Monday, January 28, 2013

Errands, Then So Very Much Television...

I think that this post will be one of those 'short and sweet' ones, as most of the day was just spent playing catch-up on all the weird daily minutiae stuff that was ignored for a week while we were out of town.

Last night I slept like a rock, finally in my own bed after a week away, then woke without the alarm this morning, got the house opened up for the day and settled into the Office to work on the blog for a bit and poke around the interwebs a bit, see if I'd missed anything over the past week or so.

I'd been compiling a small list of errands last night that I wanted to try and squeeze in, as I'd lost a week of my normal nerditry, so I dressed for the afternoon and headed out to see what I could see.

My first little mission was to hit up a couple Pawn Shops in pursuit of trade bait for Best Buy's ongoing 'upgrade and save' promotion, which offers a $5 off coupon in exchange for any worthless DVD one chooses to trade in. Unfortunately I wasn't finding much at the various shops that I hit, so I cast my net a bit wider and even tried several Dollar Store locations and finally Goodwill, only turning up about 3 DVDs that seemed cheap/useless enough to dump as part of this promotion.

Calling defeat, I finally grabbed a burger after dropping off the recycling and headed back home for a late lunch. I visited with the wife about her day for a bit, then ate while watching some of last Sunday night's Fox animation fare that I'd missed in the hotel in Miami.

This May Be False Advertising:
I Don't Recall Any Nuns Spewing
Black Ooze From Their Eyes.
I spent some time online in the mid-afternoon, then stepped out for a quick liquor store run before the wife and I ended up in the den with an early dinner and a couple episodes of Enlightened.  After that shows usual battery of problems we moved on to last week's episode of Archer, then the season finale of American Horror Story: Asylum, which really stuck the landing if you will, ending on a great note all the way around.  Good stuff, and I'll happily trust them to take me on another season of weirdness should they choose to; I think this one's already been renewed for a 3rd season at this point.

We wrapped the night with the first two episodes of the new season of Dallas, which is getting increasingly convoluted, so I guess I'll wait that out to see how much of this kind of contrived complications I'll be able to stand...

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.


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