Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Further Listings, Then Television

Formative Stuff, Ladies And
Gentlemen, Very Formative Stuff
For Your Humble Narrator.
Before bed last night I started reading yet another book, this one devoted to The Art Of Howard Chaykin, who was one of my favorite comic creators as I was coming of age, not the least of which was due to the racy nature of his work and the fact that I felt like I was getting a peek into a more 'adult' world that I might not be quite ready for. The book starts off interestingly enough with the man's early years and background, some of which sounds kinda familiar, so I believe it must've been covered in an interview I read awhile back in a magazine, and I made my way up to his first forays into zines last night before crashing out.

The wife and the Yorkie were up early today to head to the Groomer, so I slept in a bit before finally stirring and getting the house opened for the day. After making the bed I grabbed the newspaper from the front walk and fired up the PC to get a Swap A DVD mailing label printed, then lost about an hour poking around the web looking at e-mail, Facebook and other dumb shit. I finally pulled myself away and got dressed to go and run a few errands.

My first stop was the Post Office, then I gassed up the car before a quick detour to Barnes & Noble to pick up a magazine I was missing for the month, then I grabbed a coffee from Starbucks on my way to get the oil changed in the car. I naturally turned up right behind another customer, so that took a bit longer than expected, but also took care of the inspection sticker as well, so that's cool. I called in an order for food to be picked it up from the usual Thai place, then headed to the house to see what the Yorkie and the wife were up to.

We caught up and the wife ate her food that I'd gambled on her being home and interested in, then she and the pup relaxed in the bedroom while I ate in the den and watched the last couple Fox animated shows from our time away, which ate up the mid-afternoon. I drifted into the Office afterward with the determination that I was going to get the nerdlists at least one step closer to being updated, my main drive being that if I can finally put 2012 to bed for good I can start publishing the stuff from the beginning of January, which has been on hold waiting for a link to the completed viewing list from last year. I gave that a good two hours or so, then finally knocked off when I heard the wife and pup start to surface.

The wife busied herself with getting dinner started (chicken spaghetti!) while I settled into the den with a martini and watched last week's episode of Arrow in an effort to stay current, as there was a new one set to air this evening. The wife joined me with dinner as we got into the 2nd episode of Arrow, then we caught up on both The Soup and House Of Lies before calling it a night around 10:30, when I put everyone to bed and then got started on this post in between the usual interweb travels.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.


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