Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Wait, It Was Seriously About A Damned DOG?!?

After being up late last night wasting time re-watching a movie I've seen a half dozen times now I made sure to set the alarm this morning, just so I wouldn't sleep the entire day away. I knew that the wife would be out of the house early with a meeting, so I was kinda afraid that I'd end up sleeping until noon or something if I didn't plan accordingly. I gave the Yorkie some love when I woke, but that love-fest came to a screeching halt when I saw that she'd shit twice on the rug while I slumbered, which is about par for the course. I got the bed made, cleaned up in the bedroom and then opened the house for the day, then settled into the Office to get started on the  blog for yesterday so as not to fall any further behind.

I was able to nail down lunch plans with EL to meet at the little Indian buffet we haven't visited in quite some time, so I finally dressed and made my way over there, which frustratingly took longer than I was expecting due to encountering a few lights I hadn't counted on. I found DR waiting outside the place, so we went inside and caught up a bit while waiting on EL, then he joined us and we had a good lunch while filling in a few blanks as to what DR has been up to for the past few months.

When we said our goodbyes I grabbed a coffee at Starbucks before running by the bank to deposit a check and then headed home to see if the wife had finally returned. As it turned out she and the pup were napping in the bedroom, so I grabbed something to read and spent an hour or so in the Library listening to some jazz and perusing a year old magazine, which is the nature of my news consumption these days.

The wife was getting ready to run a couple late afternoon errands when I finally surfaced, so I sent her on her way and then finally got a blog post published for the day. I piddled around the house until the wife returned with dinner, then I started a wild hair selection on Netfux Instant Watch to try and squeeze in a movie before we got into tonight's new episode of Justified.

It's A Dog. Yawn. Ruin My
Werewolf Dreams, Why Don't
The movie I selected was Howling, which is a 2012 South Korean film that I took to be some sort of supernatural twist based on the vague description on Netfux ("Blinded by the chance to earn a promotion, detective Sang-gil investigates a murder case without reporting to his superiors, brushing off his new partner's suggestion that a bite mark on the victim means something strange is afoot.") and the bestial looking poster art. I was very interested in seeing a brand new film from a foreign country that approached the werewolf mythos, and what I got instead was a police thriller involving a wolf-dog attacking people, which leads into a bigger mystery and a ton of interpersonal stuff between new partners. It was watchable and enjoyable, but overall I wasn't as interested in it as the film I was hoping to get, which is kind of annoying, as I think I might've liked it more had I not been expecting a horror tale. This certainly goes to further the idea I've heard several people posit, which is that Netfix Instant Watch is the new Mom And Pop Video Store, where you rent sketchy material based on the box art and just hope for the best, which can pay off in a big way, or leave you feeling kinda hosed, hearkening back to the VHS rental days.

We still had a bit of time to kill, so I blew through last week's episode of Person Of Interest, then we wrapped our night with Justified, which has been just amazing this season, so it's nice to know how reliable the quality continues to be. I also love being a fan of it since it seems to have a decent following and isn't constantly on the bubble of being canceled like a lot of stuff that we follow/have followed in the past.

We called it a night afterward, though I got caught up in a weird cleaning jag in the den that put me back almost an hour before I finally got started on this post.

I'm out kids.

Be seeing you.


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