Saturday, February 02, 2013

Southern Auction

I woke around 10:30 this morning, snuggled with the Yorkie for a bit, then got the house opened for the day before settling in the Office to polish up another blog post for publication. The wife piddled around in the Craft Room for a bit in between fielding a couple calls form the family about this or that, then joined me in the Office as I was wrapping up my interweb travels. I took her lunch order and got dressed to go and fetch some burgers for our lunch, then we ate in the den while I started watching a podcast-inspired first time viewing of something that had been on the TiVo for quite awhile.

Stay The Hell Out Of The
Southern Comfort is a film by Walter Hill and stars Powers Boothe, Keith Carradine and Fred Ward in an ensemble cast of National Guard recruits who are in the middle of maneuvers in the swamps of '70s era Louisiana when their fairly casual assholery pisses off the local Cajun backwoods types, and they soon end up on the run for their lives, with little ammo and a decreasing sense of leadership. Their actual leader is taken out of the picture early in the film, leading to a lot of in-fighting and macho posturing by those remaining, which prompts Boothe and Carradine to kind of buddy up out of necessity, being the two characters one might identify with most, in that neither one of them jumps readily into the macho bullshit unless it's out of desperation to protect themselves. It was a really good film and I'm glad to have finally checked it out, especially on the cusp of a podcast review that would just likely make me want to watch it even more.

I looked in on The Simpsons, then spent some more time online in the late afternoon before joining the wife in the process of getting ready for the evening, when we were to attend a fundraiser/auction at the museum with friends. I wrapped up some laundry, then showered and got my clothes together while the wife looked after her little flapper outfit (the theme was 'The Roaring '20s'), then we finally loaded up just before 7:00 and headed to the museum to see what was up. The place was crowded and we met Anastasia Beaverhouszen and Kno1 just inside the door, then slowly made our way towards the main gallery areas, taking in all the various decorations and costumes along the way. We eventually found more of our table mates, then visited for a few with the Older Sister and her husband before finally making our way upstairs to grab some food. The table we were sharing with another party actually didn't have enough seating for everyone in our group due to some odd last minute invites or what have you, so Scrawny McTall's hubby and I took the initiative to sit at a nearby couch and visit over our meal while everyone else sat at the table, letting the wives visit and allowing us to catch up on the past few weeks. This worked out well for everyone and after the meal we headed downstairs to catch the live auction, which was starting late because we were evidently waiting on a specific donor to finally finish her meal and join the festivities, because unfortunately these things still seem to hinge on a small pool of donors rather than a larger group of people to support the event, but oh well, baby steps, right? Maybe one day we'll have a larger group to pull from.

The wife and I had planned on leaving as the auction started, but ended up actually sticking around until it was pretty much over, visiting with a few more people along the way, and even finding out that the guy escorting one of the wife's friends was someone we knew from high school, and who even remembered me, which is always rare, as I did my level best to blend into the background back then. We finally started wrapping things up and headed to the car, where I threw the wife the keys, that last hour having finally been the tipping point of me being well and truly over-served. I wasn't shambling, snot-slinging drunk, but well over the line to even think about driving anywhere, so my sweet wife saw us home, then we lay in bed for a bit snuggling with the Yorkie, who was bursting with energy when we finally got home.

I debated working on the blog, then finally said the hell with it and just went to bed, playing around with The Simpsons and the little Mahjong app on the iPad until I was drowsy enough to crash out.

Be seeing you.


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