Friday, February 01, 2013

Queen Wide Heart

Now that I'm deep into the thick of the man's career, I was of course unable to sleep last night before I read further into The Art Of Howard Chaykin, which has been a great nostalgia ride and made me want to track down a few of his newer projects that I have missed out on due to my lack of interest in the current comics scene. Oh, and the fact that we don't really have a comic shop here locally, which dramatically hamstrings the casual reader from getting back into a series on the fly.

I woke this morning around 10:00 and went to see what the wife and pup were up to. My sweet wife made me some coffee while the Yorkie and I fetched the newspaper and we visited in the kitchen for a bit, while I looked at the paper.

Leaving the wife to her own small projects around the house, I spent some time in the Office working on the blog a bit to try and get a few posts cleaned up for publication.

House Porn And Regular Porn
When I finally came to a stopping point, I stepped out and picked up some Mexican take-out for a late lunch, then I strapped in for a re-watch of Eyes Wide Shut, which I wanted to give another pass before listening to a podcast do their in-depth review of it. The weird thing about this film is that I don't recall liking it all that much on the first watch when it hit video, but it did grow in my estimation this second time around, if only slightly. I think I appreciated the studied, confident camerawork more this time around, and noted with dismay that I might be getting old, just because I felt like I was getting more of a boner for the elegant houses and apartments in the film than for of all the nudie cuties peppered throughout. I guess it's sort of that strip club mentality, where after about an hour it's much less of an event when you suddenly see some boobs if that's all you've seen for the past 59 minutes, y'know? I liked but did not love the film, which is an improvement over my initial impressions.

Man, I Had A Boner With A
Capital "O".
Having successfully killed the afternoon with this one, I next moved on to another re-watch off the To-Watch Pile.

Wild At Heart is a film that I haven't seen in quite some time and is also being covered by another podcast, so I figured now was as good a time as any to give it another peep. It holds up really well as one of David Lynch's more linear tales, though there's no shortage of weirdness and general nuttiness. It does feature Nicolas Cage in one of his best roles, a fun balance between overacting and the actor's own inner craziness.

While I watched this the wife piddled in the craft room for a while with a few little projects she's been playing around with, then she stepped out briefly to pay her respects to a neighbor who passed recently before heading back out to pick up our dinner.

The Most Cautionary Of Tales.
Once we were resettled with our dinner we watched The Queen Of Versailles via Netfux Instant Watch, which is a documentary that looks at the life of two largely unsympathetic rich folks who decided to build the largest private home in the United States 'because we can', using the wealth accrued from the husband's time-share empire until the 2008 financial crisis brings things to a screeching halt. The really baffling thing is that the wife seems to refuse to accept their financial woes, still over-spending as she has for years, while the husband seems to have a growing contempt for her and the kids as well, even casually admitting that he gets no joy from his family or home life, something to that effect. A very watchable cautionary tale, well worth a look.

We caught up with Portlandia afterward, then I put the wife and Yorkie to bed before getting started on this post.

Be seeing you.


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