Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Lunch, Haircut, Television

In our efforts of continuing the 'sleep desired vs. sleep had' game, the wife's alarm woke me an hour before my own alarm, insuring that I got about 6 hours of sleep yet again. I tossed and turned for that last hour, finally giving up and looking at Twitter and e-mail until the alarm finally sounded, then I got up and made the bed around the Yorkie, who didn't give a fuck, she was not to be moved.

I made myself some tea and got the house opened up for the day, then fired up the PC and worked on the blog and poked around the web a bit while listening to a couple podcasts. The wife was headed home from her morning errands around 11:00 and called to see if I cared for a coffee from Starbuck's, so I put in my order with her and endeavored to finish the giant mug of tea I was drinking.

Since I have been trying to ease back into the exercise bike I gave it a bit of time until the wife got home, then she and I caught up a bit about her outing and plans for the rest of the afternoon. I grabbed a shower, then loaded up a bit of plastic stuff to recycle while I was out, as I had the standing lunch plans with EL this afternoon, as well as a haircut planned.

I hit the bank on the way to the restaurant, pulling up to a drive-thru with three open lanes and no customers. The single teller inside appeared to be on the phone, so I rang the little 'call teller' button, because I needed to get a deposit slip from her. I looked at my phone to see if I had any e-mails, then realized that I still hadn't heard from this broad, who was still on the phone from what I could see, peeping around the drive-thru machine. I rang the 'call teller' thing again, figuring that I would give it another minute and split, because fuck this. A completely different woman appeared shortly (not to help me mind you), but to say that someone would be right with me, which I took to be progress, because I'm trying to be a positive person in the face of all the suck in the world.

Another couple of minutes pass, I've been sitting in this drive-thru with not even the piece of paper that I need to begin this transaction, when the original teller finally buzzes over the intercom thing and casually asks "Did you need something sir?"

I almost screamed. I tell her that I need a deposit slip and she tells me that I could've sent the little carrier thing inside, and that she's sorry about the wait.


How she would've known WHAT THE FUCK I NEEDED by me simply sending the carrier I have no idea, but I decide that it's pointless to address this and just dead pan to her that the wait was fine, as I obviously have nothing better to do than sit here all afternoon.

By the time I finally get the transaction complete I'm just happy to have my cash and then she pauses from chumming around with what I take to be a regular customer on the next lane (I can easily hear their entire conversation) to ask me if I still need my deposit receipt, as she forgot to send it to me. Again, I try to be cool and just say that it's okay, I think I've spent enough of my afternoon here thanks, then drove away before I had an embolism.

Lunch with EL was good, we had that stir fry place across town that allows you to select all of your own ingredients, so I was happy to find that I hadn't forgotten my own 'recipe' that I had finally gotten spiced to about what I wanted. We caught up on this past weekend, then I finally had to excuse myself, as I had to be at the Hairdressers' place at 2:30 and wanted to drop the recycling on the way.

The Hairdressers seemed fine, though since it'd been months since I got a haircut we had tons to catch up on, so I kinda hung around after the grooming to kinda visit and see what they had been up to for the past few months.

I grabbed a little dessert item on the way home, then tried to slip inside without the Yorkie going nuts, as I figured the wife might be catching a nap. I took the time to replace a couple security lights that'd croaked on us recently, then started a grocery list, beginning with spotlight bulbs.

The wife and I both spent some time in the Office on our respective computers, then I did a bit to clear off the desk a little, an area which remains the bane of my existence recently with stuff piling up from nowhere, CD's, books, old mail, shit like that.Justified Is FINALLY Back!

We ordered in deli stuff for a dinner, then spent the evening with a few things off the TiVo, including a Venture Brothers re-run that I can't for the life of me remember seeing before, then the new episodes of both Ringer and Justified.

So Goddamned Convoluted...Justified continues to be amazing television, surprise twists of plot that you're never sure hwo they'll play out being a hallmark of the show, but Ringer had both the wife and I asking one other numerous times what the fuck was going on, as it has made its first season plot so ridiculously complicated that it's hard to keep track of what is going on since they took this weird months long break that allowed me to forget most of what I knew about the show.

We called it a night shortly afterward and I headed to the Office to deal with this crap for the day, then try to get some sleep.

Be seeing you.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Movie Shame Boulevard

So I was hoping to get about 7 hours of sleep last night, which naturally got fucked in the eyes by the Yorkie yapping at the door for God knows what kind of reason. I noticed the time, which was about an hour before I really wanted to be dragged from bed, and then I heard the wife speaking to the dog to shut her up.


Then the wife took her coffee and drifted into the Office to catch up on e-mail or whatever, whereupon the fucking Yorkie parked her ass in front of the front door and barked at something for about 15 minutes straight, until I got up and shouted her down because the wife apparently couldn't hear it.

The wife is naturally apologetic, but by this time I'm already in a shitty mood and ignored her, because I don't get a lot of sleep anyway, so being screwed out of what little I had planned leaves me with little patience for anything. Bah.

I got the house opened up, had a cup of coffee and made the bed, then made myself some tea while the wife got ready to leave for her normal battery of errands and meetings. I spent some time on the PC working on the blog, then dressed and stepped out to drop something off at the Post Office as well as take a wander through Big Lots, as I had a coupon that was to expire in the next few days and I have this weird phobia about ignoring a bargain.

I picked up a handful of items, though it was pretty obvious that they hadn't restocked in quite some time. Afterward I headed home and made myself a bit of lunch from some leftovers from this past weekend, then settled into the den to watch something off the To-Watch Pile for Movie Shame Monday.

I'm A Star, Dammit!Sunset Boulevard was something that I had on tap for a variety of reasons: general curiosity, a podcast that was covering it and the more pressing forays of late into Film Noir, so I popped that in to finally watch what I've always heard is a true classic of the genre. The film has been parodied/homaged countless times, so I had a general idea of the plot going in, but it still held my interest and featured some great lines that it was nice to finally see in context. The general story is that of an aging star who gloms on to an opportunistic writer to try and revive her career, and while he is at first put off by this, he soon becomes pretty content to allow her to 'keep' him in the manner to which he'd like to become accustomed. The bizarre, self involved Norma Desmond charcater actually felt like a glimpse into my future as the women in this family begin to get older in their giant homes, but maybe I'm just being overly pessimistic. At any rate, it's a great film and I'm happy to have finally given it a look as part of this little project.

The wife had made plans to have an early(ish) dinner with the In-Laws, which turned out to include the Middle Sister and her family, so after the movie I spent a bit of time on the web, then hit the exercise bike for a bit, as I've been wanting to get back into that habit before I die of fat eventually.

The wife returned home and we headed back out after she went through the mail, picking up some barbecue for the family, then we pointed the car at the Mother In Law's place for an early dinner. The MS and her family arrived shortly afterward and we had a pretty decent little meal, with no incidents to speak of, which sort of depresses me that I'm happily noting shit like that now; I guess I'm truly a member of the family.

"We were all together and no one showed their ass!" It's a dinner miracle. Sigh.

We eventually all started making noise about leaving for home around 7:00 or so, then the wife and I settled in with the Yorkie and watched some television.

We caught up on the wife's favorite show An Idiot Abroad, which is back for a 2nd season of making that poor bastard travel in the worst conditions imaginable, then breezed through the final episode of Prime Suspect, just for a sense of conclusion since I'd watched the rest of the show. I'd be happy if it somehow magically got a reprieve, but I'm pretty sure it's dead at this point. Oh well. Actually thought it had a better shot as it wasn't on Fox, who are notorious for shit-canning things at the drop of a hat.

It was getting late, so I flipped over to some Adult Swim re-runs, actually catching an American Dad episode that coincidentally parodied Sunset Boulevard, which kinda made me smile, then we called it a night. The wife headed to bed to piddle around on the iPad and I hopped on the PC in the Office to work on this.

Be seeing you.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Neighborly Couples

As always, the sleep comes in weird fits and starts: I am in bed last night by 1:00, read for a bit and bed down for good at 2:00, which is average for me. I'm awake again by 3:00, feeling kinda acid reflux-y but not completely unwell. Essentially feeling just uncomfortable enough to be up long enough to be wide awake. I spent about an hour reading another few issues of a comic collection I've been catching up on, The Boys volume 9, then finally tried to get back to sleep near 4:30 AM or so in the morning.

I don't know what I need to be doing to insure a better sleep pattern, but it's certainly not happening of its own accord. I may have to break down and look into researching different techniques/supplements, as this odd 'sleep for an hour or two' shit is for the birds and is really fucking up my ability to be awake during normal hours of operation.

Case in point: this morning I woke (finally) around 11:00 AM, then lay in bed looking at e-mail for a bit and inwardly bemoaning the loss of the day, because I would prefer to be up and doing shit in the mornings without needing an intravenous drip of caffeine, but I don't know if this is ever going to be the case.

I picked up the kitchen a bit, putting away all the various recycling stuff and got some water boiling for tea to get myself a bit more alert. I spent some time on the PC catching the blog up a bit, then the wife and Yorkie stirred and we moved into the den to catch up on the day so far. As I had suspected, she and the pup had been up earlier, then had gone back to bed for awhile since there wasn't much else going on.

Get Out Of My Neighborhood.Since there's a movie coming out this week that I'd like to see sooner than later, I had decided that today would be the day that we powered through both of the Netfux rentals that we've had laying around FOREVER waiting to be watched, so I popped in a movie called Neighbor, which purported to be about a single guy in a quiet neighborhood being won over by a sexy young woman who is then revealed to be a crazy torturous bitch who locks him in his basement and works him over for her nutty pleasure. Now based on that description you can't be expecting high art, but when the director has his name above the credits (Robert A. Masciantonio's Neighbor? Really?) you have to wonder what kind of pretentious shit we've gotten ourselves into. The film is pretty bad, as the acting isn't all that convincing, there's some really oddly phrased dialog (Guy calls his friends 'you two dong-bags'?) and while America Olivo is pretty easy on the eyes, she never fully sold me on the crazy, she seemed more interested in scenery chewing than showing us a fully developed character. Add to this the fact that all the characters are named after famous horror directors (which is always a sure sign of amateur hour, sorry) and a strangely placed dream sequence in the middle of the film that just stops the action dead in its tracks and you have what is sadly the worst thing I've watched this year.


We were well into the mid-afternoon by this time, so I decided to get dressed and drop the movie in the mail back to Netfux, then pick up some food for a late lunch/early dinner, something that we could graze on over the evening as needed. The wife and Yorkie napped while I ran my errands, returning with about half of what I fucking ordered from a Mexican restaurant's drive-thru, so I returned immediately annoyed when I realized that they had indeed 'fucked us at the drive-thru', as the saying goes.

Not As Bad As I Heard, Is That An Endorsement? Maybe?We ate a couple fajitas, then moved on to the next Netfux film we had on hand: Couples Retreat, a film that I had sorta wanted to watch, then heard mixed things about, then forgot about until it suddenly turned up at the top of the queue and then in our mailbox. The real kicker to this story is that the Goddamned thing has also turned up on both Netfux Streaming (eliminating the need for the disc in the queue) and all over cable for the past month or more, so I had no excuse for it being in our possession as long as it has. I pop in the disc, and since our Blu-ray player in the den went upwards of a year or so without a firmware update, it starts having odd issues with the thing immediately, seemingly sticking in a 'loading' screen. I pop the disc out and double check the the firmware is indeed up to snuff, which it is, so I throw the disc back in and it does the same thing. I suspect that the issue might be the current trend towards making discs connect the player to the web so they feature current movie trailers, so the wife and I ended up relocating to the bedroom to watch the movie, as the PS3 has been updated much more frequently and seems to boot up this sort of thing much quicker. There's this suspicious part of me that assumes that since the firmware went so long between updates, even though it's current it may still be encountering shit that the player doesn't know how to deal with because it has skipped this or that upgrade.

This hassle aside, the movie turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. It's no romance for the ages, but it has a cast that I like and their various relationships are all amusing in their problems and their eventual results, so the wife and I lied the film pretty well in spite of what I had heard about it.

We eventually settled back into the den for the evening, grabbed a snack from our leftovers and watched the standard Fox animation line-up, pausing to check out a new episode of Todd Margaret while that awful Napoleon Dynamite shit aired. We wrapped the evening with new stuff on Showtime, House Of Lies and Californication, a show that I like but hope ends before it truly wears out its welcome. The set-up for each season has felt pretty much the same, rinse, wash, repeat, so I hope it finds a stopping point before it becomes monotonous, as nothing ever seems to change all that much.

As an experiment, I decided to throw the Couples Retreat disc back in the Blu-ray player in the den, just to see how long it would take to fully boot up to a menu screen, if it would even get that far. Left it to its own devices, I got the PC fired up in the Office and whatnot, then noticed that about five minutes later it'd finally managed to get to a familiar screen. Satisfied that it finally booted up, I got that ready to mail, even though I have to shake my head at waiting five minutes or so for the technology to catch up to itself.

We called it a night around 10:00 and I got started on this post after I put the wife and dog to bed.

Be seeing you.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sherlock Saturday

Today I woke late, as sinus drainage had kept me awake on and off for most of the night, the likely culprit being the shit that kinda blew in last night while we were out and about, bring a chill with it. The wife had agreed to help judge some sort of debate nonsense that the Niece had asked her to be involved in, so she was gone long before I woke, and for who knows how long.

I grabbed the newspaper to confirm an address of a garage sale I had spied the day before, then got the house opened up before I got ready to go and check out what 'DVD's meant to them. I dressed quickly and then left the Yorkie wondering what the hell my hurry was when I went tear-assing out the door, as this particular garage sale closed within the hour. I routed the place in my iPhone, found it easily enough and then gave the house a pass through, turning my nose up at the small pile of remaining films that I had utterly no interest in. I did hear that the people running the sale were doing it for a woman who was trying to keep the house out of foreclosure, which I guess I understand, but if all of your shit's been sold, why would you want to stay in the empty house? Maybe they are trying to save it for another relative to take over or some such; I wasn't interested enough to try and find out.

On a completely wild hair, I picked up a gross McDonald's lunch, taking the time to text Kno1 while I sat in the line to see when he was thinking about getting together to check out the new Sherlock stuff. He said he'd be over in about an hour and a half, which seemed like decent time to get home, get my food eaten and watch a little something off the television.

That planned, I did just that: ate and watched the penultimate episode of Prime Suspect off the TiVo, which is a show I'm kinda wishing they'd given a second chance, as the cast kinda grew on me as the show went along. Anxious to watch the show in its entirety, I kinda tapped foot impatiently for Kno1 to arrive.

Stunning As Always...To kill some time I hopped online, polished up and published a blog post while listening to a couple of podcasts. That finished, I checked the time, then finally got a call saying that he was on his way after he picked up a pizza for our dinner later, as we'd previously discussed.

He arrived and we caught up a bit, then I popped in the 2nd series of Sherlock to give it a spin. Naturally, the phone soon rang, and when I check the voicemail it's the In-Laws, who are locked out of their house. The wife would have a key, but I have no idea where she is, as the debate thing is dragging on into the late afternoon and I don't even know when she'll be home.

I assured them that I would get the wife over there as soon as possible, then we settled back into the show. A half hour later I get a text saying that they are in, nevermind, so that was less to hassle with in trying to track the wife down.

The wife got home eventually, we caught up briefly, then put the pizza Kno1 brought over into the oven so that it could be doing its thing while we continued our television viewing.

The evening was essentially eaten up with Sherlock, as we blew through all three episodes in one quick sitting and I can say that it's as masterful as the first series, though as with the first series, the middle episode is a bit soft, but I guess that's the nature of the way the seasons of this show are going to be built. Open with a bang, middle bit, then close with another bang to keep us hanging on for about a year until the new stuff hits.

Kno1 split shortly after the credits rolled, I watched part of an episode of The Boondocks on Adult Swim, then put the wife to bed and headed to the Office to work on this post before crashing out myself.

Be seeing you.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Further Sherlocking, Museums & Birthdays

The Lawn Guys showed up at 8:30 this morning, well and truly screwing over my plans to sleep in until at least 9:00, preferably 10:00 if possible. The Yorkie wasn't happy either, airing her grievances at the window whenever they came near with the leaf blowers. Bah.

The wife continued the whole white chocolate mocha latte experiment by making us coffee, so that helped to take the edge off and allowed me to spend some time at the PC, awake and alert enough to polish up another blog post for future publication, then I got a package ready to mail to a friend and dressed to go and hit the Post Office and pick up some lunch for us now that we were getting into the lunch hour.

I mailed the package, then picked up some Mexican take-out for a quick lunch and headed home. I delivered the wife's food to her, then grabbed our mail and had to go and deliver the neighbor's mail to them, as about half of what made it into our mailbox wasn't even ours. Lord knows if we even got everything we were supposed to this afternoon.

Game On.I popped in the final episode of Sherlock series one for a re-watch while I ate. The show has held up amazingly well and I'm happy to have had the refresher before watching the 2nd series this weekend. The introduction of Moriarty and the final cliffhanger have the same effect this time around as they did originally, it's quite impressive.

I made myself some tea before I dove into the second series, as I decided that in spite of having a planned marathon watching of them planned for Saturday afternoon, I didn't want to wait to see how this cliffhanger paid off.

Tea in hand, I gave the first episode of the new season a shot, and I'll be damned if they don't continue to be every bit as impressive straight out of the gate. This show blows my mind as far as sly smart action stuff goes, it's just amazing.

That first episode and a few mugs of tea later, it was time to start getting ready for the evening, which included both a museum art opening and a friend's birthday party. I grabbed a shower and shaved, then selected a suit for the evening, though I was a bit conflicted about my choice of sport coat or jacket, as I had two in the running and couldn't nail down which one I preferred. When I finally talked myself into one I found the wife in the Office, killing time on the computer, so we both took a final pass in front of the mirror and headed out.

The museum was up first, with a good turnout for the show and a nicely positive group, shy of two women in particular who always show up to bitch about how state of the museum, so that was a nice too. The new executive director was celebrating his birthday today, so we gave him our birthday greetings after the artist's talk as well as a DVD I had made for him to enjoy as a little surprise. We eventually said our goodbyes and headed out to grab a bite to eat before we went to AGL's birthday party at she and EL's house.

Our first dinner option was a bust, as the wait-list was a bit ridiculous and we didn't want to hang around there all night. We settled for a Mexican place across the tracks where I figured I could at least get a decent burger.

We hit the party for about an hour, mingled as needed, then I finally realized I was standing in the backyard in the chill, watching people throw washers around as part of some game, so I nudged the wife and asked if she was over it too. We said our goodbyes to the birthday girl and then took our leave, arriving home just shy of 10:00 in the evening. We watched the new episode of The Life And Times Of Tim, then pretty much called it a night immediately afterward, as I'm beat, quite frankly.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wasted Days And Wasted Sherlock

So I completely wasted the day today. I wasn't able to sleep very well last night, woke late this morning, took a piss and then slept until almost 2:00 in the afternoon, when the wife returning to the house actually roused me. Not surprisingly, she came into the bedroom to see if I was still alive, as I'm never in bed for this long.

Hell, I even wrote something last night about how sleep just feels like a waste of time, and then this shit happens. Typical.

The really fucked up part of it was realizing later in the afternoon that somewhere in there I was dreaming about meeting Macguffin (more than 2 years dead at this point) for a movie in some unknown mall cinema, and I feel pretty certain that I got up, hit the bathroom, then went back to sleep hoping to find him somehow. The subconscious is a real motherfucker sometimes, I gotta tell you.

The wife had been out for a busy morning and had an evening meeting to attend as well, so I left her and the Yorkie in the bedroom to relax while I moved into the den and heated up some Thai leftovers for a late lunch. A friend has hooked me up with the new season of the BBC show Sherlock, so I had decided to give the first series a re-watch to refresh my memory before watching, and this week seemed as good of a time as any to start that little project.

The Game Is On...I recall really enjoying Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock on my first couple watches of this show, but today really impressed me with Martin Freeman as Watson, particularly the scenes of him in the first episode, as he's being interrogated in cryptic terms by a then-unknown person, he has this steely delivery that is close to chilling. Amazing character stuff from a man who rose to fame as the jokester on the original version of The Office, and here he is giving some amazing line readings.

The first two episodes of the show (which are indeed hour and a half movies) ate up the afternoon, then the wife split for her meeting and I checked e-mail and piddled around for a bit to kill time until she got home, as I knew we'd spend the evening with some of the typical NBC comedy stuff.

The wife returned with deli sandwiches for our dinner and we chilled in the den with a new 30 Rock, Parks And Recreation and eventually wrapped the evening with a new Archer. The Yorkie had been kinda mopey in the evening, so we gave her a taste of Pepto, which the vet had approved, just to try and head off anything catastrophic at the pass. She seemed to settle down and her stomach stopped with the odd gurgling, so maybe this is a fire we were able to put out before it got out of hand.

I spent about 30 minutes scanning some more books in the Library into the Goodreads app, a project that I started, then abandoned I don't know how many months ago. The past week or so I've been trying to get it caught up, as I'd like to have a better idea about all the stuff that I bought in my childhood or teen years that are now being reprinted, as I'd hate to start doubling up on shit unless it's a worthwhile upgrade.

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Double Inception

After I overslept this morning I was happy to still be up and about before the Maid turned up, so that worked out sort of okay, thgouh I still felt silly for turning off the alarm and going back to sleep. The bed just felt too good. I swear to God if I could safely take a drug that'd allow me to sleep as little as 5 hours a night without side effects, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I just feel like I'm pissing away time when I'm asleep, I don't know why, but I wake up not refreshed but agitated that I was down for as long as I was.

The wife was wrapping up some rat-killing in the Office in advance of a noon-ish meeting, so I spoke to her in between phone calls, then fired up the PC and poked around to see what was happening in the world.

The wife split and I was listening to a podcast while I wrote on the blog when the doorbell rang and the Yorkie went yapping to greet the Maid. I let her in and she started her routine in the bedroom while I settled the dog back down in the Office to chill with me.

Around noon I called in an order for some food that I planned to pick up, noting with some dismay that the cloudy, foreboding weather outside had now turned into a pissing down drizzle, so I dressed warmly and reluctantly went to pick up my food. I got back to the house a few minutes ahead of the wife, who had brought some pizza leftovers with her from her meeting. She took one look at me unbagging my lunch and said "Well, I timed that perfectly, didn't I?"

We rolled our eyes at each other and then she joined me in the Office while the Maid finished up. I watched an episode of The Cleveland Show via Netfux Instant Watch to pass the time while she worked on stuff on her Mac. I started a movie for the hell of it, as I figured the Maid would be underfoot for about half the afternoon.

Imagine my surprise when she split as I was barely through the credits. The wife was gearing up to print some stuff, and since my computer is immediately adjacent to the printer, I figured I'd get the hell out of there and chill in the bedroom with the rest of my movie via Netfux Streaming. This was not to happen, as the PS3 naturally needed an update, since it hadn't been used in the past month or so, which moved at a glacial pace as it downloaded, then to top it off the wife left her shit printing and came into the bedroom to chill out and possibly nap.

I threw up my hands in frustration and headed into the den to watch the damned thing, popping back in from time to time to see that the PS3 did what it needed to, then was finally able to relax with the movie afterward.Watch It, BABY!

Double Indemnity is another movie to be covered by a Noir themed podcast I'm listening to recently, so I noticed it on Netfux Instant Watch last week and figured I should give it a spin. Fred MacMurray stars as an insurance salesman who gets in thick with Barbara Stanwyck, a woman stuck in a loveless marriage who's looking for a way out, which they reason could be a 'double indemnity' clause, which pays off double in the case of an accidental death. Things progress as you'd expect, as most of these films lean toward a nihilistic ending that you may see coming but want to see play out anyway. It was a great little flick and something I might've rated a tad higher if MacMurray hadn't annoyed me slightly by calling Stanwyck 'baby' every other word, it was really frustrating that the patter wasn't punched up a bit more, as he is a good actor. Anyway, it's nice to mark one of those persistent classics off the list of things to seem, particularly when it lives up to the hype.

The wife and dog joined me in the evening as they normally do, so we eventually settled in for another flick over some steaks and potatoes for dinner.

Bwaaaaaaa!We watched Inception for the first time tonight, a movie that I had kind of avoided due to the Blu-ray player in the den not having been updated for so long, so I figured we could finally give it a spin and not have the machine be an asshole about it. The film was great, as expected, and I finally got to judge for myself if all the twists and turns are hard to follow (they really aren't if you pay attention) and if it blew my mind as much as everyone who was raving about it last summer. It's a solid movie that I think will hold up to numerous re-watches, and I really enjoyed the film overall, so it's nice to be able to tick it off the list as well.

We called it a night after an episode of The Soup, as the wife was tired and I wanted to get started on this crapola sooner than later.

Be seeing you.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Own Private Television

The alarm was set for 9:30 this morning, which would afford me about seven hours of sleep, so I was naturally awakened by this weird thumping sound about 8:40 AM. At first I assumed that it was the wife opening the pocket door to our closet, but then I heard the noise again, followed by noise from the Office that I recognized as the wife's chair squeaking. Okay, now I'm almost fully awake, wondering where the hell this noise is coming from, as it sounds kind of like it's outside, but what if it's not? Is there a squirrel in our attic, chewing on wires? I got up and caught the wife as she was about to head out the door, inquiring what the hell that thumping noise was; she didn't know either.

Then it occurs to me: Where the hell is the Yorkie? She always goes nuts if there's so much as a mousefart in another part of the house, now she doesn't make a peep when there's a weird thumping?

On a hunch, I go to our closet and release the Yorkie, who was wondering what the hell had happened.

The wife had evidently dressed and slipped the door shut a tad too quickly for the unsuspecting dog, who found herself trapped in the dark with a bunch of shoes and clothes.

Since I was completely awake by this time, I turned off the alarm and lay in bed for a bit looking at Twitter on the iPhone after the wife left, then got the bed made and the house opened up for the day. I started water boiling for tea and fired up the PC, started polishing up a blog post for later publication.

After working on that for a bit, I made myself a second cup of tea and started some laundry, as there was a pair of shorts that I wanted to wear this afternoon that needed to be finished by around one-ish so I could go to lunch in dry clothing. I naturally forgot about this completely while on the computer, so I was kinda racing against the clock when I finally got the damned things into the machine around noon.

I got a Swap A DVD trade ready to mail and then dressed, hit the Post Office first, then killed a bit of time cruising through a few different neighborhoods on the way to the restaurant, as the wife and I keep making noise about building a house, but have no idea where this is going to happen. I didn't see any 'for sale' signs on anything that looked to be a desirable neighborhood, so I eventually drifted over toward the restaurant, still arriving ahead of EL in spite of all my efforts to kill time.

A text to EL confirmed that DR wouldn't be meeting us, so I cooled my heels in the lobby until he turned up, then we had a nice Mexican meal and visited a bit. We said our goodbyes afterward, having made plans to get together at a party he's throwing for his wife's birthday this coming Friday. He also passed along an invite to a mutual friend's gallery showing, though I dunno if the odd timing (11:00 to 1:00 in the afternoon on a Thursday morning) will jive with me wanting to get out of the house and be social. I guess we'll see what the day itself brings.

Decent Odds, Right?Best Buy was calling me, as they're doing another one of their 'upgrade and save' promotions, so I dumped 3 sketchy DVD titles off in exchange for coupons toward $5 off any Blu-ray priced $9.99 or more. I picked up the last two Paranormal Activity films, as well as the Seth Rogen / Joseph Gordon Levitt film 50/50, which is supposed to be a bittersweet comedy about a man's friend developing cancer, so we'll see if that lives up to the other cancer comedies out there. If any exist.

I walked though Barnes & Noble afterward, found nothing, then drove to the local books, music and video outlet where I found about five magazines that I wanted, but was unable to buy at Barnes & Noble, where I pay them yearly for a 10% discount club that I can rarely use because they're becoming so piss-poor in their selection. Annoying.

Since I had piddled around for about half the afternoon at this point I headed back home to see what the Yorkie and wife were up to. They were chilling in the bedroom, where the wife was working on some things on her iPad, so I left them to it, went through the mail, then popped on a random number generator selection off the To-Watch Pile.

Wanna Date?My Own Private Idaho is a film that I think I've watched exactly once, with friends in Odessa back when it first hit VHS, so I was surprised by how many nuances of the film that I didn't really recall, but what can you say, I wasn't much of a cineaste back when I was 17 or 18, whichever the case might be. I just knew that I was discovering some strange new films that I had never seen the likes of before, and that I loved it. The film holds up really well and I was surprised to have absolutely no recollection of the Shakespearean influences on the dialog and plotting, noting after a bit that certain bits of dialog had a strangely delivered narration feeling to them. Some investigation of the accompanying booklet that the Criterion DVD comes with confirmed my curiosity, so that's that mystery solved.

The wife and Yorkie eventually joined me and we watched a series of stuff off the TiVo, catching up on all the straggling Sunday night fare like Angry Boys, Pan AM and this evening's new episode of Justified before calling it a night around 10:00.

I put the wife and dog to bed, then spent a few picking up the den in advance of the Maid turning up tomorrow.

Be seeing you.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Taxi Shame Driver

I rose with the alarm this morning and spent some time gathering the recycling and picking up the kitchen a bit while the water for tea boiled. The wife was already up and on the computer, dealing with some e-mails, so I greeted her briefly, then got the bed made and the house opened up for business for the day.

The wife had a full afternoon ahead of her, with lunch first, then a series of meetings that would drag out until after 5:00 PM, so I left her to prepare for that and hopped in the shower to get cleaned up, then got another blog post published and started loading up the recycling, which I was hoping against hope I would be able to drop off finally, as the last time I was near the bins they looked like we were in the middle of a fucking garbage strike or something.

On a wild hair, I decided to try the recycling bins that are behind a nearby elementary school, where I was able to drop stuff the last time things were overstuffed at the grocery store, so I was able to get rid of everything except for the plastic stuff, as they don't have a bin for that for whatever reason. The grocery store was thankfully empty, so I dumped everything, then picked up a sandwich and salad for my lunch on the way back to the house.

Sexy Cartoons, What'll They Think Of Next?The Venture Brothers kept me company while I ate, and the re-run was amusing in that I had completely forgotten about Dr. Mrs. The Monarch dressing up as a hot cheerleader in this past season, so that was amusing to see again.

The fridge was in desperate need of a cleaning, and since the wife had specifically requested that certain older items be removed the next time the trash went out, I took the time to give both fridges the once over and dumped a bunch of stuff, then got some laundry started before moving into the Office. I gave the movie lists a bit of time, since they are almost fully caught up at this point, then I decided to dive into a film for Movie Shame Monday.

Are You Talking To ME In High Definition?Taxi Driver is one of those iconic films that I have watched once, possibly a decade ago, but had never really made my way back to for a second look. With the new Blu-ray that came out around the middle of last year I figured that now was a decent time to give it another peep, as I remembered most of the plot, but couldn't recall much past the climactic shooting scene near the end. I knew that there was some sort of denouement, but couldn't for the life of me recall what it was. The film naturally holds up amazingly well, as expected, and the Blu looks great. The amusing thing to me was that while the narration was telling us what a sewer the city was, the cinematography was gorgeous, lots of rain slicked night streets that really popped with life as the lights glinted off the moisture. Great film, happy to have finally revisited it.

I put away laundry after the movie, exchanging a few texts with the wife about dinner, then she finally made her way home shortly after 6:00 and we put in an order from a deli across town. We spent the evening catching up with several things off the TiVo, including Californication, House Of Lies (which I really dig) and last week's episode of Hawaii Five-O just to be current with another show. Hawaii Five-O actually offended me quite a bit tonight, as they took what felt like a full 2 or 3 minutes of show time to have the characters talk very specifically about Subway sandwiches, referencing certain varieties and how Jared had lost so much weight eating them, what a great deal the footlong pricing is; it was ridiculous pandering to a sponsor in the guise of actual dialog and I found it disgusting, quite frankly. I understand that all of these shows exist to sell advertising, but forcing straight up shilling into the middle of an otherwise normal drama is just distracting and ridiculous. Bah.

We called it a night shortly afterward, I spent some time gluing shit down for a possible background to a drawing, then hopped on the PC to get this typed up before bed.

Be seeing you.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Late Saturday, Early Sunday

I pulled a really weird drunk late last night, as I had been enjoying the Old Fashioneds over the course of the evening. I put the wife and Yorkie to bed around the usual time, Are You Hungry?then hopped online and realized that I had zero interest in working on the blog, so I sketched in a few notes for a placeholder post that I'll clean up and publish...whenever, then decided to make myself another drink and re-watch a few random movies that I hadn't seen in quite some time.

I gave Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle another look, which had occurred to me after I microwaved a couple White Castle cheeseburgers for a late night snack, as the wife and I never really had a proper 'dinner' in the evening. The movie is still fun, though I have to admit that it's grown on my somewhat significantly since I first watched it, as I never imagined re-visiting it when I watched it the first time around. I suppose the camaraderie and whatnot between the lead has grown on me a bit, as i enjoy their banter.

Write That Down.The Kal Penn connection from this one led me to a wild hair re-watch of Van Wilder, a comedy that I hadn't seen in quite some time and one that I still really enjoy, if only because it's nice to see Tara Reid when she was in her prime looking cute, before the booze and awful boob job made her look a bit scary. Sad, really.

By this time it was pushing for the early morning, so I figured the hell with it, made myself a final (and likely ill-advised) drink, microwaved another six of the tiny White Castle cheeseburgers and popped in Van Wilder 2: The Rise Of Taj, in which we follow Van's assistant Taj (Kal Penn, yet again) to a school in England where the stuffy upper crust forces him to rally a group of misfits and make them the most desirable house on campus, none of which is anything new or truly all that original, but it has a few moments. ...And The Yawn Of The Audience... I also enjoyed noticing that Penn's love interest has now turned up in the States as the Maggie character on The Walking Dead. Her hair is completely different, but she has a very distinctive smile that I couldn't place until I did a bit of Googling.

I finally made my way to bed close 7:00 in the AM, only to find my night of booze and shitty quasi-foodstuffs had left my stomach very rebellious. I slept a scant 2 hours before I woke feeling kinda blah, not really the 'drunk, I'm gonna puke' kinda weird, but just a weird bloating that was driving me crazy, not allowing me to get comfortable and actually sleep.

The wife and Yorkie got up shortly after I woke, and though I tried in vain to get back to sleep, their movements in the house kept catching my ears, so I eventually gave up and hit the toilet to see if I could get the stomach to settle a bit. All I really succeeded in doing was catching up on my Entertainment Weekly reading, as my on again, off again time with the porcelain convenience left me hoping for the relief of something as simple as passing wind as I blew through about three weeks worth of EW and accomplished little else.

The wife showered and spent some time on her Mac in the Office, eventually joining me in the bed around noon to catch a nap. My stomach had finally begun to calm by this time, so I put aside the book I was reading and tried to sleep a bit, waking with a start at 4:00 in the afternoon when I heard the wife's shoes clacking on the hardwood while she dressed for a meeting that one of her charities insists on calling at five in the evening on a Sunday afternoon, just when you might be trying to enjoy the last dregs of your weekend. Very odd timing.

The wife split to run an errand before the meeting and I spent some time on the PC, drinking a bit of water to re-hydrate a bit and try to get the body back to feeling normal. I got a blog post published from this time last week, as the blog creeps closer to being up to date, then spent some time with the TiVo looking to see what needed to be added to the recording schedule.

It was around this time that I learned that the NFL shit and American Idol would be cocking up the normal Fox animation fare, so I started planning out an alternate viewing schedule for the evening. The wife was kind enough to pick up some Mexican food on the way home from her meeting, so we tucked into some dinner and watched an older episode of Pan Am, a show that dances around being decent. They just don't know what kind of show it is, and it's frustrating as all hell. This week they had two of the stewardesses doing odd side projects, one wants to be a photographer, the other is writing for the Village Voice? When the fuck did all this happen? Oh well, I suppose all entertainment is a series of contrivances and conveniences, but some a re sure as hell a lot easier to swallow.

We caught up on an episode of Hawaii Five-O, then this week's Desperate Housewives and another Pan Am before calling it a night, as I was after 10:00 by this stage of things.

Tomorrow I will rise early, as I need to get myself fully recovered and back to a normal sleep pattern, lest the week get away from me.

Be seeing you.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Madhouse That Dreaded An Education

I slept in today, finally waking around 12:30 to find that the wife had recently texted about bringing home some lunch for me, as she had an impromptu lunch meeting with our friend JH.

I finally got up, got the house opened up for the day, then spent some time on the PC, working on blog and the like to pass the time until the wife got back. The Yorkie eventually wandered in to keep me company, bored with her time alone in the bedroom.
Twins Suck.
The wife returned around 2:00 or thereabouts, so I spent some time with her, the moved into the den to re-watch Madhouse (1981) while I ate, leaving her to work on some stuff of her own in the Office. The movie holds up pretty well, the atmosphere is suitably creepy and the twist is still a good bit of silly fun, as you'll likely see it coming and will eventually get to see an attack by a dog puppet, which you don't see just every day. So there's that.

The wife eventually wandered in and caught the last of the film with me, then she napped while I spent time on the PC to catch up the nerdlists, a project that I regret more and more with every passing day.

In the late afternoon I decided to bite the bullet and get out of the house to make a run to the liquor store, as the supplies around the house had become woefully depleted and I had something of a hankering for a cocktail.

Men Lie. There's Your Education, Little Girl.The wife and I watched An Education off the TiVo in the early evening, as I enjoyed a few Old Fashioneds. The movie got a plot of buzz as I recall, and I like the two leads, but honestly it never went anywhere that you didn't expect it to go. A bored schoolgirl is swept off her feet by a suave, sophisticated man who promises to take her away from her humdrum life, then turns out to not be quite what he seems? Shocker. It's still a decent enough watch, but I wasn't really bowled over by it, maybe I'm just too jaded and went into it looking for something to be 'wrong'.

Stay The Hell Out Of Lover's Lane Kids...Next off the TiVo, we dove into The Town That Dreaded Sundown, which aired on TCM last night and has long been one o those 'why isn't this on DVD?' films that turns up on everyone's wishlists. The sorta faux-documentary style to the film adds a bit to the creepiness factor, though overall it is just a fairly by the numbers slasher-y film. I did enjoy the Texarkana setting, as well as the time period in which the film takes place, which gives an interesting look into a small town's past.

We called it a night afterward, though I did stay up a bit watching this week's episode of Whitney, because I'm something of a masochist I suppose. I headed into the Office to get started on this post, then swiftly decided to make myself another cocktail and re-watch a few light comedies, because for whatever reason I just wasn't feeling all that committed to the writing tonight.

Be seeing you, I'm off for another drink.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Intruders Mimic Myra

Before I get too far into things I wanted to pimp a little something some friends have done, in the same vein as the 'shit (fill in the blank) says' style of videos that everyone has been doing of late.

Miles and Katie do the always amusing ShowShow, and this was their first show-related video effort, give it a look: Shit Film Geeks Say.

Cute, right? I only say cute because it'll probably annoy Miles if he ever reads this. Give their show a try, they're funny even if they're possibly too jaded for as young as they are, which is a scant few years younger than myself, so I feel like an old fuck when listening to them.


I got a decent amount of sleep for a change, though the Yorkie woke me with her usual yapping bullshit about something that the neighbors were doing outside, so I pulled myself from the bed and hit the bathroom, hearing the wife chitchatting on the phone in the sitting area off the kitchen.

The wife and I ran through our usual banter about what had been going on with the day thus far, then I suggested picking up some lunch since she didn't have anything going on for pretty much the entire day, save for some web-stuff that she had to deal with later. I called in an order for some Thai food, then got dressed and killed a bit of time by posting another blog entry as I am starting to get slowly caught up on the publishing dates. I retrieved the newspaper from the driveway, then headed out to pick up food, listening to a podcast on the drive to pass the time.

Stay The Hell Out Of The Grocery Store.The wife and I settled into the den with our food and I popped in something that the podcast I had been listening to was set to review, then Blu-ray of the 1989 film Intruder, in which the employees of a failing grocery store are menaced during an overnight stocking session by what we're led to believe is a crazed ex-boyfriend of one of the cashiers. The gore is pretty legendary, and the new Synapse Blu-ray is uncut, so there's some really over the top deaths in here that evidently haven't been seen on home video due to snip-happy censors in the late '80s. The only real criticism I actually have of the film is that it may over use the concept of the POV shot, as we see shots being filmed from inside a shopping cart, inside a phone, looking up at the girl making a call, from the attacker's point of view, it just jumps all over the place with some of these and it gets a little distracting to me. The movie is a lot of fun though, so I would certainly recommend checking it out of you're a slasher fan.

Stay The Hell Out Of The Sewers.The wife split to do other things after the movie wrapped, eventually catching a nap with the Yorkie in the bedroom while I moved on to another podcast-related viewing of a film, this time the 1997 Guillermo del Toro horror flick Mimic, which has recently been released in a director's cut. I broke the seal on the Blu-ray this afternoon, curious to see what it was like, as I distinctly remembered renting it once on VHS about 100 years ago and then not really thinking about it again. The film holds up well enough, as genetic tinkering with cockroaches in NYC to try to destroy a virus leads to a new horror only 3 short years later that will threaten all of humanity if left unchecked. The film is pretty decent, though I do think at least a part of me has tried to blend this film with The Relic over the years, as I kept wondering where certain character actors were, but what can you do? The mind begins to fuck with you after awhile.

No Way Rex Reed Is This Hot As A Chick.After the movie I spent some time going through the mail and made myself a cocktail, then the wife joined me for a third film, which was something I decided to watch because (say it with me) a podcast I listen to was planning on reviewing it. Myra Breckinridge is a movie I've always heard of but knew little about, besides the fact that it's about a guy who gets a sex change and is then played by Raquel Welch. As we watched we were both pretty amused by the style of the film making, so I was a bit surprised when I started looking around the web a bit and saw that most everyone fucking hates it, including Gore Vidal, whose novel it was based upon. I may have to do some further reading, as I can only assume the hate is based on the way the story was adapted, not the subject matter itself, I just didn't think it was all that bad, even if it does end on something of a weird note/sad trumpet noise. Oh well, I have definitely watched worse, so I don't really get the hate for this one.

The wife and I had some leftovers for our dinner and watched the new episode of Fringe, which continues to impress, then wrapped the evening with The Life & Times Of Tim and the other episode of Angry Boys from this past Sunday before we called it a night.

The wife and Yorkie successfully put to bed, I headed to the Office to get started on this post as well as polish up one from the archives to finally get something published for the evening.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Most Terrible Love Bites In My Life

The Goddamned dog must be feeling back to 100%, because she's back to annoying the hell out of me. I went to sleep last night after reading a bit more of the Updike novel I'm slowly working my way through, hoping to get at least 7 hours sleep, so naturally the dog woke me up yapping at the neighbors Lawn Guys (not even our own!) at the crack of 9:00 this morning, ruining my chances/plans to sleep in a bit. I'm happy she's back to normal, but yeah, it's kind of a pain in the ass at the same time.

The wife had already been nagged awake even earlier to feed the selfish little bastard, so she was in the kitchen making herself some coffee, as she's become very fond of the latte and has been teaching herself how to approximate the Starbuck's white chocolate mocha, so that's kinda cool. She fielded several phone-calls in the Office while I got the house opened up for business and noted with a cocked eyebrow that the asshole of a dog had now gone back to bed since her staff had been successfully rousted from the bedroom.


I picked up the kitchen a bit, then looked at e-mail and whatnot on the web before finally deciding that it was time for a bit of an early lunch, so the wife and I agreed on some chicken wings from a place across town, so she called in the order and I dressed to head out and pick it up before I would have to deal with the typical lunch rush. I got home with the food just ahead of the wife leaving for a quick meeting, so I put her stuff on the microwave to rest until she got back, then grabbed a quick selection from the To-Watch Pile to pop in while I ate.

So Does The Movie For The Most Part...Love Bites was the second film in a set labeled 'Two From Asia Argento', this one being a French film in which a night-owl schemer type gets hired by a rich individual to track down a man and his female companion who only come out at night, then vampire hints begin to trickle in as you might expect. Argento is the vampire's companion, and doesn't actually appear until about a half hour into the film, so it's a tad disingenuous to have her on the front cover as if she's the star attraction, but I guess that's how marketing fucks you from time to time. The movie's okay, but honestly nothing to write home about; I have to say that this set was slightly disappointing all the way around.

The wife returned as I was finishing up the movie and ate her lunch while we went through the mail, then she and the Yorkie chilled in the bedroom while I moved into the Office to work on the blog for a bit and continue to clear off the desk while listening to a couple podcasts.

It Was The Worst Of Times. Full Stop.Since I knew there were several things we would be watching in the evening I decided to try to squeeze in another movie before 7:00 rolled around. A shake of the iPhone offered the suggestion of The Most Terrible Time In My Life, which is a Japanese film from the mid-'90s that pays homage to the trappings of the film noir genre with a down on his luck private eye named Maiku (Mike) Hama getting involved in a case involving the Yakuza and a gang of foreigners who have banded together in a power play for turf. It's a good little flick, though I was a little surprised that it ends on something of a cliffhanger feel, because while I knew this was the first of three films with this character, I wasn't aware that there were that connected.

We spent the evening with the usual NBC comedy line-up, which was fun as usual, though I for the first time really had that sensation that everyone else has been bitching about in regards to The Office floundering, as tonight's episode just felt amazingly contrived at several turns. The new season of Archer started tonight, so that was a helluva lot of fun, as Burt Reynolds turns up as a love interest for Archer's mother, irritating him to no end.

We called it a night around 10:30, after a new episode of Person Of Interest, in which our hero Jim Caviezel proceeds to beat a guy's ass in front of the gym he'd been headed to for a workout, it was rather amusing, as the guy quite fancied himself to be a badass.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everybody Must Get Stoned

The wife was supposed to be up at 8:00 this morning, so naturally when I went to grab a beverage in the middle of the night the Yorkie snapped at me, waking and agitating her. I felt bad about this, as she had trouble getting back to sleep for several hours. As my form of capitulation I had set my own alarm as I went to bed, figuring if she didn't get her sleep then neither would I, so we both got up at the crack of dawn this morning.

The Yorkie was thoroughly confused by this, but seemed somewhat reassured when it became apparent that the wife was dressing to leave and wasn't about to take her with her to yet another vet visit. I kissed the wife goodbye, fired up the PC and then got the house opened up for the day and made the bed. A cup of tea in hand, I settled into the Office to work on the blog for a bit and try to get some of the various piles of stuff off the desk, including books, CD's and other shit that's accumulated over the past month.

I worked on that project until 11:00 or so, then dressed and stepped out to mail something that had sold on Amazon over the evening and then pick up a bite to eat. I poked my head into a pawn shop on the way, but they never seem to have anything of interest there, so I left empty-handed. A quick trip through a drive-thru for a salad and a burger later and I was on my way home to chill and see if the Yorkie was still feeling okay. The dog greeted me happily at the door, so that was a good sign.

Mount Up!There was a specific podcast I was putting off listening to until I watched a movie they were supposed to review, so I popped in Stone off the To-Watch Pile. It's a 1974 Aussie biker flick, in which a gang of bikers find themselves being picked off by person or persons unknown after one of them witnesses a political assassination. The twist here is that unbeknownst to the killer(s?), the witness doesn't even really remember what he saw, because he was tripping balls at the time! Enter Stone, a cop who wants to pose as a gang member and investigate the crimes, which naturally isn't easy since he's a 'pig' and all that sorta shit. The movie is pretty interesting, as I really haven't seen any footage of Oz in the '70s, so it was interesting to see a snapshot of the times, as well as the typical biker hijinx as they grudgingly let Stone become one of them. Worth a peep if you have the chance.

The wife was supposed to return with groceries at some point in the mid-afternoon, so I piddled around with a few little projects while waiting on her to get home, eventually settling into the Office to work on a couple things online until I heard the familiar sounds of she and the dog in the kitchen as she let herself in.

We both chilled in the Office and caught up, kinda killing time until we were to meet the Mother In Law and her Beau for an early dinner. I was pleased to have chosen the light meal at lunch, as it allowed me to actually be hungry for dinner.

We visited over a decent enough meal, though the MIL's experience wasn't all that great, her side dish was ridiculously over cooked and she ordered a salad that never turned up. Actually, they couldn't even make me an Old Fashioned because they were out of one of the ingredients. Come to think of it, fuck this restaurant.

We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways after dinner. I had a craving for some coffee to keep me awake for the evening, as my tea seemed to have long since worn off, so we hit Starbuck's on the way home, then got into our comfies and relaxed in the den with the Yorkie and some television.

Since we still have a few things left on the TiVo from back in freaking December of last year, we watched a couple episodes of Hawaii Five-O, then the new episode of The Soup and one ep of Pan Am just to try and get that one current.

We called it a night shortly after 10:00, as the wife was crashing hard and I wanted to deal with this sooner than later.

Be seeing you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

House On Abominable Hill

I was up until the wee hours last night after enjoying a few vodka and Red Bulls while we watched television, partially because I wanted to catch a buzz and partially because I was kinda paranoid to let the Yorkie go unattended while we snoozed, as God only knows what she'll be wandering around barfing on.

The Yorkie did have one final pukey moment, around 6:30 in the AM which woke both the wife and myself, though it turned out to be undigested food rather than anything too freaky looking. This led us both to believe that maybe she had just gotten overzealous in her recovery, so we just let her lie and hoped for the best. The vet had said to see how she was doing in the morning, then decide if she needed to come back in for another look. Since she seemed somewhat better, if still a bit mopey we decided to let it lie until the afternoon to see what happened, which would be roughly 24 hours from the shot that he'd given her to calm her stomach down.

The wife had meetings in the morning, so she dressed and split, while I fell back into the bed until noon, feeling kinda blah from lack of sleep and the Red Bull still twitching its way through my system. After my alarm woke me I returned a couple texts, confirming to the wife that the dog was doing about the same if not back to herself 100%, and making lunch plans with EL and DR to meet at the Thai place.

I dressed quickly and headed out to see if I could run a couple errands before lunch, sequestering the dog on our side of the house to prevent any lingering sickness from ruining carpet all over the house. I gassed up the car and hit the local books, music and video outlet to pick up most of this months' periodicals before meeting the fellas. Lunch was good, though it feels like we're taking turns being kinda blah lately, as EL seemed a bit down this time around. Weird.

I headed home, found the Yorkie kinda bouncy and happy to see me, so she and I fetched the newspaper and mail, then I gave her another serving of food, which she seemed to enjoy and keep down, so I texted the wife with a status report, as she was kind of 'on call' in the afternoon to possibly take her back to the vet if need be.

There's Yetis In Them There Woods!The interwebs were calling me, so I spent some time on the blog, working to get it caught up sooner than later, then eventually retired to the den to watch something off the To-Watch Pile. Abominable was a blind-buy from a Big Lots run, in which a genre star-studded cast are menaced by a decent looking low budget Yeti in a remote forested area. It's an okay watch, a breezy 90 minutes that features Tiffany Shepis in a shower scene, so that was worth the price of admission alone. What a cutie.

The wife came and went over the course of the late afternoon, catching a nap with the Yorkie before she had to head back out to be at an evening meeting.

She split for her meeting and the Yorkie relocated into the den with me to see what I was up to, which was another decent sign that she's on the mend. I gave the phone another shake and decided to check out another Film Noir title after my great experience 'discovering' Out Of The Past from Monday afternoon.

Sneaky, Cheeky People...The House On Telegraph Hill was something that I had grabbed at a pawn shop for a dollar, just based on the cover and the promise of noir, so I decided to give this one a shot and see what was up. The film turned out to be more of a mystery/thriller than what the typical trappings would bill as 'noir', but it's still an enjoyable watch. A woman assumes her friend's identity when she dies in a concentration camp, only to find that immigrating to America is equally dangerous. She is romanced by a family lawyer, reunited with her young 'son' and finds herself at odds with the suspicious governess who has been raising the boy while she was out of the country and presumed dead. There's some murder and intrigue, but more than anything it was fun to see the San Francisco streets circa the 1950s, which look great in crisp black and white courtesy of director Robert Wise, who evidently worked in many different genres over the years, directing varied stuff like Curse Of The Cat People, Two For The Seesaw and The Day The Earth Stood Still over the course of his career.

The wife returned during the last half of the movie, then she and I killed some time with a light dinner before settling in with the season three premiere of Justified, a show that I have truly missed. Timothy Olyphant continues to be awesome as Raylan Givens, and the rest of the cast are fun and interesting with their various quirks, especially his boss, who has great banter with him pretty much every time they're onscreen together.

We called it a night shortly afterward, the Yorkie seemed happy to head to bed and get back to the normal routine, so I think she's fully on the mend.

Be seeing you.