Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dallas Day Four: The Brunch And The Flight

The wife and I woke shortly before 10:00 this morning and started the packing process, which actually went pretty smoothly since the wife had packed rather lightly on this trip, which allowed for plenty of room for our little stack of goodies from Half Price Books and other treasures from our rainy day shopping excursion yesterday.  We headed downstairs and had the car brought around, noting that some sprinkles still persisted even though the weather was supposed to finally clear up at some point during the afternoon.

We followed some Google Map directions back over to McKinney Avenue, where we were to meet a handful of folks for breakfast at 11:00 at a place called Breadwinners.  We were soon joined by Morris' friends J and J, the couple who had been in town awhile back for the funeral, so the four of us visited and then Brown and LM turned up as well, followed shortly by Morris and Bo, who had the day off.  Brown had connections with the servers inside, so he was able to cut our wait time in half, which was nice.  I traded a few texts with Robbb during this time, which amounted to him sleeping in and not having the interest to do brunch, which I take to mean that I can start adding him to the do not call list, as he hasn't seemed overly into dragging into town the last few times we've been around, so why make the hassle for either of us?  Not being shitty, I just know he works a lot and is harder than the average person to nail down, so why go through the maybe/possibly song and dance just to have it fall through?  We can stay in touch on the phone and what have you and cause less stress to all involved.

We had a good meal and visited for a bit, then said our goodbyes to everyone and retrieved the car from the valets across the street to head back to the Northpark Mall area so that the wife could pop into a little salon and get her eyebrows waxed.  While she did this I walked down the little bank of stores to poke around in the enormous Barnes & Noble, then the wife texted that she was done so I joined her in the car and we drove across the street to hit up Nordstrom's at Northpark to let the wife take a pass through the shoe department since we'd missed it yesterday.  She tried on a few things but didn't ever come up with anything she truly loved; I passed the time wandering around the men's area until she was ready to go.

We gassed up the care on the way back to Love Field, dropped off the rental and caught a shuttle to the airport to check bags and go through the TSA hassles and cruised to the gate with no incident.  Hell, we even had the time to grab a little gelato on the way there for a bit of dessert.  The plane was already there and allowed everyone to board early, leaving on time and actually putting us home about 10 minutes ahead of schedule, which is always a nice surprise after you've been away for a few days.

The bags made it home safely, we loaded up the car and headed for home, though I did pause on the way to grab myself a burger for dinner, just because I wasn't keen to have to get back out at any point.  We were greeted by the ecstatic Yorkie, who had been sequestered in the hallway after her various stomach issues over the weekend and seemed to have bounced back after a series of remedies that included kaopectate and  an antihistamine for her allergies.  Because yes, why wouldn't we have a dog who's riddled with allergies, right?  We unpacked and looked over the mail, then I got the television recordings scheduled out for the evening and settled in to eat.

We blew through the usual Fox animation fare, all of which were season premieres tonight, then watched the new eps of both Boardwalk Empire and finally Dexter, which was pretty crazy, as a lot of secrets are being revealed and I'm very curious to see where they takes things this season.

We called it a night shortly after the show ended and I put the wife to bed before getting started on this post, as I need to get things fully caught up this week.

Be seeing you.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dallas Day Three: The Raining, The Shopping

The wife and I woke around 9:00 this morning to a series of texts from Brian, who had agreed to do the standard dog-sitting back home. The texts were basically indicating that the Yorkie had thrown up a few times, because why the fuck would everything ever work out without a giant hassle, right?  The wife gave him instructions as far as her allergy medicines went, which has been a successful 'go-to' solution for this type of thing in recent history, so we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

We got dressed to head out and brave the pissing, shitty English weather and try to accomplish yesterday's shopping agenda and make the most out of our time since we were in the big city.  Downstairs we borrowed an umbrella from the valet and tip-toed through the drizzle to the Neiman Marcus flagship store, which was right next door to the hotel and actually something that I had never visited before.  The browsing experience was alright, though to be honest I found the quiet, sedate environment a bit off-putting, I guess I prefer the hustle and bustle of their Northpark location.  After we finished a quick circuit of the Neiman's we headed back to the hotel and picked up car so that we could head out to a place called Cake Carousel in Richardson, which we were able to find after some minor misdirection from the iPhone's map function.  I swear to you, sometimes that thing's dead on and others it's as vague as it can be, it's kinda maddening.

After the cake place and a visit to a nearby Starbuck's we drove back to our more familiar stomping grounds and hit up Northpark Mall in the pissing down rain. We made a pretty thorough circuit of the mall, then lunched at the Mermaid Bar inside Neiman's while making dinner plans with several folks, which was no mean feat when I had one person hounding me to nail down specifics before anyone else was returning text messages.  Once we were done with our lunch we picked up some make up for the wife and some cologne for myself before finally calling it done and going to fetch the car.

The Container Store across the way was calling the wife, so we took a prowl through there and then finally headed over to the Half Price Books across the freeway that we kind of have to visit every time we're in town. While shopping in there I had Shioda bail on us for dinner, as we were unable to accommodate his earlier time-frame request for dinner that would allow him to drag his wife and their baby along, which was somewhat understandable and no big deal, as I honestly hadn't accounted for trying to see them on this trip anyway.  I soon received a text from Robbb, also canceling dinner because it was raining and he didn't relish the idea of driving 25 miles or so in it for dinner.  I tried not to take this personally, though he was one of the people I had tried to line out for a dinner at least 2 weeks in advance, and is also the type of person, had I called him and said I wasn't coming to work for the same reasons, well he would have likely shit himself in anger at what a giant pussy I was being about it, but oh well, I figured the rain was starting to largely fuck this whole trip over at this point.  I put in a call to DR, just to tell him that since virtually everyone else was bailing on the idea, it wouldn't be a big deal if he wanted to pass as well.

The wife had been in contact on and off over the course of the afternoon with the Middle Sister, who seemed to be itching to get away from the Idiot Brother In Law for a bit, so she was on tap for dinner one way or the other, so the wife and I killed time with a few stores in the Knox-Henderson area to save us the hassle of going back to the hotel for a half hour or 45 minutes, then having to get back out to go to the restaurant.  Thus, we took a moist, rainy wander through both Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware before killing a last few minutes in the newly opened Jonathan Adler store.  We headed back to the car, checked the time and decided to give Sur La Table a look just to be sure that we weren't 30 minutes early to dinner.  Sur La Table featured the same terse, shitty service that we've received in the past, I guess they have a weird standard to uphold or something.  It's like the employees check you out with the same joy with which they'd sign away their legal rights to their only children, it's kinda weird.  Not a lot of conversation, no real feeling like they give a fuck if you ever come back again, I really don't get it.  While we browsed DR called me and confirmed for dinner, which again made me appreciate how easy he makes visiting, in that he's as accommodating as can be and actually seems to make time to be with you instead of trying to work you into his schedule.  It's a much appreciated quality, let me assure you.

We finally made our way to Matt's Rancho Martinez, which our directions were correct for, but since they'd moved from the original location we actually blew past the restaurant and had to circle back to find the place.  We were soon met by the Middle Sister and compared notes on her day, then DR turned up and we had a nice dinner before going our separate ways after saying our goodbyes at the door amid a crowd of people who seemed to be in the middle of a family reunion or something; this place is definitely well set for large groups if you need the space.

Still As Vulgar As Can Be, But
Has Some Surprisingly Sweet
Moments Peppered Throughout.
We followed some simple Google directions back to the hotel and chilled in the room for the rest of the evening, relaxing and kind of going through our various purchases and checking e-mail on the wife's little Mac that we travel with. The last couple texts from back home indicated that the Yorkie was doing okay, so we hoped for the best and thanked Brian for his attention to detail when dealing with her.  The wife crashed after we watched this weeks episode of The Soup in re-run on the in-room cable, then I worked on notes for this post while re-watching The Sitter on HBO for some casual background noise.  I really like that flick, it's definitely funnier than I was expecting it to be based on the fairly saccharine bits that they were allowed to use on the first few trailers.

I finally called it a night shortly after 1:30 in the AM, since we have brunch planned in the morning and then have to head to the airport almost immediately to catch the flight home.

Be seeing you

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dallas Day Two: Red Velvet Vomit

Last night I think I finally fell prey to the strange dreams that Pookie had threatened would accompany the melatonin supplement that I've been taking recently. Having gone to sleep well in my cups after being out late with DR and Quinny, I figured I'd sleep poorly anyway, but I kept waking up from really bizarro, semi-lucid dreams that included seeing weird light patterns peeking out from behind words or images in magazines, as if there was a weird energy hidden behind other elements of the world, which was both cool and unnerving at the same time.

DR left in the wee hours of the AM, around 6:00 or so and I was actually half awake to hear the door close behind him.  I did some quick math and figured that this afforded him around 4 hours of uncomfortable sleep on our floor, but at least he was safe and sound instead of drunk driving back out to Fort Worth.  As it turned out this was for the best; we later found out that had he slept in another 30 minutes his car would have fallen victim to a tow-away zone.

We eventually dressed and headed out to greet the day ourselves around 10:00 or so, as the wife had a hair appointment at Dear Clark's, where she'd had her hair done several months ago by a woman specializing in curly hair. I killed time while this happened by working on the blog post for last night in the notes function of the iPhone, listening to the hustle and bustle of the busy salon.

After the wife finished up we made plans to meet Brown and Morris for lunch, then also invited the Middle Sister and her husband to join us if they wanted. Since we were within a few blocks of his Office, Brown met us along the way and we headed over to Max's Wine Dive, where the hook is you order essentially brunch food any time of day, including mimosas and Bloody Mary's, etc., and they serve a lot of Southern cuisine like chicken and waffles and a dish that caught the wife's eye: red velvet pancakes.

Looked Much Better Going Down Than They
Did Coming Out.
Morris eventually joined us and then the MS and Idiot Brother In Law turned up separately, as he'd apparently been out at a movie. We ate and visited, while the IBL played on his phone and made little effort to be involved in things, which made me kinda wonder why he'd bothered to come, but whatever.  I didn't have the strength or inclination to try and figure out what was going through his mind. After the meal we started going our separate ways, but the wife and I decided to tag along to pick the Nephew up from school, just to see him and see how he's doing. It was interesting to see the neighborhood the school was in, then we started heading back toward the lot where we'd valet'd the car. About halfway there the wife frantically asks that the IBL pull over and she suddenly spews red velvet pancakes all over the sidewalk beside the vehicle, which naturally looks like she's puking blood everywhere. A passing woman pulling out of a nearby parking lot offered a bottled water to the MS as she held the wife's hair back, which we gratefully accepted. When all that was over we debated trying to chill at the In-Laws apartment but settled on being dropped at the car and headed back to the hotel.  The wife swore up and down that she was good to drive, even though I felt like I should do it myself; maybe focusing on the road took her mind off of her stomach and kept things settled.  We tried to decide if it was the food alone, or if her being seated in the backseat was a factor, and I kinda maintained that the weird tension between the MS and her husband certainly couldn't help, as the IBL seemed edgy for no particular reason and the MS never really has anything good to say when he's not around, so you're left feeling weird to have to pretend that this is a 'real' marriage when you socialize with them.

Since nothing is ever easy, neither one of our room keys were working when we got up to the room and I had to go back downstairs to get new ones, leaving my poor wife sitting on the floor by the room because she was feeling flushed and shaky again in the heat of the hotel hallway.

Once I finally get her settled in the room under some air conditioning running full blast I decided to to walk down the block to have a few drinks at the Union Park place from last night just to pass the time, since it was pretty obvious that our afternoon shopping agenda had completely fallen by the wayside at this point.

I grabbed myself a drink from an overly friendly bartender who introduced herself as if we'd soon become great friends, then I excused myself to a nearby table and started the notes for this post, listening with growing contempt as the bar started to fill slightly with the typical late afternoon habitual drinkers who all knew the various bartenders and waitresses by name, which always wigs me out.  You drink here often enough to know these people personally? How much money do you have to piss away on overpriced cocktails before you become pals?  And if it's not the overpriced cocktails it's the other cardinal sin for me, swilling down shitty domestic beer for only a couple bucks apiece; I'd rather drink my own urine than have you serve me fucking Bud Light for hours on end while being pointlessly flirty and pretending to care about anything beyond a potential tip.  I had a second cocktail and amused myself by flooding Twitter with my animosity towards the whole idea of bar culture, including the raspy voiced, braying laughter-spewing 20-something girl at the bar who I overheard bragging about her 3 day hangover as if that was an accomplishment or something.  Eventually she and her cadre of boys (and I mean boys, I would have carded every single one of these kids) finally left they were replaced by two couples, the female components of which who were loudly discussing their recent waxings, which sounded like a harrowing experience for everyone involved.  Said experience was apparently made all the more tragic by the fact that one of them had been on a date and the guy she was out with didn't seem interested in playing ball, even though she'd done all that maintenance on the field, if you will.

I eventually surfaced from my people watching and growing hatred for everyone in the room long enough to register that the overhead music system was playing Nickelback, which made me want to kill everyone and then myself, then I spotted a goofy looking guy starting to set up some musical instruments, which I took as my cue to pay my tab and get the hell out of there before he started plunking away on an acoustic guitar.

It was around 6:00 in the evening when I finally headed back to the hotel and I was surprised to find that the heavy rains in our area back home had finally made it into the Dallas area, with a light drizzle falling on me as I made the block or two back home.  When I got in the wife was still crashed out in the near-freezing hotel room, so I got out of my wet clothes and changed into my pajamas for the night before watching part of a movie on the iPad while stretched out in the chair in the corner of the room.

The wife woke a short time later and we caught up on my afternoon since she was happily feeling normal once again.  We spent the evening in the room, ordering in some dinner and watching the season premiere of Fringe on cable since we happened to be around for it, then relaxed in bed, flipping around the cable channels for the rest of the evening, crashing out for good around 1:00 in the AM.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dallas Day One: Friends, Old And New

I woke with the alarm this morning after only 5 hours' sleep, because who wants to be rested when you travel, right? The wife had one meeting to be at between 11:00 and 1:00 in the afternoon, so she split her time between getting ready for the trip and getting ready for her meeting while I got the bed made and opened the house for the day. The Yorkie remained watchful during this entire period, sensing that something was up. She was thankfully back on her feed, happily eating a couple servings of food, allaying our fears about her being sick while we were gone for the weekend.

The blog still being behind by a few days, I decided to work on getting the last couple posts updated to the point that I can just publish one a day to stay on a 'regular' schedule, even if it's still ultimately a bit behind. I also got the last load of laundry finished up so that I would have things to wear on this trip, which is always a nice way to travel. Y'know, with clothes.

The wife left for her meeting and I followed shortly after, hitting the bank and grabbing a burger for a quick bite, then running back home to eat and throw stuff on hangers or fold it for packing. The wife got home and I hopped in the shower while she started the actual packing process, which freaked the Yorkie out as always. I got my stuff packed up and we said our goodbyes to the pup, loaded up the car and headed to the airport.

The flight was hassle-free, which is always a surprise, and we walked from the gate to baggage claim just in time to see our stuff roll by; perfect timing. A shuttle ran us to the rental car lot and we were on our way, following some overly vague directions that the wife had to our hotel downtown. I'd been texting furiously both before and after the flight with DR, our Dallas bud who's recently returned to us and Quinny, the Aussie interweb acquaintance who was sort of the impetus for this entire trip, since he'll only be in town for about 24 hours of so. We got DR headed our way from Fort Worth, then started trying to nail down plans with Quinny, who was blowing off dinner with his travel group to see us. The trick was that we needed to be done by 8:30 so that he could go to a local haunted house attraction with said tour group, so the wife was kind enough to start poking around for nearby restaurants, even texting Morris for possible suggestions.

After me being slightly antsy about DR's ETA (as we crept closer to 7:00) he thankfully turned up and we started walking toward Quinny's hotel, finding him along the way in one of those construction tunnels they throw up over sidewalks during renovations.

"Imagine running into you for the first time in a dark alley." says Quinny.

We ended up at The Iron Cactus, which is almost directly beside our hotel, The Joule. And on the subject of our hotel, The Joule is a really nice place, very European and sleek. It's slightly surrounded on all sides by construction right now as the city renovates downtown, but otherwise it's a very fun location.


Blah Blah Blah, You Seem Like You'd
Be Simply Exhausting To Know Ma'am.
The Iron Cactus had great food and fairly piss-poor service, but that did leave us free to get to know Quinny a bit better, free of interruptions by any pesky waiters bugging us with drinks, appetizers or things of that nature. Quinny split for his haunted house and the wife, DR and I wandered down Main Street a bit further to a place called Union Park, which promised both beer on tap, cocktails and bar food to anyone interested. We settled on the patio area and had drinks, with the threat of Morris joining us eventually. I texted Quinny our location in case he wanted to slip away from karaoke at whatever bar his group had ended up hanging out in. Morris turned up soon enough and we visited for a bit, mocking the annoying girl at an adjacent table blathering on her phone for the better part of 45 minutes. Look bitch, they're obviously not going to meet you for a drink, why dontcha just go home? Quinny and a fellow traveler named Andrew joined us, though Andrew soon fucked off in search of another bar, where he'd heard tell he might pick up on the ladies, so good luck with all that sir.

Morris was so kind as to see the wife back to the hotel when he left, allowing me to stay out visiting a bit longer. Highlights to the rest of the evening included seeing some drunk broad in heels bite it as she and a friend walked by for the 3rd time, plus a peep at her downstairs as she tried to get up as gracefully as possible in her too-short skirt, our waitress eventually joining us and hanging out shooting the shit, as well as a woman with a French bulldog that both Quinny and DR took turns holding because it was so cute, surely not because of the cute waitress was the one currently oohing and aahing over it. SURELY.

Another amusing moment: random people drifting by our little patio area, then I overhear one of them ask the other incredulously "Was that Quinny?" while he cuddled with the pup.  Hilarious.

Oh and as far as our waitress hanging out, her name was Gillian and I can only assume that she found us non-threatening enough sexually to hang around and shoot the shit as she rode down her last half hour or so.

Or maybe she was hot for Quinny or DR, I suppose it's possible.

At any rate, she did tell us that she was going to some other bar when she got off, if we wanted to follow her over there. We headed back towards the hotel eventually, pausing across the street from the tavern that our waitress had headed to, sizing up the pounding music emanating from within before agreeing on a unanimous "fuck that", because even if she's legitimately trying to make friends or something, it's too loud to hear yourself think in that place anyway.

We'd decided about two hours earlier that DR would crash on our floor, or as my wife bald face lied, our 'couch', of which we had none. Thus, DR and I said our goodbyes to Quinny in front of the hotel and then went upstairs and crashed immediately, with DR making himself uncomfortable on the floor with one of my pillows and no blanket, because the hotel didn't bother to provide one in the closet.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maid, Lunch, Interweb, Movies

Gorgeous, Gorgeous Art And
The Beginnings Of The Direction
I Finally Enjoyed The Book Taking
Last night I started yet another volume of the WildC.A.T.S re-read, this time with volume 2 of the series in a collection called Street Smart, which was actually kind of where I first came into the series because of artist Travis Charest and his hyper detailed art style.  It has much more elegance to it than a lot of the typical superhero artist out there and really elevated the material quite a bit, giving what was a decent story a helluva lot more 'oomph' to say the least.  I had already been up later than intended dicking around with the blog, so I was up later than intended, which is about par for the course.

The wife had a standing meeting this morning so she was gone when I woke with the alarm and got the house opened for the day.  I knew the Maid was on tap for the day but as usual the day that I would've preferred to sleep in a bit, she was late, which always makes me grit my teeth.  I worked on the blog a bit, as I want to get a few posts banked to publish while we're out of town in Dallas for the weekend and I won't be as devoted to any of this crapola.

The Maid finally turned up at noon, apologizing because she had a meeting at her kid's school, then got started as the Yorkie greeted her happily. Then the Yorkie starts acting kind funny and starts doing her weird gagging routine, so I made sure that she was on the tile instead of the carpet when she barfed up a weird brownish liquid and nothing else.  I exchanged texts with the wife who said that she hadn't fed her this morning, which meant that she hadn't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon.  I had given her fresh food on the assumption that she'd already had a portion of food this morning, which remained untouched in the hall.

The dog seemed to settle immediately afterward, so I kinda crossed my fingers and hoped for the best, as I recall she started acting sick right before we went away to Fredericksburg, but she bounced back pretty quickly then, which means there's a precedent for things working out alright.  I made lunch plans with EL, then headed out just shy of 1:00, leaving the dog looking kinda mopey on the couch in the sitting area off the kitchen.  I was hoping that she'd have stayed in the little bed in the Office, but no luck, so I just said a silent prayer for her health and for the couch and locked the door behind me.

I arrived ahead of EL and DR, so I ordered a beverage and looked at e-mail while I waited, then EL turned up and let me know that DR couldn't make it, so we ordered some Thai and caught up on the past week as well as the plans he's been making for the upcoming artist studio tour, which actually takes place on my birthday, so the wife and I will be less involved than we normally might.  Oh, and since DR couldn't join us can I just say how much I love the fact that we've fucked all these plans around to accommodate his schedule only to have him still not turn up?  Sorry, I'm just a bitter asshole about weirdly petty stuff.  After lunch I headed home, stopping by the Post Office to drop off my Netfux movie from last night.

The wife was still out and the Maid was still at her routine, so I greeted the pup and then settled back into the Office to work on the blog some more. The wife eventually returned with groceries, which we put away and spent some time fretting over the Yorkie and whether or not we needed to run her to the vet or not.  We decided to hold out until tomorrow morning just to see what happens, especially since she hadn't really shown any further signs of stomach issues at this point.  

The wife chilled in the bedroom with the sickly puppy and I spent the rest of my afternoon in the Office with the blog and the various nerdlists, then the doorbell announced that the Mother In Law was here dropping off a package that she'd received that the wife had ordered, which seemed weird, as the sizing was apparently all wrong as well, but I figured it was a foul up on the part of the company.  We visited briefly, then she split since the wife was napping and she had other stuff to do.

When the wife got up she looked at the package and realized that it was a jacket that she'd ordered as a gift for the MIL, and she was funnily (to me, anyway) annoyed that the MIL hadn't realized this, which started to really amuse the shit out of me, which I think annoyed the wife further, so I finally asked her if she'd stop freaking out if I ran the damned thing back over to the MIL's house. She assured me that it'd go a long way towards it, so I grabbed it and split, catching the MIL's Beau in the front yard walking their dogs, so I visited with him for a bit, the the MIL herself returned from across the street where she was visiting the Older Sister's family and dropping off a sweatshirt that she'd repaired for the Niece.  We chitchatted for a few, then I headed back to the house, where the wife was already on the phone with the MIL, who was naturally thanking her for the gift, etc.

Okay, This Was A Lot Of Fun When
You Consider The Budget Appeared
To Rival That Of Your Local
Community Theatre.
I made myself a cocktail and popped in Barbarella off the To-Watch Pile, which is a film I've never seen over the years, but since it's being reviewed on Outside The Cinema this week I could give it a peep. Jane Fonda is hot as the titular character, and the film is just a lot of fun from start to finish. It's all amazingly low-tech and corny as hell, but it's truly a fun ride from start to finish.  I was also amused that most of the special effects resembled the type of shit you can do in your kitchen sink with just a handful of household chemicals and other supplies. I think I really need to poke around and see if I can find any of the comic material that was based on, because it occurs to me that I've never even had a glimpse of the source material. Definitely something I'm happy to have finally checked out.

Are You SERIOUSLY This Wet
For Bland Matthew Modine?!?
The wife made a little rice dish for dinner and we watched another movie off the TiVo, which was something else being covered by OTC, so that worked out well that I'd recorded it ages ago.  Private School is a nicely raunchy '80s teen sex comedy set in a girls school, which is frequently invaded by the boys from a nearby academy who are eager to get laid.  Phoebe Cates and Betsy Russell are two of the girls at the school who are competing for the attention of Matthew Modine, who's dating Cates but still willing to look at some strange that might try to turn his head.  All of this is well and good, but I was pretty puzzled by the fact that two hotties were trying to fight over someone as fucking boring and charisma-less as Modine always seems to be.  It was a fun flick and the wife and I were both pretty amused with it.

We called it a night afterward, happily noting that the Yorkie was eating her food, so that's something of a load off our minds.  I put the wife to bed and then got started on this, which has taken much longer than intended after I got distracted with other random web surfing, as is the usual case.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Batman Force Carter

War! What Is It Good For?
Absolutely Seven Issues.
Last night I was up to my old habits of reading until 3:00 AM, which I guess will just be my curse unless I straight up start taking a sedative or something.  I did manage to finish the second collection of Alan Moore's run on the WildC.A.T.S book, this one called Gang War.  The way things wrapped up was somewhat satisfactory, though I was struck by the feeling that I might've gotten more out of it had I been a bigger fan of the whole Wildstorm universe in general.  Oh well, I enjoyed the books well enough, but I'm definitely looking forward to re-reading the first bits of Joe Casey's run on the book, then finishing out that series, as I only made it so far before I stopped picking up the individual issues or even the trades.

The wife had meetings in the morning and early afternoon, so I woke with the alarm at 10:00 to the sounds of her about to head out the door.  I was able to greet her briefly before she left, then I lay in bed for a bit begging the asshole of a dog to cuddle with me, but she was doing that annoying thing where she lays down just out of reach and waits to be petted, which is both cute and irritating and will likely one day agitate me to the point that I fluff the comforter and roll her ass off the bed in a fit of pique.  Okay, I won't do that, but I'll by God daydream about it.

The wife had continued her fight with the unresponsive Cricut machine this morning, so when I drifted into the Office after getting the bed made and the house opened for the day I found it plugged into my PC.  This had apparently been in a last ditch attempt to get it to update itself or some such hassle that just was not going to happen.  I detached the machine from the PC and spent some time working on the blog, then printed out a Reward Zone certificate to save a few bucks on my planned Best Buy purchase before I dressed and headed out to run my little errands.  The Yorkie shot me a betrayed look and settled in on her little couch in the sitting area off the kitchen, as is her custom when left to her own devices.

Batman Had Growing Pains Like
Anyone Else. His Just Involved
Blood More Often Than Not.
Best Buy yielded me copies of the first season of American Horror Story and the animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, which I had been looking forward to for awhile now, even though the second volume won't be out until winter of next freaking year.  I grabbed a burger for my lunch on my way home, then ended up relaxing with a completely different animated Batman instead.

Batman Year One was something I'd picked up cheap awhile bargain shopping a few months ago.  The story follows the Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli storyline of the same name and managed to bring the story to life rather well, the animation bending to Mazzucchelli's art style very well.  The dialog that was used rang true (to my ears, anyway), capturing the feel of the original comics right down to very specific lines and character beats that I can still recall even after not having read the book in over a decade.  The film ran about an hour and was a helluva lot of fun.

What The Fuck Happened To
All Of My Inner Monologues?
- Is What Batman's Thinking Above
Having finished my lunch by this point, I poked around some of the extras on the disc, then popped in the newly purchased Batman: The Dark Knight Returns to see what that was all about.  As I got into the film I started to realize that this adaptation of Miller's seminal story had been taken in something of a different direction than the Year One film, as they had excised the inner monologues that made up so much of the 'flavor' of the original book.  I understand that the animation might go for a 'so, don't tell' approach to certain scenes, but why on earth are you going to summarily shitcan a ton of amazing dialog that gave the book its gritty feel just because no one is speaking it aloud?  I guess I can dial down my expectations accordingly for the second half of the story, but I couldn't help but feel let down by this initial viewing.  I liked but could have easily loved the film had it simply hewed closer to the source material rather than spending so much time letting the audience draw their own conclusions about characters motivations or the reasons for their actions onscreen.  Oh well.

The wife returned in the mid-afternoon and we visited about her day thus far, then I left her to make a few calls regarding the Cricut machine, as they seemed rather ho-hum about it when she first spoke to them this morning.  I left her to that and spent some time in the kitchen working on the collages a bit more, adding more layers of crap to that so that it could have time to dry before I started picking at it again.

No Seriously, What's Not To
LOVE About This Nutty Movie?
I eventually passed the time with a re-watch of the largely corny but certainly enjoyable B-Movie Raw Force, also known as Kung-Fu Cannibals, which is just a great title, right?  I'd watched it a year or so ago for the first time, then heard that one of the podcasts I listen to was to cover it, so I figured I could take a refresher pass at it just for the hell of it.  The movie is a weird hodge-podge of a lot of '80s film staples, including gratuitous nudity, wacky martial arts, macho bullshit and it all culminates on an island where a sect of monks are eating women for dinner and raising martial artists from the dead to do their bidding.  In short, it's not quite like anything you've watched before, unless you've got some really fucked up tastes.  It was a fun way to ease into the evening while the wife did her thing in the Office to finally get someone to step up and take responsibility for the shitty machine they'd sold her that simply doesn't work.

Get Your Ass To Mars!!    
We ordered in a pizza in the evening, then watched John Carter via Netfux rental, which was a film that I thought looked like shit during all of its' advertising, but had started to have a few surprised reviews from web friends as something that might actually be worth the time.  The movie actually impressed me quite a bit, as all the CGI managed to look pretty convincing and the story was decent enough even if I did have to puzzle over a few elements for a few as the story went along, just because they kinda throw a lot of lingo and character/creature names at you rather rapid fire as our hero first makes it to Mars.  Oh, and the little Martian Princess gal played by Lynn Collins is absolutely gorgeous, which goes a long way towards selling this turkey, that's for damned sure.  It's a fun popcorn sci-fi flick and I dug it as a nice way to kill the evening, so there you go.  Give it a peep.

I watched my standard G.I. Joe: Renegades and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episodes via Netfux Instant Watch after putting the wife and Yorkie to bed, then got started on this post.

I'm out kids, I have the Maid underfoot tomorrow.

Be seeing you.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Movie Shame Trifecta

In an effort to get a reasonable amount of sleep without wasting the entire day away, I forced myself off the computer and went to bed last night to read for a bit at 1:00 in the morning.  I started my read of the second collection of Alan Moore WildC.A.T.S stuff, breezed through about half of that trade paperback, then mixed things up by starting the next volume of Transmetropolitan, since I've been slightly derailed from my re-read the past few nights.  I was able to squeeze in a little over 8 hours of sleep after I ignored the alarm this morning, then finally got up and got the house opened up for the day.  The Yorkie was happy to see some activity, especially since the wife had long since showered and headed out to be at the usual Monday meetings.

I spent some time in the Office working on the blogging nonsense, then gathered up our plastic recycling and got dressed to go and grab myself a bite to eat for my lunch.  The wife was actually home when I got back, so we visited briefly, then I left her to her interweb activities so that I could scarf down my fast food before it began to biodegrade while sitting idle in the bag on the kitchen counter.

Note To Self: Fire The Help
 If You Re-Marry.
Settling in the den, I watched last night's episodes of Robot Chicken and Black Dynamite off the TiVo, following them up with the latest Ultimate Spider-Man before I made my Movie Shame Monday selection off the To-Watch Pile

Rebecca is one of those classic Alfred Hitchcock films that I have always been sort of aware of, but had never seen, and the recent Blu-ray release was something I grabbed cheap in a Pawn Shop just because I wanted to finally give it a day in court.  The story is likely familiar, as it's been parodied or homaged numerous times: A rich widower marries a fairly awkward young woman who has trouble living up to the legend of the previous wife, in no small part due to the pedestal she'd been placed on by the woman who runs the sprawling mansion for them.  The film was great and I really loved the rambling Gothic manse that it is largely set in, as it almost becomes a character in itself.  Very happy to cross this one off the list.

Are You Packing?
Yes Dear, I'm Putting Away This
The wife split for a late afternoon meeting as I was finishing up the movie, so I spent some time on the web getting a few things updated, then I moved back to the den to pop in another movie to pass the time while I waited on the wife to get home for the evening.

Since we'd re-watched The Thin Man awhile back I popped in the sequel, After The Thin Man and was in the first little bit of that when the wife returned with deli stuff for dinner, but she got caught up fighting with one of her craft machines in the Craft Room, as it's recently stopped working properly and is giving her fits, so I ended up watching most of the movie by myself.  We did eat together after awhile, then she went back to work on the machine in the Office, having moved it in there to easier access the web while trying to figure out what the hell was up with it.

I've Seen Better Hope, But It's
Still Fun.
By this time I had kinda given up on spending any time with her so I threw on a third film, another To-Watch Pile re-watch: Call Me Bwana with Bob Hope on safari with some hot babes in pursuit of a missing moon capsule that['s crashed landed in Africa.  It was something I had caught on TCM ages ago, then grabbed on DVD when I noticed it on sale on Amazon a month or so back.

The wife drifted in and out of this and then finally crashed out a little after 10:00, leaving me to finish the movie on my own.  I eventually moved on to the nightly viewings of G.I. Joe: Renegades and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes before moving into the Office to get started on this post.  I'm slightly antsy about the silly G.I. Joe stuff, as I know I'm now perilously close to finishing the series and I'm super worried that they will likely end it on a cliff-hanger, as you'd hope that you get a 2nd season and I don't really want that, I'm hoping for closure.

I'm out kids, I have some more reading to do.

Be seeing you.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Rage

Not As Moore-y As I Was
Expecting It To Be.
After being up visiting kinda late with Buckaroo Banzai I finished the WildC.A.T.S collection that I had been reading, collecting Alan Moore's first issues on the book, then finally crashed out around 3:00 in the morning.  If you're actually a regular reader (both of you) you might notice that this means that I'm currently in the process of reading or re-reading compilations from three different series at the moment, which makes me feel like I'm slipping back into the straight-up fucking nerditry of my life in the '90s, but there you go.  I do feel like I need to start reading a novel sooner than later, just to break away from all the monotony and the pretty pictures.

The alarm was set for 10:00, which I hoped would be a reasonable middle ground to at least say goodbye to our overnight guests, but not have me awake so early that I would end up having to take a nap later in the day or just be groggy for the afternoon.  As it turned out I had just gotten the house opened up for the day and fetched the newspaper from the driveway when Bucky and Pookie came out of their room, so I said hello and goodbye as they headed out to run a few errands in advance of seeing her brother and his family for the afternoon.  Happily, they slept well and seemed to enjoy their stay, so we can chalk up another couple of satisfied guests.

The Yorkie heard conversation and saw them off as well, then she headed back to bed and I fired up the PC and settled into the Office.  The wife surfaced a short time later and we visited about the day's plans, then I left her to make a few phone calls while I started the somewhat laborious process of dredging up the events of the past two days to commit them to blogposts, as things kind start to blend here and there on occasion as far as the chronology goes.  That ate up most of my morning, then I finally took a break and heated up the Indian leftovers from last night, since the wife had made plans to meet the Middle Sister for a late lunch at a deli across town.

The wife killed time in advance of her lunch date in the craft room piddling around with a few projects and after I finished my interweb travels I started pulling out the various art implements that I'd cleared from the kitchen counters in advance of last night's entertaining.  I spent some time gluing some stuff into the new collages, then filed away a stack of stuff into the Media Closet and then greeted the wife when she returned home from her outing. She and the Yorkie caught an afternoon nap and I ended up finally settling into the den with a To-Watch Pile selection, something that I figured looked 'light' enough to allow me to thumb through the day's newspaper and that kind of thing without completely losing the plot.

Corniest. Lovescene. Evar.
Silent Rage is a movie that I had heard reviewed on a podcast and it sounded kind of interesting, to I threw it on my Swap A DVD wishlist and turned up a copy within a month or so, which rarely happens.  The general set-up is that Chuck Norris is a bad-ass sheriff (what other kind would he play, right?) who is forced to go up against an insane foe who is killed while being apprehended, but is then experimented upon and revived with healing powers and a bloodlust for anyone that he encounters.  Chuck has a silly ass love scene montage with an agreeably cute and occasionally topless love interest, a sidekick deputy who's played for pointless comedy and the movie is at least 15 or 20 minutes longer than it really needs to be, but it's an amusing B-Movie way to kill a late afternoon.  I think I would have enjoyed this more with someone around to make smart-ass remarks to, but there you go.  I did get stupidly excited to see a now-defunct grocery store chain I the background of a driving scene, just because the name suddenly jumped out at me from my childhood.

In the evening the Goddamned recorded HD Fox programming started doing the same pixelated nonsense that the NBC stuff did on this past Thursday night, so I canceled the recordings and just watched them live on their standard def channel, which is awesome to be forced to do when you pay for an HD signal, let me assure you.  The wife was kind enough to step out to grab a burger for our dinner, then we wrapped the evening with the new Boardwalk Empire, which continues to give us some fairly tense moments each week, as certain characters just leave you edgy because you don't know if they'll suddenly twist off and start killing people at any moment.

The wife spent some time on the web booking out our somewhat last minute random trip to Dallas, where I hope to meet an Australian Twitter/web acquaintance that I've been chatting with on and off for at least five years or so.  He's on a tour of the states and will be in Dallas next weekend, so I hope to be able to squeeze in a dinner or something, but if not we have our various Dallas pals to try and hook up with as well.

Be seeing you.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Seeing as how I was up until the wee hours of the morning knocking back cocktails and watching dumb stuff in the den, I slept extremely poorly and didn't really get bedded down comfortably until around 9:00 in the morning for anything that you'd consider a good stretch of rest.  How do the 'professional' drunks do it?  I heard the wife get up and make herself coffee in advance of a pedicure appointment that she had, then was eventually aware of her coming back to bed at...sometime?  I also heard the Yorkie sigh heavily, a sure indication that she was bored with her lazy masters wasting the day in bed, but I don't answer to that fucking dog, so I dove deeper into the pillows and finally surfaced around 2:30 in the freaking afternoon.

We had dinner plans with a large group of friends this evening, so I forced myself out of bed to grab a shower and get the cobwebs out of my head.  I traded a few texts with Buckaroo Banzai about the timing of everyone's arrival, then got cleaned up for the evening and started picking up the house a bit, cleaning off the kitchen counter where I had to assume everyone would congregate.  I ran the trash out and then decided to step out briefly to throw the Netfux movie in the mail and maybe grab a small food item to tide me over until dinner, which would likely be as late as 7:00 in the evening.  The wife had already snacked on a granola bar in the afternoon, so she passed when I tried to take her order, so I headed out to see what I could find to take the edge off of what I couldn't decide was either a hangover or simply my blood sugar completely bottoming out.  Or the very legitimate possibility that it was a combination of both.

I grabbed a taco at a drive-thru after the Post Office, then headed home to scarf that down and piddle around until our guests started arriving.  I was dicking around with the TiVo, saving stuff for yet another month to not get watched when Bucky and Pookie arrived, so I visited with them while I fiddled with the remote, catching up on the end of their week, then the wife joined us after a short fight with her iPhone, the updating of which to iOS6 was giving her fits again due to her having multiple Apple ID's or some such shit; the same issue comes up EVERY time there's a big update.  JH arrived next, followed by EL and his bride AGL, then Brian.  We were in the middle of making sure everyone knew one another when Anastasia Beaverhouszen and Kno1 turned up with a tasty looking dessert item for later, then we started making driving arrangements, as at least a couple of our guests were making noise about needing to leave after dinner.  This made me feel kinda bad, because had I known that we'd all end up taking a couple extra cars I guess I would have simply suggested meeting at the restaurant, because I thought leaving from one location might allow for less cars to be involved, but oh well, the best laid plans, right?

The restaurant in question is an Indian place that has been around for a few months, located in the lobby of a hotel near the outskirts of town, which naturally sounds at least slightly sketchy, but I'd heard good things time and again from reliable sources, so we kinda dove in with both feet, ordering a pretty wide variety of both appetizers and main dishes.  The wife let me order for her again, as we'd done in San Diego, and seemed pleased with what I figured was a pretty simple, middle of the road selection: Chicken Masala.  I had a lamb dish served in a sauce of spicy creamed spinach (the name escapes me, sorry) and we all kinda sampled off one another's dishes to get more of a feel for the cuisine.  Great food, and we all left stuffed, so that was a good experience and definitely something I'll go back for again.

We said our goodbyes to EL, AGL and JH, all of whom had other engagements that required their presence elsewhere, then we headed back to our place to relax.  The wife started playing barista and Anastasia served up some homemade tiramisu to everyone, which was pretty damned amazing as well.

Stay The Hell Out Of The House.
The ladies kinda chilled around the kitchen counter so I popped in something subtitled just so I wasn't worried about trying to hear stuff over the other conversations happening in the room.  Amer is a giallo-inspired arthouse flick that I had been keen to see for some time now, and it paid off pretty well (at least for me, I don't think Kno1 was a big fan), a gorgeous looking color-saturated series of images both lovely and nightmarish.  There's no real clear plot, though it does check in on a woman at three different points in her life: prepubescence, adolescence, and roughly her middle age, which takes her from within a seemingly haunted house as a child to the nearby village during her teen years, just discovering her sexuality, then back to the now decrepit and crumbling house where she is again menaced by a strange man.  The film is a hugely stylish affair, but don't go into it looking for any real narrative, as the images evoke certain feelings or impressions, but a good 50% of the film is open to the viewer's interpretations, which may put a lot of people off but I really enjoyed.

Deeds, Not Words. Including That
Silly Thumb-Kissing Thing He Does.
The ladies had been randomly going through the wife and I's wedding photos, so I wandered into the kitchen to go through those as well, leaving Bucky and Kno1 to chat politics and what have you.  The photo browse led to us taking the plunge on that wall decoration project that I had purchased numerous photo frames for as part of the wife's Christmas (!) gifts, so we started putting pics into frames and then had to make another pass to find those last few to fill the remainder frames.  When this project finally started winding down folks started calling it a night, and since Bucky and Pook had to be back in town Sunday afternoon, we offered to let them just spend the night if they didn't want to make the 45 minute drive home at this late hour.  They were cool with this, so we chilled for a few after everyone else split, then we put the wives to bed and then Bucky and I stayed up visiting about dorky bullshit and watching his recently purchased copy of Megaforce, which I had somehow never seen before.  Megaforce was every bit as corny as promised, but a part of me knows that I would've loved it if I had seen it as a child, so what can you do?  Bucky was right, there's a definite G.I. Joe vibe to it, and it also kinda reminded me of the M.A.S.K. stuff that was out around the same time period.  We finally called it a night around 2:30 or so and I headed straight to bed, figuring I could get the blog updated with a double post on Sunday afternoon.  I read for a bit in bed, then set my alarm and crashed out about 3:00 in the AM.

Be seeing you.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Safe In The Limelight

The wife had the day pretty much 'off' from any of the usual meetings or errands, so when she and I woke we lay in bed cuddling with the Yorkie for a bit, then finally got moving and opened the house up for the day.  I fired up the PC and was about to start working on the blog when the wild hair struck that the wife and I should tackle the first cooking project we'd been planning for some time now.  I had bought a Williams-Sonoma couples cookbook for the wife's birthday (Maybe?) with the intention that we'd start doing more cooking at home, sort of a little bonding experience.  We had also discussed attacking this project in the same manner as that broad from Julie & Julia, where we make the food, then write a short blog post about the experience.  I wanna do that just to see if the Williams-Sonoma people will get all shirty about it like Julia Child did with the gal who wrote a book about cooking her food, because how DARE her?


We made the first recipe in the book, which was Vanilla-Pear Muffins, and the wife got the muffin portion of things mixed in a large bowl while I peeled and chopped the pears, then we threw that mother in the oven to see how it all turned out.  The muffins were pretty tasty, and we both had to give this first experience a thumbs up.  The next item on the docket is banana bread, which I personally don't really care for, so I'm not exactly chomping at the bit on that little project.

I stepped out and grabbed a burger for my lunch, then the wife and I settled into the den to watch a little something off the TiVo, as I'm still trying to clear that up a bit and rotate some of the older stuff off if it's been on there for a year or some crazy shit like that.

All Of This Could've Been Avoided
If One Shitty Kid Had Learned
To Manage His Buzz.
Limelight is a documentary that I had caught about half of and then started recording so that I could watch it with the wife, as she digs on a good doc from time to time. The film tells several different stories, but the through-line is about a club-owner named Peter Gatien, who moved to the US from Canada and opened several really successful nightclubs, including the titular Limelight in NYC, which was located inside a deconsecrated Gothic church in Manhattan.  The film follows his success as well as the rise of the use of Ecstasy, which was distributed pretty freely within his clubs, though not by Gatien himself.  Things went South for him when an underage kid bought Ecstasy at the club, then later died at his surburban home, though according to an autopsy the kid died from strangulation, not the fucking drugs in his system.  The parents had friends in New Jersey politics, and things snowballed as Rudolph Giuliani targeted the club as part of an anti-drug crusade.  This is where I get kinda indignant with this story, because regardless of what kinda illicit sex and drugs might happen in this club, the fucking kid died from NOT DRUGS, and even if it had been drug related, maybe the stupid kid should learn to manage his buzz instead of being a dumbass.  At any rate, the clubs owned by Gatien became the focus of a long investigation that would eventually bankrupt the man even though his defense was able to discredit all of the prosecution's witnesses and informants.  A really interesting look at club life and drug culture, the wife and I both dug it quite a bit.

The wife caught a nap after the movie and I spent some time on the PC working on the blog since I'd ended up putting it off in the morning, then I also caught up my little nerdlists a bit further, inching closer and closer to being fully caught up on my various self-imposed rituals.

The new collages I started recently are proceeding at a reasonable pace, and while I was gluing shit down for those I noticed a small turtle cruising through our back yard, moving with a good amount of purpose towards the back door.  I looked around for some kinda fruit to treat him with, then realized we had those silly muffins on hand and pulled a sizable piece of pear out of the top of one and offered it to the little guy, who naturally retreated into the shell when I approached. Once I stepped back inside he finally poked his head out and gave the pear a tentative nibble, then attacked it with gusto, which made me happy, as I was afraid at first that he might ignore it altogether because my sudden presence startled him away.

Pleased with myself over this turn of events, I made myself a martini and moved into the den to relax with some television and soon afterward the wife started making our dinner so that we could watch something that'd arrived in the mail from Netfux.

It's A Nice Drive...If You
Like Trees And Shit.
Safe is the latest Jason Statham action flick in which he plays a cage fighter with a shady past who ends up in a battle with the Triads, Russian gangsters and a group of corrupt cops when he finds himself protecting a little Chinese girl who has a certain series of numbers in her photographic memory.  I have to admit that I wasn't expecting a lot from this one based on the trailers I'd seen, just because it smacked of the normal action fare, but then several people mentioned really liking it quite a bit, so I bumped it to the top of the queue to see what was up.  Director Boaz Yakin is familiar to me because he has a production company with Eli Roth and also made a drama that I'd seen a few years back called Death In Love.  The cinematography here really made me sit up and take notice, as he repeatedly uses mirrors to give a very unique view of the action, including a vehicles' side mirrors and rearview, as well as the simple reflection in the paint of the door being slammed to segue into a scene change; it's all very slick and fun to watch because it keeps you guessing as to where the action is coming from next.

Truth Covered In Security, I
Can't Let You Smother Me.
Fortified with another cocktail, I ended up throwing in the recently purchased Nirvana: Live! Tonight! Sold Out! DVD that had arrived in the mail a few days back.  The wife isn't a huge fan of the band, so I wasn't very surprised when she tapped out about 15 minutes into the show and went to piddle around with a few other projects in the Craft Room before crashing out in the bedroom with the Yorkie for the night.  The film is a documentary following the band at the height of their success, so there's a lot of interview footage interspersed with live performances from around the world.  The disc was something that I hadn't seen since watching with a friend probably over a decade ago, so I was happy to see how well it held up after all these years.  I was also pleased to find that what might be my favorite Nirvana song turned up over the end credits rather than as a part of the film, so it wasn't a distorted, blown out live version of Lounge Act that I was treated to, but the original studio cut that I know and love..

I Just Made You Up To Hurt
After the disc ended I was still in the mood for more music, so I popped in Nine Inch Nails: And All That Could Have Been for a re-watch and made another drink, then followed it up with the last NIN concert video Beside You In Time.  By this time it was ridiculously late, but I was well in my cups and figured what the hell, so for broke, so I gave the usual late night episodes of G.I. Joe: Renegades and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes a look as well before finally putting myself to bed around 5:00 in the AM like some kinda schmuck.

As you might've guessed, this post was written well after the fact, evidenced by the reasonable amount of proper grammar and lack of typos.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Save Me, Save My Blog, Please!

The wife had a long day ahead of her today, so she was basically out of the house from about 8:00 in the morning until after 5:00 in the afternoon.  I was up until around 5:00 in the AM again last night working on the blog and doing general web time-sink nonsense, then lost the Goddamned post due to the new Blogger interface not doing the same auto save stuff that the original version has done for years.  When I finally got up today at 10:00 (I wanted to try to squeak by with at least 5 hours of sleep) I made the bed and got the house opened up for the day, then chased the Yorkie around the house for a few laps, since she seemed kinda out of sorts that the wife had split so early.

I settled into the Office and spent a couple hours with the blog, getting last night's post completely re-written and finding out that this version of Blogger does offer the same auto-save feature, you just have to fuck around with the settings and turn it on.  Y'know, instead of making such a handy feature standard, like it used to be....idiots.

After noon I dressed and gathered our paper recycling that I wanted to drop off, then headed out to hit the arts and crafts store again, as my blue acrylic purchase yesterday afternoon had left me judging the red I had on-hand somewhat harshly, thinking that I could possibly do better with more of a 'true' red instead of the orange-ish shit I was getting out of the tube that I was trying to make do with.  I did the recycling, found my paint and then hit a Taco Bell because I guess that I have a not so subconscious deathwish, then headed home to see what the Yorkie was up to.  I also texted the wife on the drive, because she'd mentioned a crock pot dish that she'd gotten together that she wanted me to actually start in the early afternoon for her so that it'd be ready around dinner time.

Never Cruise For Tail In The
Middle Of The Day In A
Lingerie Store.
When I got home I got the crock pot squared away and then settled in the den to watch something off the TiVo and eat my lunch.  I ended up settling for a random movie called Save Me that I had the vaguest of recollections of from late night broadcast television, so I was curious to see it in all its 'R' rated glory when I happened to see it on MGM HD awhile back.  The basic plot is that an accountant played by Harry Hamlin happens to see a hot blonde played by Lysette Anthony getting hassled by what appears to be an aggressive boyfriend, played by Michael Ironside.  She's already seen Hamlin checking her out (half dressed in a lingerie store, 'natch) and when her boyfriend drags her away she looks back pleadingly and leaves a post-it note on a wall with her number and the note 'save me', which Hamlin proceeds to try and do, because he's separated from his wife and looking for some strange to take his mind off of his stumbling career and dying marriage.  Soon enough they're boning in what looks for all the world like a porno set, or one of those generic overly lit rooms you see on a daytime soap opera, it's pretty comical.  Eventually someone is making attempts on Hamlin's life and there's more and more questions about Anthony, who never seems to have a straight answer about anything.  It's a pretty tepid 'erotic thriller' from a very specific mid-'90s period, forever dated, but I was amused by how corny it was.

I spent some time with the new red paint, giving the 2nd collage another pass with the paint and then sealing it with another layer of spray once things had a chance to dry.  Since it was around 4:30 in the afternoon by the time the movie and painting was all said and done, I grabbed something to read and spent some time in the Library listening to some music on the Pandora app, then the wife finally made it home so I went to greet her and see how her day had been.

We caught up and went through the mail, then she started putting the final touches on the meal for our dinner and I made a cocktail before moving into the den for the daily dose of The Addams Family.  We ended up watching a short documentary on Netfux Instant Watch while we ate, though the Blu-ray player suddenly crapped out mid-stream, which it has never done before, so I found that somewhat annoying, as I hope it's not an indication of any new trend to come.  I was able to get it going again after resetting the wireless settings, but it was pretty frustrating to think we could kill some time only to have to spend half of it fighting the damned technology.

Since the normal Thursday comedies are coming back we skipped a movie and just watched the season premieres of both The Office and Parks And Recreation, both of which started pixelating like crazy on the shitty Suddenlink service, so I had to actually flip over to the regular channel to be able to watch the damned thing.  We essentially missed the last 10 minutes of The Office because of this bullshit, which I find a bit ridiculous.  We drifted into part of an NBC news program after the comedies that was kind of interesting, with Ted Koppel speaking to a bunch of different pundits about the difference between journalism and their own form of partisan rhetoric.  It was pretty interesting, then we flipped over to FX to see the season finale of Louie, which was a helluva lot of fun and featured another guest appearance from David Lynch, who was awesome as always.

We watched part of a Bill Clinton interview on The Daily Show and then I put the wife to bed and spent some time working on four new collages, doing some of the general gluing and prep stuff to leave it to dry overnight, then I headed into the Office to get started on this post.

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Written The Day After Blogger Totally Fucked Me (Or: Lunch, Art And Television)

So long story probably irritatingly longer: as I've mentioned in the past, Blogger has arbitrarily decided to 'upgrade' its back end with a new look that I absolutely despise, and has been threatening to take away the version that I've enjoyed using for, oh, six YEARS or so, and the other shoe finally dropped on that this evening.  I started a new post within the new interface and worked on it for about an hour or so in between doing my usual web-surfing, only to accidentally click out of the page and lose the entire post because you now apparently have to go into settings and turn on an auto-save function that was standard on the previous, easier to use and more intuitive interface that they just fucking HAD to get rid of.  After losing an hour of work I wanted to kill everyone and then myself, so I went to bed to see if I could actually fall asleep while seething with rage and approach this bullshit the next morning with a fresh perspective and less of a blinding anger.

So here we are.

Meanwhile, back on Wednesday morning...

Since I've been in the habit of trying to get my sleep patterns back to normal, I was naturally up until 5:00 AM the night before I had to be up and alert to meet the fellas for lunch.  Oh well, what can you do, I was chatting on Twitter with a friend that I hadn't heard from in awhile.

The wife and the Yorkie were up and out of the house when I got up and moving at 10:00 so that the wife could be at her various meetings and the Yorkie could make her normal Groomer appointment and get all gussied up for the hour or two that she'll tolerate the new bow in her hair before scratching at it until she ruins the little top knot that they give her.

I got the house opened up for the day and made the bed, then spent some time in the Office working on the blog before noticing that El Vox was on Facebook, so I figured I could likely catch him at home, so I finally returned his call from this past weekend.  We were able to catch up about all the drama he's been through while helping his brother deal with cancer and the ensuing problems they've encountered when dealing with the medical community.  I dressed while we visited and then eventually had to let Vox go when I finally got to the restaurant to meet the fellas for lunch.

DR joined me first, then EL turned up and we had a nice meal while visiting and catching up.  DR continues to still struggle with a weird 'what does it all matter?' kind of thing that's stifling his creativity, so I'm hoping that chatting with us each week might help to snap him out of that, just because I know that he has a lot of wild, fun paintings in him if he can just get out of his own headspace for awhile.  I hit the Post Office on the way home to drop off last night's Netfux rental, then pointed the car towards the house to see what the wife and pup might be up to, or if they were even home yet?

Now THAT'S Blue, By God Virginia! Not
That Freaking Purplish Blue I've Been
Dealing With For Ever So Long.
The wife was cleaning the oven when I got in, which always leaves the entire house smelling like it's on fire, so she and I visited briefly and then I decided to step back out to hit the arts & crafts store for a different shade of blue to use on the current collage I'm working on because the ones I already owned just weren't looking 'right' for what I needed.  I figured I'd be better off getting out of the house just because the fumes were threatening to give me a headache almost immediately.  I gave the craft store a good browse, selected some paint that happily turned out to be on sale and then headed back to the house while catching up with my buddy Robbb who I hadn't talked to in quite some time.  In typical fashion of this past Summer being a total shitbox, Robbb's mother had also had some health issues as well, but is thankfully recovering at this point with one of her daughter's looking after her.

While on the phone with Robbb I missed a call from Buckaroo Banzai regarding possible dinner plans this coming Friday, so I called him back and caught up on their family drama and I ended up making the command decision that we'd try to do this whole dinner thing on Saturday instead, because not only could Bucky and Pookie make it easier then, it would also allow for EL and his wife EGL to attend and Anastasia Beaverhouszen said that she and Kno1 could re-schedule easily.  Unbeknownst to me, this naturally dicked up the wife's plans for us to be at a family dinner on Saturday night, thus the reasoning for the Friday dinner to begin with.  Of course by the time I find this out I've already nailed everyone else down for Saturday, so the wife had to let the Mother In Law know that we wouldn't be attending, which seemed to go down well enough with no hurt feelings, but I still felt kinda bad for fucking up her plans in thinking I was making things easier for everyone.  Bah.

I spent some time in the Library reading after making all these plans for the weekend, then joined the wife I the kitchen while she started getting stuff together for dinner.  We settled things about the weekend plans, then I had a martini and watched another daily dose of The Addams Family while the wife worked on the meal, which was a great little piece of salmon on a bed of rice.  I was still kinda feeling bad after ruining the flow of the weekend and couldn't really settle on a movie to watch for the evening, so we ended up watching some odds and ends off TiVo including a couple episodes of The Soup and last week's episode of Children's Hospital.

The wife headed to bed around 10:00 because her Thursday was completely full, so I stayed up a bit later watching my nightly installments of G.I. Joe: Renegades and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, then got fished into South Park on cable, followed by The Daily Show and part of the Colbert Report, two shows that I like but rarely watch, a situation which puzzles me.

I finally headed to the Office and got started on the blog, and as I mentioned at the top of the post it completely disappeared on me, so I finally said fuck this and went to bed, boiling with rage.

Be seeing you.