Sunday, January 27, 2013

TCM Cruise Trip Day Eight: The Sweaty Return

This morning we woke early after call from In-Laws about our driver's arrival time, which we already knew after the hotel delivered the message to us originally, then the wife poked under their door late last night after we got back from the Cirque show. We'd hoped that they would check it out and be appraised of the situation, but apparently they'd just assumed it was part of the billing and tucked it away.Oh well.

We got dressed and finished the last little bits of packing, then took our stuff downstairs to chill and wait for the In-Laws, who turned up shortly. We chit-chatted and tried to wait patiently for Janey, who finally turned up a short time later, having been completely flummoxed by the stupid marathon.

What's that? Yes, in addition to the marathon that kinda played hell with our ability from get form the port to the hotel yesterday, there was another marathon in full swing this morning, wrapping up around 1:00 or so in the afternoon. This new marathon fucked us at every turn, but we finally made our way to the airport, where the In-Laws were amusingly wheeled into the terminal in wheelchairs, which was sort of overkill but still likely helped expedite things dramatically as far as getting them comfortably from the curb to the terminal without having any linger aches and pains flaring up on us.

Oh, and remember me saying that the Mother In Law will happily accept the preferential treatment if offered? Well, we were walked from the door to the gate, got priority seating and were actually the first people on the plane (ahead of the folks who'd been milling at the gate for God knows how long), and seated in our first class seats to watch the plane fill up. I had to stifle laughter when my wheelchair-riding fellow travelers were passed by a guy with his leg in a cast (!) who limped by on crutches to make his way to the cramped coach seating in the back of the plane. I wouldn't be so amused by the misfortune of others but it just struck me as a bit silly that we'd shoved our way past this poor guy to get seated first, in more comfortable seating. Life's a motherfucker sometimes, y'know?

We were able to enjoy first class accommodations on the this leg of the journey, which was super nice and allowed us to stretch out a bit and enjoy the flight as well as a meal to tide us over, which would turn out to be directly in opposition of the rest of the afternoon's journey.

Once we landed in Houston we made our way to the ass end of the universe where United somehow has a third world country airline terminal still in use that was virtually un-air-conditioned and eventually led us down to the Goddamned tarmac to board the tiny shitbox of a plane, which left me feeling like I was in outtakes from Temple Of Doom, where I'd be sat next to Indiana Jones and a crate full of terrified chickens for the duration of the flight.  It sorta felt as if we were being punished for enjoying the first leg of things being so comfy and relaxing, but there you go, right?

When we landed back home we collected the luggage, all of which had (thank you, Christ) made the journey safe and sound, then we headed to the house, calling in an order for an early lunch along the way.

The Yorkie greeted us in a flurry of activity at the back door, then watched over us as we unpacked and put away luggage just to get it all out of the way and not have to deal with it as we got into next week, then we finally settled into the den and watched the evening's Fox animation stuff, then the last couple episodes of Girls to try and stay current.

I spent a short amount of time online, then called it an early night in an effort to try and stay ahead of the fatigue that I felt creeping in.

Be seeing you.


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