Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Anime Savages In Hawaii

Not Your Father's Avengers...
The ever rotating pile of books and graphic novels on the night stand turned up the collection of The Ultimates Volume 2 last night, so I breezed through the first three issues before finally crashing out late last night, affording me about 6 hours of sleep by the time that the alarm went off this morning.

The wife and I cuddled with the Yorkie for a bit, then the wife made us coffee while I got the house opened up for the day and retrieved the newspaper from the driveway.  I settled into the Office after taking a pass at the current collage in the kitchen, diving into the blogging updates with both feet and getting several posts updated before noon, which is always a great way to start the day and feel as if I'm making headway on this whole dumbass project.

The wife pretty much had the day 'off', with no meetings or anything of that nature, so she piddled around with laundry and eventually made plans to go shopping in the mid-afternoon with the Mother In Law.  When I finally wrapped my web stuff I moved into the den with a salad for my lunch and watched a month old episode of Nikita, because I'm endlessly behind on several television shows at this point.

The wife split with the MIL, who came in for a brief visit, so I layered in some more stuff on the collage, then wrapped another one of the wife's gifts before I popped in Neon Genesis Evangelion for another couple episodes.  It's getting interesting to see how things start to ramp up a helluva lot int he latter half of the show, as a lot of plot seems to be coming at you hard and heavy.

We were getting into the late afternoon at this point, so I made myself a martini and moved on to the next two episodes of Serial Experiments: Lain, finally moving into territory that I hadn't seen before in my initial viewings of the show.  It continues to impress as well, I'm really digging it, though I have the impression from an online acquaintance that it may end on a downer note.

The wife returned a little while later and spent some time working on some Christmas shopping online, as she'd exhausted her local options for a certain item that the Youngest Nephew wants for Christmas.  She eventually stepped back out to grab us some dinner as I finished up my show, then worked on the collage some more until she returned.

Not As Savage As I'd Hoped.
We tucked into dinner over a Netfux rental that turned up in today's mail: Savages, from director Oliver Stone, which I'd heard a ton of mixed things about, most leaning towards it being a bit shit, but my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give it a go.  The set-up is gloriously California sounding: two drug dealers in a poly-amorous relationship with a single girl must fight to get her back when a Mexican drug cartel kidnaps their girl to strong-arm them into growing their super-strong weed for them.  The film looks decent enough, but for whatever reason I just wasn't ever fully fished into their story, I dunno if it was a disconnect with the actors or what (granted there's some pretty corny fucking voiceovers that don't help one bit) but I just breezed through it without ever really caring what happened to anyone.  Blake Lively is dull and pretty as their leading lady, and Benicio Del Toro and Salma Hayek chew scenery with the best of them, but it just never paid off for me.  Oh and there's an element of bullshit to the ending that irritated me as well, so maybe overall this would be a pass if you're asking me, or maybe a 'wait for cable' kinda viewing.

We watched another month old Hawaii Five-O episode afterward and I felt as connected to this one hour television procedural as I did to the Hollywood movie we'd just watched, so that's no great endorsement of the film, let me assure you.

The wife expressed interest in any more Enlightened that might've turned up, so we blew through episodes 3 and 4 of that series, which I continue to puzzle over.  There's funny bits, but overall the story of a woman who has a rather public breakdown at work, goes into treatment and then returns with a sunny attitude and is puzzled by the fact that her company seems put off by having to deal with her...well, let's just say I can identify too much with the company to really root for her as much as I feel the show wants me to.  I feel like Laura Dern's character probably means well, but her sense of entitlement is stunning as she's so Goddamned baffled that her company is uncomfortable to have her back; it's like she can't grasp the concept that throwing a weird fit in front of God and everybody is the type of shit you lose a job over, y'know?  Oh well, the wife is digging it, so we'll stick it out, I know she humors me about a lot of shit, so this is one I'm willing to see what the season is all about.

The wife headed to bed and I drifted into the Office to get started on this post.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.


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