Friday, January 25, 2013

TCM Cruise Trip Day Six: Metropolis

The hot sauce from yesterday's lunch really did a number on me as I lay down to sleep last night, so I ended up pounding down TWO extra Zantac tablets to finally settle it, which kept me up until close to 2:00 in the morning when it was all said and done. The ship's announcement service woke me this morning around 9:00, so I started getting dressed to go grab a bite to eat at the breakfast buffet upstairs, accidentally waking the wife in the process, so she got up and joined me. We had a decent little meal upstairs, then came back down to our floor to bug the In-Laws and see what they were up to.

We visited for a bit, nailing down plans for the day, then the wife and I went down to the little coffee bar on deck 5 to get a tasty beverage. We saw Ben Mankiewicz getting coffee as well, having just finished the morning bingo thing that he hosted this week, so that was kinda fun to see him out and about saying hello to folks and mingling a bit.

I dropped the wife back at the room, where she got ready to kill some time at the pool in advance of the massage she had scheduled. I picked up the Beau and we went down the the cinema in the aft section to check out a screening of a documentary called Metropolis Found, which looks into the discovery of lost footage added back into the most recent restoration of this silent classic. This was all well and good until it became apparent about 5 minutes into the program that the film had no subtitles available, so you have a ton of people speaking Spanish or Dutch, doing most of us no good whatsoever. They re-scheduled for 4:00 this afternoon, but I feel like I'll end up blowing it off in favor of just catching the film with live musical accompaniment this evening.

The Beau and I took a stroll and said hello to the Mother In Law, who was playing around in the casino, then headed up to our floor, where we went our separate ways for the afternoon.

I grabbed the iPad and headed down to the coffee/bar area to see if the dodgy interweb service was behaving any better today so that I could check e-mail and poke around Facebook just for the hell of it.
While writing up the notes for this post I ended up spending the better part of ten minutes eyeballing a woman at the coffee bar who sure as hell looked like the MIL, but I couldn't be sure, so I decided to let her be instead of trying to wave her down and looking like some kinda jackass.

After checking on the wife I made my way up to the buffet to grab a few slices of pizza to tide me over until what I expected to be a late-ish evening. The wife and I finally went down to the theater for the showing of Metropolis, which was to have live accompaniment by the Alloy Orchestra. We were unable to connect with the In-Laws, so we figured that the Beau would turn up if he was still interested. He did indeed join us just before showtime, and then Robert Osborne introduced the film, apologizing for the snafu with the documentary earlier.

For Her, All 7 Deadly
The film was amazing on the big screen, and the music really set it off. The only minor downside was an older couple who came in at least 30 minutes late, then basically talked among themselves the entire time they were seated behind the wife and I. We gave them shitty looks until they left, which was mere moments before I was going to finally just turn around and be an asshole about it.

"Hey, I hope this movie we're trying to watch isn't interrupting your fucking conversation!"

The wife left about halfway through the film to catch a presentation called Joan Crawford's Home Movies, which were narrated by one of her grandchildren, a man who's devoted his life to trying to convince people she wasn't a total bitch, so good luck with all that, right?

The Beau and I headed to the In-Laws room after the movie, both agreeing that Metropolis was the highlight of the week for us.

I stopped to leave a note for the wife to meet us in the other room, then we ordered in an assortment of room service for a late dinner. Once the wife joined us we were served food, everyone wolfing down a quick burger or sandwich before we called it a night.

The wife crashed while I finished packing and put our bags outside the room for the bell hops to drag downstairs for tomorrow morning's disembarkation. I watched some Adult Swim re-runs to wind down, then crashed around 1:00 or so to try and squeeze in 7 hours sleep.

Be seeing you.


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