of posts loaded up and ready to post, so that all I have to do each night while we're away is hit a button to publish stuff. Meanwhile, I can continue to write stuff each night, just with the intention of getting it fully edited and published the week after we return. Perhaps being a week+ behind on this crap will work to my advantage in this case.

By the time I looked up it was around 4:00 in the afternoon, so I decided to try and chill a bit with a random movie off the To-Watch Pile and completely forego my normal Movie Shame Monday idea by watching something really trashy and unknown to me.

Is A Yawn Considered Traumatic?I settled in with Dario Argento's Trauma, which I had little hope for since it was from the mid '90s and is one of those Argento films that virtually no one ever mentions. And honestly, aside from his daughter Asia appearing in it and getting her nubile 18 year old boobs out, I found very little to recommend it by the time the credits rolled. It's an okay watch, different from the average slasher/horror flick, but definitely not up to Argento's normal pedigree, or at least the one he once held in the late '70s and early '80s.

The wife returned and spent some time on the web looking at e-mails and that sort of thing while I tried to finish up the movie, but we heard from the Nissan folks just before six to say that they finally had the car ready to go, so we hauled ass across town to grab the car before they closed. After we had the car safely in hand I stopped to pick up some dinner for us while the wife took her car directly to a gas station to fill up, as we got into it with the warning light on and I was concerned about her getting stranded somewhere.

I was in a drive-thru line for what felt like hours, as it wrapped around the damned restaurant twice, but I finally made it safely home with the requested dinner items and we relaxed for the night in the den, catching up on a few hours worth of television that recorded last night while we watched the Mad Men premiere.

We ended up calling it a night just before 10:00, as the wife needs her rest for an early morning tomorrow, while I wanted to get a few more blog posts polished up before I called it a night.

Be seeing you.


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