Thursday, January 31, 2013

Prisoner Of List Avenue

Here Comes The '80s...
After reading further into The Art Of Howard Chaykin last night I was able to squeeze in about six hours of sleep before the need of the bathroom drove me from the bed. I quickly ducked back under the covers, as I was shooting for a full eight hours if at all possible, so I ignored the sounds of the wife and Yorkie stirring and was able to eke out another hour and change before I finally got up and moving, opening the house for the day and checking in with the family in the kitchen area, where the wife was making coffee under the watchful eye of the pup.

The wife and I compared notes about our plans for the day, then I settled into the Office and spent the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon on the PC working on finally getting the nerdlists finished up from 2012 once and for all. The wife snacked on leftovers from last night for her lunch in between other projects, and I eventually grabbed a bowl for myself when I knocked off for a break to eat and shame-watch the latest episode of Whitney, which I'm praying gets fucking canceled, because she's not cute enough to justify wasting 22 minutes of my week on this dumbass show.

I moved back into the Office and finally got everything for December of last year logged, so that's something of a load off my mind, then I spent the rest of the afternoon getting a couple posts ready to publish ASAP, as I want to start catching this dumb thing up since we're pushing into February at this point. The wife and pup surfaced from the bedroom, having enjoyed a nice nap, then we went through the mail and I made myself a martini before moving into the den to check out something off the To-Watch Pile as a break from the television we've been plowing through since returning from the cruise.

Respect My Ass!
The Prisoner Of Second Avenue fit the bill, in that it was short and breezy, with Jack Lemmon and Anne Bancroft as a couple whose lives slowly start to unwind as the '70s era troubles hit them: he loses his job, then starts to lose his mind a bit as she goes back to work and struggles with her role as the breadwinner while he lazes around in a drugged daze after a bit of a nervous breakdown. I know this sounds depressing as hell on paper, but it's pretty amusing (Neil Simon wrote it, based on his play) and there's nothing more amusing than a harried Jack Lemmon slowly having a meltdown as more and more things begin to frustrate and irritate him. This was a $3 Big Lots grab and well worth having around.

We got into the evening with last week's episode of The Office in anticipation of tonight's show, then watched the series finale of 30 Rock, which was really funny and sweet, a great capper to the series. We paused in there to step out for a dessert item after some more leftovers for dinner, then blew through a couple new episodes of The Office, which is also on its way out and seems hellbent on making it as complicated as they can as they wrap things up.  The new Archer rounded out the evening, then I put the wife and Yorkie to bed before getting started on this and doing my normal interweb wandering.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.


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