Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lunch, Errands, Dinner, Repo, Television

Last night I stayed up for a final 30 minutes or so to squeeze in a few more chapters out of the WildC.A.T.S Version 3.0 collection, a book that I'm really digging on the re-read and looking forward to seeing finally finished out, as I never picked up the end of the series until I grabbed the collected editions a few months back.

I had made plans to invite both Buckaroo Banzai and Pookie along for lunch today, but wanted to catch up on an extra hour or so of sleep if at all possible.  Thus, I rose with the alarm around 10:00 this morning to find the Yorkie curled up on the wife's side of the bed, a move that I always find terribly charming, just because it feels like she's moved into whoever's left the bed's spot to save it for them.  I notice that when I'm especially late getting to bed she will occasionally move onto my side of the bed to keep it warm.  It's just one of those small things that makes me smile, so I figure it's worth noting for posterity.

The wife had an early morning nail appointment in advance of several meetings and errands, so she was long gone when the Yorkie and I rousted ourselves from the bed.  I got the house opened for the day and made sure the dog had food before settling into the Office to see what the Simpsons game had been up to and start cleaning up a blog post to be published.  Closer to 11:00 I texted with EL regarding lunch plans, which he naturally had to cancel because I had made any effort to plan something, as things usually work out.  I called Bucky to basically give him the 'out' if they didn't feel like driving all the way over here to hang out, but they said that they were still keen, so I made plans for them to just meet me at the house, figuring that we could consolidate vehicles at the very least.

I finished my interweb piddling around and got dressed, then spent some time in the den getting the TiVo lined out for the evening and spent some time making sure another batch of shows wouldn't delete themselves to pass the time until my guests arrived.  We ended up at the nearby alternate Thai place for a nice quiet meal, then went and ran around in the afternoon, hitting up Best Buy, Big Lots and even the local books, music and video place for a browse, where I did turn up a couple of the month's periodicals.

We eventually headed back to the house and were about to settle into a movie to pass the time when the wife turned up, so I put that on hold and we visited for awhile and watched a squirrel in the back yard agitate the Yorkie.  We also watched a mouse (alarming, to be sure) making his rounds in the patio area, which means we need to get things fumigated before he decides that the cold weather means he and his need to come inside for a visit, because fuck that.  We had mice at my parents old dilapidated house and I can't live like that again, wondering if something is going to chew up our possessions or pee on something that's left unattended.  Yick.

We eventually stepped out to grab some dinner sooner than later, stopping along the way to exchange some vitamins that the wife had bought that turned out to have the foil seal broken; what a gross fucking thing to do to another customer - stick your big fat finger into their pills.  I say again, yick.

Surgery, Surgery, Surgery....
We had an early meal at a local steak house, then picked up Starbuck's on the way home before settling in to watch Repo! The Genetic Opera, a flick that I hadn't seen since the first watch in early 2009, if the blog is to be believed.  Bucky had expressed interest after we'd seen a cheap copy of at the books, music and video outlet, and I'd personally been wanting to give it another day in court.  The flick holds up pretty well, though I was a bit surprised to find how far into the film the two 'signature' numbers I recall enjoying the most actually are, since I had this feeling that at least one of them happened early in the film and it doesn't even turn up until the halfway mark or later.  The visuals are still solid, though there's still a few bits of dialog that feels a bit hamfisted, but it doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment.  I don't think either one of the wives was all that sold, but I figure that's why they carry the interweb around in their cellphone telephones, to tune out the occasional dumb shit their husbands put them through.  I mean, when you think about it, Angry Birds might be saving marriages all across the globe and not even know it.

Our guests split after the movie and some last little bits of visiting, then the wife and I settled in for the new episode of Arrow and then wrapped the evening with the new American Horror Story: Asylum, which finally gave us the full reveal of the masked killer that's been teased throughout the season up to this point, whose identity came as no real surprise, but did offer creepy hints at what else is coming in the future, none of which is pleasant for anyone.  This show manages a nice level of unsettling visuals every week coupled with the fact that none of the poor characters we're meant to root for are likely to fare very well by series' end.  Fun ride though, but I fear it may get even more bleak before it's all said and done with.

I put the Yorkie and wife to bed, both of us ecstatic that the damned dog finally broke her day-long hunger strike and ate something, as it'd started to concern us in advance of our trip out of town, which would mean that our poor house-sitter would have to deal with her being ill.  Again.  Which seems like it's asking a lot of anyone, even a good friend.  

"Here's the dog, she's prolly gonna be barfing.  Good luck."

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.


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