Thursday, January 24, 2013

TCM Cruise Trip Day Five: Cozumel, Mexico And A Woman's World

The wife woke ahead of me this morning, dressed quietly and went up to the buffet to grab some breakfast, which she brought back to the room to snack on while I finally got up and moving. The ship was to dock in Cozumel, Mexico today shortly before noon local time, so we did our best to be ready to move when we could finally head ashore.

The vague plan was just lunch on the beach if at all possible, then who knows what afterward, In-Laws depending. After getting dressed we met them in their room and visited for a bit before heading downstairs to begin the process of going ashore. I was rather pleased that the Mother In Law was willing to go ashore and play around with us, as this place had been her downfall on the very first cruise we took, when she fell trying to save Grandmother from going down and ended up breaking her own hip in the process.

Hope You Brought Your Tennis
Shoes, It's A Bit Of A Long Haul.
The pier was something of a ridiculous hike, so by the time we hit the weird tourist trap area of shops that you have to fight your way out of to get to the street we were already noticing that the In-Laws were both feeling their typical aches and pains that bother them after a long jaunt, so I started to get a bit nervous as to whether we'd even get them into a cab or not at the rate we were going. After finally finding our way out of the rat maze of shops we fought our way through the various scam guys trying to con us into this trip or that and secured a taxi van in front of what looked like a nearby hotel. This driver also tried to harangue us into going to whatever bullshit tourist trap that the placard he carried with him advertised, but my sweet wife stuck to her guns and requested a trip far away from the madding crowds to Playa Azul, which was a tiny beach sandwiched  between two small hotels that actually looked deserted and abandoned as we approached. The MIL balked slightly, but we pressed on and had what turned out to be one of the best experiences of the cruise, a restaurant all but completely to ourselves, plus great fresh food and a little bit of surf to play in. All in all, a wonderful afternoon.

We finally headed back, the driver depositing us in front of the little rabbit warren of tourist trap nonsense, which we picked our way through before hitting security and then making our way onto the ship. Both of the In-Laws had their various aches and pains along the way, but we took our time and got everyone back aboard safely, so it's all good.

We chilled in our room with the In-Laws for a few (they were curious how the other half lives), then they retired to their room for the afternoon, the plan being to get together for dinner later in the evening.

I left the wife to shower and headed down to the bar on deck 5 to sign into the interwebs and look at e-mail and whatnot, then work on the ongoing notes for the blog. The Internet connection was complete dogshit this afternoon, so I soon gave up on that and spent my afternoon sipping Old Fashioneds, writing about this morning's events and people-watching, pretty much how I spent yesterday afternoon as well.

Peter Lorre By Al Hirschfeld. 
I eventually enjoyed a few complimentary dessert items before settling my tab and heading out to take a prowl through the various shops, which the wife has strangely ignored on this trip. There's an Al Hirschfeld exhibit onboard, and I was keen to  check that out and see if there were any items I might need in the surrounding gift shops. Finding nothing of any particular note, I headed up to the room and visited with the wife a bit before we both napped for awhile before the phone rang, which turned out to be the In-Laws asking if we were still going to dinner.

As it turned out, the wife had set her alarm on the iPhone, but the stupid time had rolled back to Cozumel time while we were ashore, so both our phones are currently off by an hour until we get back to the States. We threw on our clothes and met them in their room before heading up to the Tuscan Grill for a really nice meal, though it did kinda skate around being too fancy for its own good here and there as far as flavor combos might go. I also resolved that should I ever have to marry again I think I wanna marry a Russian girl, as I find their accent amazingly charming. Our Ukrainian waitress stuffed us to the gills over four courses including dessert, then we finally called it a night. A woman at a nearby table pointed out that Arlene Dahl and Sally Ann Howes were dining at a table on the other side of a certain partition, so we even got in a little celeb-watching as we walked to the elevator.

Indeed It Is.
After dropping the In-Laws back at their room the wife and I went down to deck five, where you could be photographed in front of a green screen, then placed into a scene from The Maltese Falcon, so we decided to take advantage of me actually wearing a suit this evening and get our picture made. Afterward we went up to the room and I changed into something a bit more comfy before we went for a prowl through the shops downstairs, where we picked up a handful of TCM souvenirs, just to say that we did. After depositing the wife back at 'home' I went down to the theater on 4 to queue up for the 10:15 showing of Woman's World, which was introduced by Robert Osborne and one of the stars, one Arlene Dahl, who we'd just seen in the restaurant an hour and change earlier.

The movie turned out to be a helluva lot of fun, and something I really wish the wife would've seen with me, but I'll be buying it if possible after we get home, so I'll foist it on her soon enough. The wife woke briefly when I got back to the room, so I kinda ran through a few scenes in the movie, then settled into bed and finished up the notes for this post while re-watching part of The Third Man off the TCM Channel in the room.

Be seeing you.


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